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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/6/2022 11:54:35 AM

Maybe the culture feels threatened by this in a way it shouldn't be. Maybe the culture needs to be shook up though because a culture that tends to be dogmatic on not allowing the "natural" argument to be freely expressed... end up HIDING and MASKING sexual perversions like the Catholic Church. And often it is children who pay the price for this because they are often the ones abused. We'd like to think "no, that doesn't happen. Not to us. It's only the John Paul papacy because they are wicked and evil" but we miss seeing their humanity as well. It is easy to make someone a monster. But why not question the system that creates that monstrosity? I'm just saying... as one crying out (alone) in the wilderness.

And this video... pierces my soul because I never wanted to know this. Ignorance of this would have been my blissful preference. I'm just being honest. Because I put Rasta on a pedestal; always looking up to the rastaman. You see? So it hurts me to even believe now that "tings like dis a gwaan". But also, in truth, it makes tons of sense. It is human nature, not Catholic nature, not white nature, not any kind of nature that we can put upon strictly "others". So as much as I would will things to be different there are imbalances that exist and imbalances can create true crimes and true abominations. I cannot be mad at Lila Ike because she may have chosen to deal with women but she didn't choose to be raped by a man. Nor did her mother. Nor did her grandmother. So a culture in which THESE THINGS (quietly) HAPPEN... and THESE THINGS ARE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN... is a culture that is asking and BEGGING for women to get as far away from men as they can. So what do you do and say when they take society up on that offer? What do you do when they are forever changed by society's darkness?

A lot of people are suffering, right now, from mental health problems. I remember when society made fun of all mental health issues and was truly dismissive. "oh that person is crazy". "that person has some loose screws". Even professions that existed to help mental illness were treated as a joke. "Oh, he's a shrink". Might as well be a witch doctor. And often when we ignore the specific ways that humans suffer we just call the police and often the police just come and shoot them like a dog who has bitten someone.

And I'm not pointing fingers or trying to blame anyone. I know what I took part in when I was younger. And I'm positive I contributed to making another human being feel bad for just being who they are. And it's hard to imagine if you are like me, and you qualify as being "normal" according to a society that doesn't see anything it doesn't want to see. But I'm not normal either and I'm not sure that I know anyone who is. Maybe my sister. She seems normal. But you never know. People tend to hide their abnormalities because they don't want to be judged while the judges often have abnormalities of their own.

Chuck Fenda (Gash Dem): A big man like you, rape off a 6 yr old baby

What happens to that 6 yr old baby? If they don't act just as normal as everyone else, are they chastized? Are they further abused socially? The prevalence of homosexuals in all societies worldwide I think deserves to be acknowledged and researched in order to understand the REASONS; the causes. Many people view it strictly as a choice. That is how I viewed it for a long time. I've come to a different conclusion now. I think it is a natural response. I think it is a natural response with multiple triggers. I think one trigger is population. At some point there is simply no need for nature to reproduce at the same rate. I think another trigger is rape. And questions of gender identity only seem to be in the spotlight if the person is an entertainer. Everyone else gets to enjoy privacy.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/6/2022 3:05:20 PM

Cultural matters arent about right and wrong your correct. I always liked Bro Polights definition of culture in that simply 'common customs precipitate culture' in other words the daily livity an expression of a peoples repeated over time becomes their defined culture. Among Rastafari, homosexualism and the likes there of and its associated cultural habits are far disconnected and nothing to do with RASTAFARI. It is not OUR culture. Calls for i culture to update change or renew ideology is not among i interests particularly among this topic. If Bob marley turned out like Lila Ike while claiming and associating with Rastafari we would burn him worse ah den Pope Paul himself. You know this. If this would the case, all of your arguments funnily enough, against Melchezidek would apply....perpetuating a falsehood. In RASTAFARI it is important to practice what you preach and nobody is above Fire or being challenged not even Bob Marley

Haile I
I think i reasoning here done il leave the rst among the brethren and sistren

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/6/2022 3:11:12 PM

Here is a question for everyone. This is just asking for your opinion and personal belief. I think we all understand what "the law" says about this issue. We all understand that Rasta has a mighty influence on Jamaican culture in general as well as some influence in the world through reggae music. Sometimes people feel pressured to give the answer they are "obligated", by their beliefs, to give. So for those of you who feel like you cannot answer I understand.

Lila Ike has a song called true love. It begs the question to me.

Does everyone deserve to find happiness?
Does everyone deserve to find true love?

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 6/6/2022 4:41:45 PM

Haile I Garveys Africa :

Once more my brother InI salute De I without any apology
for the trod set one way and the Lion ah defend it rightly.
there is no getting through to a contrary mind , for the I is
so clear that a baby can overstand the Lion stance. The
"new age" mind leads with "suppose" "and" "if" "but" and
rationalizing into righteousness that which have no place
amongst those who strive for a "righteous reward" .....

In Everything Let JAH be Praised
Never Sorry No Apology

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 6/7/2022 8:47:58 AM

Ninja asked,

Does everyone deserve to find happiness?
Does everyone deserve to find true love?

Well, depending on what someone's true love happiness is, Mussolini and Hitler included, everyone deserves to persue their ideals, even push their AGENDA. That's why all humans are empowered with CHOICE, and subjected to JUDGEMENT. choose wise

Some are in persuit of happiness.

Some are in persuit of Righteousness.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/7/2022 12:24:18 PM


Thank you for your response. You brought up a good point.

You said:
Some are in persuit of happiness.

Some are in persuit of Righteousness.

It's interesting (and honest) that you split these in two. It's as if, subconsciously perhaps, there is a distinction in which a person may have to choose either or. Happiness or righteousness.

I think this is a reflection of how many people feel, including myself for a long time.

What is righteousness? I mean, we all know what the dictionary says but who is it that defines moral standards for you?

When I was in pursuit of righteousness I wasn't always happy because I was following someone else's definition of what they thought was right. And I didn't understand, at the time, how that works out great for them, but not necessarily for other people.

If I'm straight it's very easy to say "gay is wrong".
If I'm a man it's easy to say "men should lead".
If I believe in Jah/Yah it's easy to say "everyone else are gentiles"
If I need somewhere to live it's easy to say "Jah has given us this land but we must fight for it".

But these things are relative. If you see it from the perspective of the biased people/writers then it becomes harder to see the problems; harder to see their sins, harder to see when they are evil.

Here's a test:
Have you ever thought of Samson as a thief and a mass murderer?

(you don't have to verbally answer if you're uncomfortable doing so)

If you read the story of Samson from the perspective of the gentiles then the man is a psychotic killer. At times the bible (because people wrote it) takes joy in the number of humans a person is able to kill. We learned to celebrate this because it means that person is MIGHTY. This word "might" folds into our definition of power. Jah is "ALMIGHTY" and the bible specifically talks about his might in battle. Why? Because that's what humans prize: power... wealth...

This is not the stuff of "morality". Humans literally worship power. That's literally what the Hebrew word for "God" means. EL=power. ELOHIM=powerful.

Power=the ability to change our situation

but why?

Is it not to be happy?

Even those who believe they will go to some type of heaven, isn't it the whole idea that you/they will be happy there? Why would anyone seek eternal life in misery?

What is the purpose of life if, at the end of the day, you're not going to be happy and can't do anything to create that happiness?

But again, someone else's definition of morality often allows them to be happy at the expense of others. I don't want to seek happiness at the expense of someone else or seek their happiness at the expense of my own. The law generally tries to create a shield between the lives of people so that one person's pursuit of happiness does not rob someone else of theirs. That is why slavery is wrong. That is why rape is wrong. I could keep going but you get the point.

True righteousness is love because love doesn't seek happiness at the expense of the ones they love. Love tries to protect them and maintain their happiness. What JC tried to teach his people, as a reformation, was that if they understood and practiced the principle of love, then it would accomplish the whole purpose of the law at the same time; instead of hating each other but figuring out legal loopholes.

So to actually understand righteousness we have to understand and practice love. But then the question is "who should we love?" JC answered this by answering the question "who is my neighbor?"

Actions naturally have consequences. The consequences of some of the evils that we do to each other is people making different and alternative choices when seeking loving relationships because they'd rather get love from someone of the same gender than risk the abuse of another. For a lot of people, that FEAR can push their minds in an "unnatural" direction.

I believe in balance.

I don't believe in forcing people to act in ways that work for me and not for them. Many people are broken; broken by other people. I can't blame someone for being broken. I can only blame someone for breaking other people. I wasn't born white. So to some white people I'm automatically wrong, automatically less than, automatically undeserving of liberty and love and happiness. But my experience is not theirs. And every way in which they live cannot work for me and my experience. And what they consider moral may be less than what I consider moral.

There is nothing in the moral code of the bible that fully condemns what they did to black people. The bible says you can have slaves, beat them, and enslave the family. But no one on earth can convince me that this is righteous. There is nothing in the bible that condemns a group of people from stealing your land and wife and daughters as long as they can claim God gave it to them as a group. Individually, they are commanded not to steal. Why? Because the law protected citizens from other citizens. But the law was never designed to protect everyone or create a utopian society that worked for everyone.

And thus seeking happiness is not the same as seeking (another man's version of) righteousness.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/7/2022 3:01:17 PM

Re: Lila Ike

"you cant drive 2 way down a one way street." Lion Trod

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 6/7/2022 4:01:20 PM

True Happiness comes from within. Is not something to be chased after (as America believed) but is realised when 1 appreciate the state of life even with its struggles.

Righteousness comes from the judgement of action taken, the consciousness being witness.

I put this together coz persuing happiness is a facade ( persuit of happiness...🤭;) While persuing Righteousness brings morale, hence happiness, gladness, joy, peace...

As it's been said already, Seek ye first the King... then every good thing will be added...
Now, that's Satisfaction.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 6/8/2022 3:21:32 AM


a str8 FIYAH fi dem pipo deh!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/8/2022 4:01:16 AM


Big big big respect to Lion Trod. Real Fya in da video. Emphatically agree with most the brethren points. I man ago post a THIRD time

Indiggnation have serious charges against dem

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