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BLM - Racism?

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Messenger: Everton I Sent: 7/13/2020 5:14:12 PM


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/18/2020 6:48:35 AM

Blessed I

Black Lives Matter is a communist group.

This group is not for black people. This group will destroy black people. This group wants your money.

This group is being sponsored by China. China is evil and is responsible for murdering many Africans.

This group will destroy every black man. This group works for Satan and is not for the black man. Killing and cold blood murderers. Going against the rules and promoting lawlessness.

This group is run by the Pope

Fire burn the Pope

Fire burn the Vatican

Be warned! This group is not for I and I.

Black Lives Matter is a invention of Rome.

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

Humble I and I.

This is not for I and I.

Remember the same organisers and funders of this group killed the Emperor.

Iyah, this group is actually against black people.

The communists are against JAH people.

They work for the Vatican and are preparing the way forward for the Anti-christ.

Fire burn the wicked

Yes I

We were Kings and Queens. Africa was a great civilization. Until the leaders of these communists came and messed everything up. They killed the Kings. Africa is left poor with no one good to take care of it.

I and I are Kings and Queens, sons and daughters of the Most High.

Open in the second book of Corinthians, chapter 6, verse 17 and 18, I and I reads;

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

Yes I

And also the poor people suffer the most. These babylon fools use poor people to do their work. What do these people get that have to march day and night? Nothing.

It is the Pope that gets the most.

Fire burn the Pope

The wicked sold the souls of all the communists to Satan.

The Pope orders the revolution.

My brothers and sisters, wake up and be humble. Don't do what the devil wants.

The Pope wants this all to happen.

Fire burn the wicked

Fire burn the Pope

Blessed I and I

Stay in righteousness

Fire burn the wicked

Don't be deceived by babylon.

In the book of Revelation, 18:4, I and I reads;

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Yes I

Blessed I


Ras TafarI


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/18/2020 6:49:35 AM

More fire

The organisers and funders of this group are Marxists, anarchists, communists, invention of Rome. The souls of the Marxists anarchists are sold to the devil. The anarchists promote violence and lawlessness.

I and I must remain humble

Don't be deceived. Don't do the works of Satan. Babylon will fall down. Do not do the works of the great abomination. Its only a few rich people that benefit from exploiting the poor by letting them promote violence and lawlessness. This is the plan of the Pope. Wake up my brothers and sisters. This is what the devil wants.

Be humble

Do the right

Fire burn the wicked

Fire burn the Vatican

Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 10/18/2020 9:53:10 AM

I agree that BLM is not an organization to be trusted, but at the same time it is dem who have spread the focus on racism around the world. There are two BLM's. The organization and the group. I would still support the group to some degree. But I man don't support LGBT or Marxism.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/19/2020 12:21:21 PM

@Ras RunMan

What MEL is attempting to do is throw mud at the wall to see if anything sticks. Like a hacker, he's feeling people out to see what people will agree with so he can then continue to press that button to cause greater fractures and schisms in our politics so that we work against ourselves. This is the reason black republicans exist even though the republican party actively disenfranchises black voters. How could any black person support a party that doesn't even want their participation? This is how.

I want to empahsize "like a hacker" because believe it or not this is part of "social hacking"... which done on a mass scale is simply "social engineering". The hacker understands the target system just enough to slip some data/instruction through its defenses. In our general case, the system is black people. In our specific case, you have someone using the rasta identity in order to influence rastas to spread his viral "code" into the black collective.

This is, what we would call, an agent.

The beauty of the internet is also its danger. One agent leaves (or says he's leaving) another agent soon appears. It's a miracle? No. The first agent was simply able to hack accounts and could therefore use an old existing account of someone else and just pretend to be that person by adapting whatever writing style they perhaps saw that person use before. You think this person has come back when in reality it is the hacker, safely using that account, knowing the original owner isn't coming to expose them.

But I want us to understand how these agents operate so that we don't accidently give them what they want. But we have to learn them the same way they are learning us. Let's look at an overview of MEL is using as attacks on BLM.

1. Communism
2. Wants your money
3. Sponsored by China
4. killing / murderers
5. promoting lawlessness.
6. run by the pope
7. invention of rome
8. killed the Emperor
9. "they" (who is they?) work for the vatican and are preparing for the antichrist
10. "they" killed the Kings and Africa is left poor
11. misuse of Corinthians
12. "use poor people to do their work"
13. get nothing for marching day and night
14. what the devil wants
15. misuse of revelation 18

First, these 15 items all reveal things about the real person behind the agent identity. What can we surmise from the list of things this person is against? Is a murderer going to tell you they're a murderer? No. You have to figure it out from the evidence. Here we can see the agent is hoping that there is enough common ground between his conpiracy theories and known or assumed rastafarian ideology in order to create a bridge between the two sets of ideas. I'm not revealing anything this person doesn't already know.

The whole point of all this is to make black people distrustful of BLM.

What you must do is ignore whatever common points used as support scaffolding for the bridge and demand facts. If someone is trying to connect to you, you must demand they do so in TRUTH. If you're being told 10 lies and 1 truth you can't ignore the 10 lies. That person is a liar. You cannot trust THEM. An untrustworthy liar trying to get you to distrust someone else... is reminiscent of the snake in the garden of Eden. Is it not? Selah.

The snake in the garden was untrustworthy by nature. Who was he? Was he really a snake or was he just pretending to be? His whole identy was fake, was it not? And what does he do? He basically tells Eve you can't trust God because he lied about the tree. You wont die if you eat it. You'll be as gods, knowing good and evil. And indeed... some things the serpent said were true. Gen 3:7 says their eyes were, in fact, opened and so they saw they were naked because they understood what nakedness was. Also, did they die that day? Debatable. You have to change time to a day being a prophetic day of a thousand years. And if that was a lie then who is to say that Adam had immortality from the very beginning?


Fundamentally, what is BLM working for? What are people who support BLM saying?

Isn't BLM against RACISM in law enforcement? Otherwise, you might as well call it "All Lives Matter". And calling it BLM offends many whites, many of whom are racists. Because they don't want the argument to be about racism. They like racism. They want the argument to be able something else so that the racism and white supremacy can survive.

When the Occupy Wall Street movement happened it targeted the top 1%. What happened to that? What were they saying? What were they against? Do you remember?

Income disparity in the US and economic inequality in general.

What were the goals?

reduction in the influence of corporations on politics
more balanced distribution of income/wealth
more and better jobs
bank reform (especially speculative trading)
forgiveness of student loan debt
stop forclosures

What happened was that they were attacked as being "anti-capitalist". But this was a most white protest. 81% of OWS was white. Only 1.6% was Black. This mob was extremely dangerous to the ruling elite (and I shouldn't call them that because it can unfairly prejudice people against them) because of the demographics. This is, after all, a representative democracy. Who do you think the politicians have to represent the interests of more than anyone else? The white majority. This is why all protests in the US is really a battle over the minds of the majority. Republicans southern strategy will eventually fail altogether because they are starting to lose the demographics.

The country is becoming less white. Whiteness is almost synonymous in the US with having the greatest advantage towards the American Dream(tm). They know that. Everyone knows that. So if you look at what white supremacists will attack it is everything that goes against whites having the advantage. That's what all this is about. Of course... white supremacists are going to attack immigration. It's the scorpion riding on the back of the frog. You expect not to get stung??

Not all whites are racists which is the problem of white supremacy. It's easier for them to recruit the poor whites by saying black people are taking your jobs. Now Mexicans are taking your jobs. Instead of blaming the EMPLOYERS... right? They deceive poor whites into blaming the actual immigrants they're in competition with.

And while trashing communism these poor whites don't realize that in siding against competition they are acting more like communists, wanting the government to control their environment so that they don't have to compete with everyone, so that they have an unfair advantage (with subsidies and all that) globally.

So peep game.

Anyone or any group that opposes the ADVATAGE of white supremacy must be attacked. But white supremacy has to do so without exposing itself as such. Otherwise their efforts will be opposed by the masses of whites who aren't racists, especially those in interracial marriages and all those who have biracial parents. This means they have to hide their hand by getting black people and brown people to somehow oppose their own groups along with whites in the media who try to proclaim themselves not to be racists but pretend they don't understand BLM and pretend that BLM is suggesting that "only" black lives matter which we all know is wrong.

So this is the motivation for white supremacy to send propaganda agents to online groups such as ours.

Why online?

Because offline, in the real world, you'd never trust a white man acting like a rasta (not even with locks) telling you not to trust your own people; telling you that your differences with other black people are more important than your commonalities as if you have more in common with him... than your own people.

peep... game.

This is the same tactics employed by Russian hackers attempting to twist the facts and lie in order to get people on social media to vote for Trump so that Trump can get Putin access to his frozen assets. They want you to ignore the lies and trust them for the 1 thing that might be somewhat true.

One of the founders of BLM may be have Marxist ideologies in the same way that Bernie Sanders sees good ideas in socialism but isn't a full socialist. What good is other isms if the people lack the means of modifying the system to correct mistakes and continue to make it better. When you have a single leader or small group, make all the rules and the people have no power, it doesn't matter what the ism is. There will be corruption just like there is MASSIVE corruption in capitalism but white supremacy wants us to ignore that and attack Marxism and Communism because these things do not create the advantage THEY already have.

So what if one of the founders of BLM is a Marxist. BLM has members of all stripes. Which one controls what is being protested? What is being protested, isn't capitalism, it's RACISM and white supremacy and the injustice that goes along with it. It is epitomized in the fact that to some people, black lives do not matter. Hence the name.

White supremacy wants you to be more concerned for IT's security... which is capitalism... than you are about securing your OWN security as if they equally share their advantage with you. They don't and never will do so voluntarily.

What this agent of white supremacy wants you to believe is that if you work for (example) the ACME corporation, and the CEO is a conservative republican then you being anything other than that doesn't matter and all the products produced by ACME are for the hidden agenda of conservative republicans instead of for the reality of every corporation which is to MAKE MONEY.

The point of BLM is protest and create awareness against unfair policing and the loss of black lives at the hands of the police due to racial bias and prejudice. That is the "product" being produced by BLM. And it is that PRODUCT that threatens white supremacy and that's why they're attacking it. That's why they want you to say publicly that you don't trust it. Because that's how you stop organizations like BLM and OWS before they can get strong enough to decide major elections.

The Parkland kids... same thing. They protested for the fact that they saw their classmates murdered in cold blood by weapons that don't need to be in the hands of the average person and they were attacked as if they were fake... crisis actors... etc. Why? Because their protest and desire for sane gun control reform was too much of a threat to the gun lobby, the NRA, and its relationship to the political climate. If mass shootings is tied to the GOP then that's not good because if people vote against the GOP in order to get gun control then they lose power. So before that happens, even though these are innocent children, Republicans still made the decision to attack them. And people lied in order to attack their credibility.

Peep game.

This agent is merely using the same playbook as if it doesn't matter what GOOD an organization is doing as long as they can find something about them to attack. BLM has done and continues to do good. Do I feel for business owners who are sometimes the victims of riots and looting? Yes. But the assumption that it is BLM doing it is wrong. Also, riots are not organized by BLM. BLM organizes peaceful protests but cannot control everyone who shows up. But is the property damage worth more to me than the human lives lost due to police misconduct? Only white supremacists value this property over our lives because our lives don't matter to them and they see that property as theirs, not equally ours as fellow Americans.

Peep game.

Ask yourself, do we really need to go down the whole list of 15 or so points? Do we really need to do that to know where this dude's head is at? Do we really need to do that to catch a lie? And if your argument is good... why do you need to lie? Why do you need to twist the bible in order to create more separation and distance? No... that only wants me to embrace the LGBTQ community EVEN more. Because we all have to work together against white supremacy in order to stop it.

THAT... is what it knows. And what it fears. And therefore that is what it must attack. It's trying to turn us against each other, brother even against brother, all for their own advantage.

Peep game.

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 10/21/2020 3:48:46 PM

Very nicely explained. It's a message to everyone on this page

Big Up to you IPXninja

Although this thread is about BLM I just want you to know how much I appreciate your threads.

InI Give Thanks

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/22/2020 10:07:44 AM

@Rasta Youth

You don't know how much I appreciate hearing that from you. Going hard at someone is never a light decision. I'm actually a very nice guy. And there's a risk that when people see contention on a forum they will shy away and not want to post. And I want this forum to grow and have more participation.

But at the same time you have to deal with the trolls because they're like scarecrows. They create the contention by saying provocative things.

But trolls don't necessarily have a greater agenda. They're mainly do it for their own pleasure and entertainment. But I'm seeing a new trend towards a world that I predicted in my book where many aspects of the world are influenced by hackers. This scares me because as much as we talk about the "System" of Babylon... hackers are basically ninjas at working their way into and manipulating systems.

Once they figure out how to do this... the danger is real. They may not be able to get everyone to do what they want but they don't need everyone. They just need a small back door. If they can influence 1 or 2 people that's enough because those 1 or 2 can influence a few more and on and on. The influence of the many starts with that one person who should have been more critical and discerning. But that person will be more trusted than the agent and so the agent can, in a way, speak through that person's mouth and use them to say the same things. Influence is power. And if someone is an agent we can't let them have it. You have to completely knock them out of your system (mind or forum in our collective case) and expose their methods (virus definitions) so that it wont work a second time.

I've always been good with computers since I was a child. I stopped using anti-virus a long time ago because I knew it would make a system more likely, not less, to get viruses and be targeted by hackers. Haven't had a virus in 20 years... not counting the time I stupidly fell for a link in a FB messenger from someone I knew. I forgot what the offer was but I should have checked it but didn't because I let my guard down. And that exploit only affected FB, not my computer, but that's how people get infected.

Ever since the movie Hackers which was the first time I saw Angelina Jolie, I've known that people could also be hacked like a computer. It's called social hacking. Where trolls are just annoying, the kind of person who hacks into old unused accounts is more likely to have an agenda; more likely to be an "Agent". And agents are dangerous.

A this point I believe I have enough information to see a larger pattern that is likely happening on many other websites. I was hoping to provide enough defense here to make the agent's job impossible so that he gives up. But I wanted to do that without scaring people away with contention. So I'm trying not to post too much outside of these battleground type threads; at least for awhile, for the good of the site. Thank you again for what you said. It means a lot.

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 10/22/2020 12:35:05 PM

InI love everything in your thread Idren

InI can really relate to that as a youngster with people from both wings who will convince the I what is right and wrong. It's especially easy if one thinks that the left is spreading more and more propaganda even though one agreed with 60% and for the human rights that were also represented. A right-winger can come and say to a ghetto youth "Democrats never gave you the opportunity even if they advertise" A lot can happen when you are a young person. It's a very good way to see it. When the body gets a physical virus, the body mostly learns to make a code. Same with the computer and the person behind. Young people are the weakest and still the strongest when it comes to new thinking. Today we have too much focus pon the identification in
right and left if you ask I. InI look to Selassie and then at myself.

Give Thanks

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/23/2020 12:28:11 PM

@Wise Rasta Youth

The thing I talk about most of all is balance.

We must start by seeing that we all have a bias. My bias in politics is towards the democrats because I see that the GOP creates direct opposition to my community and shelters white supremacists and racists. They call themselves by different things but what matters is what they believe underneath. Conservatism is their ideal which means they want to keep things the same. The problem for my community is that we need to make progress. A few black millionaires is not nearly enough. We have not been able to build wealth because we own basically a half of 1% in the US. So my community needs progress in order for every "race" in this country to be equal. Black people will never have equality with whites until we have at least enough wealth to support ourselves and be economically independent. When you don't have financial security you're always giving more of your money to someone else. As a community we earn billions of dollars but without ownership that money goes right back where it came from. Every time we pay a bill. Every time we buy food. Nearly every time we seek entertainment. I don't blame white people for starting with an advantage. No one can help what their ancestors did. But that doesn't mean that the legacy of slavery and racism is over. That doesn't mean white supremacy is dead. If there was economic justice for my community, then I would be conservative too because I would want to protect the progress that we made and not go backwards. I would also then want small incremental change so that our progress wasn't put in danger by radical ideas that could be mistakes. And not just my community, but I would want every community that has been oppressed in this country to be on equal footing, no matter your color, creed, religion, sexuality, etc. If there must be a system I want to be a part of a system that serves the greater good; the good of the whole of the human family.

This is why I'm biased.

That being said, the democrats have failed us for years. However, even the small incremental changes we seek in Washington are always opposed by Republicans and so it's hard to blame democrats 100% because they already know, before we even ask, how difficult or impossible some things will be. They know they need to work with the other side to some degree. It's like Yin and Yang. There is Yin inside of Yang and vice versa. The more to the left you go the more you create the opposite effect on the other side. The more you fight for social justice the more the other side fights against you for straight white males. And I get it. For them, all these things we're fighting for are bad and they truly believe they're doing good. But for who if not just for themselves? Just for their community. Take the environment. Seems like they don't care because they are making more money on raping the environment in ways that are destructive but they don't care because they're only thinking about themselves and what protecting the environment would mean for their own bank accounts.

All of these issues are we vs me.

The problem with the DNC is that most of them are old. When you're young you're optimistic and idealistic. As you get to middle ages you turn more pragmatic (where I am). But then a lifetime of not seeing the world become the utopia you know it can be turns you cynical... pessimistic (I'm not there yet). You still care but you feel powerless and so you fight for the small things you know you can win. Young people aren't like that and they're put off by that. They're fearless and not afraid to make mistakes because they are young and have time to fix it. Time... is a beautiful thing. Don't waste it. Invest in yourself and in whatever you want to go further and get better.

Because the DNC is mostly old people who have been in the job for way too long (like Nancy Pelosi), they are not fighting for big progressive change. They want to win but at the same time some of those republican ideals benefit them personally. Not only are they old but many are also wealthy so they personally benefit from lower taxes. Low taxes means less help from the government for those who need it. Rich people don't need good health insurance. They can pay out of pocket. So they don't care if you have great insurance or not. They don't feel responsible for what the rest of us don't have. So the "middle" of the DNC is old and outdated and needs to be replaced. Once you hit a certain age you should definitely have investments (best to start young but most don't) and so these guys all protect their investments whenever possible.

Investments affect the judgment of both parties, so if someone doesn't want to oppose a certain corporation or they want more spending in defense or some other area they could have money in that area they're trying to protect.

The GOOD thing... and yes it is good... is this. The primaries. The primaries in both parties allow the people who represent the majority of both parties, allows them to change the makeup of the party. It should never be simply democrat vs republican. That's just the general election. This is the part most young people don't understand and give up on the whole thing. Don't! The primaries determine who controls... or which wing of the party... controls the party. If you want younger people to control the party then young people have to come out and vote for them. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a virtual rock star, not because she's young, but because she's vibrant and dynamic and strong and fearless and everything young people can be if they enter politics because they aren't beat down by so many experiences of failure. But idealism has to be backed up by the force of will. If you don't support young idealist politicians like AOC then you're helping them fail. And that failure will push them more towards pragmatism and eventually cynicism. That's why young people need to start caring about politics. Because the system is being controlled by old people. It shouldn't be. It should be controlled by the ones who are inheriting the world after us. If the older ones can't wrap their heads around big changes like the youth can. The older ones are afraid of change even if it's good for them. The youth are not afraid because they're not fully adapted to all the ugliness in the world. So they can change. They can evolve. That's how the human species continues to evolve and why the old have to die.

But yes, sometimes the general election is too late. You have to get involved before the primaries so that you, and not some old rich guy, is picking the candidate to represent you. If you ever want to stop complaining about the system and how wicked it is, the answer is not for Rastas to shy away from politics. The answer is to step up and TAKE CONTROL. Talk to candidates. Make them understand the things you want from them. And when you have a candidate who listens to your ideas, support them and contribute to their campaign. Get that person in office and then fight to keep them there. We sometimes act like we're victims of all this no matter what but that is OLD PEOPLE thinking... apologies to the elders because I respect them deeply. But we're only victims up to the extent that we allow these things to happen by giving up our control and our voice. When we create that vacuum someone else is going to step into it. So either that person in that position of power is for you and you make sure they are for you, or don't complain when that person is not for you but for the other ones who put them there and who take it seriously.

Everyone has power. That's what democracy is. But everyone doesn't USE their power to determine who represents them. And when people feel powerless, then they don't vote and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and those are the worst. And then you have those who don't believe in changing anything because they believe things MUST be bad in order for the end of the world to come and so they don't want to save the world because they believe they're going to heaven. But every biblical prophecy has a clause. If a kingdom was supposed to be cursed to some horrible fate because of their unrighteousness then they could always change course and escape that fate. That's why the prophecy was told in the first place. It was a warning.

So for all the people who want things to be bad so they can jump ship... tell me why, this mentality, denying responsibility... for the world... means that you are are worthy to inherit a new one? Why would God give you a new world if you stood by and let the old one burn and didn't do everything in your power to save it? And more than 2000 years after all prophecies given this world is still here and we've suffered under those who didn't care about this life even though they believe God gave them this life and this planet and made humans responsible for it. I'm telling you, to show yourself worthy, you need to use all your power and might to make this world a better place; not just for you, but for your children after you, and their children.

Otherwise we all fail.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/14/2022 8:00:02 PM

IPXninja, what is your problem man? I am a normal man. Stop making up stuff! Don't mock InI! Stop mocking I man when I come with the scroll. Come out of the babylon! You must not be deceived by agents. Why are you speaking much hatred about I self? Why do you take I posts apart and then reconstruct it on a way that suits your design requirements for some hatred and confusion? Stop being deceived! Stop mocking I man! If you don't agree what I say, then say it. But don't be deceived by babylon and start dividing InI against each other. We are here together. If you have something to teach then say it. But don't come and mock InI works and divide InI, then make as if InI have to fit in. InI is already Rasta in dread. InI don't need no bald head confusion.

And on a second note, these people bowing have no clue who they are bowing to.

Now lets take what this person said, he said I say the pope of rome. Don't know what number that was. But lets go with the flow. Now it is clear that there must be one agent behind all of this and he is the pope of Rome.

Who are these famous people bowing to? They are bowing to idols! More illuminati worship. I advise that you learn about the modern day illuminati or secret societies. IPXninja, you are a very confused person. Please stop the hatred and come in love. Maybe then you will see the truth in InI.

Why do these famous people bow? That is then how the cop killed the brother according to the news. So why do these famous people bow? Do they honour the cop that killed that brother. These famous people that bow the same as that cop that killed that brother are racist. Did you see how Floyd died? According to the news, a person by the last name of Floyd died. How? By doing that evil bow these famous idols are doing, that is how Floyd died.

So InI take that bow, not only as an offence, but also for what it is, that these famous idolised are bowing down to real pagan dead idols. They bow, and just look where, always the famous idolised bow and their bosses that they work for are big corporations that are part of the illuminati or secret societies.

Now why do they bow in that offensive bow that killed Floyd. They are racist. As a black man, I say they must not bow, because that is what the white man did.

See, the white man was a cop that bowed on Floyd and killed him. Now why bow every day like that? Are these foolish famous idolised praising the white cop? Or are they just doing what their bosses told them?

And why don't they do then what Floyd did? That is walk around with no mask on and sell drugs. Now I am not saying Floyd did sell drugs. But that is what the news is saying. The news, from different sources, does say that the white man was a cop and brother Floyd was thought to be a drug dealer. If I was a bald head and I supported Floyd I will go around in that black tank top that he had on and sell drugs. Call it a Floyd or something. But to bow according to the white cop, man that is offensive to a black man like I.

I can't take this foolishness by rich famous idolised that has money and don't need to go through the hardness that Floyd went through to make a buck like his drug hustle. I mean, if everyone supported Floyd, and even black men, they would sell drugs and help the drug dealers. They would not help the rich white man in his big company that he tells others that people idolise to bow in the same position as that cop did. Now that is evil. Not only are they bowing to idols but also they are praising that white cop.

And to support black men, you must support their jobs. Stop arresting the drug dealers. I know it sounds like I support drugs, but really I support InI black brothers and sisters that are on drugs. I support them, so why can't these famous idolised ones do the same and stop working for the white man and his big companies by supporting black brothers and sisters on the streets? Stop arresting the people because of drugs. Everyone is just trying to make a living.

Now I don't support dangerous substances in anyway. All I am doing is supporting I brothers and sisters that are on drugs.

Now I don't know whether Floyd used drugs or not, but the point I am trying to make here is that you do what Floyd did. You do not do what the white man did. You do not imitate the bow that the white man uses to kill the poor brother.

Also, and again, I am not an agent. Stop confusing people. I am a normal dreadlock person. Rastafari

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