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BLM - Racism?

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/24/2022 1:20:54 PM

On every point... Mel, you agree with every white supremacist/white nationalist I've ever encountered online.


But you want to say the exact same things they say and hope that we will not notice you're using the same sources and playbook.

I've never met a single white supremacist who was pro-BLM. For obvious reasons.

But they cannot attack BLM in the media simply for being black. They have to attack them with something else. So they say they're funded by George Soros. And they are communists.

Is it true that the leaders of the movement don't fully agree with capitalism?


But it's like you forgot where you were. Or you just don't know because you didn't do enough research on what we think before trying to infiltrate us with your propaganda.

You stated:
"Black Lives Matter is a communist group."

This is how white supremacists sound all the time because in their minds, having communist ideas, alone, is a crime. Capitalism is their system. However, America is not purely capitalist. Pure capitalism doesn't actually work. But white supremacists tend to be ignorant to this fact. Modern European societies tend to use a combination of Capitalism and Socialism. In other words... they try to balance self-interest (capitalism) vs. the needs of others (socialism). This combination works and also lowers crime and poverty.

People who have more communist ideas tend to believe this combination doesn't or isn't going far enough. But this is why I said you forgot where you were because you thought your audience was more sympathetic to capitalism to automatically want to stomp on anything else. But that's not how we think. That's how YOU think because you're not one of us. And even a black Republican wouldn't assume this on our behalf. They would know better. They know their ideas are the black MINORITY. Black people are naturally more sympathetic to communist IDEAS but not the historic practice of communism. And we don't push communism because we haven't seen a good working example of it to fundamentally support it as a better way (for our community).

Capitalism has some good qualities but capitalism itself does not provide the balance in order to be good. Without socialism, capitalism is evil. The evils in our capitalist system are not because of socialism. They are based on greed which is enabled by capitalism. We play this game because we have to play this game. We don't play this game because we love it. But you don't understand the black community or how we think about the disadvantages that affect us all. We do. That's why we're constantly in a battle against the system. That's why we call it Babylon. Only you, who are alien to our culture, don't see anything wrong with capitalism, and therefore you see everything wrong with communism.

And in doing so you are a perfect echo of white supremacy.

Didn't you know?

White racists also labeled the Black Panthers as a "communist organization".

So understand, that being labeled the same thing MY PEOPLE have suffered through for DECADES fighting white oppression. Does this mean I hate white people? Absolutely, not. But I am careful and aware; just like my brothas and sistas. And most of us know these things because most of us care about our history and the struggle of our ancestors. The attacks against them haven't changed much. So this is just you quacking like a duck and so I point that out. Labeling us communists was a way to poison other whites (more independent and moderate whites) against Black people because it wasn't simply enough that we were black. No, racists whites needed something else to attack us with because we had the unapologetic nerve to fight for equality.

But as long as my mother lives in a black neighborhood where the home values have been relatively frozen, BECAUSE it's a black area, I can never embrace capitalism as a solution because racists use communist tools to share wealth amongst ONLY THEMSELVES. There is no individualistic (capitalist) way to combat this. It's like one person trying to win a fight against 10. That's not a fight. That's a lynching. And my people are getting lynched economically and financially.

But what do you care? The only law you promote is your own.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/24/2022 7:39:02 PM

BLM with its origins bathed in homosexuality, has long been a sell out group that bow to commerce and babylon influence BLM is not the voice of revolution.

Nkrumah's panafrican socialism is the best answer to the question of the black role within capitalism/communism in i estimations. No system is perfect and no one race of people have suffered u der this current system more than the Maafa

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/25/2022 1:17:40 AM

BLM makes sports players bow to idols before they play a sport game. The sports god is also a Roman god. Too many Roman idols in this world. Just be careful not to bow to anything. Bless

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/25/2022 6:29:36 AM

Haha well once BIG SPORTS and industry, news and media etc are involved and 'supporting' the cause.... I imagine it to be as revolutionary as Mandela, post release. Or to bring it back to Roman times, Septimus severus

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/25/2022 8:01:08 AM

GA, it looks like you took the bait.

Very unfortunate.

This is how white supremacy turns black people against their own movements in order to make them less effective.

BLM has been the most effective voice in many years. And not a single voice was louder during that period. "Nkrumah's panafrican socialism"? ZERO VOICE in the US. Never heard of it. So best answer ideologically? Maybe. But it has no voice. So how effective is it? BLM is not about homosexuality. It is about protecting Black LIVES against racism in the criminal justice system. Everything else is a distraction. Was the purpose of BLM to stop world hunger? No. Was it created to stop cancer? No. Was it created to help white people feel better? No. Was it created to replace capitalism?? No.

Do you see? Distractions.

White people will distract you to the point where you will not support the message of the movement because you disagree with some aspect or you disagree with who started it or you don't like their lifestyle. Ok? When I was put face down on the concrete with a white police officer's knee in my back do you honestly think he gave the slightest care as to how I live? What I was going to school for? What my sexuality was? No. All he cared about was that I was black and I fit his description of a perpetrator.

White supremacy doesn't get distracted by all these other things. They only see black.

If you are only trying to save a segment of the black community, of black lives, of black thought, of black culture... you will fail. You are clearly educated and intelligent. But how is that helping the cause if we can't move together until we all agree with you? Do you see? Against the strategy of divide and conquer the ONLY thing you can do is to unify. So I don't care what genders they're attracted to. It doesn't concern me. If it makes them happy, if they feel like they can be their authentic self? then that's cool. Whatever you disagree with, that's for you. You don't have to live the same way the founders do. You have to have the same favorite sport, favorite food, favorite color. Black people represent literally all lifestyles and interests. We encompass the world! Who are any of us to judge each other; to decide which one is worthy of support? I don't have a gay bone in my body but that's me. That doesn't make me better than anyone else. I'm not superior. I'm just different. White supremacy takes the difference in color and they decide NOTHING ELSE MATTERS; that the color alone makes them superior to us. And when we start looking at each other the same way, substituting some other purity test, we play right into their hands. "Oh you make a living tending sheep and I'm a farmer? You deserve to die." But hold on... "Am I only going to eat meat and no vegetables?"

I know you feel justified but I need you to try to see the bigger picture; the same one white supremacy sees. Otherwise, you can't fight it. And I'm saying this not to you, but to everyone. If you are about black liberation you need to be about black liberation, not black hetero normative patriarchal liberation for X religion. 100% of the black population is not going to work just to promote 3% to the promised land.

That's THEIR system.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/25/2022 8:06:41 AM

BLM made the world stop to pay attention because BLM is more than who founded it, who funds it, etc. BLM is a new generation of black voices standing up to the system. They filled a void that was there because others FAILED.

Listen to Buju

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 3/25/2022 11:58:22 AM

Bless Up IPXninja

Give thanks for sighting how agents of white supremacy effectively use tactics of divide and conquer to have InI turn against InI based on emotions.

InI can use reason to stand in INITY for black liberation.

I share the frustration with BLM choosing to incorporate gender and sexual preference rights into their organization, because as a lot of people have clearly shown, it might be the reason they can not get involved with the organization.

However InI can support ones shared goals and work toward a common goal despite InI ideological differences, as HIM Haile Selassie I say.

HIM Haile Selassie I Love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/25/2022 2:54:18 PM

No bait only clarity in reason with consistency in stance.

Say what you want but I have publically opposed the confusion of BLM from the offset. Consistently. One aspect being dislike for their attempt to try and amalgamate much of InI revolutionary imagery and rhetoric of past and merge into one new commercially interested revival outfit of today. Guweh with that. The black fist in the air is one amalgamated example... The revolution will not be commercialized televised and social medivized in such an orchestrated manner. Nor will InI movements of past with already defined precepts be tarred under one brush and umbrella with a johnny come lately organisation of questionable leadership and interests. Its Mandela post incarceration, US version. Gender and Sexuality fight as a disclaimer last point have Nothing to do with the liberation of Black people and it is an offense to try and blend it so.

Pro BLM no BLM i rooted preBLM. RastafarI. InI black hearted black nationalistic Pan African in root. I espouse and emit such energy. And I trust the I have similarities in that and such the significance of this reason between you and i is of very little significance.

1 black ipreme movemant

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/25/2022 5:09:42 PM

GA: How presumptuous, no bait only clarity in reason with consistency in stance.

Yes, bait. It is a tactic to sprinkle ideas and statements some of us will agree with in order to cause debate and division. If you have been consistent then the agent also knows of your consistent stance and can therefore prompt you for that stance again by bringing up that which white supremacy agrees on; they hate BLM and want everyone to attack it.

GA: The black fist in the air is one amalgamated example

huh? The founders of BLM are black. Therefore they do not have to amalgamate black culture. Black culture is theirs. Who is anyone to say what they cannot use? As for the clenched fist, whites will say the first usage was theirs and we are amalgamating it.

Such things are irrelevant and only serve as DISTRACTIONS from the purpose of BLM. And when white people point out these distractions it is solely for the purpose of turning popular opinion against the movement. Why? Because they feel left out? No. Because they feel like we are saying "(only) Black lives matter"? No. It is for one reason and one reason alone. RACE.

I didn't even know who the founders were until people started attacking BLM. This is how you defeat a movement. You strike at the head. Strike the shepherd. Scatter the flock. I didn't know who the founders were originally because I didn't care; it was irrelevant. I have to agree with your lifestyle to support the same cause? That's nonsense and you know it. When our cause is the same we cannot support each other because I disagree with this and you disagree with that?

This is pre-meditated defeat. I'm sure you've read the art of war. Can you imagine all the talk about the movements of troops and how to use different fields to your advantage, all defeated by low moral because some soldiers weren't loyal to each other as fellow Chinese? Ridiculous.

He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.
Sun Tzu

or how about this?

Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy.
Sun Tzu

White supremacy is predictable to me because they are at least united. I've never once seen them publicly turn on each other the way I've seen us do. They understand what the goal is. They understand they have one agenda. And like ants they go to work. I disagree with racism from the bottom of my soul but I can admit that they are better at working together, independently.

With respect to you, you are not the general. Neither am I. You do not decide what the revolution will be nor who can be in it. Where was your revolution during all this? Did 40 million African Americans know of your existence? Or what do you think the resistance should be? Johnny come lately? Or are you living in the past with past glories faded? This is 2022 now. We need to catch up. Generations give birth to generations and pass on more than just ideas but also the revolutionary spirit. BLM gets its spirit from the Black Panthers who were likewise accused of being communists and vilified for being agitators and thugs. I will not help white people go after my own. Period.

If you could get past the distractions you would see that BLM has been successful in its purpose.

Revolution was televised. Whether you see that or not is on you. But you should really try to upgrade your expectations. Commercial? As opposed to what? Do you not understand the effect on people's brains when they see "Black Lives Matter" everywhere? Do you really understand why commercials are effective? BLM is exactly the kind of organization white supremacy is afraid of. What they aren't afraid of is whatever it is that you support that isn't popular and probably cannot reach the same level of popularity. And BLM had worldwide popularity and support precisely because it understood how to organize the support needed. This is way more difficult than people think. And white supremacy opposed it every step of the way. If they knew it was going to be a dud they would have ignored it because they understand that opposing it actually gives it more legitimacy.

Often people want a fight that's ugly... dirty... messy. And when it doesn't happen this way they can't really get behind it because it doesn't give them the satisfaction they're looking for. But what matters in the case of BLM is REFORM. That, and justice for victims, was and IS the entire point of BLM. And I personally saw police in my then city react out of fear of being dragged in public. White Supremacy loves darkness. That's why the KKK wore hoods. If you fight in the darkness you give them the advantage. But when you can drag them out into the light and put the pressure of media attention on them? That is the correct field of battle.

Being pro-BLM doesn't mean being against Pan African movements or ideology. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. My respect for you is unchanged. I respected you before. I respect you now. I am simply disappointed that we cannot all be in support of multiple black movements because of such distractions that make no difference to justice in the cases being protested.

And let me just remind my esteemed brethren that:

Reggae is commercial
Reggae is global
Reggae is on social media
Reggae is televised

This is how you spread the message.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/25/2022 9:54:42 PM

I consistency in message in this thread since 2020 is why you cant involve I in any fall for bait argument. BLM is corrupt from its origin and root and I been chanting it down SINCE then.

XP: "I didn't even know who the founders were until people started attacking BLM"

Then enough said. To follow organisations of who you are unaware of its founders and origins is like to blindly follow Bible. Although it is important to note that BLM now as today is quite different than BLM at its origin as many individuals have blindly joined ignoring its root, leadership and alliances, such as yourself; and has become a blanket umbrella for all things pro black. This i disagree with and site as dangerous grounds. I never join Rastafari without knowledge of his Majesty Garvey Prince Emmanuel and such I dont overs that lack of due diligence. At least some of its founders have left BLM to further their career in media...Now imagine that was Garvey, or Huey, or even Malik Shabazz lol let me stop as I not trying to convince anybody
I grievances is not with the average BLM supporter but with its leadership, commercial alliances, as well as its 'one umbrella for all' philosophy. There is also, of course, much within BLM that stands to be praised but one doesn't outweigh the other for me.

This of course is a summary of I thoughts on BLM without giving any detail, reference points or further explanation. This is not something i intend to rehash and further divulge into if im being honest as I don't see its significance practically outside of this reason.

I know you speak from a vantage of sincerity in your intentions for the betterment of the black race, and I respect it as always. It good to see the I on this forum again bredda, really.


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