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Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 6/8/2022 9:52:01 AM


Nature clearly proves all the sickness you can get from it like anal cancer, easiest way to transfer aids and other stuff bc of the thin layer located in the anus only made for exit. It takes all what nature made you (A MAN)away from you. The reason why people get fucked in the ass in prison is bc people wanna turn them into their "bitch"

The bible (among other things) is totally against it. Other african spiritual symbols such as "The Anch" clearly don't promote it.

Selassie I Kept it illigal in Zion.

If we really accept that people believe they are born as a lady-man, why don't we take it to next level if people say that they believe that their nose is their penis and their penis is their nose lol

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/9/2022 3:10:46 PM

As a heterosexual man let me say this:

1. Homosexuality does exist in nature.

2. HIV can be transferred through heterosexual intercourse as well; just like most STDs.

3. A person can be homosexual without any involvement of the anus.

4. The male G spot is the prostate; located just inside the rectum. Because nature uses the stimulation of nerve endings as a reward for sexual activity it is unclear why nature would do this except...

except for a point I made earlier about human/mammal genders being separated from a single gender. Men have nipples. Women have protrusions similar to the penis that can be larger or smaller in different women. The main difference between men and women is that our sexual organs are haphazardly attached outside of the body whereas women's sexual organs are interior. We have 2 testicles and a penis. They have 2 fallopian tubes and a vagina. One fits inside the other and that connection is sacred to us as a means of procreation and subsequently the survival of our species.

It is the NEED for survival that drives humans to fight and even kill each other. It is that NEED for survival that breeds competition that makes us struggle to be better, faster, smarter, and stronger. Nature shows us that evolution is tied to this cycle of need.

But need is a way of adapting to one's environment. Circumstances are part of that environment.

As previously discussed, nature has ways of balancing populations. However, let's say there are too many of animal X. Animal X may never realize there are too many of their kind or what that's doing to themselves or their environment. But animal X continues to reproduce quickly without doing so based on "NEED". Instead, it reproduces based on wants alone and a lack of discipline. So what happens as a result? Animal X hunts its food sources nearly out of existence. As a consequence, Animal X begins to compete more forcefully for its remaining food. As those food sources become more scarce Animal X is more willing to kill its own species to further its own survival. In the end, Animal X ends up on the endangered list and every year threatens extinction.

Yes... this is a reality in nature. Without balance, animals can and do go extinct.

You could easily say humans don't have this problem. And you'd be right. Humans eat nearly everything. Humans also breed several species of plants and animals to be eaten, unlike other animals who rely on their food to be independent and wild.

And while this is true everything has consequences.

Humans do not gain the physical benefits other animals earn from hunting. As a result, we may have ended our evolution; at least physically. Humans are instead focused more on the mind and are now becoming more dependent on technology and machines. These machines... let's just say... we would find it hard to feed 7 billion people without the help of machines and automation.

Q: Is this natural?

We are talking about homosexuality being an unnatural perversion and yet... I think it is more natural than our dependence on machines for our survival. And I'm not a hater of machines. I'm a programmer. It's my job to create the logic of these systems. To some degree, this unnatural job is natural because it perpetuates from natural evolution. In this way, even artificial intelligence could be considered natural. But many if not most would very much disagree. And we could debate it but we can also easily understand that disagreement as well.

What is natural?

Is natural a certain point in time? Are cars natural? Are guns natural? Are bows and arrows natural? Are swords and shields natural? Was the first tool natural?

There are people who shun machines and technology but still wear clothes. Are clothes natural?? What is natural?

I'm not arguing for anyone to be homosexual. No. I'm not advocating for homosexuality. I'm only advocating for love and tolerance for people who are naturally different from us; whether it's a different color, a different religion, different gender, different culture, or different ideology. I understand that many people don't believe homosexuality can exist within Rasta. I sympathize with this logic. But I also believe that anything that doesn't adapt/evolve will eventually die out like Animal X.

Today, we may say "Lila Ike cyaan be rasta". Tomorrow, we'll say "Koffee cyaan be rasta". And this will continue until only the older generation is saying this. And eventually, that generation will be replaced. And either no one will be left to keep saying it or no one will care because the culture, by then, will have already been replaced.

And just like with rumspringa for the Amish, young rastas and their children will have a choice of whether to keep the old ways or whether to join the rest of society as it continues to evolve. And for everyone who leaves it will slowly kill that society. And those who stay often stay out of loyalty because they don't want that to happen. They are grateful for the traditions (the roots) that made them who they are. But you have to have the roots as well as the branches. The roots don't follow the sun. The branches and the leaves do.

I believe in balance.

I believe in supporting the roots and for me Rasta is part of my Jamaican roots and culture. And honestly, I couldn't be more proud. Just like I'm proud of the humble beginnings of my father, from St. Thomas, a yard mon who came to America, believing in education, just like Marcus Garvey preached, and went into computer science and became a programmer. And he married a woman who was in the nursing profession. And they had a daughter who is a doctor and a son who is a programmer. So we, of our own free will and choices, gravitated to the same paths as our parents but went further. But while my sister also kept the same faith (Christianity), I discovered a different path.

I believe that when one is balanced, one respects the roots enough to keep them alive in whatever new environment that comes. I believe that love for the roots wants to see it continue long into the future. I want to see Rasta continue even if the bible's time comes to an end. Maybe it won't. But it will certainly lose power and influence and start to look more and more ridiculous and desperate for relevancy until it is seen more like the fairy tales promoted by Walt Disney.

Some may think "It's fine if it dies with me."

I'm not trying to argue with that. However, I do find it a little selfish. Do you love it so much you want to keep it to yourself? Yeshua fought this when he challenged the Pharisees and the Sadducees who were so mightily engrossed in their culture and the traditions of their elders that they did not even notice how they had made life so much harder for the people to the point where they were giving up on their religion as a means of salvation and as a way of life.

And what was the result?

The result was that Haile Selassie I wasn't a Jew. He was a Christian. And Christianity went to war with Judaism and with Islam over the Trinity. Black people were enslaved and had to hide our ancient beliefs inside of Christianity and learn the bible because it was the only book we were allowed to read. And now Christians are sustaining a Jewish state like a dependent child simply to keep a place for the Jewish identity to prosper in order to benefit their own prophetic beliefs. So please... do not become like the Pharisees and Sadducees. Let Rasta continue into the future.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/9/2022 6:44:12 PM



Another industry plant reggae revival folly

This has turned into the classic debate of whether RASTAFARI is here to adapt and evolve or whether it is to remain originally. Same thing Rises when it comes to reasoning white rasta or Bible and non Bible. I dont come to change up or modernize an INCIENT trod at all infact i defend AGAINST that. #Vanguard. Conservatism in a non politcal sense. I look at this cultural preservation as i duty and it is this which will continue Rastafari into the future whereas if we continue to update and change and update and change and update and change little by little by little it will eventually become unrecognisable just as humans are from their evolutionary predecessor. And evolution isnt always a positive step things can devolve too. InI here to preserve and continue an ancient trod Independent of Babylon colloquialism

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 6/10/2022 12:30:28 AM

Haile I to each and everyone :

InI find it amusing that this thread is still going on
with new age mindset trying in some form or fashion to
get one & ones to say RASTAFARI have to be loving and tolerant
to a lifestyle that is in total opposition of I&I livity.
Is it the goal to make JAH a liar ????? the FATHER done made it
clear that man laying with man is wrong , but no we must be loving and understanding of this/these lifestyle that is trying to get in the forefront of creation .
I&I nah bizniz with what dog do , monkey do , nor what lila do for it is not what I&I do , nor will I&I ever condone it .
Now they even going as far as to say all the elders will die off and that the youth dem that drinking the wine of the harlot will start to
embrace the new age mindset , the Almighty already set the solution to this problem long time ..... " Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. " , now how simple is that .
keep on playing with the new age mind set and before you know it you
will be embracing "transhumanism" as well as the "metaverse". accept one ->>> end up accepting all . we have been warned repeatedly so the choice becomes yours to make , simple as that but do not put it on the TROD the FATHER has set for his chosen .


Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 6/10/2022 2:30:29 AM


Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 6/10/2022 6:06:15 AM


You say and I answer:

"Homosexuality does exist in nature." - Pedophilia and murder does exist in nature too.

"HIV can be transferred through heterosexual intercourse as well; just like most STDs"

-It's still the easiest way to transmit HIV/AIDS (like other bacteria) through batty sex because the thin layer doesn't have a thick slimy mucous membrane like a vagina. The layer of the ass is only made for trash-exit. This means that it's very easy for tears and wounds to manifest in the hole and that's where it becomes chronic.

"A person can be homosexual without any involvement of the anus." - Let's just be honest. A man don't have a vagina, so they do it in the ass, the mouth or just end up jerking each other. No matter what they do, it's not of RasTafarI. They have male semen inside their temple which is produced by the body to fertilize a woman, which tells me that this is not a biological issue, but a mental issue.

And I really don't agree with the masturbation argument either. I have left masturbation for long time and I've never been happier. I have so much energy because I don't let it out. Just like people who take MDMA - They are very depressed the day after their high because of all the dopamine that has been released. A guy who masturbates here and there let out his dopamine too. Just on a smaller basis.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/10/2022 12:32:49 PM

"Pedophilia and murder does exist in nature too."

You're right. I just learned something. According to Google, Meerkats are the most murderous mammal.

It's an excellent point. Seriously.

I guess my next question is WHY?

Why do animals murder each other?

Sexual cannibalism, for example, occurs when a female eats the male before, during, or after mating.

This practice occurs across a number of different species. So my question to you would be:

Is it right or wrong for a Chinese mantis or a black widow spider to murder their sexual partner/baddy daddy?

A follow-up question that goes deeper: were they "created" this way?

A slightly different question for you and anyone else who wants to weigh in...

"Is it part of their genetic code? Are they programmed to do it?"

Continuing on the point about murderous animals...

Various types of fish, for example, are highly territorial. This relates back to competition over food. It also reinforces what I said about Animal X when it comes to population. Certain species reduce their population by any means necessary (or the only means available) by "defending" their territory.

sidenote: imagine if humans didn't create an entire system of land and home ownership to create space between ourselves and other humans? What if any food you bought and put into your fridge could be taken at any time, legally, by your next-door neighbor who was allowed to walk into your house whenever they wanted.

This "Defense" argument is worth delving deeper into because you're citing the bible to say that a non-reproducing sexual act is wrong/abomination (Which it is abominable or "disgusting" to me personally which is why I wouldn't "personally" do it). Still, the bible never takes the position that killing is always wrong. Jah/Yah was praised as a "God of War"... mighty in battle.

So what do we say then?

Could we not argue then that the act of killing someone depends on the context whether it is right or wrong? What if they're trying to kill you? What if they are trying to rape your wife or daughter? The bible advocates killing when it comes to public execution. Samson is a mass murderer who is praised in biblical history. Moses committed genocide based on what he claimed to be the word of Jah. According to the bible Jah killed thousands of innocent children and babies in the flood.

So I could say that killing is definitely natural and that it depends on the reasons for it. So if we can (assuming that you agree with the bible) contemplate more complex reasoning as to when killing is wrong, instead of instantly claiming that all killing is wrong (and maybe it can be argued that it still is but that sometimes wrong is necessary, idk depends on perspective), as extreme as death is, instead of advocating death to homosexuals, is it possible that we could consider circumstances in which homosexuality, like killing isn't always "murder", may not be wrong?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/10/2022 12:34:35 PM

And let me clarify something in the language...

This is something commonly misunderstood and it's an understandable misunderstanding.

Many people take "unclean" for wrong or sinful behavior. It is not. Unclean is simply unclean. It isn't necessarily sanitary and isn't necessarily safe. Leviticus says this:

Moreover the soul that shall touch any unclean thing, as the uncleanness of man, or any unclean beast, or any abominable unclean thing, and eat of the flesh of the sacrifice of peace offerings, which pertain unto the Lord, even that soul shall be cut off from his people.

And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean;

Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you.

And whosoever beareth ought of the carcase of them shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even.

The context of these verses is different. I hope everyone can understand/overstand this. In some cases, the thing labeled unclean wasn't to be eaten or touched. They could touch it while the animal was alive but not dead. So the warning "do not touch" was conditional. Often, an unclean thing simply made you unclean for a day. You can imagine this as an early understanding of bacteria and viruses. These things live inside the body but cannot live for too long outside the body. Just like covid. However, some species of microorganisms can survive on surfaces for longer periods. It's not the animal itself that is the problem... Do you see? It's the invisible army of living organisms inside their bodies that is.

But this is a problem in MOST food preparation. Raw chicken may be the most famous but you can also get sick from eating infected lettuce. Sometimes the store, once they find out, has to "recall" the lettuce like recalling a faulty car. It's not the actual lettuce and you shouldn't "hate lettuce" because of it.

Back in ancient times, people lacked the tools to see viruses and bacteria. Someone on this forum was trying to claim these things don't exist but we can literally see them using microscopes. And that's the thing... people want to condemn science as if the bible is against it. That's not the case. The bible was simply limited in the science and technology they knew. They didn't use sticks and stones as weapons. If there were swords and shields available then that's what they used. They would have never said, "my great grandfather fought with sticks and stones so that's what I'll use against your sword". No, that would be folly. And never did the grandfather want "sticks and stones" to be their tradition that would get their lineage extinguished just because they couldn't adapt.

So people can call it "new age" if they want. But we're not in the "old age". We are in the age that we're presently in. "It is what it is and it is not what it was." For decades upon decades, for hundreds of years, for thousands of years, there was slavery. There was slavery and the bible said it was okay. You were allowed to beat your slaves. You were allowed to keep a slave forever. Just because something is historic doesn't mean it should be preserved in the same form. We still serve each other but now employees work for wages and have rights. It may not be perfect, but it's better. If that's "new age" then I'll take it.

It would be easy to assume from Leviticus that anything unclean you should not touch or do. But is this truly how it should be understood? Or is unclean more so an understanding of "risk"? My allergies are not your allergies. Every person is different. Unique. And those microorganisms that we're so scared of? Our bodies are an entire universe full of them. We naturally take them in when we consume food. They naturally live in our guts and help us process the foods we eat. We are eating for them much like a pregnant mother eats for her unborn baby.

But for anyone thinking that "unclean" = wicked... you need to read 12:2,5,22 15:16-25

Long story short, if we avoided everything that is "unclean" we would avoid sex altogether.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/10/2022 12:37:05 PM

Rasta Youth: "-It's still the easiest way to transmit HIV/AIDS (like other bacteria) through batty sex because the thin layer doesn't have a thick slimy mucous membrane like a vagina. The layer of the ass is only made for trash-exit. This means that it's very easy for tears and wounds to manifest in the hole and that's where it becomes chronic."

The easiest way to pass a virus is not through the anus. It's the respiratory system. It's the lungs. Because if I have dangerous airborne pathogens, I could be immune to them as the carrier. But I could pass them to you without touching you at all. The only way to protect yourself would therefore be to stay 10 feet away from all other humans and animals. But of course, this isn't possible. We're social animals and for many people, the separation was worse than the threat of the (covid) disease. And truly, when there is a respiratory disease like covid, mers, sars, bird flu, swine flu, etc., no one is really thinking about HIV at that point because the chances of that infection are nowhere near the chances of flu transmission.

So you could say, if Leviticus were to have a new chapter written today, it would treat Covid just like it treated Leprosy. It would call it "unclean" and order surfaces to be cleaned and quarantined. That just shows how ancient these things really are. They've been with us the whole time because they are actually far older than we are.

According to, 30% of all protein adaptations since humans diverged from monkies have been driven by viruses. Viruses also play a role in natural selection. But we can say this also of tornadoes.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 6/11/2022 3:35:33 PM

Blessed Love Idren

I share the sadness and anger with babylon giving priority to normalize and harmonize LGBTQ issues in society OVER Black rights and reparations, let alone just trying to have compassion for Black people in general.

Ultimately tho, I dont think InI should even be surprised this is the way babylon chooses to move. There are plenty of white babies that turn out to be gay but there are no white babies that turn out to be black.

That being said, I think InI as Rastafari are allowed to have compassion and tolerance towards anyone InI might perceive as living in sin or trapped in babylon mentality, without calling for their death or wish harm against them.

It was a little hard for I man to track all the different reasonings put forth, but I think I can speak to some.

First off, nowhere am InI trying to set forth precepts of what InI Rastafari MUST do or feel towards another. The Most High thru HIM Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I already gave InI the authority to reason and interact with fellow human beings in a way that promotes justice, compassion, peace, righteousness, and livity. InI are here to reason InI Ispectives based on this freedom, so ones can’t have the authority to say Rastafari must update or do this and that to stay relevant. Ones can only share the Isperience one sees.

I for one am glad that it will be the systems of the Most High that judge I man for I sins and not the systems of man’s laws. When the time comes for I heart to be weighed, I want JAH in charge of the scales.

What is New Age? Is Abrahamic tradition new age? Is the bible new age?

I know for a fact that some Ancient peoples were aware of people having a third and even fourth gender. For some Native American tribes, this is now referred to as “Two-Spirit”, but it is something the Ancients recognized in ancient times.

Relating to Ancients from Ifrica, a book that I read as a youth that was foundational for I man was:

African Origin Of Civilization by Cheik Anta Diop

Page 112 in the book, page 140 in pdf:

“Because of the requirements of agricultural life, concepts such as matriarchy and totemism, the most perfect social organization, and monotheistic religion were born. These engendered others, thus, circumcision resulted from monotheism; in fact, it was really the notion of a god, Amon, uncreated creator of all that exists, that led to the androgynous concept. Since Amon was not created and since he is the origin of all creation, there was a time when he was alone. To the archaic mentality, he must have contained within himself all the male and female principles necessary for procreation. That is why Amon, the Negro god par excellence of the “Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (Nubia) and all the rest of Black Africa, was to appear in Sudanese mythology as androgynous. Belief in this hermaphroditic ontology would produce circumcision and excision in the Black world. One could go on to explain all the basic traits of the Negro soul and civilization by using the material conditions of the Nile Valley as the point of departure.
By contrast, the ferocity of nature in the Eurasian steppes, the barrenness of those regions, the overall circumstances of material conditions, were to create instincts necessary for survival in such an environment. Here, Nature left no illusion of kindliness, it was implacable and permitted no negligence; man must obtain his bread by the sweat of his brow. Above all, in the course of a long, painful existence, he must learn to rely on himself alone, on his own possibilities. He could not indulge in the luxury of believing in a beneficent God who would shower down abundant means of gaining a livelihood; instead, he would conjure up deities maleficent and cruel, jealous and spiteful: Zeus, Yahweh, among others.”

End Quote

This leads I man to reason that Ancients already formulated the idea that the Most High is genderless. The text seems to imply in fact that the Abrahamic teachings would be considered “new age” to an African notion of a genderless Almighty.

The reference to circumcision may seem out of place but later in the text InI can see the Ancients also related circumcision and excision to choosing a gender for a child to ensure it would have the desire to procreate. I man personally don’t agree with that but I man trying to reason about facts, not how I feel about it.

Page 136 in the book, page 164 in pdf:

Thus, we can understand why the Semites practice circumcision despite the fact that their traditions present no valid justification for it. The weakness of the arguments in Genesis is typical: God asks Abraham (and later Moses) to be circumcised, as a sign of a covenant with Him, without explaining how circumcision, considered from the standpoint of Jewish tradition, can lead to the notion of an alliance. This is all the more curious because Abraham was allegedly circumcised at the age of ninety. In Egypt he had married a Negro woman, Hagar, mother of Ishmael, the Biblical ancestor of the second Semitic branch, the Arabs. Ishmael was said to be the historical ancestor of Mohammed. Moses, too, wed a Madianite, and it was in connection with his marriage that the Eternal asked him to be circumcized. What should be noted in these legendary talcs is the idea that circumcision was introduced among the Semites only as a result of contact with the Black world—which conforms to the testimony of Herodotus.
Only among Blacks does circumcision find an interpretation integrated in a general explanation of the universe, in other words, a cosmogony. Specifically, the Dogon cosmogony that Marcel Griaule reports. In Dieu d'eau, he reminds us that, to make sense, circumcision must be accompanied by excision. These two operations remove something female from the male and something male from the female. To the archaic mentality, such an operation is intended to fortify the dominant character of a single sex in a given human being.
According to Dogon cosmogony, a newborn baby is to a certain extent androgynous, like the first god:
So long as it retains its foreskin and clitoris, indications of the sex opposite to the apparent sex, masculinity and femininity have equal strength. Thus it is not accurate to compare the uncircumcised to a woman; like a girl on whom excision has not been performed, he is both male and female. If this indecision about his sex were allowed to continue, he (or she) would have no interest in procreation. . . . These, then, arc the various reasons for circumcision and excision: the need to rid the child of an evil force, the need for him (or her) to pay a debt of blood and to turn definitely toward one sex. -3
For this explanation of circumcision to be valid, divine androgyny, the traditional cause of this practice in African society, must also have existed in Egyptian society. Only then can we be justified in identifying the ritual causes of circumcision among Egyptians and in the rest of Black Africa. As a matter of fact, Champollion the Younger writes in his letters to Champollion-Figeac about the divine androgyny of Amon, Supreme God of the Meroitic Sudan and Egypt: “Amon is the point of departure and the focal point of all divine essences. Amon-Ra, the Supreme, primordial Being, his own father and termed the husband of his mother, has his feminine portion enclosed in his own essence that is both male and female.”
The Nile is also represented by an androgynous personage. Amon is likewise the god of all Black Africa. In passing it may be said that in the Meroitic Sudan, Black Africa, and Egypt, Amon is connected with the idea of humidity. His attribute in all these countries is the ram. Thus, in the significantly entitled volume, Dieu d'eau (God of Water), when Marcel Griaule writes of the Dogon god Amma, this deity appears in the form of the Ram-God, with a gourd between his horns. In Dogon (“French” Sudan) cosmogony, Amon descends from the sky on a rainbow, symbol of rain and humidity.
Although some Blacks have abandoned circumcision, through forgetfulness of their traditions or for various other reasons, although there is a growing trend in Black Africa to renounce excision, and although circumcision is a technically different operation for Egyptians and Semites, this does not alter the root of the problem. Yet, for the identification to be complete and the argument convincing, excision must also have existed in Egypt. Strabo tells us that this was the case:
“The Egyptians arc especially careful in raising all their children and circumcise the boys and even the girls, a custom common to the Jews, a people originally from Egypt, as we observed when we discussed that subject” (Bk. 17, Chap. I, par. 29).”

End Quote

So it seems that even though the Ancients already had the idea of a genderless Almighty, it was still important for human children to turn definitely toward one sex. Can ones share more references to laws or reasonings of the Ancients for what a human’s responsibility for choosing a gender should be? Or are all the arguments based on homosexuality being a new age problem more based off emotional reaction that InI as heterosexual males have when InI think of homosexuality?

I would also like to reason a little about how much weight InI are giving this topic. How many speeches can InI quote where InI can show HIM Haile Selassie I was even concerned with InI debating the legality of what defines homosexuality or the resulting punishments? How concerned or defensive would HIM Haile Selassie I act if the subject of homosexuality was brought up? I dont know of one example I can reference to where HIM even spoke on the topic. Probably because if someone chooses to do whatever sin or negative action one chooses to do, the law clearly defined the appropriate punishment, and what more is there to say about that?

So what do InI intend to do? Protect the world from itself by supporting laws that ban homosexuality? Vanguard the Root so no LGBTQ can pronounce Rastafari as the Living JAH? How do InI intend to control this from happening? Can the root be pure and the branches still blow in the wind?

I had quotes that I wanted to share from the Fetha Nagast, the Law of Kings, but could only find one location online where the pdf version is, and it is not complete. So I can’t prove without doing a lot more typing than I want to, about how much air time traditional Ethiopia law even gives to homosexuality. The answer is: it is hardly even mentioned. There is more air time given to the description and repercussions for a person having sex with an animal. There is a longer section devoted to Ethiopian law about how men are required to have shaved heads and the reasonings for that biblically, than there is about homosexual relations.

Fetha Nagast:
page 297 in book about Corporal and Spiritual Punishment for Fornication
page 307 Provisions on Hair
Unfortunately neither section is included in this pdf:

The point I am trying to make is InI need to leave some judgements to JAH and focus on the real issues.

InI people are getting shot by police and other people on a daily basis because of a racist shytstem that lacks justice, and respect for InI people.

Hopefully InI Rastafari people can remain vigilant and work diligently for the justice of Black people.

HIM Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I Love

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