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Messenger: Levite I Sent: 6/12/2018 5:18:33 PM

Greeting Ones and Ones.

I haffi axe a iritical question to di i-dem.

On this narrow path serving Jah how di I-dem manage to find a partner/companion/souljah fi trod wid?
Where does the I find ones with clean hearts and likeminds to "date".

I-man in UK right yah now and at a juncture in I trod, 27 sun cycles, - like a coming of age - weh man must find a Rastafari Empress fi bring I livity to a fullness from wi know His Majesty find and hold a balance with Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen.

It just seems seh in dis digital age of cyber vanity that its getting harder fi find wombman weh not consumed by aesthetic satisfaction.

Only wombman that don't seem as much absolved ina di western vanity ego tripping lifestyle is Muslim sistren but man know seh ina long runnings man cannot go deh from dem deh families have a strictness weh dem dawtas nuh marry outside of di deen of Islam.

How is Rastafari meant fi evolve and grow as a nation wen it nuh easy fi pair up as a King to a Queen.

Mi know seh some people find it easy fi dem to trod Fari and dem partner to be a sympathiser or easy going reggae lover or turn a blind eye. But I-man nuh hold dat perspective deh. Man talking from Lion and Lioness haffi lie down togedda perspective becah anyting else seem fragile and unpredictable oddawise. From Queen and King have a oneness of irits and faith mi feel seh a good foundation.

Any perspectives would be appreciloved. JAHCHILD the i's view would be highly regarded.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/15/2018 11:50:41 AM

Rastafari Oneness
Greetings n love to the I&I, beloved brothers and sisters.

Ras Levite I, I cannot imagine why my view would be highly regarded.. hahaha maybe because I have had the opportunity to learn from so many mistakes? Haha I will be the first to admit that my love life was never easy, maybe because of a rocky childhood and never having a good example of strong a man+womban relationship. Still I always had the desire to have that partnership in my own life.. so I have been learning as I go along...

First I want to say that I agree with Iman that having a partner who is Trodding in Rastafari Livity is a must for I. For those who decide otherwise, this is their choice. But for Iwomban I would eventually find a dischord in views/priorities/livity, and it would not be worth it to pursue that unbalanced marriage.
Not only is it important for I to have a partner who is a Rastaman, but also he must be along the same wavelength as I. In terms of lifestyle and views. As we know there is tremendous variety within Rastafari trod. And this is something I respect. Each one is on a personal path and will reach ultimate truth in their own time. But for Iwomban, it is necessary to be with a Kingman who is going to manifest JAH Irit in the similar fashion as Iwomban. For example, many righteous hearted Rastaman will eat flesh. While I do not condemn their actions, I would not want to be married to one of those Rastaman.
Ultimately all of this is most important in the raising of youths. When I bring children into this world, I will teach them the pure livity as I know it. I would not want to open up room for disagreement in such an important area of life such as raising youths. If a man said he was in favor of vaccines and not in favor of homeshooling, these are his views and I can respect that, but this man would not be an appropriate partner for Iwomban.

Second to having a livity very similar to I, Iwomban have also found that it is extremely important to have a purpose and life goals that align with I&I. As an extremely action oriented person, it is important for I to be partnered with a Kingman who is going to aid I in the goals that I have: to uplift JAH people, to care for JAH children. That his goals are alike to mine, and I can also help him in achieving them without going far off the path that I know is right for I.
I was in a relationship with a righteous Rastaman for some years. He and I shared many things in common and we had (still have) the utmost respect for one another. But ultimately he was not willing to make the trod with I when it came time for I to go to Africa and begin the process of reaching JAH youths in need there. Because he has youths in Amerikkka from a previous marriage, he was not able or willing to leave them, and this I overstand and support. So it came time for us to end the partnership based on the fact that our directions in life are not similar. Because of this experience, I say that having common purpose and vision in life are extremely important.

Now I have to agree that it is not easy to find a righteous man OR womban in this gideon Iwah. Many are sick, blind, asleep. And finding a pure and righteous soul is not common. Besides that to find the RIGHT partner, based on all the qualifications I had mentioned, this is even more difficult.
There is no place where this person will surely be found. There is no exact way to find her. It comes to the fact that life will always present the I with what is needed At The Right Time. Nothing comes sooner than it is meant to. And while I agree that 27 is a rightful age to begin a family, if it has not happened yet, that is because it is not meant to. When JAH timing is right, it will happen naturally.

When the I find a womban who seems to fit the I needs/wants... LISTEN DEEPLY TO HER. Find out what is really inside of her through observing her actions, attitudes, and words. Many times in this life I have thought I found a righteous person but I actually found a "parrot", that is, I found someone who simply agrees with everything I say or repeats what I have said, but they actually have no wiseminds of their own. This person is not right for I, and ultimately I am not going to babysit my Kingman, I need a King who will lead I even as I lead him. Egalitarian partnership.

Now I cannot say that it will happen in the same way with Iman, but this is how I met my husband and Kingman. I left the relationships of the past behind, and I forward on my own to Shashemene Ethiopia. I knew that I have a mission to complete, and I forward with that mission regardless of being single, regardless of the fact that I deeply desire a family and children. As I arrived in Shashemene, I spent only 3 days before I met a young man on a bus. His spirit was open, I felt a good energy, and my instinct said to become his friend. So as I started to spend time with him, I listened deeply to what he would say, and I would watch the actions that he made. I watched him around his friends and family. I saw the naturality of his livity. I listened when he told I about his past and the passions that he has, in helping his people, in protecting children. When he said that he really wants to help I with the mission that I have, I was open to that help. It was his friend who told us that we should get married, a couple of weeks after we started to spend time together, and this in order for Iwomban to be able to buy land in Ethiopia. We agreed and we signed marriage documents and began to live together, sharing advice, ultimately always aiming for the successful establishment of the project that we mutually intend, to house and educate children in need. Our marriage has been extremely difficult at times as we traverse the unpredictable road, as we learn what not to do, as we learn the meaning of complete trust and openness. But we did make it through the roughest of times, we were open to forgive each other's missteps. And as time goes on, now 2.5 years into the marriage, our bond is stronger than ever and our mutual goals are in the process of being fulfilled. Every milestone is a reason for rejoicing. Every miscommunication or breach of trust, an opportunity to resolve an issue and to move forward with even more Inity. I am under no illusions about "soul mates" or anything like "happily ever after", but as I see it, we are well suited for one another and we are helping each other to fulfill JAH works. I know that all relationships end eventually, even if that end is in death. Ultimately the most important relationship for Iwomban is that with the Most I. But having this Irthly partner to share life with, to create more life with, this is a huge gift that I am very greatfull to experience in this lifetime, for however long the partnership lasts.

So my best advice for the Iman is to keep on trodding in the pureness and righteousness of JAH. Know and be strong in the purpose of the I individual life. Forward on JAH mission and Do Good Do Good Do Good. When the rightful Empress is ready to appear in Iman life, she will certainly be presented without Iman having to strive to find her.

Inity and Love Ivermore

Messenger: Kusko Sent: 6/17/2018 1:40:04 AM

Know yourself

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 6/17/2018 8:59:37 AM

Blessed Love My Lord.

When the time is Right, JAH will manifest an empress to the I. So nuh bother search, JAH will manifest her in due time. Patience pays.

JAH guidance and protection.

Holy Emmanuel I, Selassie I, JAH Ras Tafari.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/17/2018 10:57:17 AM

Greetings beloved brothers
The I Kusko and I Black Christ Salvation managed to say what I was trying to say in so few words.
Yes Rastafari

Messenger: Levite I Sent: 6/20/2018 3:05:07 AM

Eeeeh Kusko a dat yuh a seh

Hail Black Christ Salvation. Give thanhks to di I fi di word sound my lord; I man deep it still the virtue of patience will be a righteous pay off.

Sistar Jah Child love and oneness to di I for wordz ov right. From di I shared parts of the I's self, the I's trod mixed with knowlij and overstanding I man give pure thankhs as di I thoughtful & articulate response was needed, necessary, much appreciloved and lifted I irits.
May JAH i-tinue to bless di union between di I and di I Kingman - everlasting love and inity in the name of Rastafari.

Majesty I Menen I

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/23/2018 11:31:12 AM

Brother Levite I
I give thankhs for the words of positivity and oneness. Glad my sharing could help the I as well.
Rastafari Infinite Love

Messenger: wildwomb Sent: 11/12/2018 5:01:30 PM

JAH Child, thanks for the beautiful narrative. Inspiring and strengthening.

RastafarI relationships are beautiful. The Alpha and Omega balance is real. Rasta Man and Wombman together are a powerful force of light and life.

I met my first RastafarI partner totally by accident in a chance encounter and we maintained the relationship for around 3 blissful years and it sadly ended when he expressed no intention to come to join I in Africa where I am now.

After the end of that glorious relationship, I vowed that I would be single forever, and was comfortable with that lonely decision until I met someone who has awakened life in the I as never before.

This RastafarI Man also came out of nowhere, totally unexpected. Another unexpected encounter that is slowly building up into a meaningful relationship.

So I agree with all here: the right person will show up at the right time. No searching needed.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/4/2018 7:00:43 AM

Yes Sistar wildwomb, my best wishes to the I in the new and growing partnership!
The marriage I spoke of is actually ended, unsadly for I because I know it is for the best. It was right for the time and it served its purpose to teach us both, and now it is time to move on. I wont go deeper into that right now haha..
But I do know that the point of what I said in that post months ago is still true, love finds us when we are ready for it. And also that the most important focus in our lives should always be spiritual, that anything happening in the physical world is meant to teach our spirit a greater lesson which can only be learned through experience.
JAH Oneness

Messenger: Angel in Zion Sent: 12/4/2018 11:48:33 AM

Greetings Brethren and Sistren, I was celibate for 4 years and 6 months when I met my Queen. She came in a vision. It is best to take your time. Your spirit grows staying away from sin. I have been with her for 21 years now. I also got the vision of my first 2 children and H.I.M. gave me the vision so clear that I could describe their features. My wife did not believe me, but when they came into this world they were exactly like I desribed them and she was in shock. They have the gifts I have. We have shared visions together where we saw each other and they awaken and say daddy how did you do that? I told them they will find out in time. We have gone through different spiritual things that cannot be understood now, but it is for later in life when they grow into manhood. Just as I did. The only difference is I know who we are. My parents were just a product of the society. Not to much soul searching, they were just trying to survive in a racist world. Love JAH and live.

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