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Free Will vs. Destiny

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/12/2003 3:29:57 PM


Everything is the will of Jah, except for one thing, our mind(meaning what we think). Jah has given us the power to choose, because this was the power man and woman wanted from the time of our days in the Garden of Eden.

So we have the choice to be with Jah, or work against Jah. RasTafarI is always there to guide us in the path of harmony if we choose to listen. But Jah has given us the choice to make our own path, whatever path it is.

So I see life as a combination of the consequences of the choices we make and the will of Jah.

Jah has the power and strength to intervene and cause things to happen. Jah can help those that want and ask for Jah help and Jah can stop those that need to be stopped.

But in general, Jah gives us our choice and the world reacts to these actions.

And I think that Jah granted us our desire of choice for a good reason. For now RasTafarI will see who will remain with Jah when given the choice and who will go away. And also, who will return to Jah again.

It is much better to have a son that stays with you, not because he has no other choice, but because this is what he wants. Then Jah will know who is truly One with Jah.

The world is full of actions and reactions. If you see fire and touch it, you will get burned. It is not that we are punished by Jah for touching the fire. It is that fire has a certain structure, and we have a certain structure. And when fire comes in contact with us, our flesh is damaged.

This is how I see the world as a whole. It has a certain structure, and we have to know how to harmonize with it, or we will recieve the reactions to our actions. For example, the reactions we receive as a result of our destruction of our environment.

I see Jah as the One who can show us how to get through and harmonize. To be our rudder so that the waves don't overtake us. Jah made creation to work and harmonize as One, just as he made our own bodies to work and harmonize as One. And in the same way that we can destroy our body if we don't use our parts for the benefit of our body, we can destroy some of creation and ourselves by not living as One with creation.

Jah Guide,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ajene Sent: 12/12/2003 4:02:16 PM

I understand what the idren is saying and would like to share with I idren I way of reasoning. The I look pon life dis way, it only appaers to InI that we have free will and or unslaved to destiny only because very few of us know our destiny. If we all "chose" our own path then how would His Majesty know our outcome. He only knows InI fate because He has chosen it for InI. InI trod thru life searching for and understading the path laid before InI. The more InI get in touch with our spiritual knowledge the more InI understand the reason for existance. Detach from body and live thru soul because in the spirit world this place as we know it has gone and come. That is how some people have "psychic" powers even the prophets of old, they get in touch wit their spiritual mind and all things that we know to come are revealed to them as things that have already happend. When InI read Revelation InI notice that it is written in past tense.

Jah guide InI

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/12/2003 4:19:26 PM


I agree that Jah has chosen a path for I and I. But he has given I and I the choice to live in this path, or live differently.

And concerning psychic powers. Many times I have dreams that show I the future. Sometimes the dreams are about I and sometimes the dreams are about others. And other times I just know what will happen without the dreams.

But I see the prophesy as only one possibility. The possibility that will surely happen if things aren't changed. I feel that the reason Jah shows I and I these things is so that I and I will change the decisions we make, so that we are not affected by it in a bad way.

When Jah shows I something in a vision about someone else. Then I tell them of the vision, so that they can prevent it. But usually the people don't change their ways and the vision comes true.

But when Jah shows I a vision about Iself. Then I make sure that I listen to the vision. I have prevented many problems for Iself by listening.

Afterwards, I see parts of the vision play out and become reality, but I make sure that I trod carefully, so that I avoid the problem that would have come. Many times I catch myself almost playing my part in the vision, but I stop Iself before it is too late, and then the future is changed.

So I still feel that we do have choice. That is why when I and I ate of the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden, Jah said that "man is become as one of us, to know good and evil". I see eating the fruit as our first choice, that led to many other choices, and to many problems for I and I. Because we often make bad choices.

Jah is the Greatest,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: RasYen Sent: 12/17/2003 1:43:21 AM

Greetings, I am rasYen and this is my first day/post here in
I see both points of view, although I can only determine by Jah Word. As One allow for slight distortions, know that HIM never say in the Bible that He did not know man would do this or that, only that it would happen. Many times Jah ask man questions, when HIM knows the answer already. zThis is for man to know.
I see in the Dead Sea SCrolls, also Bible, "How is dust to determine its step" and "You selected the wicked for the slaughter before the womb."
Iman see that Jah is OMNIpresent, unchanging... InI are HIM Creation and bound to HIM Will. I say Jah Know what InI will do, it is more for InI to know by InI experience how Great is JAH.
Bless RasYen

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/17/2003 9:00:23 AM


Jah knows our minds, because he created them. So he knows what things I and I will decide. But he keeps on sending I and I his messengers, to show I and I a different choice.

Jah Guidance,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 1/13/2004 12:09:48 PM

Beloved Rasta,,,JAH RAASTA FARI

INI site this reasoning is blessed as it not about "Sides" it is about overstanding the freedom that I-drens have. JAH knows INI destiny cuz JAH is destiny of I-ration. Jah not making puppets- some to be good and some to be bad. Creation is NOT a factory that has bad parts and good parts. Nature organic that is what INI made of...

Babylon(man's miss-understanding of JAH) has gotten one to "THINK" in terms of mass production/effciences/profitabilities/management/controls/dominiation/team making.....THESE are all things of man's making of mixing up JAH creation for man's domination of other man to say man is god..

Beloved Rastas JAH made INI free with all the resources of I-ration at INI is how the I uses it.....

If things not going the I-way it is because there is things that the I not siting how to go about it eyes closed. INI willing to throuw all "conventional wisdom" to the wind to site all that JAH offers not no walmart knock off

JAH created INI .....i did not create JAH.....SO instead of trying to figure out what u think JAH wants ...look within INI to site JAH power.

JAH will is for HIM children to emulate HIM not no copy cats....

SITe nature not manufacture.....
Site I-ration not living standards
Site soil not markets.....
site ini not me not u not he not she not they.

Site the grass of the fireld the trees of the forest the birds of the sky and the new born baby.....that is free will that is destiny....


Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 1/13/2004 12:28:33 PM

I have to disagree with everyone here.
We can't start looking at things from the perspective of Jah will and man will. That is division from the start.
I see that Jah create man and live in man. As man choose freely, that is the manifestation of the will of Jah in creation. Man is Jah in creation. Man will is Jah will.
People get confused because sometimes men believe in false things in their mind. False beliefs is when we do not realize and remember that we are one with Jah. But believing falsely don't destroy the truth. Reality remain the same that we are one with Jah and our actions are His actions.
Look at the proof all around us. I choose to type, and Jah create it as I choose it. Jah is the power of I, and I am the manifestation of Jah in creation.
I destiny is the future, what I man will create as I manifest the will of Jah. I man do not know the future, but I can only guess. The future must come, and it can only be one thing, and the Father know what it will be. So that is our destiny. I free will is what create the destiny of I. There is no conflict between free will and destiny, they are actually the same thing. Jah live, I live. Africa!

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 1/13/2004 1:00:59 PM

Blessed Love JAH Rasta Far I...
Haile I Selassie I

Ras pect mdjonas said.....
{{{I have to disagree with everyone here.We can't start looking at things from the perspective of Jah will and man will. That is division from the start.}}}

Heartically INI site that the I look at what the I wrote, In fullness of love of INI heart reread what the I wrote...

{{{i have to disagee with everyone hear}}}

.....ok u have decided to separate from everyone else here....that is u as a man separate from JAH I-ration....

{{{We can't start looking at things from the perspective of Jah will and man will.}}}

---Ras that what the flesh(u me she he they) does....sited by what the i saying making the decison to DISAGREE with everyone.JAH dont; force I-dren into anything....

{{{That is division from the start}}}

Blessed love...that is the TRUTH when me u she he they separate i from INI.....

Reasoning INI overstanding in this language of the englishman is a slippery slope. Value to the flesh.....INI hindered by the things of the flesh....

{{{Look at the proof all around us. I choose to type, and Jah create it as I choose it. Jah is the power of I, and I am the manifestation of Jah in creation.}}}

JAH RASTA FAR I.......INI site the Ras there....whether the I type, speak, sing, or be silent the I is still a manifestation of JAH in I-ration.....THe typing the speaking the silence does not create the TRUTH......NOTHING CAN DESTROY TRUTH....

Look at the word "belief" the middle of that word is LIE....lie is something that is not INI site that these two words are NOT synonyms...."False beliefs" is redundant.... BELIEFS is a pursuasion not the truth.....that is what religion government and anything that want to dominate u does pursuades u to b-LIE- what they want....anything that want u to think that it can think better thatn u can think for yourself

{{{Jah is the power of I, and I am the manifestation of Jah in creation.}}}

JAH "powers" the I due to the resources of I-ration.....the I is a manifestation of JAH I-ration.......

INI is manifestation of JAH IN I-ration....

alone and separate (I) am nothing but a mix up of whatever comes my way and the choces that i make on my own.....Like an orpahn......

INI knows the past, the future and guide I at this moment of wisdom is JAH MANIFESTATION.

Blessed love brethern....keep the fiyah going.....don't spearate with strngthened by burdens of tribulations....

blessed love.....

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/13/2004 1:09:02 PM


The reason I and I speak of Jah will and man will is not to make division, the division is already there. I and I is supposed to live as One, but people choose to live separate from Jah, and not live according to his direction.

If the I looks in the Bible, the I will see how many times Jah show the people to do a certain thing, but they disobey, and instead cause trouble for themselves by doing their own thing

So if it was Jah will that they do contrary to Jah, then why would Jah tell them to do a something different. And why would Jah tell I and I to do anything at all, because if we are already doing Jah will, then nothing would need to be told. Jah sends I these messages because I and I have the choice of heeding Jah call, or living contrary.

Proverbs 3
5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Selassie I show I and I,
Whatever the task may be, man may begin it but he cannot complete it, unless God sustains and supports him.


Selassie I is showing I and I that we can choose a task, but it will not be completed unless Jah sustains and supports I and I.

Jah has a work for I and I, which is the destiny Jah wants for I and I. But Jah has given us the choice of living this destiny that Jah made for I and I. But Jah has also given us the choice to not heed, and go by our own misunderstanding.

RasTafarI say,

However wise or however mighty a person may be, he is like a ship without a rudder if he is without God. A rudderless ship is at the mercy of the waves and the wind, drifts wherever they take it and if there arises a whirlwind it is smashed against the rocks and becomes as if it has never existed. It is our firm belief that a soul without Christ is bound to meet with no better fate.

At World Evangelical Congress - Berlin

So Selassie show I and I the consequences of these two choices. Whether Jah is our rudder, or whether we refuse Jah as our rudder.

Blessings and Strength,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 1/13/2004 3:21:12 PM

Peace and love. Jah-rastafari.
I and I must ponder these things very carefully to find the fullness of the truth concerning who we are and where we are.
I foundation is faith in the One God. These words I use is just tools that through the power of Jah I and I can communicate.
I man do not see two, I man see only ONE.

Ark I say that the Bible say that man go against the will of Jah, then ask why Jah would ask them to do something different knowing that it is not His will for them to do that.
I man see One. Jah will is one. Jah cannot have two different will.
I see there is only one creation. That is Jah creation. Jah will is manifest in creation, and creation can manifest only Jah will, because that is what creation is.
Just so with man. Man is a creation of Jah, and man perform the will of Jah. Man cannot go against the will of Jah. Man cannot be separated from the will of Jah.

Only one thing is different from the will of Jah, and that one thing is illusion. Jah create creation, which is reality. Illusion is false, and that does not exist. Jah never create it.
Illusion is a lie. A lie is false, it does not exist. Just like a mirage on the desert looks like water to those without correct knowledge, but that water does not exist. Jah never create that water.
Believe, false, lie, illusion.... all that is never created. Jah will is the only thing that is created.
If a man follow illusion then he is not following Jah. Truth is truth and the man not following Jah don't change Jah from being truth. It simply mean that the man don't know the truth.

I realize that these words can be seen as redundant, because it is one thing over and over. The goal is to communicate the message of the onenes of Jah with man, and with creation. A man who follow illusion does not realize that his choices are the will of God, because he does not see the will of God, but he "sees" illusion.

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