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Syria - Victory of Good over Evil

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/15/2018 8:53:34 AM

Babylon is growing restless again for human carnage, satanic blood sacrifices. America the Babylon and its vassals amass their naval might in the Middle East with the aspiration of offering up more YouMan blood upon the alter of satan - their God. Never ever mistake the evil (satanic) cabal which controls the seat of satan, Washington DC, for the American People. They are completely different entities. Some very EVIL people have managed to take over Washington DC, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot rejoice in the knowledge that there are children of JAH both inside America and from other corners of the globe willing to resist against and fight that evil. The evil is NOT “American evil”. It is evil which has infected America’s government like a pernicious disease. We shouldn’t really care if the immune response which stops that disease from spreading over the entire planet mobilizes from lands beyond America – the main thing is that it is JAH children who are helping all of us to resist and eradicate it.

At the end of the day, nationalism is just a way of dividing up JAH people on the planet into different teams. It doesn’t change the fact that we are all JAH’s children and, therefore, we are all brothers and sisters regardless of the national identities artificially created by Babylon. We may be Americans by birth but our far more important identity is that we are JAH children. Whether the JAH people resisting America the Babylon's blood sacrifices are identified by their countries of birth as Ethiopians or Iranians or Russians or Syrians or Chinese is completely irrelevant to the righteousness of JAH people resisting evil. After all, most citizens of America the Babylon, be they Rastas in practice or not, certainly do NOT accept nor endorse the deception and evil which have infected the nation (Washington DC in particular).

I realize that you may think that I&i using hyperbole when speaking of an "evil" cabal controlling Washington, but I'm not. The mask has come off completely and Washington has revealed for the entire world to see that the US government and its vassals created Islamic State/al-Qaeda terrorism (an evil invention which has little at all to do with true Islam) as a geopolitical tool and that they will defend it openly – they are on the side of evil.

Consider the appropriate adjective to describe a group of people who deliberately drive the American People deep into debt while arming and paying the salaries of BOTH foreign terrorist mercenaries and U.S. military personnel. [Why else do these jobless Iraqi kids become terrorist mercenaries? - Washington pays them salaries for it!] This is all with the goal of creating wars-for-profit and destroying predominantly Arab nations to weaken them. They do this while at the same time telling us that we can't have universal, publicly-funded medical care because it would cost too much and we don't have the money (i.e., OUR money). Ordinary working Americans die in their mid-50's and early 60's for want of adequate public medical care while others are drained into bankruptcy in losing battles against cancer. At the same time some Syrian kid is getting his legs cut off with no anesthesia thanks to bombing by the U.S. or its proxy terrorists, and U.S.-authored sanctions that block medicine from entering the country. No, "evil" is NOT hyperbole. I&i apply it in a very literal sense.

In these day of Babylon's increased restlessness for more YouMan blood sacrifices along the lines of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or Somalia, I8i find the MOST AWESOME SOLACE in the Truth and Wisdom of one of His Majesty's utterances:

“we know we shall win as we are confident in the victory of good over evil.”

TRUTH! JAH! RastafarI !

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Haile Selassie I