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Poets of H.I.M.

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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/17/2015 9:11:24 PM

A topic post for any of JAH children who have written any faith-based poetry. Feel free to post any of your own works or any that you may know of..

Here is one from I:

Open eyes to the inside mind and soul, see the size of spiritual rise bright and gold.
Visualize a mystical life designed for us to get in touch with divine consciousness.
With this life we're given a chance to break the trance and advance to an eternal dance in Jah's Kingdom.
Haile Sellassie is spiritual freedom. We need him. [H.I.M.]
His Imperial Majesty, has-to-be, undoubtedly, One Love reality


One Love

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/21/2015 2:00:24 PM

One that I have performed many times


The Muse Is Sacred

Today cam to I a fun little notion as I was watching the perpetual motion of a tree's leaves and branches move with the breeze as the whole being sings and dances.
With ease thy mind trances and it's stance is advanced as I romance is revamped for nature.
As well as the one that made her. In love we must bather her. It's the only way to save her.
Every single moment we must learn to savor.
I beg for all to take a look around you, listen for the heart beat to pound you.
Finally, let Divine Love surround you.
It's something that nothing can amount to.
Thoughts vibrate just like the sounds do.
Universal consciousness see's even sounds too.
Found True; to Iself I give in and listen to the hidden within. This is what I produce..Reduce the hatred, The Muse Is Sacred.


Eternal Praises to Iyesus Kristos and H.I.M Qedamawi Haile Selassie.

Messenger: nefale ke Sent: 2/26/2015 11:26:55 AM

i find this poem though is not literally about HIM but i find it very interesting and uplifting..

In all things
transformation is enhanced
by the light of the Sun
In things that are alive
growth and health
is promoted
by the light of the Sun
In things that are dead
the multiplication
of organisms
that live off dead matter
From this aspect
from this cycle
of nature
comes the explanation
of why some souls
exposed to the truth
instead of flourishing
towards positivity
become more fervent
in thier decadence
become more determined
in the pursuit
of evil conclusions.
The revealations
the righteous signs
that were meant to speed
the evolution of spirits
to a higher level
are misconstrued
in order that they may justify
thier ugly actions.
when they are done
stomachs full
tight and rumbling
from the bitter fruits
of thier labours
pain-filled eyes dart around
looking for who to blame.
as in the past
night did not fall
before those who followed
blind pathfinders
up a mountain
realised thier error
the survivors will not learn
They do not ask
the midget
why he has picked up
a giant's load
They do not ask
the hypocrite
why he took up
what was beyond his strength
with such a hearty shout and
they will not blame themselves
who have accepted
in the shadows
goods that they know
are stolen.
they will blame the load
for being too heavy
they will blame the things
they stole
for being too attractive.
"You rebelled against the seasons
You rejected the cycle
of plant and harvest
In the course of your rebellion
you decapitated the highest mountains
dug out the hearts
of sacred valleys
and buried your abominations
in the source of a mighty river.
You placed the 'treasures'
you wrenched
from the Earth
in your castles of sand and
from the heights
of your assumed power
you dole out to each
according to status
against the rules of nature."
"Lean on this"
they say
"And watch your pain dissipate
in the fumes"
Green fire
fanned by tubecular breath
Brings to life a vision
In this town
the streets are well lighted
But the spirits of the ones
Who walk the paths
Are inpenetrable
This is the night land
Here fear equals power
And justice knows it's low place
In the heirachy
Warriors with knuckles
of steel
Gather by monuments
of suppurating flesh
And command thier god
"Justify our sins!"
The gateway to a place
of sanctuary
The warriors stand guard
But they will not prevent entry
Because they know
One must be insane
To seek sanctuary
In a place whose entrance
After you step inside
They stand guard
Because it was prophesised
That one day
ta way out will manifest
To the insane legions
Who once sought sanctuary
In this place
From that day on
The prophecy said
The insane will outnumber
the sane
The world will be turned
Upside down
Chosen warriors stand guard
Men with a bottomless appetite
For slaughter
Because on that day
when hell vomits
That day
The ones who will stem the flood
Must be ones who can drink
an ocean of blood....

by Ras Eja

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/26/2015 6:53:29 PM

Yes I like this poem a lot. Thank you for posting it.


Here is another of I's

Its that
Freedom of expression so I'm pleadin' for correction.
Receivin' some direction cuz I'm dreamin' of perfection.
I see I own reflection through a pool that is florecent.
Embracing with its light, loving, safety, and protection.
Racing through the night living in Divine Creation
Soul exploration. Midnight meditation.
I'm walkin' through the brush then just step into a meadow.
Taking breath away with a view I cannot let go.
Arriving at a sunrise following a full-moon.
Watching light unfold with life in full-bloom.
Clearly seeing oneness, its universal harmony.
Love, Peace, Righteousness, consciousness, and honesty.
With that, sit back. Relax,
Its that
Freedom of expression so I'm pleadin' for correction.
Receiving Jah direction so I'm leavin' this deception.
Believin' is a blessin', but knowledge is the power.
Message of the Prophets, systems tryin' to devour.
Killing Martin Luther King, JFK, and Huey Newton.
This system is advancing and it seems like we are loosin'.
Warnings of the Drones, back then they called us crazy.
Same with the NSA and now its on the news daily.
Struggling to breathe in this bitter night air.
Waking up cuz it seems we're in a night-mare.
Telling other people. Most like: See if I care.
Non-action is the problem. I see it quite clear.
Its that
Freedom of expression so I'm pleadin' for correction.
Receivin' Jah protection for revealin' His perfection.
Feelin' no more stress and, living in the moment.
Doing what is right and not searching for atonement.
Following the fundamental laws of living.
Truth, Peace, Righteousness, Love, and Giving.
Haile Selassie calls, IandI attending.
Forward to Mt. Zion yes the mission is ascending.
Again into the meadow where life is so vibrant.
Pure organic freedom. Life with no violence.
Ruling from His Kingdom. Beautiful and Timeless.
Awakening of the spirit, Jah wisdom and guidance.
Its that.


One Love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/27/2015 6:34:50 AM


Get a grasp-ah reality in the duality of HIM Rasta
....Life long prosper
From Akhenaten to Ra and Aten to the God of Abraham
It all happen to happen in Afuraska
From Jah of man to Jah in man man a Rasta
his hola herb a sacrament to foster (live life proper)
dash weh the Magners and the Foster
look like babylon dem want some Africans to foster
rasta live free could only capture dem imposter
actors with an oscar
Indolence of masses gonna cost ya

Haffi get the positive.... energy
haffi run the negative ..enemy
thats atomic law / livity synergy
cosmic sociology synergy
as in the heavens on the earth it will be

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/27/2015 6:45:06 AM

Lyrics to honor I King


Get a grasp-ah reality & the duality of HIM Rasta
....Life long prosper
From Akhenaten to Ra and Aten to the God of Abraham
It all happen to happen in Afuraska

Haffi keep the positive.... energy
haffi run the negative ..enemy
thats atomic law / livity synergy
cosmic sociology synergy
as in the heavens on the earth it will be
simlarly genetics of genesis ina me
nucleus of a Lion centrally visibly
resemble the King chemically physically

Messenger: Ras Yohanes Sent: 3/3/2015 8:04:40 AM


From His Throne the Lion roars

the King of all creation

JAH speaks forth His mighty voice

in light and sound vibration

Know yourself man please recall

your cells know where you’re coming from

in your DNA encoded

is the Tetragrammaton

Circumcise your broken hearts

forgiveness is the heal

let go balance your burdened soul

SELASSIE breaks the seals

Reconcile your selves with JAH

stiff-necked shut down children

open up the temple gates

the Glory King shall come in

Seek His Kingdom upfull ones

your spine a Jacob ladder

as Aaron’s rod did sprout again

the I shall live forever

Come to your forms Alpha Omega

JAH Man image David’s Star

shine His light in Haile aura

children of the Emperor

Rasta say who feels it knows it

every man a living drum

JAHJAH is the heartbeat riddim

when we sing the same song

Ras Yohanes

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 3/6/2015 8:18:02 PM

The fire burning within is not containable, yet they try to put us out by any means available. Humanity has high goals and they are obtainable, but continuous consumption is not sustainable.
Leading me to believe that something must be sacrificed, like we-have-to-try to be more than materially satisfied. Don't act surprised if we're the last-to-find these facts declassified. So ask-if-I imply that by design human rights have been cast aside. Yes, creating a mass-divide. And to think, the back of the dollar bill wont even bat-its-eye.
Look, the entire system operates on a little pyramid scheme. It'll share it between the aristocratic classes and kick down whats left to the subservient masses.
I'm observing the fascists sit back and laugh as civil war crashes. Destroying the nations the fastest. This doesn't have to happen but if the worst passes; there's a new age, a blank page while turning the atlas.
The fact is: that with a yearning to pass this, while learning from practice, we can keep the peace from burning to ashes.
No problem is solved with the same mentality that caused it. Hate breeds hate and if that doesn't change we've lost it. Only a blocking object can create darkness. JAH is the light to slice his knives the sharpest. The harshest of conditions can be conquered with ambition and a sound mind. Taking a look around and thinking its about time, to find new light to guide you right through blind views. I try to let wisdom and insight from inside prove whats right and not worry what others might do.
ONE LOVE is in the mystic and the WORD invites you!


Ethan Hemphill

One Love

Messenger: Ras Yohanes Sent: 3/13/2015 4:22:02 AM

Not the First

Francis WHO ?

your’re not the FIRST


Francis WHO ?

you’re not the FIRST

a joke, a blashemy.

poor Francis of Assisi?

no – Borgia, Duke of Gandía.

it’s number 13 revelation

two popes like horns of a lamb

with the dragon vibration.

woe parasitic jesuits

mind your Logo IHS

and behold HIM Haile Selassie

to bring order like Fasilides.

forget your plan babylon

read Samuel 5 thou priest of dagon

cannot face the Hola Ark man.

Christ say ONE Father

InI all brethren

and HIM was crucified by the Roman shistem.

Simon Petrus or Simon Magus ?

Pontifex Maximus as Petrus Romaneus.

Francis WHO?

you’re not the First One

you’re the beast of revelation

Ras Yohanes

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 3/16/2015 6:11:53 PM


Another short poem I wrote.

Coming from a Poet, this may seem strange.. but I hate words.
See, because the feeling, the movement, has already come and gone and words are the afterthought.
Meant to serve, sent and inscribed.
Words can't actually BE what they describe.
Well maybe; but sometimes, talking for the sake of hearing the Iself is soothing.
Imagine a reality, a consciousness without words..

One Love

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