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Messenger: Lemuel II Sent: 7/14/2015 11:12:13 PM

How many other Rastas do yoga

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/15/2015 11:37:10 AM

well. when i was a little bit younger and i had a little pain in my back caused by my work in the food industry back then i found myself even doing some yoga inspired moves to get rid of it.

there even is a program called "ddp yoga - it aint your mommas yoga", created by a former pro wrestler. but to me its a little bit too much in general.

doing certain moves every evening as part of my little work out routine help me to jump out of my bed like a jack-in-the-box every morning so taking care of all parts of your body is a nice thing. but yoga, which is connected to esoterical asian teachings, aint for me.

but i love to watch the girls dem doing some yoga lol

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/15/2015 7:27:43 PM

It is a little-known fact that Yoga first began in Africa, specifically Kemet (ancient Egypt). Yoga, which means union, is for everybody.


The young Egyptians (Kamites) of Northeastern Africa were educated in a system of higher knowledge called the “Mystery System” by Egyptologists. They had to acquire a high level of competency in Yoga before they were considered mentally and spiritually prepared to master the rigors of mathematics, engineering, medicine, astronomy, astrology, architecture, literature, religion, metaphysics, ethics and philosophy.

According to the book The Metu Neter by Ra UN Nefer Amen, these ancient Africans migrated to India and became what are now known as the Dravidian Indians. They passed on teachings and spiritual practices that later evolved into Hindu beliefs and yoga practices.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/16/2015 4:51:15 PM

give thanks!

it seems like the roots of the world religions as well as the roots of some so called esoteric teachings ALL came out of africa.

so i see that people have distorted some things and that africa isnt appreciated at all for all the great things that were created in this continent.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/16/2015 5:37:34 PM

Yes Reasoningtime, and your real-eye-zation, though simple as appears, seems to be one of the most challenging under this western "Matrix".

Give thanks for your humble attitude towards Mama Afrika and RasTafari.

One Love

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/16/2015 5:52:14 PM

yes. its all about righteousness. give thanks!

Messenger: Christ Conscious Sent: 7/17/2015 10:02:43 AM

Yoga. I do study Bhakti Yoga and I am confident that, if one remains righteous and submissive, it is a simple path for self-realization, knowing I and knowing how to serve I.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/17/2015 12:07:09 PM

Blessed love Impresses and Kings. Give thankhs for the divine teachings which open a way for I&I to reach greater Inlightenment.
Yes, as honorable Istren Ras Goddess tells I&I, the word Yoga means Union or Oneness. And yoga is a practice that indeed unifies the mind, body, and soul, and unifies the I with the Most I; as well as unifying the movements of the body with breath patterns. Yoga in a physical sense can be very difficult and uncomfortable at first, but is also one of the primary practices, alongside Ital eating and adequate rest, that I would suggest for maintaining health or for healing from a physical injury. Yoga in an Iritual sense takes extreme focus and is also difficult at first! More practice, and finding ones preferred methods (fasting, partaking ganjah, drinking certain teas, listening to certain music, or others) that can help the mental focus, helps to make this aspect easier. Yogic breathing is a vital component of a healthy life, and all behavioral impulses and emotions can be regulated by breath (and oxygen flow). This part of yoga does not require bendy legs or a studio with a big mirror, or even a quiet place. Yogic breathing, or intentional, full breaths in the nose and out the mouth, can be done anywhere at any time, even in the most chaotic environment, for the benefit of the I.
As the beloved Idren reasoningtime has realeyesed, Yoga does indeed come from Africa, even before "India" made it well known (although in the ancient time India would be part of Africa also). The idea called Bhakti Yoga, in Hindu Yogic practices, as the honorable Istren Christ mentions, is a form of yoga centered on glorifying and loving the Most High, and recognizing that all actions serve the Most High whether for benefit or harm. In this recognition the devotee keeps careful thoughts and actions in order to remain in a positive vibration with The All. The other branches of yoga include Jnana yoga, or pursuit of knowledge and truth, Karmic yoga, or focus on rightful actions, and Raja yoga, or focus on metacognition. All of these types of yoga interact together as the I practice and move through Iyer and Iyer realms of the I mind, body, and soul.

I was in high school when I started on the path of yogic teachings. This was before I began to think independently about life's most important topics, before I saw the flaws in the churchical doctrines I had been taught, before I was an Ital eater, and before partaking KanaBashem. This was before giving honor to Nature and before realeyesing the Identity of the King of Kings Ras Tafari. I do give recognition to the way Yoga helped to open pathways of I&I mind and Irit, which lead to all these gradual changes in I&I Livity and the benefits that come with them. I will never know "what if", but I suspect that, had I not first practiced yoga, the chakras would not have been open to recieve the Iyer messages. As I said to Impress Leigh past night, in real seriousness despite the joking phrase, "My life is a yoga class."

I recommend that all people try yoga in one or all of its forms. As a trained yoga instructor, I am happy to give more specific advice or remote training to ones and ones who request. To ones and ones in southern California area, I am available and practically beg ones and ones to have free lessons. I love teaching these principles, and never would want to charge a fee for such a beautiful gift as this. Giving thANKHs for the ancient teachings forIvermore.

Ites of Oneness with the Most I, all Righteous Bredren + Sistren

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/17/2015 11:34:31 PM

Give thanks JAH CHILD....good reasonings!

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/18/2015 1:08:17 PM

yeah. i think thats fair. you can do yoga and i like all of the information you want to give to newbies and i see that you love it but it must be clear that we have to be conscious about it.

if you want to do it you can do it but you must know that you touch a new culture, a new religion by doing yoga. i dont know about using certain versions of certain positions to get rid of ones pain in the back for example but if you do yoga consciously you are following the principles of activating chakras with your inner serpaints to open your third eye and things like that. you can say that the pain in your back will be gone BECAUSE yoga really works in every single aspect but yoga is not like playing football.

you can follow it, you can say "no, thats not for me" but at least i think it must be clear what you are doing. there are those "sex and the city" influenced main stream people who love to smoke a couple of cigarettes, drink a coffee and then doing some yoga to "stay in shape". yoga is part of a spiritual lifestyle and of a religion of the east. you leave your culture.

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