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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/23/2022 2:50:40 PM

The ONLY reason Buju dont perform that song is because the Sodomite community have taken away from his ability to perform and sell records internationally and threaten to continue to do the same if he didnt go on an apology and backtrack campaign. He did it in order to eat. His views or revision of his views on the subject are made biased by the threat of monetary losses.

This is why we much more respect Sizzla Kalonji and his famous 'No Apology' tune when faced with the same threat to his car-reer. Dada never bow. 'I dont hate the whites i hate the gays' classic interview

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/23/2022 3:28:43 PM

I respect your opinion, but imho Buju doesn't need that one song, created 21 years ago, in order to eat. He has new music out, including one that is my new favorite. So if he wanted to he could have quietly taken it off. I'm not trying to say that the industry won't try to get artists to recant like some kind of heretic. We all know that's how they are. It's part of capitalism. They want to make as much money as possible which means trying to offend the least amount of people as possible.

But speaking of possibilities, it is also possible that Buju actually meant what he said; that people have a choice as to how they live their lives and we don't have to agree in order to love. When he mentioned his own family, I have people in my family too who I think of. And one was a step son and his mom was hoping there was something I could say to him or some amount of time I could spend with him to make that part of who he is go away. And I saw his struggle.

I could see that he was fighting just to be his true and authentic self. It wasn't lost on him that he was an embarrassment to his mother. And yet, it wasn't a choice. He wasn't old enough to be sexually active. But he was old enough to suffer all the insults from his twin sister and other kids and everything else that came with being both black and effeminate/gay at both a black and a white school. He's been that way since at least 8 years old. Only his sister really know how young he was when it was first noticeable. And if he could have changed himself he probably would have. They don't want to be hated. And it couldn't have possibly been a sexual choice because he was too young to be interested. It was simply in his nature. And therefore, to him, it is natural.

And so too were his thoughts of suicide. Fortunately, he didn't.

If Buju is lying for the benefit of homosexuals he would have to be a monster in order to be confronted by these stories and defiantly sing about their murder. But again, it's one thing when a song is directed against a pedophile and so there's no one's feelings you're worried about hurting because that is a crime that has a victim. So I simply ask you to consider the possibility that Buju isn't a liar and actually put out an honest statement about how he feels about it.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/24/2022 5:06:28 AM

Your right he doesn't need it to eat

But just like Sean Paul eats MORE with gimme the light from 20 years ago, just like Sizzla and Just One of Those Days or Beenie man and Zim Zimma etc

It obvious to do a negative propaganda campaign AGAINST your best selling and LEAD single will affect you financially especiallllllllly when reggae artist live 50% on dubplate money

Not only that, the gay community tried to Cancel Buju completely not just the one song. Calling for and putting pressure on promoters to not book Buju for certain shows and festivals etc and sponsors to deter potential deals

(Theres more evidence on Buju doing questionable things in the name of Profit. Ah seperate discussion. Bigup Gargamel same way)

Whereas jahknow...CONTRAST..... Sizzla has been banned from the UK and other countries for over 15 years due to his views on gays. This wouldnt affect finances? Buju seemingly bow and say sorry, after backlash from the gay community and their supporters; while Sizzla tan firm in his beliefs and doubled down. In the second video Sizzla has words for Buju

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/24/2022 5:23:21 AM

I sincerely question the authenticity and sincerity of Bujus message and actions since being released from Prison in America... Vs the 'old Buju'. Lots of thoughts on that, seperate completely from the gay issue (thats one aspect)..... I wont give any more detail as only Jah has the right to sit in the high seat of Judgement and not i. But you see where my thoughts on post release Buju are pointing

Of course theres a possibility he simply and innocently changed his mind of his own accord. It just doesnt align with the balance of probability in i overall scheme ah tings.

Respect your opinion bredda

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/24/2022 4:20:42 PM

lol, the funny thing is that we're talking about 2 of my top 3 favorite artists of all time (the other is Damian Marley).

First. You are absolutely right about the Gay cancel culture and what they tried to do. 100% You proved that it's not just one song. Because cancel culture, overall, is never about just one thing you did or said. It's about canceling the entire person and their future career. Your point is entirely correct and I should have factored that into the equation.

And you're right... about Buju doing questionable things in the name of profit. When he got arrested, I was in disbelief. And yes, this may be off-topic but I would expect a brotha to be caught with di herb but with THAT??? SMH...

But STILL, I love Buju SAME. For me, he is still the Voice of Jamaica. And for me, BLESSED is fiyah!!! There are like a zillion remixes of it. It's ridiculous. And apparently Buju nuh like phone dem. That's probably how he got caught lol.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/24/2022 4:23:38 PM

But moving on...

Sizzla... 2002-ish through to when Damian really came hard on the scene, Sizzla was my favorite; hands down. Now when it comes to beliefs... I view Sizzla, and you can correct me, this is just my own feelings, but I view Sizzla as being more of a Rasta than Buju. At the very least Sizzla, to me, is much more religious and therefore I cannot see him going against the bible. Buju, to me, represents Jamaica whereas Sizzla, to me, represents a more hardcore Rasta livity that is justified and in accordance with the bible. Buju, I would say is more "spiritual" and therefore less reliant on any book. There was a time when Buju was more influenced by Rastafari and was doing his more peaceful almost 'gospel album'. That was the last Buju CD I bought. (lol CDs... I'm old) Unchained Spirit. And this was yet another reason why I was shocked at the nature of his arrest. But basically, Buju returned to his Dancehall roots and... I think he's best in that space.

Now according to Wikipedia, he released Boom Bye Bye when he was only 19yrs old. Brutha when I was a teenager we gave no Fs about gay rights or none of that. We made jokes about who was gay and questioned each other's masculinity on the regular as a joke. These were different times and I was admittedly homophobic. I didn't invest in getting to know them. And I went by the bible so Deuteronomy's take on the matter was all she wrote for me. Just being honest. It wasn't until years later that I would start seeing positive examples of people that were gay including a family member who was in the closet for years. So it's just my opinion but I think Buju and Sizzla are different from a spiritual standpoint. Buju grew. I'm not saying Sizzla hasn't. Sizzla is a lyrical genius. He is also very loyal to what he believes to be Rasta. When Sizzla said "I have no white God" I was like WOOOOAH shots FIRED!!! That's when I knew this man wasn't scared of anything and that toughness was part of his identity.

And I also started to hear stories, especially what a couple of my cousins would tell me about murders in Jamaica. Honestly, at the time I didn't care and you could even say I was tacitly supportive as it was the modern version of stoning them to death. I should not have been so callous.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/24/2022 4:33:35 PM

It is entirely possible that Buju's publicist or someone on his team wrote the statement I quoted (as is often the case for PR). However, Buju was likely okay with it going out.

Sizzla is highly entertaining and charismatic. He speaks with a confidence of absolute certainty. But still... he's educated by a strict biblical upbringing like I was. And I reinforced that strictness in my early to mid-20s. But I think that's really the main difference between the two men. And it's actually not the best thing for Sizzla but at this point, this is also his chosen identity. I got love and respect for both but Sizzla is much more religious and that tends to blind people to the more spiritual side that represents the gray area that comes from not being so hardcore. So I love Sizzla but I would never take religious or spiritual advice from him. The reality is that homophobia in Jamaica comes from strict religious conservatism. Sizzla says this point-blank at 10:47 of the second video. "Bible order. Jamaica di bible isle."

And that's the thing. I respect his beliefs, but I cannot condone them as being right for everyone; especially since "bible order" was/is pro-slavery and is the reason black people were enslaved. In fact, the bible is part of our enslavement because it was the only book we were allowed to read. But I respect his belief and right to live his life in the way that he chooses. I simply do not believe in taking the right, that choice, that autonomy from other people; enslaving them with intolerance to a set of values dictated by the same book that was used to justify slavery. And so I look at LGBTQ the same way. I cannot condone it as being right for everyone, but I respect their right to be who they are and make their own decisions and love who they want to love. Someone's always going to think you're going to hell for one reason or another and mask their hate in righteous indignation; exercising their demons while looking like saints. It's an illusion.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/25/2022 3:13:34 PM

De i right, so many reggae tunes classic and new have been written and sang by teenagers and 20 something year olds. This can be both a blessing, and something to be cautious about. Sizzla definitely is more 'religious' in the sense that he represents the literal Orthodox and Churchical manifestations of Rastafari as a high ranking member of the Ethiopia Black Intl Congress and president / treasurer of the Theocratical Order of Nyabhingi.

Sizzla was also born into a Rastafari household with dedicated Rastafari parents and upbringing whereas Buju (like Capleton or a Chronix) came through as a stereotypical baldhead and found Jah after he buss. Not to say that plays into his authenticity. But it might. We must always remember these are entertainers and not Priests Abunas Teachers or largely even philanthropists with their earnings.

Selassie I Jah

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/25/2022 5:33:04 PM

You're right. That is something to definitely be cautious of. I was basically Buju's age or a little younger, listening to his music. I had no idea he was a teenager at the time lol. He felt older. But one of the main thing I love about reggae is that it's not unusual or seen as weak to have conscious lyrics. I was rebelling against hip hop to a large degree because when it became so commercialized there was an obvious formula and rappers were lying in order to fit that formula.

So to me, too much of it came off as fake but had the unnatural effect of social engineering because I do think that music has an effect on our brains, and the lyrics playing, even if people don' remember them consciously, seep into that subconscious stratum of the mind.

Buju man... on the other hand, he was speaking my language and it felt like he was speaking life itself, being himself and making it "cool" to be conscious and promote positivity and wisdom ("AIDS a go round an mi dun wan catch it") while still having an edge.

When I got older I went stricter, religiously, and went more in the Hebrew Israelite direction. I owe my knowledge of the bible to that zeal and religiosity. Sizzla was speaking my language then. But at the same time, I did sense a lot of people were basically 'sheep' and were strictly following strict rules because of it. And sometimes that causes people to miss the point and purpose; start missing the forest for the trees.

I respect Sizzla, but that religiosity is a double edged sword. It's easy to get caught up in the idea of righteousness that you start to judge others based on criteria that doesn't work for everyone. Religion should LEAD one to spirituality where they can discover their own path to personal enlightenment. Religions often hold people back from that; or rather the religiosity of the person.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/25/2022 10:16:57 PM

Bredren I give thankhs I have tried to read through everything and bredda IPX and bredda Garvey I just astonishing how raspectful and jovial such a discussion that most people get so heated over

And this is why for a decade I am still here on this forum. So much love for I&I great Idren and all the amazing teachings from so long.

I do want to say I was at the 1st ever show in 10 years since Sizzla was banned from the US... it was at the reggae on the river show in California.. I think in 2017 but I can't remember maybe 2016 or 2018... Am I wrong that this was his 1st show returning to the states?
And he made some explicitly welcoming comments to gays.. I know I was personally turned off at it because I was like damn they made him say that I just know it... personal feelings toward gay individuals aside I just didnt like how it was so obvious like for him to come back into the states he had to make comments like that...

Personally I guess I am at the point like just live n let live on that subject.. it's not ideologically something I agree with but ideology and practical life are two different things and I can't just shun everyone who does things I disagree with... again it's like meat eating I am not sure actually which is more destructive to the planet: meat eating or homosexuality. Meat eating causes so much and drought and it is literally slaughter while homosexuality simply does not create new humans which as IPX pointed out maybe that's a natural way of population control like wolves eating deer is population control. To the deer it looks so wrong but overall, is it really harming the universal order?

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