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Messenger: ijah Sent: 12/28/2003 4:24:05 PM

Greetings RasTafari brethren an sistren,

The Book of Life shows us the difference between wrongs and wrights.It also show us what will be the concequences if man not follow JAHWORD...In simply reading just one chapter a day,it will teach ye,ye ll teach ye how fe become a servant of JAH,it will mek room iinna ye soul,for your spiritual wants and desires,and its only JAH what can satisfy those,ye know!!!
Come in the light,y all,cause its shining bright


thx and praises itinualy

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/28/2003 4:26:23 PM


Messenger: Marengo I Sent: 12/28/2003 4:31:33 PM

Rastafari Greetings!

One Perfect Love!

I agree with Brother Jahphet I. The Law was given by Jah through the divine revelation on Mt. Sinai. That's what the Holy Book tells us. It is not man-made. I also believe the Law is not only there to expose sin, but for Israelites to keep the Covenant.

Yashuah Ha Mashiakh rejected the man-made tradition of the pharisees (although he shared many views with them; not all pharisees were bad), but he strongly advocated the Law of God. It is an ancient Israelite belief that the Messiah would clarify certein points of the Law. Yashuah did that, as I'n'I can see in his teachings about divorce in the Gospel of Matthew (Matityahu).

Brothers and sister, let's not get confused about Israel. Man is not saved because of his ethnic background. The Bible clearly says so. John the Baptist (Yohanan) taught it. Israel is not chosen because of ethnicity. Israel was chosen because Jah had made a promise to Avraham and Israel had suffered in slavery in Egypt. Jah elected Israel and in doing so, He kept his promise and freed a suffering people from slavery. Reason about this! Jah's chosen ones are former slaves who were liberated by the Almighty Himself!

So Israel in my view is everyone who chooses to partake in God's Covenant. Keeping the Law is the means to partake in the Covenant. Of course the Law has to be kept in an upright spirit. Man can only be saved by the grace of God and He knows who really keeps His Law to be righteous and who pretends to keep it because of vanity.

By the way, Israel did not keep slaves in the sense of the word we see today. 'Slave' in the Law should rather be translated as 'servant', because the Law assures that these servants have rights. They were given food, clothes and shelter and regarded as members of the family they were serving. Of course they were subordinated, because societies in these times were hierarchical. But in no way the Law advocates slavery!

The Law really is the righteous Livity. Check it, it includes love, justice, righteousness, respect and all the positive moves the I's mentioned. Also Rastafari Ital Livity of today stems from the Law.

If a man has love, compassion, purity and righteousness, he lives in accordance with the most important points the Law makes. It is important to overstand which parts of the Law are to emphasize in order to be One, as Bro. Ark I put it. Yashuah taught it!

Rastafar I Nyahbinghi I Selassie I!

Bro. Marengo

Messenger: Brother Jahphet I Sent: 12/28/2003 4:32:34 PM

Yes Ijah!

The bible teach us about I n I spiritual Israelite history, about Jah and his son.
We are new in the mission of Israel, so we heve to find ourselves as Israelites.
The bible teach about Yeshuah, about Jah Allmighty and about Yeshuah and Jah united in His Majesty.
But one should read the bible with Jah overstanding from I n I Kebra Nagast and His Majesty words.
For a better Iverstanding, I think.

Bro Jahphet I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/28/2003 4:39:01 PM

yes isrealite has no race.the word human has now race.if we are for god let say that.

Messenger: Brother Jahphet I Sent: 12/28/2003 4:43:32 PM

Greetings I

Yes, Israelite has no race! It is a divine spirituality.
Israelites are Jah people, Ham Shem and Japhet.
No matter what colour, in the Endtime Jah will unite Israel on Mt Zion.

Bro Gad I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/28/2003 4:44:38 PM


Messenger: ijah Sent: 12/28/2003 4:45:38 PM


Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/29/2003 3:19:50 AM

Blessed Love, Jah rasta Far I....

THe Bible is the guidebook for INI. INI know that the KJV is NOT Wholy because there are scripts left out, and the KJV was translated from the Greek, which was traslated from the Hebrew and the origianl in the Amharic that is still in Ethiopia.....THe whole of the Kebra Negast is not in that KJV.....SO Ras, the one's need to BE AWARE of Overstanding of the KJV for its limited literal meaning. THE Spirit of the I-ble is what is TRUTH.

The WHOLE Bible is overstanding of JAH WISDOM, but know that it is not esential to know Jah just from siting the BIBLE. MYSTICAL....

AS for one not being perfect....RASPECTFuly Ras...JAH IS PERFECTt...and Jah made human beings in Jah image......SO Ras, INI perfect. Me,u,he, she do things that are out side of perfection, when he she me u sparate from INI creator-DELIBERATELY. Then u, she, he, me become imperfect at that moment. Jah created man with free will, as Jah has.

REligion has Jah I-dren proclaiming sin always so that i will sin, because i mind is always upon those sins of man, outlined by the "law". Ya site...? Jah created INI with eyes to site JAH on highest things of Jah Creation, without written law, cause the naure of creatin shows INI precepts of livity. Religion sells sin to man. Always telling i that man concieved in sin, born in sin, living in sin....What does that say about the creator ?

Nah man....INI siting up rightouesness and purity and perfection. that is INI trod and when I fall, INI get up and live up again and again. I Site Jah mercy sees INI cause Jah created INI. Not to laugh at I as some sort of bumbling mumbling freak accident of creation. NUH...Those priests and pastors and rabbis site I like that, not JAH. Jah created INI in Jah glory. Glorify Jah through perfection not thru resignation of weakness and blemishes. Jah is the father not the downpressor.

Let men of flesh make up their laws for themselves to bring down themselves. They are donwpressing. They teach their wicked ways.

Jah word is in every molecule, every cell, every single essence of INI. It is not outside of INI, like the laws of man NUH. Jah is INI.

ONENESS is CHRIST. Christ is annoited...I strive to be oneness, INI for the annointing. Anything less is DEATH.

Thanks and Praises for that.
From THe Kebra Negast

For the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit with good fellowship and right good will and cordial agreement together made the Heavenly ZION to be the place of habitation of their Glory. And then the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit said, "Let Us make man in Our similitude and likeness,"1 and with ready agreement and good will They were all of this opinion. And the Son said, "I will put on the body of ADAM," and the Holy Spirit said, "I will dwell in the heart[s] of the Prophets and the Righteous," and this common agreement and covenant was [fulfilled] in ZION, the City of their Glory. And DAVID said, "Remember Thine agreement which Thou didst make of old for salvation, the rod of Thine inheritance, in Mount ZION wherein Thou dost dwell."1

And He made ADAM in His own image and likeness, so that He might remove SATAN because of his pride, together with his host, and might establish ADAM-His own plant-together with the righteous, His children, for His praises. For the plan of God was decided upon and decreed in that He said, "I will become man, and I will be in everything which I have created, I will abide in flesh." And in the days that came after, by His good pleasure there was born in the flesh of the Second ZION the second ADAM, Who was our Saviour CHRIST. This is our glory and our faith, our hope and our life, the Second ZION.2

Thanks and Praises, Haile I Selassie I.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/29/2003 6:05:46 AM


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