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The Vow of the Nazarite

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Messenger: Osiris Sent: 2/10/2005 4:38:04 PM

Greetings Bredren,

It has been explained that certain Rastas take the Vow of the Nazarite. This is the reason for the growing of the locks and abstinence from the use of alcohol. The explanation of this vow comes from Numbers Chapter 6.
There are other parts of this vow which I am usure how to interpret. For instance, it explains that all of the days of one's separation shall he come at no dead body. Peter Tosh further explains in song: "Natty nah go no one burial". I would like to know especially from those Rasta who have taken this vow how they interpret it. Of course all insights and perceptions are welcome.

In Peace and UnIty,

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 2/10/2005 5:15:44 PM

ya heard!

Messenger: JosephI Sent: 2/10/2005 5:54:27 PM

Greetings Breden and Sistren, Blessed Love I-tinually!

With regards to the Nazarite vow or the "tractate Nazir": must abstain from eating grapes and any products that come from grapes (raisins, wine, grape juice - lots of things have grape juice in them! and of course vinegar that comes from grapes)... must not come in contact with dead bodies...(i.e., at wakes) must not cut the hair of the head and beard...

Some Rases interpret the first one by abstaining from EVERYTHING that comes from a vine, since it does refer to fruits etc that grow from the vine.

Hope this helps.
One Love
Jah Bless
Joseph I

Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 2/10/2005 6:41:59 PM

Selassie I, was a man who lived his life within the Nazarite Vow,besides letting his hair grow, could it be because why he simply dissapeared? Not imply that it's true but a coincidence.

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 2/11/2005 1:48:28 AM

RasTafari lives and reigns...

Ones and ones must know themselves, InI can't let anything become a bondage. Rastafari is free. One's covenant with the Most I is a personal Ites, so if one feels they must abstain from fruit of the vine, then so be it... as long as they stay free in their heavens.

Agreeing with the other I's, let the dead bury the dead. InI can give honor to one by attending a funeral if that is what feels right, but Sellassie I know- life is eternal.

Blessed Love

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 2/11/2005 10:31:06 AM


The Nazarite is not a ordinary vow as in the simple meaning. This is an Igher Livity of rootical CreationLivity. This is what his Majesty calls Spirituality, the way given by the Most Igh of Iration!
The Nazarite is the Livity of Edenland, the Livity of Adam, the perfect Livity. This Livity is how JAH wanted man to live. In the beginning there were no combs and scissors,no alcohol and other poison to destroy the body, no dead and cannibalism of animal flesh. There was only Ital Livity. An apocryphical book explains, that the sin-plant, despite of hollywood views, was a grape. So Iman avoid this plant in all forms as a symbolical act of Creation/Eden Livity.

Yes, too many vow with their mouthes and without their heart. They do not see the real meaning, they only see locks and that's it. JAH doesn't order anybody to vow and live this... this must be a free decision of eachone... but IF you take up this livity for the glorfication of the Ighest, THEN you HAVE TO keep it.

Sometimes I realised thereafter that I ate/drank something connected to grapes... I felt bad and swore not to do it again.

When people come to me and ask me why I live this livity, I just respond: Because I am a man/human.
Adam(man/human) lived like this, and so it is best for all humans!

Iration Ightes!

Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 2/11/2005 10:43:12 AM

Truth, thank I for reasoning.

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/11/2005 12:13:54 PM

then no cars, no plans, no computers, no raido, boats, no health cair no growth of any kind is human,(or of adam) i won't call that folly but i will call that time that would be spent going around in cyclical.Even him had cars and plans

from a manifestation of a adams metamorphic structure to a man is change and know one will stop change, or true growth even if you take what jah has gaven you and tryed to write your own way of how god want things to be.

The Vow of the Nazarite, has a lot more in them then growing hair it also say to cut it when the time come to clean ones self and put on the new man.and about the vine you will have to find that one out for your self.

Christ said if you have faith that you are healed then you are healed ,if you think that you have to go some place or do something out side of your self then that is what you will do.The person has to take it on them self (if they want)to be come one with there Spiritual engegy that bring life it self.Know man should be so foolhardy to think there way is the only way to higher Spirituality.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/12/2005 12:34:41 AM

Jah sent I someone to show I the reason that the Nazarites are supposed to avoid all from the grape vine. I reasoned about it in another post about the Nazarite Vow. Here it is below.

When I first started my trod with RasTafarI, I didn't know why the grape was singled out as something I and I should stay away from. Even though I didn't know, I accepted it anyway and abstained from anything from the grape vine, and stayed away from all alcohol and flesh.

After a couple of years, I started asking Jah to show I why I shouldn't eat grapes. He finally gave I the answer one summer.

A few years ago, I was visiting my parents in a small town where I used to live, in Canada. I went to a park there that I have been to often in the past, and sat down and had some Ganja.

As I was sitting an old Mexican man started walking in my direction. Birds followed him as he came towards I. The Mexican man looked like a homeless man, I never saw him before in my life and I never saw him again afterward. And it is strange for something like this to happen in that town, because their was only one lady that appears homeless in that city, and even she wasn't really a vagrant, because she owned property, but she was poor.

The man asked if he could sit down beside I, and I said "OK". He said to I, "The birds followed me here, I can talk to the birds, you know". He then started speaking in Spanish to the birds. I noticed one of the birds walking in a shy kind of manner and the man said to I, "that one is shy".

The town is off of the St.Lawrence River in Canada. He pointed across the river towards the U.S.A and said to I, "you want to fight them" and then he shook his head and said, "the fight is not there, it is here" while pointing to his head.

He then held up a paper bag that had a can of beer in it and said, "I sometimes drink beer, but I don't like to drink wine because it brings down my powers"

So this was the answer to I question. There must be some property in grape that hinders I and I spiritual powers. For a Nazarite, this is unacceptable, because I and I are to be separated unto Jah and be holy.

But the spirit is more powerful than any physical thing, so it is not necessary to stay away from certain foods, but I think it is helpfull for a spiritual movement.

This comes from the following Reasoning:

The Nazarite Vow

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 2/12/2005 6:20:29 AM


Rock you have to go deeper to sight this. This vow is a vow old as man, and even the written form in Num6 is more than 3000 years old... so don't be surprised when it is not a 21st century westernized lifestyle. No... and nobody said that it would be easy... it is a hard way to go especially in this 21st century westernized society... because it is totally different.
If you check I n I position in this Revelation Iwah then you see that I n I nah deal with this world as I n I is bought free, read it in Revelation. So I n I should avoid benefitting from this society as far as possible. His Majesty showed this world a peaceful way on the standard that it allready has... but as I n I sight, the only solution total destruction. Also Yeshuah showed the Israelites how to continue their way to a peaceful destination... but they didn't do that... and in the end it was a total destruction.
And so he came back and showed the world how to continue this way peacefully... on their achieved standard and lifestyle... their 21st century lifestyle... but they didn't listen... and so they get doomed.
I n I is the descendant of the ancient Israel tracing back I n I livity to the Ptriachs and Adam.

Don't get caught in lazy weakheart society livity!

Ancient Ightes!

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Haile Selassie I