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Nappy Hair - The Choice of Godz

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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/14/2015 8:37:16 PM

Nappy hair is 'divine' - the choice of God!

Like Christ, "His son" and all the founders of world religions, God Himself has kinky, nappy hair -according tot he Bible, where God or the "Ancient of Days" is described as having "hair like the pure wool." (Dan. 7:9) The Power that causes galaxies to spiral, and planets & atoms to spin; that causes the double helix spiral of the DNA molecules -this same spiraling power causes spiraling hair... otherwise known as NAPPY, kinky, curly, frizzy, wavy, WOOLLY hair! The words, SPIN, SPIRAL, and SPIRITUAL have common roots! The Supreme Power spins; spirals; it is spiritual. It moves or spirals the universe! The entire universe dances in spirals and rotations; everything in it reflects the "SPIRaling, SPIRitual" essence out of which it is made! The "SPIRal," especially the Golden Spiral, is simultaneously the most profound motion and design in the universe -built into all life forms, from seashells to man, to spiraling nappy hair! Your blood spirals through your veins! Plants spiral up from the soil! And nappy hair spirals out from the hair roots! Ball your hand into a fist and slowly extend each finger and you will see for yourself how the tip of each finger opens in a golden spiral path! Straight-haired people also have a spiral on their heads, visible as a whorl pattern with its center in the back of the head, where their straight hair grows out slanting in the whorl's direction. Wooly haired people have both, the whorl pattern and the individually spiraling strands of helixal, coiled, spring-like, nappy hair ... the choice of the gods!

Did Jesus have dredlocks?

Jesus was a Nazarite: a vow of Nazarites was to never cut his hair but "let the locks of the hair of his head grow." (Nm. 6:2,5, Lv. 19:27; 21:5) The word Nazarite is from nazar, meaning unshorn. Wolly nappy hair, if simply washed & dried but never combed or brushed, will naturally entwine into long locks as it grows. Samson, the most famous example of locked hair, had seven locks. (Jg. 13:5, 16:17,19)

Hair is really antennae which can receive and transmit energy! A Rastafarian explains that dreadlocks are a quality of Black people; they "are high-tension wires," which transmits divine energy and inspiration from Jah [God], the creator, to Rasta, the mirror." (Nicholas/Sparrow: Rastafari -A Way of Life) As Blacks awaken to true self-knowledge and self-acceptance this brings, the negative racist conditioning with respect of their natural spiraling, nappy hair as "bad" and straighter hair as "good" will cease!"

Also from the book "Blacked Out Through Whitewash":

Etymology of NAPPY and KINKY:

The word "nappy" is likely derived from the Egyptian words "NEPI" or "NABT", both meaning LOCK of hair. The word "kinky" is derived from ANKH, the name of the most revered symbol of Afrika's Nile Valley. ANKH means LIFE and Tie/Join/Connect. From this Afrikan word comes most of the words which mean to join or connect: Derivatives (which usually contain NG/NK/or GN/KN) include anchor, ankle, knee, tangle, jungle, messenger, angel (they are "messengers" that CONNECT you with Divine messages), and juncture (from Latin UNCT from ANKH)"

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/15/2015 12:01:43 PM

if your are able (you arent downpressed by the system and you still have your hair) to grow yourself some locks there is no excuse to avoid it.

if you believe in the stories and myths of the black ancestors you follow those ancient warrior women and you might ask yourself what kind of haircut the black abraham couldve had while traveling down south.

if youre a jew you see that the nazarite vow leads to the ultimate lifestyle i think.

as a christian youve got this "hair like a wolve" thing. samson, john the baptist, samuel, maybe even jesus and his followers could have had "dreadlocks" because of the vow.

most prophet are described like they had "dreadlocks".

locks became the trademark of every rasta.

and in the end it is just the most natural hair style. you dont bow down to any trend.

so there is only one true hair style to me.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 7/20/2015 8:38:29 AM

True mi Empress Queen

Locks are very spiritual and a connection with the ancestral Irits.

I cant compare my awareness when I was bald with now.

Grow your locks!!!!

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/20/2015 11:42:57 AM

yeah. sometimes its a little bit weird to come out of a deep meditation and being confronted with friends who seems not to be conscious about their spirituality at all.

but i know that being spiritual is nearly always right and its the world which is has just gone mad in this case.

so sometimes they will laugh about your concept of life if you tell them that you have just thrown away your comb or even that you are following the nazarite vow. i think its important to stay true to yourself instead of talking about those personal choices all of the time and acting like a guru but talking about the third eye, the sabbath etc. can be hard sometimes in babylon.

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 7/21/2015 2:03:05 AM


Yes, it can be hard talking about some of the things that you can see but everyone else appears blind to.

For example, I have visions (or rather should I say expanded consciousness) where I can see that everyone in this system is living in an illusion of a reality (almost like walking zombies), obeying the slave master whether they are aware of it or not (almost all are unaware). I can also see the immense beauty of nature; a level of beauty that I have not previously seen, because the beauty comes from being able to see the spirit world of the plants. It is especially spectacular if you are in a forest. It is like you realize that paradise is infact this earth, just people don't know it yet because of too much Babylon indoctrination.

For example, in these visions, I could see that my entire family were living in illusion, and that they all bore "the mark of the beast". I could see it in their eyes. Perhaps the most scary thing that I saw was that I bore indoctrination signs too (well, I was brought up in this system so it would be expected)

Now, if I told them what I just wrote above, either they would think they had gone crazy (even though I know that it is this system that is crazy), or be mortally offended if I told them that they are all functioning in a dumbed down state.

So, I don't really talk about it with my family for that reason. I do, however, gain insights from these visions, and use them to give advice to my family. Eg in the visions I can see what food is or is not Ital. For example, if I see some broccoli and almonds on a plate, you can see that they are "real" and unprocessed. You can see their life force, whereas if I see biscuits they look dead. So I recommend my family to eat real, whole food.

I would share my visions with the right people, people on this forum for example, but I do think we must be caerful who to share them with in detail, because certainly at my age I could be sent to a mental hospital if I told them that I was having visions where I saw that everyone was living in a false reality! (even though I know that it is this system is mental and that what I see is very, very real!)

Who do you choose to share your insights with? Do you tell your family or not?

All the best,


Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/21/2015 2:56:40 AM

give thanks for a nice reasoning!

well. i dont want to be too superficial here. i believe you. but first of all, youve mentioned that you are using certain mushrooms and MAYBE those visions are a mix of the things those mushrooms do to your brain and consciousneess, the way you react to ganja (if you consume it) and your feelings after meditation.

i dont think running around like a wild conspiracy theorist who claims that the end of the world is near is the answer but i think there is nothing wrong with so called conspiracy theorists. not most of these conspiracy theorists are crazy, the conspiracy facts are! like ive said before...i really dont think that this world is like it may seem for the most of us (just like you) and once youve spend a couple of hours to investigate certain things arent that absurd anymore. i suffer from "taos hum" which is a really deep sound only 2% of the population can hear. so i think a lot of things are possible.

how do this visions appear? in dreams? or do they appear suddenly as a different kind of consciousness? i remember a documentary about a european family from norway. they have moved deep into the woods to escape from the system and they were actually very happy to be there because they think that being connected to nature is the most important thing for a human being. one of those guys said that living deep in the forrest is like living in a poem and how it cant be described how it feels once you have a special relationship to nature. it really reminds me of the things youve said. so i think there must be a higher consciousness the system wants us to take away from.

i dont know. maybe, just maybe its because of your reactions to certain things. but i think you should listen to your inner voice when it comes to your family. but things like that can be mentioned in my humble opinion. maybe you should try to say it as natural as possible. without playing a "new character" who is unknown to your family. you can just say that you have a great connection to nature and you almost have visions about how dirty the system it. if you think about it all the time you should mention it.

if it gets "worse" you should try to find the source i think. if you are completely sober and it appears again then you know that its somthing special.

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 7/21/2015 5:52:32 AM

"well. i dont want to be too superficial here. i believe you. but first of all, youve mentioned that you are using certain mushrooms and MAYBE those visions are a mix of the things those mushrooms do to your brain and consciousneess, the way you react to ganja (if you consume it) and your feelings after meditation."

I have mentioned that I support the appropriate use, in the correct setting, of all natural psychedelics. I don't actually use them on a regular basis. And I don't smoke cannabis either on a regular basis.

"how do this visions appear? in dreams? or do they appear suddenly as a different kind of consciousness?"

They appear in waking consciousness (not in dreams). It is a shift in consciousness. They happen multiple times per day, especially when I am looking deep into something. And it isn't something that I feel that I "suffer with". They seem to be a real blessing, and are very enlightening. They are visual, not auditory, and basically it is like entering the original consciousness. Looking into the eyes of everyone living in this system, I can see that they are living in a false reality. That is the only way I can describe it.

" if it gets "worse" you should try to find the source i think. if you are completely sober and it appears again then you know that its somthing special."

I am always completely "sober", only "under the influence" of natural, ital food, which produces the natural consciousness I suppose. I don't see them as getting "worse" but "better", because the visions are really quite extraordinary and in them, especially if I am around nature, the world seems so spectacular, a real paradise. It is a shift in consciousness to the original consciousness, a consciousness where everything is absolutely spectacularly beautiful.

I don't want to "get rid of them". They are enlightening and seeing how beautiful the natural world is, is actually something that I want to advance.

The reason that they are so enlightening is because I can see that people are living in a dumbed down consciousness, and because of this I can see the real reason that they get anxious or angry. Because the subconscious knows that it being dumbed down, but it doesn't know how (Babylon living). It is enlightening because I can observe all of my previously held anxieties, and see that they are infact stemming from previous disconnection from the original consciousness.

I hope this answered your questions,

All the best,


Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/21/2015 11:03:29 PM

allright. like ive said, i didnt want to say that youre a liar or an addict or something like that. i dont care what people are consuming and i really believe that you are conscious about the things you let into your body anyways. but i just couldnt imagine what kind of visions those visions could be so i wanted to ask if it could have something to do with certain things or if they are nothing more than dreams. no accusations!

give thanks! well. maybe you just have certain visions. i mean i dont know. reminds me of this flick "they live". i think its nothing absurd what you are describing. of course many of us dont know themself and we are distracted of all the time. no place for real consciousness, digesting emotions and patience. we eat rubbish, consume rubbish, watch rubbish, listen to rubbish, read rubbish.

sometimes i think my flat is nothing more than a cage. we live like cows which are guided from their cage to the bowl (supermarket). but those are no visions of course.

youre right. many of us live in babylon and we dont know where it ends.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/27/2015 5:46:51 AM

right. if you laugh about a man with dreadlocks you may love about god and yourself. its just natural.

but what is your sugestion for people who "suffer" from hair loss? i mean some people who have nearly no hair on top of their head left?

would you say that they should let their remaining hair grow to locks no matter what or would you say its ok. especially if somebody has to deal with a certain look jobwise...

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/27/2015 7:31:31 AM

Nappy hair is about more than dreadlocks. Thick kinky and spiral hair as the article says. Helical like a strand of DNA. Wooly hair people black and comely

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