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Pedophilia / Sexual exploitation of children

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/24/2016 10:21:44 PM

Greetings All
with JAH love and power, and thAnkhs for life

This topic has been on I&I medItation more and more as I see pedophilia and the molestation of children coming into the open, becoming even more rampant and flagrant than I have seen before.
I have been seeing news lately of pedophile groups advocating for legalization of sex with children, and other pedophiles claiming they do not molest children, but that their sexual preferences should be understood by others. Many of the people who see children in a sexual way were also exploited sexually as children, I think most people are aware of that. On another level there are people who have no sexual attraction to children but who exploit them sexually anyway, whether it be for power, sadism, for money or drugs or whatever the situation may be.

I am a survivor of an ongoing case of childhood sexual abuse when I was about four or five years old. Several years after the end of this period, when I was about 12, I started to talk to my friends about this and noticed that many girls had been through similar experiences. It is not only girls though as we all know, some men I know have told I&I about going through these things as children too and many of the male abusers were also victims at one time. People from every walk of life and every continent have dealt with this problem... The pedophilia in government and religion is already well known and exposed, but in case any one forgot about Jimmy Sevelle, Jeffrey Epstein?

Iwomban live a life focused on JAH children... although my training is in childhood education, I am more focused on protecting and empowering children. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to get into nonprofit work related to children. Predators lurk in groups that are supposed to be child advocacy projects, like schools, orphanages, and after school programs... this I have seen personally many times, that the leader of the program turns out to be a child molester. I wanted to get into this field because I knew that I would be one person in the program who would be true to the interests of the children, and always protect them from those predators.

It seems to Iwomban that this issue is coming into the open and that humanity is being forced to make this decision, are we going to allow the sexual exploitation of our children? My answer is, definitely not. But I am more and more questioning these days, what is the solution to this problem?

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 5/25/2016 5:20:01 AM

Its really terrible that children are abused, often by people they are supposed to trust.

I don't know what the solution to pedophilia is, but listening to cries for help in abuse cases should always be taken seriously.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/25/2016 8:19:07 AM

Give thankhs for speaking on the subject Iyah Eleazar. True what the I say... Children should not only be listened to when they make claims like this, but in I&I sight children also need to be educated about the possibility of someone doing inappropriate things with them, and how to resist or protect themselves. Children should also be periodically asked about their safety, whether they feel safe around people that the parent is going to trust around their child, and general questions and comments that indicate that no one should be looking at or touching their private parts.
I remember once going to the doctors appointment with a boy about 8 years old that I was working with, his mother came from work and met us there at the appointment, so all of us were there. When the doctor was checking the boy's genitals (I turned around to give him privacy) I remember the mother reassuring him that it is alright "because I am here with you." Not because it is a doctor, but because his parent sees and knows what is going on and ia protecting him from foul actions. I liked this approach because children should know that it is not simply any authority figure that you trust with your body, but only your parents and others in situations like this that your parents have deemed necessary.
Educating children about this is awkward and I think people want to avoid the sex issue altogether, and I can see why because little children should have pure minds, not be thinking about sexuality. But at the same time a child has to know what and what not to permit.

Iwomban see the issue is a lot deeper and darker than individuals who have an urge to have sex with children... There is a massive organization of child exploitation, not only sexually but in a vampiric sense, being carried out by the world's supposed leaders. I remember hearing Zulu spirit guide Credo Mutwa talk about the energetic properties of children, and how others can use the energies to benefit themselves (whether through symbiosis or through abuse and vampirism). Beyond energy vampiring, there are people in high authority positions who also murder and drink the blood of children, the so-called royal ruling family in UK is known for that even back to their ancestor Dracula.

The problem seems to stem from these organizations at the very "top". In government there are peer inductions into this dark culture of child exploitation. The children who are not killed might be the seeds of the milder version, the non-blood-drinking pedophile. I think the same is also true for military that there is an induction into exploitation culture, maybe not through sexual abuse of children, but of sexual exploitation or some sort of social/sexual shaming of the new members, which in turn might bring the soldiers to act out their aggressions with children...

Seems to Iwomban that the solution has to come from all sides, both keeping children safe under supervision of people whose intentions are pure and teaching those children not to accept advances of predators, and also from prosecuting and bringing down the shitstem that is built on a web of child abuse. There has to be a healing process for survivors too, maybe this will reduce the number of victims who later become offenders. But I am not sure if the healing process can be led by a therapist or which type of help can be offered...

One thing I am really sure of, this exploitation has to stop... In this Iwah babylon is calling for more acceptance of child sexualization both with pedophilia and introducing preschool classrooms to the idea of gay and transgender, so I&I have to fight even harder and more seriously to protect the innocence of JAH children.

Anyone else have thoughts to add?

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/25/2016 10:16:11 AM

Blessed Love Sistren,

Give thankhs for sharing such a delicate and personal subject.

I chose to raise my children at home, no baby sitters or day care business, until they were old enough to speak. At the time, a huge pedophilia case was all over the news about a a pre school that had been molesting children...the name of the family escapes me. Anyhow, between that case and my personal observations and experience as a young girl and woman, I knew there are predators everywhere. I was never molested, but experienced things that unfortunately are damn near common for girls (and boys), such as being flashed, or spoken to inappropriately, lewd eyes and sexual innuendo.

So I made the decision to arm my children with knowledge of such people. I explained things to them from a very young age. What to look for, how to recognize and identify it, and how to protect themselves and to ALWAYS TELL. I remember this being a source of debate between my mother in law and I. She being from an older generation that promoted silence, she felt I was giving my children too much information at too young an age. Me, I stand by my decision to equip them to KNOW, RECOGNIZE, DEFEND AND TELL.

I put my daughter in martial arts at a young age (my sons too), which she's used against predators a few times. One as recent as her at 18, and a man tried to physically grab her and put her in his car. Well, in a swift and most unexpected manner, she had him on the ground, and kept his ass there until police came. Thank JAH ALMIGHTY!

To this day, and she is a mama now at 26, she thanks me for always being open with her, especially on sensitive subjects. My children KNOW that they can come to me about ANYTHING, no matter how embarrassing or scary, from young children to adults. No discussion is taboo.

In the end, we can't eradicate perversion, but we can educate and prepare our youth to defend themselves.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/25/2016 10:57:34 PM

Yes Empress! Give thankhs and Ises for sharing the I success story... Great suggestions and I am glad they worked so well for the I family =)
The I mentioned talking to the little ones from a very young age about these issues... which age was that?
It is sad that many parents do not Overstand the importance of keeping their children at home and in view, especially before they can speak and tell you what is going on when you are not there, but I feel it is important even beyond that. Even once children can speak, they rarely Overstand the entire significance of the situations they are in. Taking for Ixample the case I heard a while ago, when a federal Head-Start program "accidentally" passed out bags to their preschoolers with condoms and lubricants, and other adult materials. The bags were supposedly supposed to only contain hygiene items, but were switched with the bags for the federal adult education program. Talk about blatant sexualization of small children... Iwomban place an extreme emphasis on homeschool, and in IsIght, anyone paying attention to what is happening with the government mandated education shitstem must be wise enough to do the same.
Give thankhs for responding on this subject... hoping to hear more views from parents who have stories they can share about how they protect their Idrens!
JAH Love + Itection All

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/26/2016 10:42:10 AM

Yes mi sistren, give thankhs!

I started talking to them starting at around 3 yrs old. Of course the conversations continued until they were in their teens, each time according to their level of overstanding.

We are born sexual beings and in warning them about sexual deviants, one must be equally careful not to make them feel ashamed of their natural selves. Their bodies are a blessing, a gift from the Creator. Nothing to be embarrassed about...BUT...everything in its proper perspective. Children naturally know this until someone (usually coming from a religious and dogmatic background) teaches them otherwise. A naked body is beautiful...a divine temple, and not created to be misused, or paraded around.

Most children have a natural curiosity about themselves, and self discovery begins early. Many begin exploring their bodies at a young age.

So, as parents we walk a fine line, between overstanding natural "sexuality" and curiosity yet explaining that there are deviants and perverts everywhere.

At 3 or 4, my children knew that no one is to touch or see their private areas. No one is to have them touch abothers private areas. No one can bathe you but Mama. No one takes pictures of you naked. If anyone tries these things, they mustnt be afraid to say NO! Though they are their elders, they can and must say no, they can run, they can kick and defend themselves, scream, and never ever be afraid to tell.

As they older, according to that individuals level of overstanding, the conversations get more detailed.

This may or may not work for all parents. Many feel embarrassed about these conversations, and may even find them inappropriate. So be it.

But I'll be damnned if harm came to my youth due to my not preparing them adequately. Be it about the reality of racism and how to navigate within a racist world as young Afrikan princes/esses, or about sexuality, in its sacred context AND in the twisted deviant context.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/28/2016 9:20:56 AM

Haile I Ras TafarI
RasGoddess give thankhs for the I Overstanding. This subject of natural sexuality and body curiosity is very hard for most parents to deal with... people tend to shun the subject and harshly tell the child "hey, don't touch that!" about their own body parts. There is a lot to be said about parents teaching their children about healthy appreciLove of their own sexuality... not schools or government agencies teaching young children about this.
But the details of that subject, maybe I&I can delve into another time. I don't want to mix up the idea of natural sexuality and the idea of protecting children from sexual predators, because I think that is one of the main arguments of those disgusting people who advocate child-adult sex, the fact that children have an interest in sex and that humans are born with sexuality. But I do agree with the I that children should be taught a healthy view of their bodies and that it can help them to Overstand the difference between an appropriate situation and a dangerous one.

So Empress, your multilayered strategy was to arm your children both with knowledge and with self-defense skills, as well as keeping them home for the toddler years? Smart to approach this from so many different sides.. On the small scale I hope all families make this much of an effort when trying to protect and prepare their children for these possibilities.

I am also interested in addressing the large scale issue... Maybe it is true that we can't eradicate perversion completely, but I don't want to look at it like a lost cause. With enough light shed on the pedophilia organizations high up in the world powers, maybe enough of these people can be arrested and this activity will cease to be the status quo. It could be a chain effect that the drunk homeless man in the park down the street doesn't molest children after all, because he was never abducted and molested by a senator (or whatever the case may be).

I was working on writing an employee policies handbook recently, and now I see that my initial statement about sexual abuse of children was far too vague. I didn't realize that I had to go into this because it seems so common sense to me that we just do not tolerate any type of sexual activity with children. One Idren (he can come out and name himself if he wants to! Would Ipprecilove the I's input in this subject too Iyah) was helping I&I edit the handbook, and he mentioned that I should go into more depth about the prevention of sexual abuse of children, not just simply stating that it is intolerable. Now I realize how right he was about that advice. Now I am working on putting more specific safeguards into the policies (like making sure that no staff member takes a child off the premises alone)... People in childcare and education, or anyone who has experience in writing staff handbooks have anything to suggest?

JAH Love
Thankhs again to everyone who is willing to speak on this pivotal issue! I know it's not an easy one to even think about...

Messenger: Jahoshua Imanuel black christ I Sent: 5/28/2016 9:56:34 AM

Parents, teach your children what is right.

Messenger: Jahoshua Imanuel black christ I Sent: 5/28/2016 10:05:17 AM

Children, do not visit lonely places, unless in the hands of your parents; don't trust strangers, however friendly or comely they may look or seem.

In a day there are twelve hours. Whoever walks in the day sees the way clearly and has no need for fear - them that walk in the darkness of night cannot see the way and will surely stumble in pits and on stones and will surely fall.

I am the light of the world, he who dwells in light belongs to my father, Jahovia most high, Ras Tafari; but he that dwells in darkness has no place in Zion. for he belongs to the world, with its disordered fleshly desires and corruption and injustice and oppression, which are of the devil.

Messenger: Jahoshua Imanuel black christ I Sent: 5/28/2016 10:13:42 AM

Be firm in your convictions, for the spirit is always right, and never wrong. Trust in the spirit of Jahovia that dwells in the heart of all righteous man and woman and children, for Jahovia most high never misleads or lies. Man without Jah is like a tree without roots or a ship in the sea without a captain. Let man look up to Jahovia, seek him while he still can be found, for from him comes salvation and righteousness; blessed

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