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What are the jobs the Rasta on here have? Has the trod come in conflict with the job or has the idem been discriminated for locks etc?

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Messenger: Redemption Sent: 12/5/2015 4:00:29 AM

InI work for the government as a coffee drinker. They pay me and I drink coffee in da community. Coffee is a spiritual drink in the Middle East, served in Mosques. The I also teach mathematics for free, currently have one student from Jamaica-New York, was working as an economics assistant to the NHS, again for free, but the I caught a cyst in my thyroid, teaches me not to deal with Babylon infrastructure, also work in a Oxfam bookshop again for free, the books interest me, the charity not so much. The I follow Baye Fall principle that the I must work for the good of man.

Messenger: dembele Sent: 10/16/2023 6:25:29 AM

Actually jah doesn,t want us to work at all see working is mental slavery from babylon we are sup˛sed to live off the land but if you don,t have land to live on you should try not to work and that,s easy to accomplish here in tenerife man here jah will provide EVERYTHING WE NEED that,s why you need to come here to live the thrh rastafari way because jah have opened up the gate for us and you need to come because we have waited for this a very long time

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 10/16/2023 3:18:52 PM

Bless up to Each and Everyone :

Dembele where did you obtain your teachings on Fari?

I can not help to think that you continue to take Ras Tafari & Rastafari for a joke thing. Now I&I can not know what is in your heart and can only look at the abundant of words that you continually put forth from your past post you have made since making your presence known . Anything that you do with your hands is "a work" , anything that you construct out of your heart & mind is a work.... be it building a community or building relationships among man & man , be they Ras or not.
De I keep mentioning Tenerife like them people got no sense to see you chose to be a problem unto them. You getting away with that outlook only stand to reason that you shall pay in the end ..... I never hear you utter nothing positive about the people nor the place , everything is a "get over" mentality , what do you contribute to the place ?

In Everything Let JAH Be Praised


Messenger: dembele Sent: 10/17/2023 6:27:59 AM

Joke thing?
Nonononono i think you take all of this into a joke i am DEAD SERIOUS man of all the people on this site it looks like i,m the only one who is living the real rastafari way and i,m just teachinf you how it is because i,m the only one that is experiencing it and your message is full of judgement ok and THAT,S A BIG SIN see only jah can judge and only jah can say what,s good and what,s bad we humans no nothinf i am in the hands of jah and he decides for me that,s really how to live rastafari way if you judge like your doing you sound to much like white people man totallt against rastafari method you see rastafari is about us black people LIVING OUR LIFES LIKE WE WANT TO to get away from the JUDGEMENT OF WHITE PEOPLE and that,s what i,m doing it but if you were brought up in babylon then you,re the one who,s wrong and first you gotta learn you see.

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 10/17/2023 4:35:21 PM

Bless Greetings to All :

Dembele thank you for your reply .

After reading your response I still find you to be taking the livity as a joke thing .

Now you run trying to hide behind the word "judge / judgement" throwing it at INI like INI did not first preface I comment by saying INI do not know your heart , but by" DISCERNING " de I comments from past post INI see that you carry a view about RASTAFARI TROD that INI have not seen in all I life to date . Bredren that INI see live up inna de hills still come to town to sell produce and crafts. How can one leave him country and go into another man country and say him going to feast on dem like a calf unto him mother tit?????? and trying to invite others to do so. Every Fari that INI know even if dem nuh work fi de babylon sh!tsem have him trade or skills that him use make ends meet . Did not Marcus Garvey show Man and man seh " man who can't find work mek work " ? Do you overs? Did not His Majesty promote education that ones can uplift their station in life ? One can be in a Babylon Sh!tsem and not be OF a Babaylon Sh!tsem .
As much as INI have no love fi de current order of things INI rank confidence that the FATHERS WILL SHALL BE DONE .

RASPECT in all Aspect , JAH GUIDE

Messenger: Evison Matafale SkrŠling Sent: 10/19/2023 1:53:43 PM

Big UP Arma Gideon! Sensical and logical. I give thankhs for the i reasoning.
Raspect Bredren I
Umoja kwa ukweli!

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 10/23/2023 12:58:33 AM

I started a blue collar business doing exterior maitenance. Rain gutters, siding, windows,trim tree and more.... taking care if InI people properties homes and businesses.

It bring I not only honost income but also peace of mind. Im outdoors in nature alot with great views fresh air sunshine and it keeps I fit too

No discrimination having locks from the homeowners and business owners I serve. 5 star reviwes based on being professional and doing a job the best it can be done.

I live in a big city in USA

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/3/2024 7:35:32 PM

Greetings beloveds!

Yes Iyah Ras Jesse I love that for the I, over the past decade sounds like the I has come a far way professionally!

I still work with children, probably always will haha this is my calling for sure. Sure some parents would judge me for my hair but over the years I've worked for some great families and none of them cared about my hair.

The other half of my work week is in the financial sector in a fiduciary's office, no one there cares at all what my hair looks like either as long as I write all the checks on time haha

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Haile Selassie I