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Secret Societies The Boule Part I

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Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 2/4/2005 12:02:33 PM

As we come into knowledge of self, we must, as well, come into knowledge of who doesn't want us to "know thyself". The average Afrikan who has some knowledge of white supremacy might feel it's been, and only been, the "blue-eyed devil" that is responsible. True, but not truth. If you read the piece I wrote entitled, IZ YT Human? or Mutant!, I spoke of the biblical bruthas, abraham and moses, as one of the first sell-outs of the Afrikan spirit.

As you well know, this country was founded by criminals who colonized this area just as they chalked up Afrika in the 1800s. As we had our plantations in the south with house negroes and field Afrikans, we find that this trend has never changed as the years have gone by. Thanks to research done by brutha Steve Cokely, we have found that there is a black secret society that has been closely associated with maintaining the grip of white supremacy on people of color. These same secret societies, these house negroes answer to, have a long history rooted in the physical and mental enslavement of Afrikans around the globe. This black "secret society" is called the Boule' aka. Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, founded May 15, 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is the 1st black fraternity in america and was before the 1st black "college" frat, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated which was founded December 4, 1906.

The Boule' is a black GREEK secret society based on another secret society founded at Yale University called Skull & Bones. The Boule's primary founder was Dr. Henry Minton (along with Dr.'s Eugene T. Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele and Richard John Warrick), of Philadelphia. The founding member of the New York City chapter, WEB DuBois, said the Boule' was created to "keep the black professional away from the ranks of Marcus Garvey." (One thing that needs to be pointed out is the time period. At the founding of the Boule', it was also a time Marcus Garvey's "Back to Afrika" movement was reaching a million plus people without tv or radio.). DuBois emphasized, as Cokely stated, "the importance to steal the black professional away from Garvey because an Afrocentric organization that articulated and captured the black professional would give YT no safe haven in the black community, so the Boule' -- the remaking of the house negro was necessary to build a group of negroes who had an investment in protecting the white system as produced by YT having stolen this land...This is post reconstruction. Taking away the articulate negro, now desiring to replace them with organized institutions to keep them away from self improvement. So we find in the same period, as the founding of the Boule', the founding of the 4 black male (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and 4 black female (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho) college-based fraternities and sororities...We also find the founding of the NAACP and Urban League."

DuBois was one of the strongest opponents of Garvey and was an instrumental "tool" in stopping one of the strongest grassroots movements in this century. What was Garvey's plan? His plan was to take as many Afrikans from the america's and start a settlement in the nation of Liberia and then help their new nation produce and control their own rubber crops and other industries in natural resources. Garvey said, "If the oil of Afrika is good for Rockefeller's interest; if iron is good for Carnegie trust; then these minerals are good for us. Why should we allow wall street and the capitalist group of america and other countries exploit our country when they refuse to give us a fair chance in the countries of our adoption? Why should not Afrika give to the world its black Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Henry Ford?" This would've meant no Goodyear or US. Steel as we know it today, because it would have set a precedent that would have made all Afrikans aware of their land and mineral wealth. This would've smashed the financial arm of white supremacy! DuBois, along with Alain Locke -- the first black (Cecil) Rhodes scholar -- publicly defiled Garvey by calling him a "gorilla, dark, and dumb ass" any chance they got. Locke was quoted as saying, "We hope the white man deliver's cause we crushed a great black thing, but we know he'll deliver or our people will attack and plague us forever more." These two house negroes made a bet that YT would come out on top and give a certain percentage of these greedy negroes, namely Boule' members, the wealth they stole from Afrika. What's deep is they didn't believe in Afrikan self-reliance and preferred YT to give them table scraps instead of us making the whole pie!

Understand the Boule' represents the weakest element of Afrikan people. As Cokely put's it, "It took a type of nigger to form an organization like this. I mean, we just got our asses kicked during reconstruction, Afrika was divided before our very eyes (berlin conference), damn, this was 50 years before Rosa Parks!" The question is why were these black devils like this? The answer may lie in the fact that the Boule' is a GREEK organization. The name Boule' is a greek term, meaning "advisor's to the king". The question is, who is the king?! The king that they advise, or protect, are the white secret societies responsible for white supremacy: the first white greek fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, the Illuminati, Rhodes/Rothschild secret society, Skull & Bones, the Masons, the Round Table Group, The New World Order, One World Government, the Carnegie, Mellon, Rhodes, Milner's Kindergarten, The Rhodes Crown, Times Crown, All Souls Group, Clevedine Sect, and numerous other wealthy family organizations (all are simply alias' and go by many names, but consist of same members and ideology). These white beasts have raped, murdered & colonized our people for hundreds of years and their children continue the genocide against people of color around the globe.

One of the problems we should have with the Boule' (and the offsprings of the Boule', the other 8 college frats and sororities) is that they falsely acknowledge the GREEKS as the founders of civilization. We of course know this is a lie. We know that the greeks got their knowledge from the Nile Valley (ancient Kemet and Ethiopia -- where the original Afrikan man and woman evolved), and they plagiarized (after killing us off and raping KMT, deemed themselves as the originators of the knowledge we gave them) our history and sought to erase the Afrikan presence of KMT. We know that Pythagoras did not create a theorem, but that he stole it from our ancient Afrikan mystery schools.

Who is the Boule'? They are the so-called "talented 10th" DuBois is famous for speaking of (it must also be noted that DuBois' boy, Locke, was a faggot. DuBois was also perceived to have homosexual tendencies). They are a mutation of a white man that seeks to represent something he is not (GREEK). They are "prominent" blacks white america gave to us. Collectively, all 4000+ members make up the wealthiest group of black men on the planet. -- and to think, none are working in the interest of black people; but, rather, gets a kick out of holding YT's penis as he pisses on people of color (the house nigga/field Afrikan theory ain't dead!)! As of 1994, there were 101 chapters in the world; yes the Boule' is in your town! Anywhere there are professional blacks, the Boule' coagulates. The amount of these men's wealth (including strong political and economic connections -- strong enuff to assist in killing Malcolm X and fellow Boule' member Martin Luther King!) cannot be matched by any other 3300+ blacks anywhere in the world!

Boule', again, meaning "advisor's to the king", is the lower house of greek parliament. Inside the Boule' history book -- written by Charles H. Wesley, a Boule' member, (also wrote the history books for Alpha Phi Alpha, the Elks, and Prince Hall Masons and founded Central State University in Ohio) wrote on page 28, why one of it's founding member's, Minton, who also owned the first black drugstore in the u.s., wanted to create such an organization:"Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale." Now who is Skull & Bones?? Skull & Bones' -- aka Brotherhood of Death, alias the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, incorporated for business purposes as Russell Trust, was established in 1776 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Ironically, george bush and even vice president al gore are members of this cult. Now remember, the beast uses many different names to confuse you, but they all were based in the same ideology...upholding white supremacy. Most politicians, both black and white, are Masons. But there is a difference. Non-whites can only attain 33 degreez; and whites get 33 and 1/3rd. The root of Masonry is of the knowledge (33 1/3 degreez) sell-out moses gave YT when he came to "civilize" them from living as beasts up in the caucus(asian) mountains. They practiced homosexuality and killed and ate people, as rituals they may perform even today! They also pledged (through moses tricknology) in not letting you, the true GOD, the Afrikan wo/man, to never know that Jacob (Yakub), who was black, made them and that we are the originators of the arts and sciences (360 degreez of knowledge, not 33 1/3 which moses taught them).

Now! If Henry Minton, who was black, wanted to create a black secret society based on these beliefs and customs, what type of devil is he? If you were to look on page 38 of the Boule's history book, it also says,"In the building of the organizations plan, reliance was placed upon GREEK history and tradition. The reasons of this action are not difficult to discover, for it is well known that the study of greek civilization was basically an acquaintance with western civilization, although greek culture had relationships with the culture of the orient." What they're not saying is that the greeks didn't have a relationship, they stole their information from our ancestors in KMT! Clever how they chose not to even mention Afrika and settled for saying the "orient" which means east. In summation, every black greek and white greek fraternity and sorority manipulates the true history of where the Greeks learned what they know. This is why it don't make sense to be called a black GREEK! I should know, I pledged one, but have since denounced my membership with black greek organizations.

If you are familiar with Masonry, or secret societies, members took a pledge to never reveal the secrets of that organization, for if he did, his punishment would be death. This is why we it's difficult to get any of the Boule' member's to tell us what's up. Thanx, to an article written July 18th, 1990 of the LA Times and one published in the ,Washington Post, November 23, 1991, this secret society was exposed. Because people are beginning to find out about the history of the Boule', as well as their own children lacking interest in continuing the mental and spiritual rape of Afrikan people, the Boule' publicly claims themselves as only a "social" organization. Fellow Boule' member -- and so-called, Afrocentric scholar -- whom I have the honor of exposing, asa hilliard, was confronted in Pittsburgh about his affiliation with the Boule' and he said,"we're just a group of people that throw banquets and picnics". This, from a negro who has written many books, performed countless lectures, and whose name has been mentioned in the same breath as John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben, and the like, should be exiled from the Afrikan diaspora like we did to the paleman back in KMT(IZ YT Human? or Mutant! - DGT Jan/Feb.'96) !!

Even Hank Aaron is in the Boule'!

They hold regional conferences every year and a national conference every 2 years. Each May, as a mandatory ritual, each member must read the Boule' history book from front to cover. So we know that each member has read pages 28 and 38 and know of the basis of their organization and it's false acceptance of the greeks being the founder's of civilization. What was interesting about the LA Times article was the association of the Boule' with Skull & Bones. "Like Yale's Skull & Bones secret society to which (then president) George Bush belongs, the Boule' has been criticized by some as a social anachronism, and has challenged members to change its image."

The 1990 incoming Boule' president, dr. benjamin major said he was aware of charges that the group is more interested in socializing and congratulating itself on its wealth and success, exclusively, rather than making a substantial contribution to the rest of black america. He said, "We don't want to appear as if we were the remaining above the problems of most black people. We know we didn't get here solely by the dint of our own hard work. We owe a lot of people, AND we have to give back to our brothers and sisters." The key thing he said is that he said they owe a lot of people and made this separate from them having to "give back to our brothers and sisters." Who do they owe for their success?? It's who they advise...the king!

Vernon Jordan, Clinton's main man(boy)!

Boule' member Vernon Jordan, who is also on the Trilateral Commission and Board of Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) -- which was started by cecil rhodes and lord rothschild, responsible for last phase of development of white supremacy) was quoted at a Boule' function as saying, "We, the talented 10th, are the best able and the only ones suitable to save the black race." This is the egotistical mentality of all members and can be traced back to its origin.

Understand that all black "leaders" white america gave us, actually had an allegiance with white supremacy. If you think about it, back in the early 1900s, we weren't even 40 years out of slavery. So the house negro/field Afrikan mentality was still in existence. Most Afrikans, of that time, had gone through much self-denial. The old cliche', "If you black, get back; if you brown, stick around; if you yellow, you're mellow; and if you white, you i-ight or right!", was rampant and most of our ancestors lost themselves through bleaching their skin, conking their hair, and speaking "civilized" in order to be seen different than a field niggah. We must also realize that most of our co-founders of black organization's were mulatto's (very light-skinned). These house negroes had already felt they were better than dark-skinned blacks. And went out of their way to prove to YT they were different. Because we were now "free", YT still needed to keep an eye on us. They needed an overseer. This is why around the same time as the founding of the Boule', we find the founding of the NAACP and the Urban League. These "black" organizations were co-founded by jewish spies who used DuBois as their scapegoat!! One must also note that NAACP co-founder, Joel Spingarn, a known beast who spied on the Afrikan community, was also very influential in the finding of the Boule'. A lot of us don't know this. These organizations were really a front. They were s'posed to defend the countless atrocities against black people; on the contrary, we found out the very whites we were complaining about, actually help find these organizations!! This makes a lot of sense now. I see why the NAACP doesn't even own the building national headquarters of located at. Think about it. With all the loot the NAACP gets annually, and they still have to pay rent for their building?! That's because they have to answer to someone (YT) who is their major fund raiser. While we were being lynched, raped, and murdered by YT, we thought these organizations would help us fight for justice; later to find out the person our "leaders" answer to is the very one with blood on his hands!! Can you see why we are in the shape we're in today Afrikans?! It is very evident. In the words of Cokely, "When we look at the Boule' closely, we find a confusion of values. Black men who felt that their advancement was edged upon a positive relationship with wealthy and influential white people. And I say that that may have an adverse impact on our revolution. Therefore, we give them (the Boule') today, this official warning...Our goal is not to kill off the Boule'; but to warn them as an organization. To warn the individual that if they bring false values, or worship a false idol, into the community at a time the community attempts to self-determinate (liberate ourselves), if we gave the call, they will come and grab you, we have every one of your addresses and phone numbers, we can get you, if we choose to. But we only choose to ask you to step aside and the day we got to get "massa", you find some way to be on vacation...To kill off the Boule' would be like eating the peel off a banana and ignoring the actual banana." In other words, in order to stop the puppet, you must stop the puppetteer.

We have a copy of the Boule' membership book and found some very interesting names. Along with the name's and chapter's, we have their address' and phone numbers. Out of the list we found members such as, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams - performed 1st open hear surgery; Ralph Bunch - former UN Ambassador; Arthur Ashe; Urban League President, Whitney Young; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Benjamin Mays; Carter G. Woodson (all who died never speaking of the Boule' and therefore taking the secrets of white supremacy with them); Maynard Jackson - ex-mayor of Atlanta; Baseball great Hank Aaron; Tom Bradley - tv personality; Dennis Archor - mayor of Detroit; Elvin Big 'E' Hayes; Bill Cosby; Jesse Jackson; Earl Graves; John H. Johnson; Douglass Wilder; ex-Steeler, Lynn Swann, and David Dinkins - ex-mayor of New York City, to name a few. Most Boule' members are of the "successful" group. As Cokely puts it, "Yes the Boule' is in your town!" Anywhere there are "prominent" professional blacks, chances are they're in the Boule'. Brutha Cokely is the God that should be given biggup's to. His tireless dedication and research has allowed the masses of Afrikan people to know the truth of which the Boule' has pledged to never let you know. We have the roster up to 1994 which includes 101 chapterz. It is now 1998, we haven't yet gotten the latest roster, but I'm sure thre are quite a few more. Next piece, we will elaborate on the symbolism behind their logo, their colors, the origin of college fraternities and sororities and the close relation to demonic masonry. Continue to seek knowledge and we shall find. LIK SHOT!!

ABOUT THE BOULE'..."Collectively, all 4000+ members make up the wealthiest group of black men on the planet -- and to think, none are working in the interest of Afrikan people; but, rather, gets a kick out of holding YTs penis as he pisses on people of color...

Jehvon Buckner, DaGhetto Tymz

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 2/4/2005 12:05:34 PM

Peace Goddess' and Godz!! As we continue further inscissions into these "advisor's to the king" (the Boule'), I would like to go over a few things from part one's dope piece to refresh your pineal glandz. This is truly a time to rejoice because the truth is sprouting up like a plant through the cracks of a concrete sidewalk. For too long these secrets have been buried and now, by the forces of Nature, we see rebirth in this concrete jungle!

Last piece, we laid the foundation of this wicked "white-with-black-faced" secret society called the Boule' or Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. We unleashed our liquid sword and beheaded the beast of secrets exposing the organization's founding 6 members, one being dr. henry mckee minton of Philadelphia, on May 15, 1904. We also know, from reading the history book of the Boule' -- written by charles h. wesley, that on page 28, we find that minton wanted to make this organization just like Skull and Bones, the 2nd chapter of a german-based white supremist organization (the Illuminati) which founded Skull and Bones at Yale University in 1776. We also found the premises for this wicked group was to steal the black professional from the ranks of Marcus Garvey, which, at that time was reaching over 1 million plus Afrikans in america without tv or radio. We also realized that right after the Boule' was founded, the 4 black frats and 4 black sororities were founded, as well as the NAACP and Urban League. And we also found a close relation with masonry.

Next, our next incision will go a level deeper. We will perform open heart surgery and split open the aorta of so-called black greeks; we will define the meaning of the Boule's logo -- the Sphinx; their colors; and more of their connection with masonry.

Let's start with their logo. Most will say it is a sphinx. True, but not truth. Most will associate the sphinx with the tall, solid block statue our ancestors built in ancient KMT (in Afrika). Because we have been conditioned to "accept without question", we never thought of looking up what sphinx means. Look in any dictionary and it will tell you that a sphinx is half woman-half lion with breasts and wings. So when I think of the tall statue in KMT, does it look like a woman?? Where are the breasts?! What about the wings?! The original, Afrikan name is Her-Em-Akhet, which means Heru of the horizon and has the face of the builder, Khafre. When we look up the definition of sphinx, it means "to strangle, guard; gatekeeper or protect". This has nothing to do with KMT or Afrikan people.

The sphinx is a grecian myth and is a major part of masonry. We will see why the black frat, alpha phi alpha, the frat I was down with (but now am no longer a member), adopted the sphinx and not Her-Em-Akhet. The history of the sphinx is wack, in fact, all greek myths is bullshit! According to the greeks, this beast was a guardian of the city of thebes. She sat on a cliff on the only path leading to the city. Anyone that wanted to enter thebes had to first confront the sphinx. The sphinx would ask one simple riddle and if you didn't know the answer, she would devour you, tearing you to pieces. The king, creon, was upset that many people were unable to enter his city. He consulted a homosexual named oedipus (NOTE: homosexuality was a norm for the grecian culture). The king offered his crown and his daughter if he could kill the sphinx. So he bounced to where she was and she asked him the riddle, "What has one voice, and goes on four feet on two feet and on three, but the more feet it goes on the weaker it be?" oedipus responded, "Man -- who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age." After answering the riddle correctly, the sphinx committed suicide by jumping off the cliff and oedipus was claimed king of thebes for outsmarting the beast.

Where do you see an Afrikan presence in this? Nowhere. Remember, greek mythology is based on myths!! It doesn't necessarily mean their stories actually happened. All pale-faced people came from the caucus mountains and their knowledge base is based upon what abraham and moses gave them (33 1/3rd° of knowledge), therefore, they are incapable of being master's of origination. They are, however, the masters of plagiarism. They could never understand what Her-Em-Akhet means. The statue faced the east because our ancestors knew the pineal gland is the seat of the Afrikan soul and when the sun rises in the east, it hits the forehead (pineal gland), suppressing the beastly nature of man. As author Tony Browder puts it, "Symbolically, the body represents the animal nature which exists in wo/man, and the lion exemplifies the royalty and power of the divine spirit that exists in its lower physical form. The head of a man symbolizes the intelligence of the mind which must be cultivated in order to elevate the consciousness into a higher spiritual state so that it may become divine. Metaphorically speaking, it is the suppression of the lower animal nature and the refinement of the thought process that leads to the spiritual evolution of man. Spiritually speaking, it is only by conquering the "beast" within that one is capable of truly knowing God." It clearly makes sense Y the first black college fraternity, a phi a, would chose to call it the sphinx and not Her-Em-Akhet: because their knowledge base is greek oriented and not Afrikan!

The caucasian (including these people who think they're jews) is incapable of an understanding this deep because of their calcified brain, lack of melanin, and long, stringy, lifeless hair (our 'kinky', coiled, curly hair -- and is made up exactly like the curves in your DNA, the spiral look of the Milky Way galaxy we live in and so on -- serves as antennas to ancestral data bank, or how we've been able to remain spiritual and aware of our Afrikan heritage despite, at one time not being able to read, being kidnapped from our homeland and duped with white values).

As stated before, Boule' means "advisor to the king", and we clarified last month that the king is the Rockefeller Foundation. If we were to bring some numerology into this, the sphinx's number is 9. The riddle was what walks on 4, 2, then 3. That equals 9. 4 symbolized the ignorant man (baby); 2, the intellectual (young adult); and 3, the spiritual (old man with cane, which means wisdom). The masonic definition of the number 9 is the natural number of man AND the lower worlds (or evil)!

Looking at the logo, you will notice under the sphinx between the greek letters, there are 2 sets of 3x3 squares. Brutha Steve Cokely pointed out, after attending a Boule' national conference a couple years ago, that each square represented each of the 4 black frats and 4 black sororities. The final square belongs to the one that started it all, the Boule'!

Understand, this ain't something I & I thought up to amuse you. We went to the lion's den to find out what this beast is all about. None of this is secondhand info! Remember what I just told you about 9 being their number?! I know I don't have to think for you, weigh it yourself!

You will also notice the sphinx with his right paw covering an earn (vase). Inside the earn we see a circle-within-a-circle with a dot in the middle. This had 2 meanings: first, the circle-within-a-circle is the symbol of the Rockefeller Foundation (which is subservient to the Rothschild/Rhodes secret society, the Illuminati).

So what the sphinx is doing is what it's definition is, "protect, guard; gatekeeper". It is protecting the interests of white supremacy! The second meaning is the circle within the circle has a dot in the middle. The circle, including the dot is the symbol of Ra. Our ancient Sun God, or Heru of the original trinity, Ausar, Auset, and Heru. The outer circle is like a enclosed layer, closing off the power of Ra, along with the paw to further conceal the truth of our ancient history the beast knows is very vital to our upliftment! There are many symbols out here that have racist definitions. Remember the saying, "A picture speaks a thousand words". This is a code of communication we originated on the walls and temples back in KMT (Metu Neter or as the greeks call it, hieroglyphics).

The Boule's colors are blue and white and is a cipher within itself. Blue has a close relationship with masonry. In masonry, blue resembled the lower protective lodges. These are also the code of silence lodges. They are the frontline of the protective layer. The color white really needs no elaboration, but we will for those 'YT lovers' represents the race they respect the most.

The Boule' has taken a sworn oath to maintain the state of white supremacy and to never let you know the whites that rule the world. It's just like the house negro/field Afrikan theory. The white 'massa' needed a house negro to keep an eye on the rest of the Afrikans to alert him if there would be an uprising (the word 'negro' stands for clarification. Many have been taught that negro is spanish and means black. But the spanish got this word from the greeks, who called 'necro'. Necro in greek means DEAD! So what we are dealing with when dealing with 'negroes' is DEAD-thinking Afrikans!). The Boule' is no different. They are guaranteed table scraps as long as they keep the rest of us in check. They are allowed to get high paying salaries, luxurious cars, even their own businesses (although dictated by YT--look at Ebony, Jet, Essence, Black Enterprise, etc and notice the many white advertisements inside each issue. These are the one's who dictate what goes in and goes out of each issues of these so-called black magazines.) as long as they 'inform' massa of any Marcus Garvey's, Queen Tiye's, Malcolm X's, or Queen Nzingha's.

As in the first piece, we knew the Boule' was founded to steal the black professional from Garvey. We know Garvey wanted to go back to Afrika because Rockerfeller, Rothschilds, Carnegie, Mellon's, and the Oppenheimer's were in our motherland raping and stripping her natural resources (gold, silver, oil, diamonds) and building mega-trillion industries. What we don't realize is why and how white supremacy, using the Boule', got the newly pardoned young black professional.

Think, around the early 1900s (Boule' founded in 1904; All black frats and sororities, NAACP, and Urban League founded within 10 years after that), we were barely 40 years out of physical slavery. The Civil War just passed. We were free (physically), but our mental was so damaged, there was much self-denial going on. Many of our ancestors hated being dark, having nappy hair, thick lips, hips, the whole nine. Alot of this was enhanced with white amerikkka portraying us as monkeys, watermelon eater's, shoe-tapping, broken english, happy-go-lucky, turn-the-other-cheek, passive negroes. There were many products available to those blacks who no longer wanted to be Afrikan, or their true selves. There were bleach creams to make your skin lighter and the straightening comb (Madame CJ Walker, 1908). This made those who didn't want to be Afrikan, be something else, YET still not white! What was going here was separation. The people were divided. If you were dark-skinned, it wasn't much you could do. But if you were light-skinned (mulatto) you had a chance. We still see this today, especially in our women having artificial hair, nails, eyes, breasts, you name it! When given a deeper look, the "founders" of these organizations, most found in the early 1900s, "not only mimicked their prototype, white institutions, they attempted to 'out white' them", as writer Charles Grantham cited in his book Do "We" Really Wanna Be Greeks? Most disagree, and you're probably wanna-be greeks, but ask yourself, if these organization are really for Afrikan people, why do you wear the greek letters of the enemy??!! You don't need ANY affiliation with the enemy to do good for your peeps!!

The first Afrikans allowed to go to college were those that came from families that tried to be what they were not, white! These were the 'upper-class' negroes YT knew were busy trying to be like them. They knew these negroes didn't like being around their darker skinned brutha and sistaz. They knew these negroes tried to act like them, dress like them, eat, sleep, mate, speak, and worship the same demonic god like them! Now there were a couple of dark-skinned Afrikans that got through. A couple of the founder's of the wack frat I'm no longer apart of had some. These were the one's most suitable to be the gatekeeper's of the concrete plantation the New World Order was beginning to physically manifest.

The 8 black frat and sororities are subordinates of the Boule'. The founders of Alpha Phi Alpha, were affiliated, in some way with either the Boule' or masonry. Within the organization, they started segregation. In the history book of a phi a, there was a day called 'tap-day', where interested bruthaz were blindfolded and the members of the frat walked up and tapped on the shoulder the ones they wanted to become members. Those not chosen could not join.

These bruthaz, envying the declined membership, chose to start their own frat, Kappa Alpha Psi, with the help of a "jewish" frat, Phi Nu Pi. Understand that all black organizations had black faces as scapegoats, but it was this white beast that used these negroes to further mentally enslave us, having us segregate ourselves.

The bruthaz of Kappa Alpha Psi, in turn, became just as selective. Along with the Alpha's not taking bruthaz solely because of our Afrikan link, two other frats emerged: Omega Psi Phi and Phi Beta Sigma. Today, there are even more frats, further dividing our people and enabling the beast to slay us because we are not united.

The same goes for the sororities. It shouldn't come as a shock when learning what the AKAs requirements were for anyone to become considered a possible member when they first started in 1908, they had a system called "the brown bag test". This was a test that consisted of a brown paper bag. They would line up the ones interested and put a brown paper bag next to their skin. If they were darker than the bag, they couldn't become a member. Deep, DEEP hatred of our culture! Think of how many could not join because they were too dark. Sistaz who were members of AKA, who didn't like what they were about, broke away and formed their own sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. Soon, two other's formed, Sigma Gamma Rho and Zeta Phi Beta. Today, we have more black sororities, even one's that claim they're a nursing sorority. As Cokely stated, "You may be just an Alpha or AKA, but you are greek nevertheless!"

The whole notion of becoming a black greek is wack! When I pledged (and every initiate of every organization has to do this), one of the first things we had to learn was the greek alphabet. Y not the Metu Neter?! After all, that is our foundation, which preceded greeks! The reason? If you remember, in the Boule's history book, on page 38 it says, "In the building of the organizational plan, reliance was placed upon Greek history and tradition. The reasons of this action are not difficult to discover, for it is well known that the study of Greek civilization as basically an acquaintance with western civilization." So it makes sense why they would carry on the legacy using greek letters and reciting the greek alphabet. But it doesn't stop there. For all you black "greeks", I'ma 'bout to behead the whole 'crossing over' ritual.

Once an initiate has pledged a certain amount of time, there is a ritual that goes on before they are welcomed into the organization. Most call it "crossing the burning sands". What many don't know is the history behind crossing the sands.

I will need to use refer to the piece I wrote in the Jan/Feb.'96 issue, "IZ YT Human? or Mutant!" So go 'head and get your copy...Got it? Ai-ight! Remember the tribe of people who were ousted from KMT? It was Ad(h)am and Eve. If you recall, we ended our cipher knowing Adham and Eve were not literally man and woman, but that Adham was a tribe of people. We know why they were exiled from KMT, because they were albino's who were grafted from Jacob (Yakub), causing mischief. We know the pharaoh sentenced them to journey, by foot, across the Sahara Desert up to the caucus mountains where they lived for 2000 years! While the beast struggled to make it across the "burning" (hot) sands of KMT, our Afrikan ancestors rode on camel back. We also know that, first Abraham, then Moses, went up to the caucus mountains to "civilize" them with 33 1/3rd° of knowledge, which is "tricknology". They were instructed by these 2 sellout Afrikans to come back to KMT (by this time they lost all their melanin and ability to understand nature) again and take over KMT. They came as the Persians, Romans, and lastly the Greeks! Do I have to spell the connection?!

In one of masonry's rituals (degrees), there is a riddle. A master mason asks an initiate, "did you come by foot or camel back?". If the initiate, unknowingly replies, "by foot". This let's the master mason know he is talking to "the beast" and he is not ready to earn that degree yet. The mason's know about the story of Jacob and they know of their true origin. The underlying message is that we don't know! It is evident when black frats and sororities "cross", by foot, over the burning sands of egypt (KMT), they are mocking the travel of the beast from KMT to the caucus mountains. This understanding is key, for if you are a member of something and do not know what it's really about, you have been misled; and if you are given this information and continue to misrepresent something that's s'posed to be Afrikan, you will be held responsible once we decide to liberate ourselves, and furthermore you will have to answer to the spirit of our ancestors and The Almighty Creator! As Cokely put it, "I say to you black greeks, that if you control these organizations, to make them afrocentric and change the name's and number's that you use to articulate them. They are letters and codes you can develop to be ancient Afrikan and the replacement would be supported by all of the black people - we would guarantee you that. But we serve notice to you that today it's the Boule', tomorrow, the other 8, you will have to stand into account for the wearing of the clown suit and impersonating a people of which you are not."

When names, symbols and colors are implemented, the finishing seal of any organization was authorized by conscious-thinking individ(evil)'s. For instance, you will notice the shield of Alpha Phi Alpha (the first black collegiate fraternity, founded December 4th, 1906). It is not a coincidence they have (as well as Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi) a knight's helmet on the top of the shield. Now what does a knight "in shining armor" remind you of? Camelot; King James and the Knights of the Round Table. Who were in search of the holy grail, which is subliminal for the 3rd eye or melanin! We know the Illuminati (Rhodes/Rothschild secret society) also goes by the name, the Round Table Group. The Rockefeller Foundation created the Boule', which created the 8 black fraternities and sororities. Rockefeller is a subdivision of the Rhodes/Rothschild or New World Order regime. Also notice the sphinx (not Her-Em-Akhet is facing westward and NOT east, which is subliminally showing the preference of the western (white) philosophy and not the east (Afrikan). In the shield of the Kappa's, you will notice the greek wordz, Phi Nu Pi. This was the "jewish" group that was the financial backing to their start. The sign "Pi" is also a coded symbol for the Illuminati. Remember the movie, The Net? What was the symbol at the corner of the monitor that allowed Sandra Bullock to get into these 'secret' files?...Pi! Also, what is Reebok's symbol? Steve Cokely teaches it was the British colonial flag, but now it's a Pi sign! This gives a deeper meaning to their slogan, "this is my planet". On the Omega's shield, you will see the knight with 2 crossed swordz behind him. This bears close resemblance to Skull & Bones logo of a skull with 2 crossed bones behind it. Phi Beta Sigma also goes by the name, the "Sigma's". Sigma is the 18th letter in the greek alphabet. For those that know numerology, Sigma breaks down to 1+8, which equals 9. 9 is an evil masonic number (in Kemet stands as a positive number, along with 13) and should also be noted that 9 is the number of the Boule' (8 frats/sororities plus the Boule'). Also, the Sigma's go by anutha name, "Blue Devil's". As far as the sorority shields, the AKAs founding year, 1908, comes out to 18; which is also 9; along with their 9 founders!

The Delta's have a deeper significance to white plagiarism. At the top of their shield, you will notice a white woman on the top. Now Y is there a white woman on top of a black sorority's shield?!!? The woman is Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom (notice, even she's looking west). Minerva also went by the greek name Athena. The greeks (the first master plagiarizer's) copied Athena from the Afrikan Goddess Neit, which can be traced back to 4000BC. Just like the Alpha's choosing a grecian sphinx instead of the Afrikan Her-Em Akhet, the Delta's chose the grecian replica of the Afrikan Goddess Neit. I haven't found much on the Zeta's yet (besides them being the sister to the Blue Devils), but there is one thing that drawz attention. The initiates of Zeta are called Archonians. Archon's are what the members of the Boule' are called. As well, it isn't a coincidence that most, if not all, of the sororities call their annual conference, THE BOULE'!! If you look at the bottom part of Sigma Gamma Rho's shield, what do you see?...A Skull with crossed bones!! Just like the Illuminati's 2nd chapter, Skull & Bones! None of this shit should be taken as mere coincidence. If our fellow negro (brain-dead) founder's was about Afrika, they would've put Afrikan symbols on their shields so there would be no room for doubt, but instead they were instructed by their overseer, the Boule'; who was instructed by Rockefeller, who probably was by Skull & Bones, which was by the Illuminati, to put these subliminal character's on, what Cokely calls, these "guardian animals" that keep watch over the Afrikan community for the beast!

So what's up black greek?! You can't be both. You can't ride the fence. You're either Afrikan or greek. Historically, our ancestors never had a positive relationship with the greeks. It is they who delivered one of the final blows to our Kemetic mystery system by raping, killing, plagiarizing and defacing our people, along with the temples, to build what many today think is what they originated.

I have received madd heat from many black greeks because of my stance on greekdom. And most say they never joined with these intentions and feel as long as they continue to do service projects (like taking blood from the black community and giving it to the blood-sucking-Rockefeller-owned, blood banks) then it's ok, 'cause they're "active in the community". Yeah, but for who??

Of those black greeks who no longer associate with people like myself, we must realize these people only was down because we were trying to unknowingly be something we will never be....GREEK! It's unfortunate that once one does decide they want to be Afrikan and nothing else, they suddenly lose these so-called friends. Even if some greek wan' romp because of this, I will simply ask before doing battle, "are you steppin' to me as an Afrikan or greek?" I need to know 'cause if you're greek, then I will attempt to slay you as a greek. The choice is yours. Let me know so when the revolution manifests on the physical plane, I know whether to equip you with weaponry or vanquish dat ass!

I am merely doing what The Creator compels me to do. I realize truth hurts. It took me several months before I realized what I had to do. Had I not canceled my membership to this demonic-based negro organization, I would be condoning the many killings, rape and thefts these beasts' performed to our people - and still do in anutha form (mental) today.

I leave one last seed I want to plant in the mindz of every black greek readin' this series, "Did you come by foot or camel back?" LIK SHOT!

Jehvon Buckner, Daghettotymz

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 2/4/2005 12:07:47 PM

What has become, an ongoing series exposing one of the vital pawns used in the Illuminati's global operation of caucasian dominance. Having obtained a copy of their history book, History of Sigma Pi Phi: First Of The Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities, by Charles H. Wesley, we found the plan was for a fraternity "conceived by one of them and partially perfected by two, to band together college degree men who were congenial (having the same nature or tastes)", pg 29.

We also found their insignia, the Grecian Sphinx, covering an urn (vase) with its right paw, the circle within a circle (representing both the Rockefeller Foundation & the concealed history of Ra) also represents the container into which were placed the names of Greek citizens who would be chosen by lot to lead the state. Sphinx can be best defined as "to guard, protect or gatekeeper" in Webster's Dictionary.

The Boule' is responsible for starting the 4 black fraternities and sororities, which started a couple years later. Their conspiratorial inception was to keep secret from Afrikans who the real people in power is, therefore, "guarding/protecting" the secret establishment or "advising the King". This was during the early 1900s, a time where 'certain' blacks were just being allowed to receive a higher education at colleges and university. The Boule' was very instrumental in "stealing" the educated Afrikans from the infamous Marcus Garvey movement. This was done largely part, by one of the NWOs best reprogrammed regimes, Henry McKee Minton.

Henry Minton was a physician and the first black to have his own drugstore in the states. "He was one of the growing groups of trained (YT style) community leaders, who were seeing clearly that a full life for themselves could not be assured without a sharing of their fellowship, camaraderie and idealism with others of like minds and hearts." The ones responsible for "training" these negroes was, of course, YT. Wesley goes on to say of why Minton started the Boule', "this organization should be a fraternity in the true sense of the word; one whose chief thought should not be to visit the sick and bury the dead but to bind men of like qualities, tastes and attainments into close sacred union (exactly like Masonry and Skull & Bones...faggotitis!), that they might know the best of one another...In summary, Minton, wanted to create an organization which would partake, in his own words, of the "tenets (like) of Skull and Bones at Yale and Phi Beta Kappa..." If you read January '97s issue of DGT on Skull & Bones, you already know they are the second chapter of the German-based Illuminati (aka New World Order aka One World Government).

The Boule' protects the Round Table Group [it must also be noted that after an initiate becomes a member of Skull & Bones, they are called a 'Knight' (of the Round Table)]. Wesley was quoted once saying, "The Round Table lives only in poetic life and history. They can live again in life. And we can make them live through us. It can continue as a dream -- and it can continue through us." We know from our studies the Round Table Group still exists. The Round Table Group is a secret society started by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschilds in the late 1800s. They were responsible for the last phase of development for the global white supremacy we experience today. Rhodes and Rothschilds, along with the Rockefeller's and Oppenheimer - who inherited Rhodes trust- control the racism we feel on all 4 corners of the earth and in between. Rothschilds is responsible for Europe; Rockefeller, North & South America, Canada and Mexico; and Oppenheimer, Australia, Afrika and the rest. The Round Table Group has connections with the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Committee of 300 aka the Olympians, Imperial Brain Trust, Trilateralists and the Invisible Government, all white supremist organizations scheming demonic plans against people of color as we speak. But not all negroes who were reprogrammed remained negroes. One Afrikan in particular, Geroge GM James, did what no other negro had the cahunaz to do! Yet, to thid day he get's no respect!


Carter G, the so-called "Father of Black History" and WEB, are two noodle-back negroes that couldn't find it in their souls to do something as courageous and honorable as the late George GM James.

GM James, a mason, wrote the controversial book entitled, Stolen Legacy, which was published in 1954. Shortly after the book was released, James died, believed to be a masonic death (neck cut from ear to ear with tongue cut out). Back then, if you were a mason and you told secrets, you would pay with your life (not to say that isn't still the case today). His book clearly proved that Greek philosophy was stolen Afrikan history; demonstrated the Afrikan origin of the Mysteries Schools; and created a social reformation through relearned philosophy of Afrikan history. His work served as the foundation to Afrikans finding themselves in Kemet before YT, thus giving our origin back to the Afrikan wo/man. He was also able to prove several of the so-called greek "scholars" (pirates) were known to have studied in Kemet, or were instructed by others who had studied there, and those who had not studied under the priests of Kemet had access to the texts stored in the Library of Alexandria which housed countless plagiarized texts of the Mysteries Schools, and upon those greek plagiarizer's returning to their native cities, many were exiled or condemned to death (ie. Socrates and Plato); and as young students, they disappeared from sight only to surface decades later as masters of various schools of thought foreign to their native lands.

Carter G. became well known for his infamous quote, "When you control a man's thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder, he will find his proper place and stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit." Woodson became controversial and wrote his bestselling Miseducation Of The Negro, years after being exiled from the Boule' along with DuBois.

Woodson, a member of Omega Psi Phi, can be found receiving grant money from the Carnegie, Lord-Spellman and the Rockefeller Foundation's to assist in his education programs. He also lost most of the grant money because he refused to merge his operations (under direct orders of the foundations) with Tuskegee spy, Robert Multon (also an Omega). These revelations made Woodson realize he had made a grave mistake and began telling the people we were being miseducated by white people, not just in schools, but in life itself....yet he never gave any inkling to the black (nor white, for that matter) secret society he had once belonged to. This shows that although he had been disgruntled with the learned conspiracies of Afrikan people facilitated by the Boule' (under orders of the Round Table Group), he couldn't bring it to himself to relay this vital information to the people. Maybe he feared his death, like GM James experienced. Nevertheless, he chose to bury the secrets with him -- which shows he still obliged the secretly sworn oath of maintaining the status of white supremacy and never letting Afrikans know the whites who rule the world, who are responsible for our decreasing educational, economic and spiritual existence.

WEB emphasized the importance to steal the Afrikan professional away from Marcus Garvey because an Afrocentric organization that articulated and "captured" the black professional would give YT no safe haven in the Afrikan community, so the making of the Boule' was necessary to build a group of loyal negroes who had an investment in protecting the white system as produced by white supremacy.

DuBois was quoted once calling Garvey a gorilla and monkey attempting to "Tarzanize" his back to Afrika movement. However, years after his exile from the Boule' he, too became controversial. Most associate him with the start of Pan-Afrikanism. This devil, who sold our people out by duplicating Woodson's sworn secrecy (protecting/guarding) the secrets of the Boule'. This negro, who hated Garvey and Afrika so much, actually ended up moving to and eventually dying in Ghana, West Afrika. Talk about a spineless hypocrite.

DuBois was also the first negro to write for the Round Table Group's offspring, the Council on Foreign Relations, magazine Foreign Affairs. We know YT would never let a writer such as one from the DGT staff write for their white supremacist publication. So it should not be a shock to know YT would not have DuBois unless they felt DuBois was that "kind" of man (boy).

In 1919, a group organization protested against the Boule' in Washington, DC, exposing their allegiance to global white supremacy. The US. military investigated the Boule' and later adopted them as a spy network alliance. Each member of the Boule' must take a lifetime membership to the NAACP (DGT January '97), so it serves as no coincidence that we also find during that same time, in the 1910s, the NAACP initiated the Anti-Lynch Bill with the US. government. DuBois was one of the pawns used in the finding of this so-called negro organization which is also started, owned and operated by the Round Table Group. The NAACPs major fund contributor's come from the Rockefeller Foundation who once gave them $3 million a couple years ago.

The government did not pass the Anti-Lynch Bill until 1959! This isn't even 40 years ago!! Y?? We found the government would comply with the "request" ONLY if they (NAACP) would trade "Black intelligence". In other words, the government would not honor this bill unless the NAACP agreed to spy for them!

Word out is the Boule' can also be linked to the Tuskegee Experiment in Alabama. Of the negro doctor's who injected Afrikans with syphilis, they were Boule' hired on contract by the government. There was an incident with the local KKK because the clan did not believe the Boule' would not, could not, do such a thing as expressing loyalty to YT over their own people. So they showed up to make sure they would. Needless to say, they met no resistance, for the Boule' doctor's assured the clan the government hired to right group and that they would fulfill their assignment. These bootlickin' house negroes assured the illuminati there was a group of loyal negroes available to counteract any type of Afrikan the "king" did not like.

In 1917, one Lt. Col. Ralph VonDemon set up a negro spy network, under direct orders from then US Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker. Baker's special assistant, or negro laison, was Emmit Scott who was the Boule' grand archon in 1941 (Scott was also the one who was responsible for the emerge of Carter G.). Scott worked very closely with jewish spy, and co-founder of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn. We also found that the spy, Robert Multon, Woodson refused to work with, was the one who got Emmit Scott his position with Baker. Multon was on duty during the Tuskegee experiment. In fact, he was responsible for bringing the US Army to Tuskegee! Multon also was the one who stopped the kkk from having white doctor's in Tuskegee to instill the syphillis. VonDemon later hired "jewish" spy Joel Spingarn to "watch" (spy) the Afrikan community. This points out a direct link between the US government, the Boule' and the NAACP, all spying on the Afrikan community looking for, what "Gay" Edgar Hoover later called (in his COINTELPRO operation), the next "Black Messiah" who would emancipate the mentally enslaved Afrikan. All these organizations were working under strict dictation from the Illuminati or Round Table Group.

The Illuminati's need to "control" the 9 areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, religion and war) as noted by Neilly Fuller and Francess Cress Welsing, had a significant impact in the realm of education. There has also been the misconception that our HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) were started by Afrikans. This is not the case. The Illuminati used the Boule' when they started to build these so-called "Black" universities. Rockefeller and Julius Rosenwald joined forces in the financial backing of these breeding grounds mistakenly called institutions of higher learning (should be called higher training). Labeled the Push Foundation, Rosenwald joined the Rockefeller Foundation in 1922. Together they found Phipps, Atlanta, Dillard, Spellman, Howard and Clark Universities just to name a few. Most likely there is a Rosenwald Hall on each and every HBCU across the country.

Jehvon Buckner, Daghettotymz

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 2/4/2005 12:09:27 PM


**This is the Roster up until 1994**

#1 ALPHA - Philadelphia, PA (5/4/04)
(Founder)Henry McKee Minton, PhD, (F)Edwin Clarence Howard, PhD, (F)Eugene T. Henson, PhD, (F)Algernon Brashear Howard, PhD, (F)Robert Jones Abele, PhD, (F)Richard John Warrick, PhD George A. Alexander, Floyd William Alston, Bernard E. Anderson, Robert L. Archie, Jr, Nolan N. Atkinson, Jr Esq, Nolan N. Atkinson, Sr, Robert Ellison Baker, (Mrs) James A. Batts, Jr, Samuel P. Beard, Jr, Earle Lacour Bradford, Jr., John L. Braxton, William H. Brown, III, Esq, Winston M. Bryant, Jr, Allen E. Chandler, Melvin J. Chisum, MD, (Mrs) Leroy M. Christopher, Louis P. Clark, Jay P. Clifford, Maurice C. Clifford, Edward S. Cooper, Horace A. Davenport, Andrew J., Delgado, Hart M. Dixon, Peter Alfred Dual, Walter R. Edmunds, James Tyrone Giles, Richard G. Gilmore, W. Wilson Goode, Clifford Scott Green, Charles M. Greene, James F. Hamlet, William J. Harvey, III, Theodore F. Hawkins, A. Leon Higginbotham, Esq., (Mrs) Edward E. Holloway, Hiliary H. Holloway, Esq., Romeo A. Horton, David W. Huggins, Deurward L. Hughes, Leon Johnson, Jr., Theodore E. Jones, Theodore E. Jones, Edgar Jackson, III, Julian F. King, Esq., Rotan Edward Lee, Christopher A. Lewis, Esq., (Mrs) John R. Logan, Jr., Walter P. Lomax, Jr., Charles Lutha Poindexter, Robert L. Poindexter, Malcolm Pryor, (Mrs) James P. Ramsey, Louis L. Redding, Esq., (Mrs) James H. Robinson, Christopher M. Roulhac, Jr., (Mrs) Stephen R. Stanford, Arthur Lee Stokes, (Mrs) Wilbur H. Strickland, (Mrs) Daniel B. Taylor, Jr., John W. Thomas, Jr., Marshall D. Vaughters, M. Lorenzo Walker, Bernard S. Watson, (Mrs) Bascom S. Waugh, James W. West, James S. White, (Mrs) O. Wilson Winters, Elmer Young, Jr.

#2 BETA - Chicago, IL (7/19/07)
William W. Ashley, Lerone Bennet, Jr, Henry Claxton Binford, Alvin J. Boutte, James E. Bowman, William Brazley, James. C. Bruce, Jason Bruce, Clark Burris, Manford Byrd, Jr., Wayne Edward Carey, Esq., Clinton Wallace Chapman, Gomez Charleston, Walter H. Clark, Milton O. Davis, Lester J. Dugas, Jr., Rene Martin Earles, Lucius Chism Earles, III, Erwin A. France, Craig Michael Gardner, Edward George Gardner, Frank William Gardner Glenn Paul Gardner, Harry HC. Gibson, Truman K. Gibson, Jr., Esq., Kenneth Elijah Glover, Reynaldo P. Glover, Esq., (Mrs) Wendell E. Green, H. Ernest Hardaway, (Mrs) G. Lamar Harrison, Odell Hicks, Jr., Edsel Kenneth Hudson, Vernon D. Jarrett, (Mrs) William Robert Jarrett, Gary S. Jefferson, Ronald N. Jefferson, George E. Johnson, John H. Johnson, Michael P. Johnson, James E. Jones, (Mrs) Sidney A. Jones, Theodore A. Jones, LE. Keith, David Andrew Kelly, Esq., Andre R. King, A. Paul Knott, Jr., John O. Lewis, (Mrs) Julian H. Lewis, Robert E. Lewis, William Thomas Love, (Mrs) Gamaliel L. Parsons, (Mrs) Cecil A. Partee, Maurice Rabb, Earl W. Renfroe, James Reynolds, Jr., Jonathan A. Rodgers, John W. Rogers, Jr., Charles J. Runner, Anderson M. Schweich, J. Wendell Smith, Kenneth B. Smith, Sr., (Mrs) Roger R. Spencer, CS. Spivey, Jr., (Mrs) James E. Stamps, Robert C. Stepto, Robert C. Stepto, Rodney W. Stewart, Esq., Roland Maurice Stewart, Esq., Ronald J. Temple, Harold W. Thatcher, Richard Lamar Tolliver, Douglass R. Turner, Byron Whitmore Turnquest, (Mrs) W. Scott Tyler, William Edward Washington, Garland W. Watt, Esq., Garland W. Watt, Esq., Everett A. White, (Mrs) Walter E. Wiley, (Mrs) Albert W. Williams, Edward Joseph, Williams, Norman J. Williams, John E. Wilson, (Mrs) Kenneth Emerson Wilson, William Julius Wilson, (Mrs) Edward D. Wimp, Edward L. Wimp, Jr., Clarence N. Wood, Robert Earl Younkins

#3 GAMMA -Baltimore, MD(5/8/08)
(Mrs.)Maurice L. Adams, Marcellus W. Alexander, Jr., (Mrs) Aris T. Allen, Milton B. Allen, Robert M. Bell, (Mrs) John L. Berry, (Mrs) Lillian M. Berry, (Mrs) William Birt Leonard A. Blackshear, Clarence W. Blount, John S. Braxton, Calvin Wilks Burnett, (Mrs) Lucius T. Butler, Phillip EB. Byrd, Jr., Joel Carrington, Edward G. Carroll, Harry A. Cole, John L. Crew, Samuel Thornton Daniels, Lloyd E. Davis, Lionel A. DesBordes, Richard N. Dixon, Robert Franklin Draper, Jr., (Mrs) Thomas P. Fraser, Herbert Russell Frisby, Jr., Esq., Richard Carlton Hackney, Jr., Esq., Miles Gaither Harrison, Jr., Marion Holmes, Freeman H. Hrabowski, III, Linwood Mircus Ivey, Howard Taylor Jessamy, William L. Jews, Clifton R. Jones, Earl Dee Rome Kidwell, Jr., Ferdinand S. Leacock, Theodore C. Patterson, Osborne Allen Payne, (Mrs) Saul M. Perdue, Robert Melvin Phillips, Nathan A. Pitts, William B. Ray, Earl S. Richardson, Donald C. Roane, Bishop Lee Robinson, Walker Lee Robinson, George L. Russell, Jr., Esq., Everard O. Rutledge, Elijah Saunders, Kurt Lidell Schmoke, Esq., Stuart Oswald Simms, Henry B. Smith, Duane T. Smoot, Roland T. Smoot, Kenneth Lyle Thompson, Esq., Levi Watkins, Jr., Robert B. Watts, (Mrs) S. Reginald Watts, Arnold Williams, Donald Edward Wilson, (Mrs) Robert L. Young, Jr.

#4 DELTA - Memphis, TN(6/17/10)
Kenny W. Armstrong, Leland Atkins, Frank J. Banks, James Henry Boyd, Addison Albert Branch, George H. Brown, Jr., Mrs) James S. Byas, (Mrs)Floyd M. Campbell, Charles Carpenter, Esq., Harry T. Coleman, Jr., Bobby Lee Collins, Andrew J. Dancy, Sam Delk, Thaddeus B. Gaillard, Willie W. Herenton, Booker T. Hodges, Odell Horton, Odell Horton, Jr., Esq., Robert J. Howse, Cato Johnson, Burnett Joiner, Clair Maurice Jones, Edwin C. Jones, Mathew L. King, Robert S. Lewis, Fred C. Lofton, James O. Patterson, III, James A. Perkins, William C. Phelps, (Mrs) Hollis F. Price, Paul D. Randolph, Edward W. Reed, Ishmael S. Reid, Jr., (Mrs) Frederick A. Rivers, Lawrence D. Seymour, Arthur Shack, Clifford W. Sims, Robert Smith, (Mrs) Spencer M. Smith, Vasco A. Smith, (Mrs) WO. Speight, Jr., (Mrs) Jesse D. Springer, Russell B. Sugarman, Jr., William H. Sweet, Harold Leon Taylor, William Terrell, Jr., (Mrs) Robert Maurice Tharpe, (Mrs) Jesse H. Turner, Sr., Jesse Hosea Turner, Jr., Allan J. Wade, Esq., Lawrence S. Wade, (Mrs) A. Maceo Walker, Daniel Ward, Kenny Washington, Jonnie B. Watson, Jesse L. Westbrook, Joseph Wilson Westbrook, III, Lawrence A. Westley, AC. Wharton, Jr. Esq.

Rudolph O. Aggrey, Clifford L. Alexander, Jr., Carl Edwin Anderson, John David Attaway, Larry Bailey, William A. Banner, Jesse Belmont Barber, Jr, Michael E. Batipps, Nathan Dwight Baxter, (Mrs) James B. Bayton, Eugene Macke Bentley III, Milton Desmond Bernard, Herman R. Branson, Herman Edward Branson, (Mrs) Wiley Austin Branton, Edward W. Brice Andrew F. Brimmer, (Mrs) Osmond H. Brown, Jr., Ronald H. Brown, Wesley A. Brown, Andrew Daniel Bryant, William B. Bryant, John A. Buggs, Charles E. Burbridge, Luther Carl Burnett, Broadus N. Butler, Clive Orville Callender, Alphonso A. Christian, Esq., James Menard Christian, Esq., Charles Howell Clark, John F. Clark, Warfield C. Clark, Vincent H. Cohen, Charles Lorenza Curry, George Albert Dalley, Esq. Ernest Harold Davenport, CPA, Arthur P. Davis, Philip Joseph Davis, Steve Galberth Davis, Horace G. Dawson, Jr., Gary Creed Dennis, Charles T. Duncan, David T. Duncan, Harry Thomas Edwards, RK. Fox, Jr., H. Minton Francis, Hardy R. Franklin, (Mrs) Samuel Lucius Gandy, William Gordon, (Mrs) Francis A. Gregory, Fredrick D. Gregory, (Mrs) Henry C. Gregory, III, (Mrs) Norman HC. Griffiths, George W. Haley, Esq., Elliott Sawyer Hall, Steven A. Hamilton, Esq., Joseph E. Harris, Lester Harris, Clinton J. Hoggard, Eric H. Holder, Jr., Esq., (Mrs) M. Carl Holman, John H. Hope, (Mrs) John Hope, III, Norman William Jarvis, Howard Jenkins, Jr., George W. Jones, Lawrence Neale Jones, William B. Jones, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., James Alfred Joseph, Henry Harold Kennedy, Jr., John Andrew Kenney, Jr., John Andrew Kenny, Jr., (Mrs) John W. Lawlah, Warner Lawson, Jr., Esq., William W. Lawson, Jr., Bertram M. Lee, LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., Walter J. Leonard, Delano Lewis, C. Payne Lucas, Myles V. Lunk, III, Esq., Albert E. Manley, Jeanus Burrell Parks, Jr., Edward J. Perkins, (Mrs) Rufus P. Perry, (Mrs) J. Rupert Picott, Harold Thomas Pinkett, Joseph A. Quash, Franklin D. Raines, Linwood Lee Rayford, Jr., Joseph Paul Reason, Vincent Emory Reed, Aubrey E. Robinson, Carl T. Rowan, Frank Lee Shuford, Jr., Robert L. Simmons, Joseph Jacob Simmons, III, Rodney Earl Slater, Esq., Franklin L. Smith, Frank M. Snowden, Frank Anthony Spellman, Warren James Strudwick, Sr., Louis Wade Sullivan, Edward C. Sylvester, Jr., (Mrs) Alfred E. Thomas, William S. Thompson, Preston Valien, (Mrs) John Thomas Walker, Eric Tyson Washington, Robert B. Washington, Jr., Walter Edward Washington, Esq., Anthony E. Watkins, George Weaver, Paul R. Webber, III, Paul R. Webber, IV, (Mrs) Charles H. Wesley, (Mrs) William Whitehead, Robert S. Wilkinson, Jr., Eddie N. Williams, James T. Williams, Wesley Samuel Williams, Jr., Esq., Thomas Samuel Williamson, George Henry Windsor, Esq., Michael R. Winston, Irving J. Winters, Jr., (Mrs) Stanton L. Wormley, James Worden Yancey

#6 ZETA - New York City (1/6/12)
Fritz Winfred Alexander, Esq, Lee Andrew Archer, Jr, (Mrs)Arthur R. Ashe, Bruce Laine Ballard, (Mrs) Lloyd Thomas Barnes, Earl J. Benjamin, George Clayton Branche, Jr., Samuel Chester Brisbane, Sharnia Buford, (Mrs) George D. Cannon, Alfonso L. Carney, Jr., Kenneth I. Chenault, Malcolm L. Corrin, Leonard E. DePaur, Harry M. Delaney, (Mrs) Hubert T. Delaney, Walter Ivey Delph, David Norman Dinkins, Howard Dodson, Harold Emanuel Doley, Edward R. Dudley, Edward R. Dudley, Jr., Esq., Joseph Henry French, Alwyn H. Granady, Earl G. Graves, Jack Greenburg, Esq., Kevin Cecil Greenidge, Charles Jordan Hamilton, Jr., Esq., Charles V. Hamilton Bernard Warren Harleston, Conrad K. Harper, Esq., DS. Harrington, Paul A. Haywood, (Mrs) Butler T. Henderson, (Mrs) Joseph Newton Hill, Benjamin L. Hooks, Esq., Edwin C. Horne, John E. Hutchinon, III, John E. Jackson, Hobart S. Jarrett, Jeh Vincent Johnson, Lowell Douglass Johnston, Esq., (Mrs) David J. Jones, Ulysses S. Kay, George L. Knox, (Mrs) Samuel L. Kountz, Edward Joseph Levy, Edward Lewis, George R. Lewis, Richard Bryant Lowe, III, William R. Lucas, John W. Parker, Jr., Basil Alexander Paterson, Esq., John Sidney Pritchard, III, Roberto E. Reid, James Robert Rhone, Esq., Harvey C. Russell, Frank Savage, Marvin Lewis Shelton, Donald M. Stewart, Edward M. Swan, Jr., (Mrs) Edward V. Taylor, Sr., Robert J. Taylor, William E. Taylor, Frank L. Thompson, (Mrs) Leon E. Thompson, (Mrs) Andrew R. Tyler, (Mrs) William R. Valentine, Robet C. Weaver, Aaron Otis Wells, M. Moran Weston, II, Damion Edwin Wicker, Frederick D. Wilkinson, Jr., Frost Birnie Wilkinson, E. Thomas Williams, Jr., (Mrs) Franklin Hall Williams, Frederick H. Williams, Milton L. Williams, Thomas A. Wood, (Mrs) Hale A. Woodruff, (Mrs) Whitney M. Young

#7 ETA-St.Louis, MO (5/22/15)
(Mrs) John F. Benson, (Mrs) J. Owen Blache, Frederick P Blair, Jr., Leslie F. Bond, Leslie Fee Bond, Jr., Charles Brasfield, Jr., James H. Buford, Samuel A. Canaan, Jr., Ladorn Creighton, Mitchell F. Crusto, Arnold W. Donald, Rudy L. Dyer, Henry Givens, Jr., John H. Gladney, (Mrs) Edward D. Hamilton, Julius Hunter, (Mrs) Andrew S. Jackson, William Henry Jones, (Mrs) Virgil H. Lucas, Coleman H. Peterson, Augustus C. Phillips, David Birdet Price, Jr., Wendell G. Rayburn, (Mrs) Sidney R. Redmond, Helton Reed, Jr., Esq., Jonathan R. Reed, Donnell Reid, Frank Oliver Richards, Ted Savage, Jr., Charles A. Shaw, Halevy Hercules Simmons, Wayman Flynn Smith, III, Esq., (Mrs) George B. Stafford, Donald M. Suggs, Daniel T. Tillman, James M. Trice, Jr., Eric Efran Vickers, Walter Washington, Edward L. Welch, James M. Whittico, Milton P. Wilkins, Jr., R. Jerome Williams, Roy Jerome Williams, Jr., John Aaron Wright, Ira M. Young, Esq., (Mrs) Natan B. Young, William Henry Young

Edward C. Alexander,III, Gary Francis Ballard, Robert S. Bates, Leslie Earle Becker, William W. Boone, Daniel Lavelle Britton, (Mrs) William H. Bryan, Edwin R. Byrd, Ralph Caro, Robert Newton Clark, William Howard Clark, Daniel K. Daniels, (Mrs) Vewiser L. Dixon, (Mrs) Benjamin Edward Franklin, Coy D. Gill, Jacob U. Gordon, Jon Reginald Gray, Jasper William Harris, (Mrs) Frank J. Harvey, III, (Mrs) AB. Howard, Elmer C. Jackson Jr., Esq., Herman A. Johnson, Ralph Charles Johnson, Herman H. Jones, Jr., Perry Randall Kirkpatrick, Leroy C. Lewis, Louis H. Plummer, Esq., Arthur Eugene Pullam, Harry Revels, III, William Earl Richards, Sr., Samuel U. Rodgers, W. Michael Rogers, Robert B. Sanders, (Mrs) Clifford M. Spottsville, (Mrs) William Edward Stroud, (Mrs) Will C. Taliaferro, James H. Thomas, Adell Thompson, Jr., Solomon Henry Thompson, Jr., (Mrs) Charles B. Wlkinson, E. Paul Williams

#9 IOTA - Detroit, MI(3/23/17)
Dennis Wayne Archor, Harold M. Arrington, (Mrs)Robyn J. Arrington, Sr., Robyn James Arrington, Jr., Richard H.Austin, Kermit Bailer, William A. Bell, II Esq, David Bing, Kenneth A. Brown, Waldo L. Cain, (Mrs) AJ. Calloway, Jr., James AU. Carter, William M. Chavis, John E. Codwell, Jr., Julius V. Combs, Wilson A. Copeland, II, Esq., Wendelle F. Cox, Austin Wingate Curtis, (Mrs) Victoria Davenport, (Mrs) Elias J. Dickson, Leon Ashby Dickson, Walter Edmond Douglas, (Mrs) Laval Duncan, George Franklin Francis, III, Ray R. Graves, Forrest F. Greene, Joseph Benjamin Harris, (Mrs) Edna Harrison, (Mrs) Robert Leslie Hurst, (Mrs) Simon O. Johnson, William T. Johnson, Arnold M. Jones, Walton A. Lewis, John L. Albert Loomis, (Mrs) Thomas Love, Ernest Timothy Marshall, (Mrs) JB. Martin, Jack Martin, William F. Pickard, Paul Johnson Piper, (Mrs) Percival R. Piper, Isaac Jackie Powell, (Mrs) Longworth Quinn, Ronald V. Reed, Leroy C. Richie, Esq., Roy S. Roberts, (Mrs) Remus G. Robinson, Horace J. Rodgers, Esq., Philip T. Saunders, Howard Francis Sims, S. Martin Taylor, Edward McCall Thomas, Samuel H. Thomas, Jr., Esq., Harole Richard Varner, Charles Cary Vincent, (Mrs) Willis F. Ward, Daniel Thomas Wheatley, James Wilson Woodruff

#10 KAPPA-Atlanta, GA (1/24/20)
Henry Aaron, John H. Adams, William H. Alexander, Alvin F. Anderson, Sr., (Mrs) Clarence A. Bacote, Gregory Thomas Baranco, Benjamin Allan Blackburn II, Elias Blake, Jr., (Mrs) Horace Mann Bond, (Mrs) James Philip Brawley, (Mrs) Brailsford E. Brazeal, Robert Hughes Brisbane, Calvin Anderson Brown, Robert Eugene Burnette, Thomas Winston Cole, Jr., Fletcher Coombs, Jr., Clarence Cooper, James Hutten Costen, Alonzo Crim, (Mrs) Frank M. Cunningham, (Mrs) Cleveland E. Dennard, Robert Michael Franklin, Jr., Hugh Morris Gloster, Charles F. Goosby, Stephen W. Gordon, Samuel Thaddeus Gulley, (Mrs) Richard C. Hackney, John E. Hall, William Nichols Harper, (Mrs) Marquis L. Harris, Oscar Lewis Harris, Jr., (Mrs) Jacob Robert Henderson, (Mrs) Vivian W. Henderson, Charles Albert Hicks, Asa G. Hilliard, III, Donald Lee Hollowell, Esq., Hamilton Earl Holmes, (Mrs) Richard l. Holmes, (Mrs) Marque Leslie Jackson, Thomas Dunbar Jarrett, Melvin Leroy Jeter, Leroy R. Johnson, Charles S. Johnson, III, (Mrs) Howard Jordan, Jr., Norman E. Joyner, Leroy Keith, Delutha Harold King, Jr., John Robert Lewis, Michael Lucas Lomax, Wiley A. Perdue, Edward Bruce Phillips, Alan Eugene Pinado, Theadore Pryor, (Mrs) Harry Van Buren Richardson, (Mrs) Edward E. Riley, JL. Roberts, Jr., Thomas D. Robinson, Herbert F. Ryan, Thomas Gatewood Sampson, Esq., Grant S. Shockley, William Bruce Shropshire, Sr., Herman B. Smith, Jr., Jessie J. Spikes, Esq., Bernard Taylor, (Mrs) Franklin Thomas, Roscoe Edwin Thmoas, Jr., Esq., Edwin Alfred Thompson, Dennis Turner, Jr., Aaron M. Turpeau, Carl Ware, Clinton E. Warner, Herbert N. Watkins, (Mrs) Henry C. Whitlow, Jr., J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr., Peyton Williams, Jr., Philip Galbert Wiltz, Thurmond B. Woodard, Asa G. Yancey, Sr., Labat Yancey, Esq., Prentiss Q. Yancey Jr., Esq., Andrew J. Young

#11 LAMBDA-Columbus, OH (6/21/21)
(Mrs) RE Bland, Wilbur Clanton Blount, George David Boston, John WE Bowen, Esq., William J. Butler, Arthur L. Clark, Ransey Guy Cole, Jr., Michael Bennett Coleman, Esq., Edward J. Cox, Sr., Esq., Edward J. Cox, Jr., Esq., Robert M. Duncan Ralph K. Frasier, Esq., Marvin G. Green, David D. Hamlar, (Mrs) Alice Harrsion, William James Hicks, James Kenneth Jackson, Alfred B. Jefferson, Louis Bernard LaCour, Jr., Richard Dennis Letts, Esq., Harold Green Logan, Daniel L. Mann, Esq.,Grady Lee Pettigrew, Jr., William Nowls Reynolds, Julian H. Robinson, Alex Shumate, Ralph Walter Smithers, Lewis Russell Smoot, Jr., Mac A. Stewart, William G. Sykes, Walter A. Thomas, Mark William Thurman, James S. Wade, Charles H. Walker, (Mrs) Watson H. Walker, John D. White, Edward J. Willis, William K. Willis, Wiley Gray Woodard, Lucien C. Wright

#12 MU - Newark, NJ (11/5/39)
Robert L. Arrington, (Mrs) Catherine Banks, Richard L. Bland, Jr., Alan Brian Bond, Ernest R. Booker, Sherle L. Boone, James Edison Brown, Russell A. Brown, Reynold C. Burch, Andrew Byers, Chandose F. Caldwell, (Mrs) Rose Catchings, (Mrs) Frankye Clarke Sr., Leonard Smith Coleman, Jr., (Mrs) Mattie Cornwell, Francis D. Davis, Charles Wilson Dickerson, III, Ernest F. Dunn, Leon Allison Frase, Claude C. George, Edward L. Gibson, Don Navarro Harris, Leslie Ambrose Hayling, Charles Bernard Henry, Sr., Richard Oliver Hope, George Lewis Horton, M. William Howard, Edward E. Johnson, Robert A. Johnson, Sr., Chester H. Jones, James Edward Lassiter, Jr., Carroll M. Leevy, (Mrs) Bessie Marsh, John R. Martin, (Mrs) William M. Phillips, Jr., Garvey Presley, Albert H. Price, (Mrs) Ethel C. Price, Samuel D. Proctor, C. Shelby Rooks, Henri McDonald St. Paul, James A. Scott, Bernard Sims, (Mrs) Augusta Smith, John Herbert Spencer, Jr., Joseph T. Stewart, Herbert Holmes Tate, Jr., Esq., (Mrs) Marion Thomas, William A. Thomas, Jr., Esq., Linwood W. Tindall, (Mrs) Susie Waxwood, Jr., Arthur W. White, Herschel T. White, Stanley Everett White, Charles O. Wilkins, Robert J. Wilson, Elbert Carey Wisner

#13 NU - Houston, TX (5/27/50)
Willie J. Alexander, (Mrs)Thomas D. Armstrong, (Mrs) Herman Barnett, (Mrs) Don J. Boney, Paris Bransford, Henry Hartford Brown, Milton Robert Bryant, (Mrs) Henry A. Bullock, Kirbyjon H. Caldwell, Milton Carroll, John S. Chase, John Benjamin Clemmons, Jr., (Mrs) John Brady Coleman, Rufus Cormier, Jr., Esq., Percy P. Creuzot, Donald George Gardner, Charles Arthur Green, Anthony W. Hall, Jr., Esq., (Mrs) Mack H. Hannah, Jr., Elvin Earnest Hayes, Jesse D. Hayes, Clarence R. Higgins, Donald Kenneth Hill, Esq., Blanchard T. Hollins, Albert E. Hopkins, Kenneth Hoyt Grover Glenn Jackson, Esq., Andrew L.. Jefferson, Jr., Otis H. King, Esq., Daniel C. Lawson, William A. Lawson, Jr., Earl AR. Lord, Alfred Robert Louis, Edward W. Martin, John Wesley Peavy, (Mrs) EB. Perry, (Mrs) Joseph Pierce, Matthew Wesley Plummer, Jr., Vince F. Rachel, (Mrs) Arthur J. Riddle, Judson Robinson, Jr., (Mrs) Thomas H. Routt, Milton L. Scott, (Mrs) John Jarvis Seabrook, (Mrs) John J. Session, John S. Stone, (Mrs) Robert J. Terry, Alving I. Thomas, James Watson, John QA. Webb, Jr., A. Martin Wickliff, Jr., Gerald E. Wilson, Hargrove F. Wooten

#14 XI - Los Angeles, CA (9/15/21)
Daniel Alexander, Fredric Eugene Alexander, (Mrs) Howard H. Allen, (Mrs) Edward J. Atkinson, Leroy T. Barnes, Keith Lanier Black, Raleigh C. Bledsoe, Charles Morris Bosley, Robert Emanuel Bowdoin, Mirion Perry Bowers, Theodore R. Brooks, George Bennett Brothers, George Bernard Brown, Edward P. Bryan, Herbert L. Carter, Richard M. Carter, Roger Evans Dash, John Amoureux Ducket, Calmeze Henike Dudley, Willis Keil Duffy, Gilmore Joseph Dunning, (Mrs) Joseph S. Dunning, Leonard R. Fuller, Clarence S. Greene, Jr., (Mrs) Taliaferro W. Harris, Herman Alan Henricks, (Mrs) Julius W. Hill, Samuel Joseph Hill, Kirk L. Holloman, Laynard L. Holloman, Ivan Abbott Houston, Ivan J. Houston, (Mrs) Norman O. Houston, Elbert T. Hudson, Esq., Paul Claude Hudson, Charles Howell James, III, Marion S. Johnson, Shedrick D. Jones, C. Robert Kemp, Robert A. Kennard, Bernard W. Kinsey, William Lee Land, Esq., Walter F. Leavell, Clifton V. Lee, Paul David Lehman, (Mrs) Charles R. Lisberg, John W. Mack, Albet O. Maddox, Lyle Albert Marshall, William T. Patrick, Jr., Lawrence Edward Paxton, Nolan H. Payton, Esq., Donald Gayton Phelps, Ellsworth P. Pryor, III, Madison F. Richardson, Earl Robert Ryder, (Mrs) Leslie N. Shaw, (Mrs) Claudius N. Shorpshire, Thomas B. Shropshire, John F. Simmons, James B. Singleton, III, Sherman W. Smith, Gerald L. Stovall, (Mrs) Charles Andrew Taylor, Sidney A. Thompson, Alonzo V. Wallette, Leroy R. Weekes, (Mrs) Charles F. Williams, David W. Williams, Henry Stratton Williams, Homer Lavaughn Williams, (Mrs) Paul R. Williams, Robert L. Williams, Roscoe C. Williams, William R. Williams, Jr., Lawrence B. Wilson, Lionel W. Young

#15 OMICRON- St.Paul & Minneapolis, MN (5/6/22)
Kenneth E. Banks, Jr. Esq, McKinley Boston, Joel L. Boyd, Richard Brown, William Donald Brown, Jr., Ellis Bullock, Robert C. Covington, Walter W. Cox, Jr., Ronald Bernard Davis, Cassius MC. Ellis, Woodson M. Fountain, James D. Fowler, Jr., Curman L. Gaines, John W. Garner, (Mrs) Ashby U. Gaskins, Richard S. Gaskins, Clem Smith Haskins, John William Henderson, Coleridge T. Hendon, William E. Hogan, III, Oscar C. Howard, Fred Lewis, Edward W. Posey, Charles F. Rogers, Charles H. Self, John L. Sims, Edwin J. Sizer, John M. Taborn, David V. Taylor, Henry R. Thomas, Elliot V. Troup. Frank B. Wilderson, Jr., Thaddeus W. Wilderson, Earle L. Williams, James Wright, Ernest Wynn

#16 PI - Little Rock, AR(12/22/22)
John V. Barner, Wiley Austin Branton, Jr., Roosevelt Brown, (Mrs) Frank R. Bryant, Lennis V. Coleman, Lawrence Davis, Jr., Oscar Jerome Green, Esq., Willie Daniel Hamilton, Joe Louis Hargrove, OR. Holiday, PA. Hollingsworth, Esq., Marion Andrew Humphrey, Eugene Hunt, Esq., (Mrs) Garland U. Jamison, Jerry Jewell, Horace Johnson, (Mrs) Kenneth L. Johnson, Sr., Henry Louis Jones, Jr., (Mrs) Clyde Lawlah, Walter L. Littlejohn, (Mrs) TE. Patterson, (Mrs) HA. Powell, (Mrs) Hosea Medley Profitt, Phillip Leon Rayford, Worthie R. Springer, Sherman Tate, Meyer L. Titus, John W. Walker, Woodson DuBois Walker, Esq., Benjamin G. Williams, Henry P. Williams

#17 RHO - Pittsburgh, PA(1/27/23)
Charles C. Bookert, Jack Burley, Earl Childs, William M. Cuthbert, Ronald R. Davenport, Esq., Wilbur C. Douglass, Jr., Arthur J. Edmunds, Wendell G. Freelan, Esq., William Osborne Generette, Robert W. Goode, (Mrs) Ralph M. Hadley, Eddward H. Hale, Leon Leroy Haley, IR. Rendall Harper, Jr., Lawrence Cabot Howard, Justin Morris Johnson, Livingstone M. Johnson, Julius Jones, Jr., (Mrs) James K. Lewis, Timothy K. Lewis, Esq.,Gregory B. Patrick, Leroy Patrick, (Mrs) Russell Shelton, Paul A. Simmons, Henry R. Smith, Jr., Eric W. Springer, Lynn Curtis Swann, Milton A. Washington, J.Warren Watson, Eugene L. Youngue

#18 SIGMA- Dayton & Wilberforce, OH (4/19/24)
Gideon SA. Adegbile, Joseph L. Anthony, (Mrs) Edward V. Bennet, Clarence E. Bowman, Jr., Orlando Vernon Brown, (Mrs) Willie L. Byrd, Russell L. Carter, Esq., Herman A. Cole, (Mrs) John H. Cooper Thomas J. Craft, (Mrs) Reginald S. Daniel, Stanley A. Earley, Guy Louis Emmons, Jr., James Lawrence Francis, Washington E. Garner, (Mrs) William Alton Gaston, Waverly Glover, Charles Harold Hall, Paul B. Harris, (Mrs) Curtis C. Haynes, Paul A. Haywood, David W. Hazel, Harry Geddis Johns, Charles S. Johnson, Jr., Melvin Andrew Johnson, Charles Arben Jones, Robert S. King, Jr., Lloyd Edward Lewis, Jr., Robert D. Lewis, Leo A. Lucas, (Mrs) James A. Parsons, Dwight E. Smith, Estus Smith, (Mrs) Frederick E. Smith, (Mrs) Rembert E. Stokes, Oliver W. Sumlin, Rodger LM. Taylor, Jarret A. Thomas, Dwight Allan Washington, Esq., John William Washington, Carl Lynwood Wilson, Henry Arnold Wilson, Milton Elwood Wilson, (Mrs) George F. Woodson

#19 TAU-Cleveland, OH (6/15/25)
Richard Andrews, Esq., Leon Douglas Bibb, (Mrs) Emanuel S. Branch, Steven D. Bullock, John H. Bustamante, Esq., Edward C. Coaxum, Jr., Esq., (Mrs) Elmer E. Collins, Esque Crawford, Nolen M. Ellison, Wayne Embry, Bertram E. Gardner, (Mrs) Claborne George, Donet D. Graves, Chester J. Gray, Sr., Robert L. Green, (Mrs) Richard Gunn, (Mrs) William M. Hall-Smeltz, (Mrs) Owen L. Heggs, Jr., (Mrs) Frank Hendricks, Clarence Huggins, Edgar B. Jackson, Jr., Andrew L. Johnson, Jr., H. Andrew Johnson, III, Jefferson J. Jones, Mark David Kankam, (Mrs) John W. Kellogg, Theodore W. Long, Jr., Robert P. Madison, (Mrs) John Pegg, E. Allison Phillips, Winston H. Richie, Timothy L. Stephens, Jr., George W. White, (Mrs) Anthony J. Whitflield, James M. Whitley, William N. Whiteley, Edward L. Wilkerson, Jackson T. Wright

#20 UPSILON-Charleston, WV (4/15/26)
(Mrs)Douglas J. Anderson, Marvin E. Billups, Charles R. Byrd, Hazo William Carter, Jr., Isaiah Eugene Coleman, John Lewis Fuller, Sr., Audrey L. Harris, Jr., Elliot Gene Hicks, Charles H. James, II, (Mrs) Joseph R. Jones, Charles Ted Ledbetter,(Mrs) Richard A. Parker, (Mrs) Charles E. Price, James A. Russell, Jr., Robert L. Stephens, Jr., Robert Leo Walker, Jr., William JL. Wallace

#21 PHI - Montgomery, Tuskegee,AL (7/28/38)
Euegene W. Adams, Clifford C. Baker, (Mrs) William E. Belton, Wilfred Jerome Bibbins, Walter C. Bowie, Edward Tildon Braye, (Mrs) John L. Buskey, Thomas J. Calhoun, James. E. Caple, Herbert Eugene Carter, James Henry Carter, Sr., (Mrs) William A. Clark, George H. Clay,, Milton Carver Davis, Robert L. Davis, Terry Glenn Davis, Esq., (Mrs) Joseph F. Drake, (Mrs) Andrew J. Durgan, (Mrs) Cecil C. Gloster, Fred D. Gray, (Mrs) Mildred Hardy, William H. Harris, Leon Howard, John F. Hume, Howard W. Kenney, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Emmett Lawson, Albert Eugene Lester, William L. Lester, W. Troy Massey, Esq., Thad C. McClammy, Walter Edgar McGowan, Esq., Paul B. Mohr, Sr., Edwin L. Moss, Walter Julian Oldham, Benjamin F. Payton, Warner Louis Pinchback, Myron H. Thompson, Savage J. Whisenhunt, Sr., (Mrs) James H. Williams, Thomas T. Williams, John H. Winston, Jr.

#22 CHI - Nashville, TN (5/1/39)
Eugene W. Adams, William H. Allen, Sydney Fitz C. Barnwell, Louis Bernard, Adolpho A. Birch, Jr, Julian W. Blackshear Jr. Esq, (Mrs) Arna Bontemps, Theophilus Boyd, III, Edward W. Browne, George C. Busby, George E. Butler, Andre Lemont Churchwell, (Mrs) Nehemiah Cooper, Isaiah Thornton Creswell, Esq., Bernard G. Crowell, (Mrs) Oliver Wendell Crump, Ivan R. Davis, Sr., (Mrs) Walter S. Davis, Henry W. Foster, (Mrs) George W. Gore, Jr., (Mrs) William H. Grant, Elwyn Mancel Grimes, Axel C. Hansen, (Mrs) William D. Hawkins, Jr., James A. Hefner, Samuel H. Howard, Frederick S. Humphries, Fred Jones, Jr., Roland L. Jones, Harold W. Jordan, James Edward McGriff, (Mrs) William D. McKissack, Edwin H. Mitchell, Warren N. Moore, (Mrs) Joseph A. Payne, Frank A. Perry, Frank A. Perry, Jr., (Mrs) Carlton H. Petway, Henry Ponder, Gadson J. Tarleton, Jr., Fred C. Thomas, Harold Delane Thompson, (Mrs) Carr A. Treherne, Richard Martin Turner, III, Charles Dewitt Watts, Jr., Avon N. Williams, Esq., McDonald Williams, (Mrs) Oscar E. Woolfolk

#23 PSI - Louisville, KY (10/27/39)
(Mrs)Lloyd E. Alexander, Michael Allen Bateman, Jesse B. Bell, Wayne. S. Brown, Elmer Emmet Dunbar, Jr., (Mrs) HC. Duncan, Lamont R. Gholston, William J. Gordon, Albert B. Harris, Robert K. Holmes, Jr., John Phillip Howard, (Mrs) Bush Hunter, Thomas Johnson, Hancy Jones, III, Esq., Robert Belton Kendall, Jr., Bernard I. Minnis, Malvin E. Moore, Jr., Gerald Anthony Neal, Esq., Darryl T. Owens, (Mrs) Charles H. Parrish, Mitchell Howard Payne, (Mrs) Christine Perry, Roy P. Peterson, Woodford R. Porter, (Mrs) Frank L. Stanley, Jr., (Mrs) Pruitt O. Sweeney, Sr., Floyd Cleveland Taylor, (Mrs) John H. Wallace, Arthur M. Walters, (Mrs) Jesse Pluckett Warders, (Mrs) Arnold W. Wright

#24 ALPHA ALPHA - New Orleans (4/12/40)
Walter Joseph Barial, Rufus Lee Billups, Charles HD Bowers, Jr., Michael B. Bruno, Edgar Lawrence Chase, III, Samuel DuBois Cook, (Mrs) Contant C. DeJoie, Jr., (Mrs) Albert W. Dent, Willard L. Dumas, Jr., Norman C. Francis, Leon R. Fulton, Antoine M. Garibaldi, (Mrs) Anthony J. Hackett, Jr.. RF. Harrington, CC. Haydel, Jr., CC. Haydel, Sr., Stephen S. Johnson, III, Clarence Joseph Jupiter, Charles Knox Lasister, III, Wayne Joseph Lee, Ivan LR. Lemelle, Alden J. McDonald, (Mrs) Ernest N. Morial, Wayne Joseph Neveu, Revius Ortique, Jr., Herman Francis Plunkett, Kevin Ulysse Stephens, Charles C. Teamer, George J. Thomas, Jr., (Mrs) daniel C. Thompson, Richard H. Timpton, Robert H. Tucker, Jr., Robert L. White, Everett J. Williams

#25 ALPHA BETA - Richmond, VA (4/4/41)
(Mrs) BB Barnwell, Jr, Walton McNeil Belle, Elwood Bernard Boone, (Mrs) Booker T. Bradshaw, Thomas C. Bridge, (Mrs)France M. Brinkley, Sr., William C. Calloway, Renard Adkins Charity, (Mrs) Cortlandt Colson, Charles Edward Cummings, Bernardin F. Dabney, Manuel Deese, Murry Norman DePillars, (Mrs) Curtis C. Duke, (Mrs) Luther H. Foster, David M. French, Franklin J. Gayles, (Mrs) Fred Chiles Green, (Mrs) Albert T. Harris, (Mrs) Robert M. Hendrick, Jr., Vernard W. Henley, Oliver White Hill, Esq., Oliver White Hill, Jr., John L. Howette, Melvin Russell Hughes, Jr., (Mrs) John M. Hunter, Samuel Boykin Hunter, Allix B. James, Calvin Donnell Jamison, Harry A. Johnson, Norris J. Johnson, William R. Johnson, Thomas HE. Jones, Abbot J. Lambert, Leonard Warden Lambert, Esq., Benjamin J. Lambert, III, Thomas M. Law, Edward Long, (Mrs) Annette G. Maclin, Samuel A. Madden, John F. Mapp, Jr., Henry L. Marsh, III, Earl H. McClenney, Eddie Nathaniel Moore, Jr., (Mrs) Clifton F. Nelson, James C. Nelson, Freddie Warren Nicholas, Sr., Herman Francis Plunkett, James R. Spencer, Calvin H. Thigpen, Joseph E. Thompson, William S. Thornton, Charles H. Townes, James F. Tucker, Stephen F. Vaughan, Ronald R. Wesley, Esq., Lawrence D. Wilder

"You will notice the sphinx with his right paw covering a vase. Inside the vase we see a circle within a circle wiht a dot in the middle. This has two meanings, is the symbol of the Rhodes/Rothschilds is the symbol of Ra, our ancient Sun God, or Heru of the originial trinity...the outer circle within a circle is closing off the power of Ra, along with the paw to further conceal the truth of our ancient history!" - Jehvon J. Buckner

#26ALPHA GAMMA - Berkeley, CA (6/10/44)
William James Bell, David H. Blackwell, Howard Arthur Blanchette, Daniel Boggan, Jr, Martin G. Brookins, Allen E. Broussard, James A. Garfield, George D. Carroll, John M. Carson, Joseph William Clift, James Otis Cole, Esq., Benjamin Garner Covington, (Mrs) Lawrence P. Crouchett, Harold Davis, (Mrs) Maynard D. Driver, Marcus Foster, Donald H. Godbold, Darnley J. Goodridge, Thomas Alivin Goss, Arnold Terry Grisham, Robert Lewis Harris, Esq., Stanley P. Hebert, Esq., Cornelius L. Hopper, James Edwin Jackson, Jay Rosenwald Jackson, John B. Jackson, Jr., Melvyn C. Jarrett, Melvin Louis Kennedy,Michael Andre Lenoir, William A. Lester, Jr., James B. Lockhart, Esq., Benjamin Major, (Mrs) Wiley W. Manuel, (Mrs) Donald P. McCullum, Otis McGee, Jr., Esq., C. Ralph Melton, Carl B. Metoyer, Esq., Walter H. Morris, Gordon Julian Myatt, Lawrence R. Neblett, Waldense C. Nixon, John H. Norton, III, Claude H. Organ, Jr., (Mrs) Charles Jerry Patterson, William Benjamin Patterson, Marvin R. Poston, Frank E. Staggers, Jonathan L. Staggers, Sr., Percy H. Steele, Jr., Odell H. Sylvester, Jr., Vertis Raymond Thompson, Henry Geoffrey Watson, James A. Watson, Ellerson F. Weaver, Fred C. Williams, Vernon R. Williams, Olly W. Wilson

#27 ALPHA DELTA - Cincinnati, OH (4/24/48)
Benjamin J. Allen, Caesar S. Bassette, Howard Wesley Bell, Jr, Theordore M. Berry, Esq, Johhn W. Blanton, Howard Henry Bond, (Mrs) Clinton Buford, (Mrs) Edward T. Buford, George F. Calloway, (Mrs) Charles H. Carroll, Edmund C. Casey, (Mrs) Ethelda Clarke, (Mrs) Ambrose H. Clement, Calvin H. Conliffe, Emmett George Cooper, Alvin H. Crawford, Alvin H. Andrew Harold Hudson, Robert Maxie, Jr., (Mrs) Samuel Louis McGowan, Wallace B. McLeod, III, Donald Ray Metoyer, Jack Roderick Swain, Robert B. Taylor, Jr., Kenneth George Thompson, Charles Albert Tollett, Harrel E. Tollett, Jr., Ernest V. Turner, (Mrs) Joseph Williard Vann, Jr., RB. Welch, (Mrs) Henry C. Whitlow, Jr., D. Adolph Williams, Jr., Frank F. Wilson, III

#28 ALPHA EPSILON - Dallas, TX (6/30/48)
Nelson M. Andrews, HB Bell, James Wallace Breedlove, Bill E. Brown, Gerald F. Bulloch, Walther G. Bumphus, (Mrs) Jesse Burnett, Mark Stuart Clanton, Ben Clark, Jr., (Mrs) James Emmett Conrad, Comer Josep Cottrell, (Mrs) Pierre Gerard Craig, William James Frazier, Printice L. Gary, Irby B. Huner, (Mrs) IT. Hunter, Alphonso R. Jackson, Rhett H. James, Foster Kidd, Richard Knight, Jr., Kerney Laday, Wright T. Lassiter, Peter Louis, Charles Dale Mitchell, Lee Everett Montro, Jr., Joseph F. Nash, Pettis Burch Norman, Windred Parnell, G. Stephon Payseur, (Mrs) Dudley V. Powell, Walter L. Sutton, Jr., James L. Sweatt, III, Lloyd David Ward, Myron H. Watkins, Royce Barry West, Esq., H. Ron White, Esq., Claude Williams, Frank R. Woodbeck

#29 ALPHA ZETA - Tallahassee, FL (5/19/51)
Joseph Carlton Baker, Wilmoth H. Baker, Jr., Wilmoth H. Baker, III, (Mrs) Lowell Howard Bennet, Harry Smith Blanton, Alexander D. Brickler, Robert Hoover Bryant, Arthur Lloyd Carter, Sr., Chester Davis, William Patrick Foster, James Lemar Gant, Richard Allen Hogg, Harold S. Jenkins, (Mrs) Arthur Leo Kidd, (Mrs) John Robert E. Lee, Jr., Howard Edwin Lewis, George Russell Manning, Esq., (Mrs) John F. Matheus, Jerald Bruce Mayberry, Spurgeon Walter McWilliams, Oscar A. Moore, Leedell Wallace Neyland, Herbert George Parker, Benjamin Luther Perry, HB. Pinkney, Melvin Thomas Stith, Arthur Earle Teele, (Mrs) Maxwell Samuel Thomas, Edwin Morris Thorpe, Samuel Washington, Jr., Joseph Lee Webster, Julian Earl White, (Mrs) Garrett T. Wiggins

#30 ALPHA ETA - Indianapolis, IN 4/13/53)
Lehman D. Adams, (Mrs) WE. Anderson, Delmar Barnes, Walter Scott Blackburn, Henry S. Bundles, Jr., Alvin S. Bynum, Burie W. Carmichael, (Mrs) Frank E. Chowning, (Mrs) Spruling Clark, Andrew L. Crowe, Murvin S. Enders, Jr., LaForrest D. Garner, Samuel L. Gooloe, OT. Gordon, Jr., Moses W. Gray, Augustus W. Hamilton, Grant W. Hawkins, Ray Lybrooks Henderson, Edward James Hicks, Rueben Benjamin Hill, (Mrs) Carey Jacobs, Lacy M. Johnson, Sam H. Jones, John Erwin Joyner, Leonard D. Law, Jr., Monroe Henry Little, Jr., Frank P. Lloyd, (Mrs) Mercer M. Mance, Freeman Martin, William G. Mays, Samuel L. Odle, Joseph T. Taylor, Edward P. Thomas, Wilbert Washington, (Mrs) Charles T. Watkins, Rueben L. White

#31 ALPHA THETA - Oklahoma City, OK)
Hubert Hale Bryant, Esq., John Wesley Gaffney, Marcellious Gladney, John Edwin Green, Esq., Orlando Enas Hazley, (Mrs) Andrew Harold Hudson, Robert Maxie, Jr., (Mrs) Samuel Louis McGowan, Wallace B. McLead, III, Donald Ray Metoyer, Jack Roderick Swain, Robert B. Taylor, Jr., Kenneth George Thompson, Charles Albert Tollett, Harrel E. Tollett, Jr., Ernest V. Turner, (Mrs) Joseph Williard Vann, Jr., RB. Welch, (Mrs) Henry C. Whitlow, Jr., D. Adolph Williams, Jr., Frank F. Wilson, III

#32 ALPHA IOTA - Columbia - Orangeburg, SC (6/13/54)
Charles Perry Austin, Luther James Battiste, Esq, (Mrs) Algernon S. Belcher, John Theodore Bowden, Jr., (Mrs) Harlowe E. Caldwell, James E. Clyburn, Noble P. Cooper, Thomas J. Crawford, Everett L. Dargan, (Mrs) Laler C. DeCosta, Mack Gipson, Jr., Anthony T. Grant, Joseph M. Grant, (Mrs) Mary Heyward, Robert E. Howard, Fred G. Jenkins, Harold A. Jenkins, IS. Leevy Johnson, Esq., Milton Kimpson, Isom Lowman, Henry Thomas Marshall, Benjamin T. Martin, (Mrs) Clarence E. Morgan, M. Maceo Nance, Jr., E. Perry Palmer,Matthew J. Perry, Walker E. Solomon, James Lewis Solomon, Jr., (Mrs) Frank M. Sgtalley, Sr., Charles Eugene Stephenson, III, Ralph Hudro Stevenson, Jr., Clyde Stockton, A. Leroy Sulton, Lewis J. Wallace

#33 ALPHA KAPPA - Buffalo, NY (7/31/54)
Daniel R. Acker, John Edward Baker, G. Ernest Blackman, Jr, (Mrs) George E. Blackman, A. Clifford Brown, (Mrs) Charles D. Bull, Benjamin Bullock, Claude D. Clapp, Leroy R. Coles, Jr., Oliver J. Dabney, David L. Edmunds, Jr., (Mrs) Elisha A. Gilbert, (Mrs) Frederick D. Gordon, Carl Victor Granger, Larry J. Green, (Mrs) Winton J. Hardiman, (Mrs) JL. Hargrave, Sr., Clemmon Howe Hodges, WB. Holland, Jr., (Mrs) Herbert C. Holmes, Eddie Lee Hoover, Robert E. Lee, Jr., George E. Matthews, Wayman C. McCoy, Jr., Ryland E. Melford, Sr., B. Franklin Murphy, III, George Franklin Nicholas, George W. Nicholas, Jr., James George Pappas, Paul F. Thompson, (Mrs) James H. Townsend, Nelson E. Townsend, WP. Trammell, Jeffrey J. Wallace, Sr.

#34 ALPHA LAMBDA - Denver, Colorado (3/25/60)
James Wesley Ball, John B. Clemmons, Jr., Curtis Victor Cooper, (Mrs) Phillip W. Cooper, Sr., Guy Calvin CraftElmer Jewell Dean, Eugene H. Gadsen, (Mrs) William E. Gardner, Jr., Carl A. Green, Clyde Woodrow Hall, Donald Harrison, Robet Earl James, Edward Gunnar Miller, Prince Mitchell, William E. Stiles

#35 ALPHA MU - Wichita, KS (3/3/62)
Mac Andrew Bowman, Allen Nicholas Brown, Kenyon C. Burke, (Mrs) James E. Carter, Jr., Arthur E. Frazier, Jr., Robert E. Gray, Joseph D. Greene, William Louis Griffin, James Miles Hinton, Jr., Esq., (Mrs) Solomon Marcus Jenkins, Willis James Walker, Jr., Isaiah E. Washington, Paul Durham Weston, Tracey E. Williams, Jr.

#36 ALPHA NU - Savannah, Augusta, GA (1/28/63)
Val Jean Brown, Sr., Val Jean Brown, Jr., William W. Burney, Sr., William W. Burney, II, Evies O. Cranford, Arthur D. DeHart, Dale Gaylon Diggs, Jr., Terry Don Guidry, Anderson Eugene Jackson, George Taylor Johnson, Dennis Wayne Jones, Clarence M. King, Jr., Charles Francis McAfee, Julius McLaurian, Hulon C. Turner, George Franklin Williams

#37 ALPHA XI - Baton Rouge, LA (2/21/65)
Victor Theadore Baham, Jr, (Mrs)Beverly V. Baranco, Jr, Raphael A. Baranco, James T. Bernard, Warren Owen Birkett, Jr, Charlie Haywood Bridges, D'Orsay D. Bryant, (Mrs) Leo S. Butler, Curtis Alonzo Calloway, (Mrs) Louis L. Eames, Elton C. Harrison, Louis J. James, Theodore J. Jemison, John W. Joseph, Leon Francis Kraft, Robert E. Lee, Jr., (Mrs) Aquinaldo A. Lenoir, Burnett A. Little, Richard B. Millspaugh, G. Leon Netttervile, Jr., Rogers J. Newman, Huel D. Perkins, Freddie Pitcher, Jr., Claude Jenkins Tellis, Horation C. Thompson, John C. Vaughns, Marvin L. Yates

#38 ALPHA OMICRON - Seattle, WA (4/24/65)
James Albert Banks, Philip L. Burton, Esq. John Clement Cannon, Peter RN. Chatard, Richard Collins, Ernest Walter Dunston, Carver Clark Gayton, (Mrs) Russell S. Gideon, Michael Edward Greer, Lawrence E. Holland, Ronald T. Horn, Charles V. Johnson, Oscar D. Johnson, Joe C. Jones, Robert N. Joyner, Jr., Samuel E. Kelly, William E. Lacey, Hubert G. Locke, (Mrs) Meridith Mathews, Leonard Carl Maxey, Esq., Herman L. McKinney, Samuel B. McKinney, CR. Merriwether, Ivory V. Nelson, Adlai L. Pappy, Charles M. Stokes, Esq., Michael B. Washington, J. Thomas Wood

#39 ALPHA PI - San Diego, CA (5/8/66)
Grady Prince Anderson, Jr, Robert Booker, Richard Oliver Butcher, Howard Hawkins Carey, Norman Eugene Chambers, William Talbert Chapman, Norris A. Charles, Robert Turner Covington, John Delotch, Rufus Birchand Dewitt, Earl B. Gilliam, Clifford Wayne Graves, Carlton A. Hargrave, (Mrs) Claude Calvin Hill, John Allen Houston, Esq., Harold K. Howland, John Wesley Johnson, Napoleon A. Jones, Leon Rayland Kelley, Joe O. Littlejohn, David Earl Lloyd, Edward Spencer Meadows, Gene Paul Moore, Charles Lee Morrow, William K. Payne, II, Leonard Charles Perry, Esq., Walter James Porter, (Mrs) Warren Osmas Terry, Willied Edward Thigpen, Leon Lawson Williams, Matthew A. Williams, Hackley E. Woodford, David Duval Wynn

#40 ALPHA RHO - Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/W.Palm Beach, FL (12/3/65)
Lawrence Earl Adams, Sr., Nelson Leon Adams, Walther C. Anders, Sr., James Wilson Bridges, John O. Brown, William Jesse Bryant, James R. Chambers, Nathaniel Colston, W. Boone Darden, (Mrs) Ira P. Davis, Charles Edwin Delane, Herman W. Dorsett, Kelsey Rudolph Dorsett, Ronald Frazier, Thomas Louis Garvin, Joseph Spensard Gay, Herbert H. Greene, Brodes Herman Hartley, Jr., Arthur James Hill, Robert B. Ingram, Floyd T. Johnson, Cyrus Martin Jollivette, Daryl Lafayette Jones, Esq., (Mrs) Johnny L. Jones, Dewey W. Knight, Jr., Henry Latimer, Esq., James A. Long, John Thomas McAdory, (Mrs) Henry C. McDowell, Gordon A. Merritt, Israel Henry Milton, (Mrs) Daniel C. Moss,Gilbert L. Porter, Egbert Herron Thompson, Henry R. Thompson, Earl A. Wells,(Mrs) Isaac A. Withers

#41 ALPHA SIGMA - Brooklyn - Long Island (3/5/66)
Leslie L. Alexander, Percy Allen, II, John D. Babb, Arthur Verde Bates, Esq, Bernard B. Beal, (Mrs) Harry L. Boston, Jr, John CB Boyce, (Mrs) Eloise Broady, Reginald EH. Butts, Daniel Bythewood, David Aughtry Bythewood, Esq., Louis Dwinell Camilien, Alred E. Cave, Curtis Bryan Cave, Vernal G. Cave, Augustus C. Curry, Arthur T. Davidson, Paul J. Fox, Livingston S. Francis, Spencer Craig Gibbs, (Mrs) Mary Gilmer, Jeffrey Marc Goldson, (Mrs) Lloyd C. Goldson, Evan W. Gordon, Julius M. Gray, Charles R. Greene, Richard T. Greene, Jr., Richard T. Greene, Sr., Lester Y. Hamilton, Palmer Hamilton, Drexel B. Harris, Esq., Erskine D. Henderson, Esq., Arthur B. Hill, John LS. Holloman, Jr., Alfred Sidney Howe, Edison Ovanda Jackson, Randolph Jackson, (Mrs) Bernice Johnson, Carl Edgar Johnson, Curtis M. Johnson, Basil C. Jones, George Reginald Jordan, Daniel W. Joy, Anukware Kodzo Ketosugbo, George A. Lopez, (Mrs) Joseph H. Mahood, Jr., Edgar O. Mandeville, (Mrs) Ivory L. Manley, Joel Langston Manley, Reginald E. Manning, Donald Edward Marshall, Lamar Perry Miller, Russell Loyd Miller, Russell F. Minton, Jr., Bert Norman Mitchell, Neil Foster Phillips, William Pickens, III, Alex Richard Picou, Esq., Cyril E. Poindexter, Hobart C. Price, John L. Procope, William Charles Rhoden, Arthur T. Risbrook, Philip D. Roache, Esq., Clarence G. Robinson, Bernard Rose, Conrad Selvin Simon, Herbert W. Whiteman, Jr., J. Hamil Willoughby, Curtis A. Wood

#42 ALPHA TAU - Durham, NC (3/2/69)
Emanuel Onye Akwari, Ferdinand V. Allison, Jr, Franklin R. Anderson, Thomas Burniss Bass, Leonard C. Beckum, Charles Leo Becton, Esq, William V. Bell, (Mrs) Noah H. Bennet Jr, John P. Bond, III, (Mrs) James H. Brewer, George Bennet Brothers, Jr., Walter M. Brown, Mickey Lynn Burnim, Joseph E. Campbell, Julius L. Chambers, Esq., William A. Clement, AJ. Howard Clement, III, Esq., Bert Collins, Esq., John Thomas Daniel, Jr. , Robert E. Dawson, Charles Edward Daye, John Hope Franklin, Leroy B. Frasier, Philip Goodwin Freelon, Nathan T. Garrett, Esq., Harry E. Groves, Irwin Richard Holmes, Ralph Alexander Hunt, Howard N. Lee, C. Eric Lincoln, (Mrs) Murray J. Marvin, Floyd B. McKissick, Esq., Eric Coates Michaux, Esq., (Mrs) Donald T. Moore, James Nathaniel Parrish, (Mrs) William G. Pearson, II, Wayne W. Perry, Esq.,Timothy Dewitt Proctor, Tyronza R. Richmond, (Mrs) Leonard H. Robinson, John Clarence Scarborough, III, F. George Shipman, Nathan Simms, Jr., Maceo A. Sloan, Esq., Maceo Kennedy Sloan, Esq., George Harold Williams, Phail Wynn, Jr.

#43 ALPHA UPSILON - Bluefield, WV (5/25/71)
A. Clemenceau Allen, David L. Banks, William Herman Brothers, Herbet A. Buckley, Hubert Henry Byron, Jr., Abishi C. Cunningham, (Mrs) Roy L. Davis, Edward Elston, Jr., Dreyfus W. Froe, (Mrs) MB. Guyton, (Mrs) Carl T. Hazzard, (Mrs) William E. Herbert, Jr., Aubrey N. Jackson, (Mrs) Adelaide Johnson, (Mrs) Askew A. Lawrence, Maurice W. Lewis, J. Franklin Long, Paul Jerome Mitchell, Ellis Ray Williams

#44 ALPHA PHI - Toledo, OH (6/5/71)
Bunk Adams, Carl Armstrong, Alfred Astor Baker, Donald Allen Baker, William Alston Brower, Benjamin W. Butler, Jack Lewis Clark, John H. Coleman, Charles Joseph Doneghy, Franklin V. Duffy, Crystal Ellis, Darrel W. Francis, Robert V. Franklin, Roland Gandy, Jr., Joseph Gray, III, John W. Holland, Jr., John L. Landry, Emory L. Leverette, (Mrs) Katie Martin, C. Allen McConnell, Esq., John C. Moore, (Mrs) Henry Murphy, Jason O'Fori, Robert W. Penn, Charles Edward Rowan, Michael Dennis Shaw, John R. Smith

#45 ALPHA CHI - Lansing, MI (11/20/71)
Wendell Randall Barron, Oliver A. Beamon, Robert Brown, Jr., Clinton Canady, III, Esq., John Wesley Dobbs, Stuart J. Dunnings, Jr., John Stuart Dunnings, III, Esq., Lonnie Calvin Eiland, Jr., Thomas S. Gunnings, (Mrs) James B. Hamilton, William H. Harrison, Cordell Henderson, Maxie Jackson, Richard D. Letts, Esq., Blanche Martin, Daniel Edmond Nickerson, Esq., Donald Nickerson, Eugene Pernell, Jr., John W. Porter, Harold Leonard Singleton

#46 ALPHA PSI - Hartford, CT (12/5/71)
John H. Bennet, Louis Franklin Brown, William J. Brown, David George Carter, Sr., (Mrs) William A. Deloach, Benjamin Dixon, (Mrs) William D. Graham, Wesley Leroy Harris, Ned Hickmon, Sherwood C. Lewis, (Mrs) Vance H. Marchbanks, Jr., Thomas L. McKinney, Raymond G. Peterson, Lewis J. Robinson, Esq., Frank J. Smith, James Edward Willingham, Alvin B. Wood

#47 BETA ALPHA - Milwaukee, WI (12/11/71)
Richard Artison, Israel Beard, Calvin W. Beckett, William Plummer Beckett, Clarence Bolton, II, William J. Carr, Charles N. Clevert, Jr., Virgis W. Colbert, John Windom Daniels, Jr. Esq., (Mrs) Virgil Jack Gilmore, Avery Lee Goodrich, Ronald Phillip Huntley, Esq., Ralph A. Jefferson, Jr., William I. Jenkins, Roy Jones, Lafayette McKinney, William C. Parks, (Mrs) Clarence R. Parrish, Randle E. Pollard, Richard Porter, Esq., John E. Ridley, III, William R. Rose, James Smallins, Spencer Noah Smith, Walter H. White, Jr., (Mrs) Walter H. White, Sr.

#48 BETA BETA - Boston, MA (2/26/72)
Reginald L Amory, Charles J. Beard, II, Esq., Wayne A. Budd, Esq., James Ireland Cash, Jr., John L. Christian, Phillip L. Clay, James E. Cofiield, Jr., Juan M. Cofield, S. Allen Counter, Jr., (Mrs) William C. Curtis, Willie J. Davis, Esq., Kenneth C. Edelin, Harry Justin Elam, Harris Gibson, David Hall, Esq., Henry Eugene Hampton, James S. Hoyte,, Joseph Kindall Hurd, Jr., Wendell Norman Johnson, Frank Sidney Jones, William J. Jones, James Long, Jr., Melvin B. Miller, Esq., (Mrs) Bernadine Nash, Rudolph F. Pierce, Esq., Alvin F. Poussaint, MD., Donald Julian Reaves, Louis W. Roberts, Joseph W. Rollins, Jr., George Alton Russell, Jr., Augustus A. White, III, Davis Cheatham Young

#49 BETA GAMMA - Jackson, MS (3/6/76)
Van Sizar Allen, Reuben V. Anderson, Fred L. Banks, Jr., Charles H.Beady, Jr., David L. Beckley, Edward Blackmon Jr., Esq., Joe L. Boyer, Phillip Johnson Brookins, (Mrs) TB. Brown, William M. Cooley, John Dow, CJ. Duckworth, Lionel B. Fraser, Jr., (Mrs) Garrett E. Gray, (Mrs) Robet W. Harrison, Jr., (Mrs) Martin Harvey, Joe A. Haynes, Roy Lee Irons, Jimmie James, Jr., Maurice James, Hickman, Morgan Johnson, Booker T. Jones, John B. Jones, Theodore C. Jones, John Russell Kelly, (Mrs) Ariel M. Lovelace, D. Edgar Magee, Jr., Gilbert R. Mason, Alred Earl McNair, Jr., (Mrs) RT. Middleton, II, RT. Middleton, III, George A. Owens, John A. Peoples, Jr., James Perkins, Reginald David Rigsby, Adib Akmal Shakir, Robert Smith, (Mrs) Walter H. Williams, Henry T. Wingate, Charles Lemuel Young, (Mrs) Jack Young

#50 BETA DELTA - Charlotte, NC (3/12/77)
John Eugene Alexander, Howard C. Barnhill, James Alexander Boykin, Walter G. Byers, Kenneth H. Chambers, Wesley Dobbs Clement, Limone C. Collins, Howard A. Counts, Dudley Cunningham, Charlie Smith Dannelly, (Mrs) Mack Lee Davidson, Jr., Spencer E. Durante, Thomas J. Elijah, Jr., Frank Edward Emory, Jr., Harvey Bernard Gantt, Bobby Edward Gibbs, Ralph Cornelius Gingles, Jr., Horace Goggins, (Mrs) Robert H. Greene, William HL. Greene, William H. Hammond, Edward J. High,Bernard J. Johnson, Clifford A. Jones, Sr., Tolly A. Kennon, Jr., Robert Julius Ladd, Richard A. Lancaster, James E. Lyons, Franklin Eugene McCain, Eddie C. McGirt, Gilbert Ray McGregor, William Bruce McMillan, Jr., Calvin Eugean Murphy, Esq., John Matthew Murphy, (Mrs) Lionel H. Newsom, (Mrs) William R. Oliver, Robert Person, Jr., Emery Louvell Rann, Jr., James Franklin Richardson, Joseph Bernard Roberts, William E. Simms, (Mrs) Charles W. Williams, Kirk Donald Williams, (Mrs) Roy S. Wynn, William Henry Youngue, III

"Anyone who would like to repudiate our dialogue about the Boule'
must suffer from the fact that our primary source is the Boule'. We're not
speculating upon what we think they are, we are laying the premise with
their information; for they have said enuff to hang themselves. No rope
from me is necessary." - Steve Cokely

#51 BETA EPSILON - Greensboro, NC (5/20/78)
Larry Wayne Ashe, Ronald Barbee, Alvin V. Blount, Jr.,Rodney Steve Bowden, Oliver Wendall Bowie, Thomas E. Brewington, Jr., Howard A. Chubbs, Sylvester Daughtry, Jr., Ronald P. Davis, Thurmon L. Deloney, Lewis C. Dowdy, Ephraim Zeno Edwards, Edward Bernard Fort, Julius A. Fulmore, William K. Hunter, Calvin C. Irvin, Percy Elwood Jones, Mark Kiel, George R. Kilpatrick, Jr., Rumford T. Lockman, (Mrs) Durel G. Long, Harold Lee Martin, Isaac H. Miller, Roy D. Moore, McArthur Newell, William C. Parker, Bert C. Piggott, Glenn F. Rankin, William E. Reed, Robert W. Saunders, Ralph K. Shelton, George C. Simkins, Henry WB. Smith, III, (Mrs) Andrew Williams

#52 BETA ZETA - Westchester County, NY (7/29/78)
Charles N. Atkins, Esq., Archie M. Bankston, Esq., Matthew D. Branche, Roscoe C. Brown, Jr., Randolph W. Cameron, W. Don Cornwell, Larry Dais, Darwin N. Davis, Robert S. Early, III, Peter W. Eccles, Virgil E. Ecton, Donald William Edwards, Harold P. Freeman, Albert Newman Gentry, III, John S. Gibbs, Jr., Stanley H. Godsey. OB. Gray, Sylvester Green, Donald S. Harris, Duane E. Hill, (Mrs) Nelson Crews Jackson, Jasper B. Jeffries, Boyd Carney Johnson, Charles William Johnson, James Paul Jones, Alphonso Jordan, Randolph S. Kinder, Keith Ellsworth Lockhart, (Mrs) E. Frederick Morrow, Alfonso Orr, Jr., Calvin Oliver Pressley, Hugh Bernard Price, Beny Jene Primm, Ernest S. Prince, Winford A. Quick, R. Chester Redhead, Grant Reynolds, Esq., W. Franklin Richardson, Donald P. Ryder, (Mrs) Dallas R. Selsey, Moneta John Sleet, Jr.

#53 BETA ETA - Delaware (6/4/78)
Willie G. Adams, Leroy Allen, Marshall Peter Arnell Jorge Alonso Brathwaite, Charles Carson, Jr. Ernest Maxwell Congo, Carl Mervil Cousins, William Bernard Delauder Edward S. Dennis, Sr., Edward SG. Dennis, Jr. JH. Gilliam Jr,. Esq., James H. Gilliam Sr., Cecil Clifton Gordon, Jr., Leon Carlton Hart, Carl E. Hilton Enoch D. Houser, Cortney Parris Houston, Jr., Joseph Edward Johnson, Marvin Edward Lawrence, William J. Laws, Hammond Knox, Keith Ellsworth Lockhart, Joshua Wesley Martin, III, Esq., (Mrs) Luna I. Mishoe, Ruffin Nichols Noisette, Arthur Horace Richardson, Jr., Jesse R. Williamson, Woodrow Wilson, James W. Wright, Harry H. Young, Jr.

#54 BETA IOTA - Waterbury, CT (2/21/81)
Errol D. Alexander, Rudolph P. Arnold, Euegene Carl Baten, Cyril C. Burke, David Crawford, Walter Douglas Dean, Walter E. Freeman, Larry Christian Green, Sr., Selvin F. Gumbs, Samuel Charles Hamilton, Sanders Francis Hawkins, James H. Jackson, Wilbur Roger Jones, Russell F. Martin, Leonard Eugene McCain, Ernest Irving Mosley, BG. Norman, Lewis Everett Randall, Sedrick John Rawlings, Archie Bernard Savage, Jr., R. Lee Scott, James Edwin Sims, William L. Woods

#55 BETA KAPPA - Birmingham, AL (5/17/81)
Oscar W. Adams, Jr., Richard Arrington, Jr., Rowell Stanford Ashford, Dwight Austin Burgess, John Chadwell, UW. Clemon, Jesse L. Cleveland, Richard Charles Dale, Julian Mason Davis, Walter Douglas Dean, John A. Edmonds, Arthur George Gaston, Sr., Carlin Paul Graham, Jr., William T. Hall, Cleveland Hammonds, Paul E. Harris, Samuel Elliott Harris, (Mrs) Virgil Leon Harris, (Mrs) David Howard Hood, Jr., Raymond L. Johnson, Jr., Parnell J. Jones, Jr., Tom Larry Larkin, Esq., Thomas Y. Lawrence, Jr., Robert Melvin Lee, Carl Harris Marbury, John H. McCain, John William Nixon, Jr., Nathaniel Davis Owens, J. Richmond Pearson, Esq., (Mrs) Lawrence C. Presley, Frederic G. Ransom, Marcus Wendell Reid, Arthur Davis Shores, Louis James Willie

#56 BETA LAMBDA - Hampton/Norfolk, VA (9/11/81)
(Mrs)Edwin R. Archer, Oscar Houser Blayton, Esq, Robert D. Bonner, Lunzy Delano Britt, Willam Crawford Brown, (Mrs) Theodore R. Bunch, (Mrs) Don A. Davis, Jr., John Milford Diggs, Cromwell C. Douglas, Conway A. Downing, Luther C. Edmonds, Archie Elliott, Sr., Joseph N. Green, Jr., Edward L. Hamm, Jr., William Robert Harvey, Carl M. Hill, Oswald W. Hoffler, James Whiteing Holley, III, John David Hopkins, (Mrs) Lucelia G. Inge, Raymond A. Jackson, Esq., ( Mrs) Hilary Jones, Jerrauld Corey Jones, Esq., M. Boyd Jones, Scott Miller Lowe, Willard Lavern McCloud, Jr., Kenneth Ronald Melvin, Johnny Edward Morrison, Esq., Hugo A. Owens, McKinley L. Price, Maholon T. Puryear, Charles M. Reynolds, William P. Robinson, Jr., Esq., (Mrs) C. Waldo Scott, Robert C. Scott, Esq., (Mrs) James Polk Shavers, Richard W. Sherrill, James O. Willie, (Mrs) John Selner Winstead, Stephen J. Wright

#57 BETA MU - Suburban, MD (11/15/81)
Isaiah Baker, Esq, Delawrence Beard, Roger Reckling Blunt, Sr., Albert Bryant, Joseph Carrel Chisholm, Jr., Frank L. Davis, John Wesley Days, Esq., Robert Taylor Dibble, Lemuel W. Dowdy, Vernon C. Gray, William Dulaney Hill, Wendell M. Holloway, James Earl Lyons, Sr., Floyd Joseph Malveaux, Harry Inman Martin, Theodore A. Miles, Esq., James C. Moone, Oliver Morse, Esq., Thaddeus Q. Mumford, Ronald Kenneth Mundy, Esq., John Cardozo Payne, Thomas Pinder, (Mrs) Thomas James Pinson, Willam Powell, Jr., Kline Armond Price, Jr., Edward Anthony Rankin, Leonard H. Robinson, Jr., Vincent James Roux, William Henry Rutherford, Robert Henry Williams, Henry Alphonso Wise, Jr.

#58 BETA NU - Northern Virginia (11/15/81)
E. Avery Adams, Jr., Sanford Ames, (Mrs)Lonis Cornell Ballard, Werten FW Bellamy, Sr., Willard W. Brittain, Jr., Joe Robert Caldwell, Jr. Esq., James Iceluis Chatman, Kermit O'Neil Cockrell, (Mrs) Joseph Linwood Drew, George C. Dumas, William H. Eaton, Oscar Ellison, Jr., Clarence C. Gray, III, Clarence Perry Halstead, Adonis O. Hoffman, Esq., Craig Eugene Hooks, Perry W. Hooks, John Arter Jackson, Mrs) Ernest Emmett Johnson, (Mrs) Harold M. Johnson, Richard Howard Johnson, Hardi Liddell Jones, James Franklin McCall, Clarence Allen Miller, Jr., Charles Perry Monroe, Esq., Thomas R. Monroe, Harry Jerome Montgomery, Otha Lee Myers, William Newman, Jr., Esq., George D. Parker, James Arthur Parker, Lutrelle F. Parker, Jr., Lutrelle F. Parker, Sr., James Russell Poole, Marion A. Randolph, Curtis Felton Reaves, Alvin F. Robinson, Syl Lorenzo Shannon, Thomas A. Wilkins, Grady C. Wright

#59 BETA XI - Central Florida (5/16/82)
Oswald P. Bronson, Stephen M. Brooks, Lonnie Theodore Brown, Roland Merritt Brown, Harry L. Burney, Jr., Morris R. Carter, Jr., Thomas W. Cole, Sr. , Edwin Thomas Cowan, David WD. Dickson, Joseph Leon Douglas, Jr., Joyours Gamble, Collace C. Greene, James A. Haynes, Esq., Otis A. Mason, William A. Mitchell, (Mrs) Richard V. Moore, Theodore R. Nicholson, Jr,William D. Phears, William Rhodes, Billy F. Robertson, Fenton B. Sands, Oscar Sistrunk, Jr., Alfred C. Williams, Donald O. Wilson

#60 BETA OMICRON - Grand Rapids, MI (6/26/82)
Granville L. Brown, Stephen Richard Drew, Esq., Robert James Eckert, Julius Frank, Jr. Benjamin F. Gibson, Thomas J. Gordon, John Hair, Michael Stephen Hawkins, Frank Howell, Allen Jackson, Calvin Jeter, Edward Allen Jones, Jr., Guy Stephen Jones, Judson Jones John Thomas Letts, Dorsey Ligon, Benjamin Henry Logan, II, Ralph Edward Mathis,William W. Plummer,Donald Williams, Sr., Sidney B. Williams, Jr.

#61 BETA PI - Harrisburg, PA (5/7/83)
(Mrs) Clinton H. Baltimore, John Evan Coy, Jr., David Lee Dalton, Calvin C. Edmonds, Sr., Trent Hargrove, Renardo Lee Hicks, (Mrs) Benjamin W. Johnson, Conrad Drew Jones, Walter Terrell Jones, Horoitio Frank Leftwich, George H. Love, Walter Leroy Lowery, Julius L. McCoy, Charles E. Mock, James A. Moss, Claude Elmer Nichols, Jr., Thaddeus H. Phillips, Rodney J. Reed, Anderson S. Robinson, Leroy Robinson, Jr., James Henry Rowland, Jr, Esq., Clarence Scott, Robert A. Scott, James N. Tate, Nathan Harlan Waters, Jr., Esq., James P. Watson, Jr.

#62 BETA RHO - Akron/Kent, OH (6/4/83)
Herbert L. Armstrong, Robert N. Black, Sr., Frederick Chambers, Lindbergh Chatman, Jr., OC. Bobby Daniels, William F. Demas, John L. Dotson, Jr., William Howard Fort, Edward L. Gilbert, Esq., Fred Lee Gissendaner, Oswald Patrick Gordon, Charles Lavant Greene, (Mrs) Flint A. Greene, Jr., James Andrew Guy, Isaac Cosby Hunt, Jr., Esq., William L. Hunter, Robert Floyd Jackson, Jr.,Selwyn Lloyd McPherson, Ferguson B. Meadows, Jr., Stanley R. Miller, William Russell Miller, Howard B. Minott, E. Gates Morgan, Frederick A. Mosby, Jerry Parnell Parker, James Edward Payne, Earnest Perry, Donald Lewis Person, Robert A. Rhodes, Harold Phillip Rutherford, William Early Wade, Lenny R. Wilkins, James R. Williams, Jesse T. Williams, Sr., Theo H. Woods

#63 BETA SIGMA - Springfield, MA (6/24/83)
Hassan Kamal Ali,, Horace Clarence Boyer, Lemuel Rodney Curtis, Gerald Bruce Cutting, William Alexander Darity, Willie Arthur Deese, Howard Lewis Edmonds, Ronald Edmund Harrell, William Mack Harris, Frederick A. Hurst, Esq., Arthur Roszell Jackson, Raymond Andrew Jordan, (Mrs) Oliver Wendell Kerr, William Henry Lopes, Melvin Louis McLauren, Eldon George McLean, Bartholomew O. Nnaji, Herbert Charles Owens, James Sedalia Peters, II, (Mrs) Samuel Marion Pinckney, Jr., Albert Conklin Pryor, Jr., William LH. Roberts, George A. Sheehy, James Almer Smith, Henry Malachi Thomas, III, Luther J. White

#64 BETA TAU - New Haven, CT (6/24/83)
Robert James Allen, Eugene S. Andrews, John W. Blanton, Jr., Edward E. Cherry, Sr., Ransey Guy Cole, James Pierpont Comer, John Clifford Daniels, Lewis Clinton Downing, Theodore F. Hogan, Jr., Harold Sealy Ince, Alvin Roscoe Johnson, Raymond Manuel Lopes, William Frank Lytle, Ronald Edmonds Manning, Arnold Lee Martin, Sr., William Jacko Massie, Reginald Robert Mayo, Marcus R. McCraven, Paul Anthony McCraven, Claude D. Montgomery, Flemming L. Norcott, Jr., Curtis L. Patton, John Robinson, Frederick J. Streets, Kenneth Doyle Taylor, Paul B. Taylor, Gerald E. Thomas, James Albert Thomas, Esq., Earl R. Thompson, Robert Clifton Tucker, Carroll Tinsky Willis, Jr., (Mrs) Clinton LA. Wright, Earl J. Yancy

#65 BETA UPSILON - San Francisco, CA (7/8/83)
Robert Edward Agee, Jesse H. Arnelle, Esq., Ernest Bates, Ronald Arthur Clark, Price Mashaw Cobbs, Arthur H. Coleman, Charles Miller Collins, Esq., Daniel A. Collins, Edward J. Collins, Oscar L. Daniels, Michael Vincent Drake, James Lowell Gibbs, Jr., Maxwell Claude Gillette, Carlton B. Goodlett, Zuretti L. Goosby, Allen C. Haile, (Mrs) Edward R. Hambrick, William H. Hastie, Esq., Seawadon L. Houston, James D. Jefferson, Henry Lucas, Perker L. Meeks, Jr., Perker L. Meeks, Jr., Leon B. Metz, Jr., Isaac Slaughter, Burl A. Toler, Gerald Ivan West, Zealous Darrell Wiley, Jr., Barry Lawson Williams, Esq., Joseph Williams, Esq., James Edward Wood, Jr.

#66 BETA PHI - Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA (10/28/83)
James W. Burks, Jr., Wendell H. Butler, Herbert B. Chappelle, John Howard Cundiff, Hugh Wesley Ennis, Jr, Clarence M. Gillis, William R. Gilmore, Stanley Robert Hale, Kenneth Legree Hallman, Lawrence H. Hamlar, George Wendall Harris, Junious Rasner Hughes, Calvin H. Johnson, Forest Grant Jones, Wallace Wayman King, Maynard Herman Law, Peter Allen Lewis, Sterling Lester McLaughlin, Reginald G. Mitchiner, Steven D. Morgan, Charles A. Price, Jr., Earl B. Reynolds, Jr., William Sinkler, James Herbert Taylor, Jr., Murrell Warren Thornhill, Jr., Eric Clarence Turpin, Onzlee Ware, Esq., John Henry White, Jr., William White, Sr.

#67 BETA CHI - Fort Valley, GA (1/28/84)
Norman R. Cherry, Robert Thomas Church, Sr., John A. Demons, Clinton Howard Dixon, John Benjamin Dubriel, Claybon J. Edwards, Maulvin Engram, Rufus C. Green, II, Floyd Lee Griffin, Jr., Gregory Homer, Esq., Willam Savage Hutchings, Georffrey Mark Ibim, Thomas Mithchell Jackson, George Aubrey Johnston, Samuel D. Jolley, Ester James Junior, Jr., Thomas James Palmer, Harold Lee Perdue, Douglas Taylor Porter, Oscar L. Prater, Willis Louis Sands, Luther Vance, Jr., Melvin Earl Walker, Jr., Dewitt Talmage Walton, Jr.

#68 BETA PSI - Albany, NY (5/5/84)
Bernard F. Ashe, Esq., Jerry Boone, Esq., Ashley Monroe Bryan, Henry WB. Bryant, Lawrence C. Burwell, Lewis H. Clarke, Conrad Allison Claytor, Willard Nathan Claytor, James Frederic Cunningham, Larry Cuttis, S. Earl Eichelberger, Virgil Hal Hodges, John Leslie Howe,Rodney James Littles, Norman Reuben Macklin, Morris Herbert Morgan, III Richard G. Peaker, Frank G. Pogue, Joseph Raggio, Gabriel Roland Regal, Charles E. Rush, Jr., Noble Simm, II, George William Smith, Jr., Twitty J. Styles, Maurice Thornton, William Donald Vance

#69 GAMMA ALPHA - Tucson/Phoenix, AZ (5/12/84)
Lloyd A. Coaker, Joseph Daugherty, Richard Davis, Esq., Melvin David Dixon, Robbie D. Dosty, James C. Dunn, Roger F. Hall, William Fleming Holsey, Clarence W. Jolivet, Darryl Owen Jones, Cressworth C. Lander, Harry Hannon Lawson, William C. McNeil, Jr., Mark T. Neal, Richard G. Peaker, Frank G. Pogue, Julius Parker, Jr., Richard Postell Patterson, William Ponder, (Mrs) Henry Alexandre Ryan, Rubin Salter, Jr., Esq., Joel Varnell Turner, Joseh S. Whaley, Walter Harrison Williams

#70 GAMMA BETA - Jacksonville, FL (6/9/84)
Chester A. Aikens, Kenneth Atkins, Ronald, Ray Austin, Ronald C. Belton, Burney Bivens, Frank William Bowden, III, Charles R. Bridges, Robert L. Brown, Sr., Ezekiel W. Bryant, Denny O. Clark, Charles Herbert Cline, Cecil Wayne Cone, Philip R. Cousin, Brian Jordon Davis, Esq., Gillard S. Glover, Esq., Bernard V. Gregory, Walter G. Harris, Wendell Phillip Holmes, Jr., (Mrs) Earl M. Johnson, Ronald Van Johnson, Orrin D. Mitchell, Robert Lenton Mitchell, Roy Ishman Mitchell, Williard A. Payne, Jr., Luther D. Quarles, III, Rodell Flipero Roberts, (Mrs) Andrew Adolphus Robinson, Michael Dwight Stewart, Marvin Clifford Wells, Alvin George White, Floyd Banard Willis

#71 GAMMA GAMMA - Austin, TX (6/17/84)
Edward Beverle Adams, Charles William Akins, Taft E. Benson, Harold K. Bowling, Duvegnaude D. Browne, Melvin W. Bryant, Alrutheus T. Buchanan, John Sibley Butler, James Michael Chargois, Freddie Brown Dixon, Jr., Charles W. Gates, Berl L. Handcox, John QT. King, Jr., John QT. King, Sr., Ervin Eugene Madison, Jr., Byron Cordell Marshall, Norman Lewis Mason, John Saunders McNeil, James Horatio Means, John B. Murphy, Patrick Henry Murphy, Alvin L. Pollard, Sr.,Joseph Pearson Quander, Jr., Jimmy G. Snell, David A. Talbot, Jr., Esq., Arthur L. Walker, Jr., David L. Williams, Jr., (Mrs) James D. Williams, Lewis Weldon Wright, III

#72 GAMMA DELTA - Flint, MI (6/23/84)
James Weldon Baker, Esq, Tom Daniel Belford, Jr., Dwight William Callaway, James Cleaves, Lawrence D. Crawford, Samuel Richard Dismond, Jr., Carl N. Gibson, Raymond Fred Gist, James Ewell Graham, Melvin E. Gregory, John Herbert, III, Gary Keith Johnson, Zelton G. Johnson, John Albert Littleton, (Mrs) Alvin Demar Loving, Sr., Conrad Leroy Mallett, Jr., David Harold Pyatt, Edelbert G. Rogers, Lewis Harold Twigg, Jr., Frederick S. Waller, Wrex Alger Weaver, Jr., Kendall Blake Williams, Douglas Lloyd Wright, Lenin Wyatt, Jr.

#73 GAMMA EPSILON - Sacramento, CA (7/17/84)
Willie A. Bell, Ronald Thomas Blanchette, Fester Collons, Randolph Cooke, Esq., Benjamin T. Hacker, Dennis Pollard Handis, (Mrs) John Wesley Hudson, Louis J. Johnson, Ira Thomas Joyner, Jr., Mylum Kelly, Arthur Clifton Lamb, Jr., Raymond Lasure, Carl C. Mack, Jr., James Dillard Martin, Jr., Edward A. Phillips, Warren W. Quann, Eugene Spencer, Jr., John Leroy Spencer, Eugene D. Stevenson, Sr., James E. Thomas, Alfred Travis, Robin Towns Wilson, Esq.

#74 GAMMA ZETA - Pasadena, CA (7/8/84)
William C. Barnes, Robert C. Davidson, Jr., H. Fitzherbert Davis, Charles E. Dickerson, III, Esq., Wendell Edwards, Richard Laverne Goode, Robert McCoy Higginbotham, (Mrs) Robert Allen Hine, William Day Hutchinson, James Edward Johnson, Julius Johnson, Esq., Vernon Dudley Jones, William D. McIntyre, Jr., Wilbur Andrew McKesson, Jr., Walter Herbet Morris, Jr., Alfred F. Moses, Esq., Nurudeen O. Olambiwonnu, Jerry Alton Oliver, Rodney, Armand Richard, John Henry Sandoz, Esq., Paul Earl Scranton, Jr., Shafeeq S. Shamsid Deen, Harold Edward Smallwood, Oscar E. Streeter, Jr., Everard Horton Williams, Sterling S. Williams

#75 GAMMA ETA - Des Moines, IA (7/14/84)
Raymond George Armstrong, Haywood B. Belle, Steven Gregory Berry, Phillip Daniel Brooks, (Mrs) Wesley S. Chapman, Moses S. Clinton, Paul Wendall Danforth, Wendell Calvin Danforth, George Louis D. Eichacker, (Mrs) Luther T. Glanton, Jr., (Mrs) Lillian Graham, Franklin Dean Greene, Oscar E. Jones, Charles Wesley Jordan, Gary Lee Lawson, James L. Lincoln, Willie Carl McClairen, Jr., Odell Gene McGhee, Esq., Robert R. Menzies, Langely D. Murray, Dimaggio O. Nichols, Walter James Riley, Meredith Roy Saunders, Meredith Roy Saunders, W. Caesar Smith, Gilbert Spears, Thomas Vaughn Spencer, Sr., Guy Joseph Stines, Frederick W. Strickland, Jr., Phelan Rico Thomas, Robert A. Wright, Sr., Esq., Robert Allan Wright, Jr., Esq.

"What are you, Afrikan or greek? You cannot be both. The choice is yours, I've already made mine. Let me know so when the revolution manifests physically I know whether to equip you with weaponry or vanquish dat ass!" - Jehvon J. Buckner

#76 GAMMA THETA - Princess Anne, MD (12/1/84)
Eddie Boyd, Jr., Henry Marcellus Brooks, Leon Lorenzo Copeland, Kermit Atlee Cottman, (Mrs) William Grant Dix, Edward V. Ellis, Francis W. Gates, Charles Gorman Goslee, Chester M. Hedgepeth, Milbourne F. Hull, O. William Hull, Jr., George Robert Kent, (Mrs) J. Comillous King, William Ernest Lide, (Mrs) Claud Collier Marion, (Mrs) Willie Q. McManus, Mortimer Hugh Neufville, Booker T. Outland, (Mrs) Sylvia Pinckett, Sr., (Mrs) Robert Eugene Thweatt, Oliver H. Williams

#77 GAMMA IOTA - Rochester, NY (2/23/85)
John William Adams, Bobby J. Anderson, Carl Atkins, Matthew Augustine, Raymond Lee Blackwell, (Mrs) John Lewis Blake, Walter Doyce Broadnax, Thomas Haywood Byas, Alan D. Caine, William H. Castle, Milton Leverne Cofield, William Mattherson Davis, Jr., Sibert Roy Douglas, Andrew Stoney Edwards, Emerson Ulysses Fullwood, William Hall, William Archer Johnson, Jr., Cleve Lee Killingsworth,Jesu Marrero, Alvaro Lopes Martins, James H. Norman, Sr., Lauriston Earl O'Connor, Clayton H. Osborne, Austin H. Ray, Lemuel A. Rogers, Jr., Alva Randall Royston, Sr., Hezekiah N. Simmons, Marshall J. Spurlock, James Carter Sutton, John Henry Thompson, Raphael T. Tshibangu, Kenneth Beverly Turpin, Herbert L. Washington

#78 GAMMA KAPPA - Winston Salem, NC (11/9/85)
William H. Andrews, Marshall Brent Bass, Robert E. Brower, Harold T. Brown, Willie L. Clarke, Jr. Esq., Thomas Lawrence Clarke, James Edward Dew, Joseph Lenwood Dickson, CE. Gaines, Edward Francis Hanes, Roland Harris Hayes, (Mrs) William Henry Hoffler, Jr., Lawrence David Hopkins, Marvin Joseph Johnson, Emmett Michael Lampkin, Calvert Bennett Jeffers, Jr., James M. Jones, Leroy B. Kellam, Charlie Lee Kennedy, Harold Lillard Kennedy, Jr., Willard L. McCloud, Sr., Steve M. McKinnon, Arthur Stevens Milligan, Daniel Howard Murphy, (Mrs) George F. Newell, Warren Claude Oldham, Charles Roy Pierce, (Mrs) Brytle Puryear, (Mrs) Royal W. Puryear, Benjamin S. Ruffin, Sterling Spainhour, Esq., Cleon Franklin Thompson, Sr., Thomas Parrish Trollinger, Walter S. Tucker, David Hollis Wagner, Jr., Esq., Roland Smith Watts, John Prince Williams, (Mrs) Hoyt A. Wiseman, Everette L. Witherspoon

#79 GAMMA LAMBDA - Chartleston, SC (12/15/86)
Thaddeus J. Bell, James Earthine Brown, Bennett L. Caffey, Gregory Davis, Esq., Herbert A. DeCosta, Jr., Eddie V. Easley, Lonie Hamilton, III, Raymon T. Huff, Theophilus Little, Daniel E. Martin, Sr., Montez C. Martin, Jr., Herbert Sharp Massey, Turner M. McCottry, George Kubelik Robinson, Kenneth Eugene Robinson, Addison Berkley Sales, Sabra Conway Slaughter, Perry Keith Waring, Andre' Vincent Woods

#80 GAMMA MU - Phoenix, AZ (5/10/86)
Charles C. Alston, Nathan Joseph Bacchus, Michael Brad Bayless, Junius A. Bowman, MC. Burton, Jr., Ervin Cobb, Ben L. Davis, George H. Dean, John Leonard Edwards, Harold David Fuller, William Freeman Gillis, Charles S. Harris, Kenny Welton Harris, William Thomas Holland, Harold Edward Holmes, Napoleon Hornbuckle, Proctor H. Houston, Arelester Green Johnson, Stanley Howard Kyle, George Logan, III, (Mrs) William D. Mackey, Jr., Joe McDonald, Albert Leon McHenry, Richard M. Moss, Albert Francois Olivier, Cecil Booker Patterson, Jr., Coy C. Payne, Robert Peacock, Lincoln J. Ragsdale, James Oliver Richardson, Anthony Dale Rodgers, William Murray Smith John Wesley Ward, Earl Jerome Washington, Charles Thomas Williams, Kirk Gilbert Williams, Lonnie James Williams, Jr., Theodore Edward Williams, Richard V. Worrell, Richard V. Worrell

#81 GAMMA NU - Northern Mississippi (5/31/86)
Cleotris Finley Brittenum, Troy Dudley Brown, Jimmie Lawson, Michael Dale Cavanaugh, Ishmell H. Edwards, Paul Clarence Lampley,OP. Lowe, Wilfred Thomas Mayfield, Theophilus E. McKinney, William A. McMillan, Sr., Alred Moore, Arvern Moore, James Henry Neely, Sylvester W. Oliver,Sammie Potts,Bruce W. Randolph, Walter L. Roberts, Othello Robinson, William Delano Scott, III, Clarence Ell Smith,Albert Donell Stewart, David L. Stratmon, Sr., Lawrence Sutton, Sr., William W. Sutton, W. Eric Thomas, Bennie L. Turner, Esq., Louis Westerfield, Esq.

#82 GAMMA OMICRON - Tampa, FL (6/28/86)
Kenneth David Anthony, H. James Odell Brookins, Kenneth Rawn Bryant, George W. Butler Jr. Esq., Alden George Cockburn, Henry Earl Cotman, Naaman Willis Johnson, Leroy Andy McCloud, Clarence V. McKee, Paul Edward McRae, Robert Alex Monroe, Larry J. Newsome, Sr., Frederick A. Reddy, (Mrs) James Bernard Sanderline, John H. Skinner, David Eugene Smith, John Lee Smith, Israel Tribble, Jr., Eugene A. Ward, Melvin Hugh Williams, Victor James Wright

#83 GAMMA PI - Chattanooga, TN (7/12/86)
Franklin E. Alford, Charles M. Bouie, James Monroe Boykin, Jr., William M. Buford, Calvin Lee Calhoun, Jr., Willie Robert Chapman, , Robert Joseph Clark, Alan David Hughes, George A. Key, Cornelius J. Mance, Paul Anderson McDaniel, James Arthur Miller, Jerome W. Page, Wilbert R. Roberts, Jr., W. Howard Roddy, S. Reginald Ruff, III, Edgar L. Scott, Samuel S. Trammell, Walter Francis Williams, Esq.

#84 GAMMA RHO - Ann Arbor, MI (1/17/87)
Archie Andrews, Jon Eric Barfield, Esq., James Howard Bradley, Jr., Oscar Lewis Britton, (Mrs) David R. Byrd, William Levi Cash, Jr., Dennis Dowdell, Jr., Fulton B. Eaglin Esq., Alfred L. Edwards, O. Herbert Ellis, Sr., Harold Patrick Fowler, Roderick Duane Gillum, James Hawkins, Henry Johnson, Gordon Richard Martin, Frederick Leon McDonald, Theodore R. Meadows, Arnold Wilson Miller, Charles D. Moody, Warren George Palmer, Walter G. Parker, Robert Shaw Rhodes, Hayward Richardson, Emerson Robinson, Joseph Ewing Vaughn, Jr., Isiah Charles White

#85 GAMMA SIGMA - Raleigh, NC (2/7/87)
(Mrs) James Carlton Barber, M. Grant Batey, Sr., Daniel Terry Blue, Jr, Esq., Stafford G. Bullock, Esq., Robert Burford, Frederick D. Burroughs, Louis Phillip Clark, Jr., James A. Clarke, Sylvellie R. Cloud, Walter Conway Davenport, George C. Debnam, Cecil R. Goins, James G. Hardy, Charles A. Haywood, Charles Vernon Holland, Russell Holloway, Clarence Lightner, Robert Warren McDowell, William R. McNeal, Jr., James Ralph O'Rourke, Jr., Theodore R. Padgett, Marion Phillips, James Junious Pilgrim, Jr., Prezell R. Robinson, (Mrs) James J. Sansom, Jr., Talbert O. Shaw, Robert Shepherd, James Almer Smith, III, Cressie H. Thigpen, Jr., George Willard Walker, Harold H. Webb, James Preston West, George Williams

#86 GAMMA TAU - Racine-Kenosha, WI (6/13/87)
Milous E. Adams, LaRoyce Francis Chambers, Etzer Chicoye, Wesley Alton Coleman Noel Newton Hankin, Reuben K. Harpole, Lawrence Lee Kirby, Louis Thomas Maxey, Esq., Joseph Charles Mitchell, Oscar D. Shade, Paul T. Spraggins, Jr., George Roger Stinson, Carl Shelby Tidwell, Lawrence S. Tolson, Robert Lee Watson, Jr., Dennis O. Webster

#87 GAMMA UPSILON - Asheville, NC (6/27/87)
Albert B. Anderson, Nilous McKinley Avery, Lemia C. Batts, Jr., Lonnie Dornell Burton, Ronald R. Caldwell, William J. Crisp, Logan Drummond Delany, Sr., Wilbur Eggleston, Eugene W. Ellision, Esq., James O. Gibbs, Jr., Lawrence Gilliam, Sr., John H. Grant, Jr., (Mrs) Lacy Thomas Haith, Robet Lewis Harrell, Osborne Martin Hart, Cecil Clifton Holt, John Plummer Holt, McArthur Jackson, James Elijah King, Charles E. Lawrence, Johnny Lee Lloyd, Larry C. McCallum, Willie L. McDaniel, Howard C. McGlohon, Esq., Otis B. Michael, (Mrs) Quentin K. Miller, Sr., Erby Rudolph Oglesby, John Vernon Parham, Jr., John F. Potts, Wayne Keith Purcell, Otha Lee Sherrill, Jr., George Edward Weaver, Alfred Jeter Whitesides, Jr.

#88 GAMMA PHI - San Antonio, TX (1/23/88)
Raymond S. Bennet, Jr., Frank Bryant, Jr., Wejay S. Bundara, Ernest T. Dixon, Jr., Carl Erwin Dukes, Walter Joe Duncan, William Hicks Hadnott, Lawrence B. Harkless, George Darby Hilliard, Robert l. Moore Hilliard, Leonard Eugene Lawrence, Clarence Roy McGowan, Esq., Curtis Emerson Neal, Jr., Joseph Alphonso Pierce, Jr., Melvin Douglas Smith, Charles Sparks Thurston, Navarra R. Williams, Theodore R. Williams, Edward Daniel Young, Jr.

#89 GAMMA CHI - San Jose, CA (7/16/88)
Ronald Lee Anders, John H. Arnold, Harold Eugene Batiste, Jr., Robert Arnold Bowman, Harry B. Bremond, Harry William Brooks, Frederick M. Chancellor, Jr., Roy Lee Clay, Carver Leon Clinton, John N. Douglas, Leo Victor English, William Ernest Green, Esq., Frank S. Greene, Jr., Charles Andrew Harris, John Hill, Lawrence B. Hooper, Paul Maurice Jackson, Robert Walton Johnson, James B. Knight, Robert Weldon Lawrence, Cordell Page Olive, TJ. Owens, Phrasel L. Shelton, John Robert Thompson, Arthur BC. Walker, James Leroy White, Kirk Andrew Woodson

#90 GAMMA PSI - Columbus, GA (11/4/89)
Lionel Baker, Sanford Dixon Bishop, Jr., Henry L. Cook, James EW. Crosse, Gregory Allan Davis, M. Delmar Edwards, Eli Gardner, Isaac Samuel Hadley, Julius H. Hunter, Jr., Esq., James C. Jackson,Clifton, Johnson, Thomas Nathan Malone, William H. Mayweather, Sylvester McRae, William Samuel Odom, Jr., Gary Parker, Esq., Gregory M. Rucker, Calvin Smyre, Albert William Thompson, Sr., Price Walker, Jr.,Emanuel Wilkes, Howard Willis, Robert L. Wright, Jr.

#91 DELTA ALPHA - Northern Illinois (6/6/90)
James Edward Belcher, Joseph 'Bryan' Bennet, Sherman Beverly, Jr., Jesse B. Brown, Andrew Lee Glover, Calvin Houston Hall, Jr., Clifford M. Hurd, Ronald Johnson, Lemmon C. McMillan, II, Kenneth Albert Mines, James Heyward Murray, III, Sherman Noble, Jr., Morris Earl Robinson, Bruce E. Sands, Butler Lee Sharpe, III, Luther Franklin Spence, Edwin Wells Turner, Lee Henderson Walker, Albert Morris Ware, William Earl Woods

#92 DELTA BETA - Greenville, SC (2/10/90)
Robert W. Anderson, III, Charles T. Battle, Jr., Willis H. Crosby, Jr., Melvin Davis, James W. Gregory, Morris Hall, Willie J. Hill, Thomas Elliot Kerns, Julius Kilgore, Levi S. Kirkland,Amon A. Martin, Jr., Harold O. Mims, William C. Patton, ST. Peden, Desmond E. Smith, Willie T. Smith, Jr., Clinton J. Thompson, Charles W. Whittenberg

#93 DELTA GAMMA - Tyler, TX (2/24/90)
Clarence W. Bailey, Napoleon G. Byrdsong, Marvin A. Calloway, William Edward Calloway, Charles Craddock, Charles Craddock, Willie P. Drumgoole, Samuel D. Houston, Charles Glenn Jenkins, Otis A. Jones, Isidore J. Lamothe, Jr., Maurice Mills, Winston Robinson, Jeremiah T. Stallworth, (Mrs) TJ. Taliaferro, William A. Warren, Carl U. Westbrook, II

#94 DELTA DELTA - Albany, NY (3/24/90)
Willie Adams, Rex Olatunji Ajayi, Robert L. Albritten, Ronnie William Arrington, Egbert Julian Bacon, Ernest W. Benson, Billy C. Black, Carl A. Bryant, Esq., Clarence Calhoun, Wilburn A. Campbell, Jr., Garland Keith Chadwell, Thomas C. Chatmon, Walter Carl Gordon, Jr., Cornelius W. Grant, Esq., Woodrow A. Hall, Washington A. Johnson, William Arthur Johnson, T. Marshall Jones, Walter Wallace Judge, Ozell Stanley Kelley, Charles C. King, Robert Lewis Marshall, Obie W. O'Neal, Jr., Herbert E. Phipps, Alfredo Stokes, Larry Morgan Turner, Devell Ray Young

#95 DELTA EPSILON - Southern, NJ (4/13/91)
William Baker, Roderick A. Bennet, Calvin Bland, Van Buren Bruner, Jr., Edgar Bernard Darrell, Ronald Upshaw Davis, Ronald Jerry Freeman, Esq., J. St. Girard, Jordan,Lewis Edward Proffitt, Carlisle L. St. Martin, Donn George Scott, Donn George Scott, Alphonso L. Smith, Ronald L. Stewart, H. Lebaron Taylor, Winifred L. Tillery, W. Carey Tucker, John E. Wallace, Jr., Henry Eugene Waples, Joseph James Williams

#97 DELTA ETA - Denver, Colorado (5/18/91)
Odell Carl Barry, Bertram Alfred Bruton, Charles Leroy Casteel, Esq., Morris Shandell Clark, Kenneth Gregory Chrichlow, Wiley Young Daniel, Esq., Leslie S. Franklin, Sherman Hamilton, Mark Haynes, Larry McGlother Jackson, Jerry L. Johnson, Johnny Emanuel Johnson, Raymond Dean Jones, James Giffen Mann, Wilbert Lee Miles, Claudie Dee Minor, Jr., Benjamin Moultrie, Larry J. Naves, Robert Leon Patterson, Robert I. Patton, Wilbur R. Reed, William R. Roberts, Reginald L. Washington

#98 DELTA THETA - Las Vegas, NV (11/3/92)
John Benjamin Branche, John Benjamin Branche, Jr., Kenneth Gregory Brass, James Cornelius Brown, Samuel C. Buchanan, Tyree Carr, Matthew G. Carter, Howard Coker, John Richard Crear, William E. Dougan, Michael L. Douglas, Esq., William Leslie Downey, Henry Gates, Jr., Lee A. Gates, Washington Hill, Terrence Renee Johnson, Owen William Justice, Jr., Sidney Blair Lawson, Sidney Blair Lawson, Walter Gordon Lynch, Cuthbert EA. Mack, George Mask, George L. Mims, Nathan I. Ozobia, Robert McQueen Paige, Elbert A. Powell, Ronald Lucius Reedom, Louis Solomon Richardson, Louis Robison, Michael T. Rowan, Elleston Craig Rucker, William W. Sullivan, Kenneth C. Westfield, Richard G. Wharton, Earle William White, Jr., Arthur L. Williams, Esq., Carl N. Williams, Jr., Wendell John Williams, Jerome Alan Young

#99 DELTA IOTA - Mobile, AL (11/20/93)
Ralph Anthony Altice, Celious Barner, Walter A. Bell, Emanuel M. Carter, Kendal Irwin Foster, Vance Edward Gray, Randolph R. Hadley, Council Powell, Sr., Keflyn Xavier Reed, Thomas N. Reed, Earl Roberson, Sr., Roy Lee Smith, Coleman Turner

#100 DELTA KAPPA - Shreveport, LA (1/8/94)
Thomas A. Archey, Willie JC. Critton, Edwin J. Holt, Roy W. Lester, Harold L. Lloyd, Collier Edwards Mickle, Collie J. Nicholson, Albert H. Powell, Gary Sanders, Joseph Sarpy, Jr., Carl E. Stewart

#101 DELTA LAMBDA - Nassau, Bahamas (2/5/94)
Roger G. Brown, Baldwin William Carey, Donald W. Cash, George Victor Cox, Judson Frazier Eneas, Wendell Carver Grant, Roston Henry Miller, V. Edgar Moxey,Patrick Anthony Rahming, Patrick David Roberts, Lofton Barry Russell, Philip E. Russell, Robet Dºelano Sands, Alfred Michael Sears, Gordon Patrick Soles, William Roston Wallace

In summary, (Henry) Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake, in his own words, of the "tenets (like) of Skull and Bones at Yale and Phi Beta Kappa..." - Charles H. Wesley

Messenger: Luke Wilbur Sent: 3/13/2008 6:51:09 PM

I was doing research on Andrew Mellon and found that you mention him as Boule.

I am doing a photo essay on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. I photographed a picture of a zodiac fountain dedicated to Andrew Mellon.

Messenger: BlackPower Sent: 10/12/2009 9:52:29 PM

Today is my first time on the site and I just wanted to say thank you my brother. I am what one would call "newly awakened" to the condition of my people. I'll keep on the look out for more of this powerful information.

Messenger: Respect Them Sent: 10/15/2009 10:43:58 AM

Amazing amount of information here to read. Why was there so little discussion? I must tell you upfront that I am caucasian and don't pretend to be RasTafarian or grow my hair into dreadlocks. Nor am I part of a greek organization. In fact, I owe allegiance to no society but rather find myself in the same predicament of having to trade Federal Reserve Notes (how Babylon maintains power over all) to maintain bodily sustenance. I have been taught the same information in school as black students (although I am more acquainted with Latinos). We were all taught about these 'house negroes' as being 'enlightened blacks' who helped 'their people' to become free from 'white indoctrination'. However, it is all of humanity who are victims of these lies as well. I disagree that whites are incapable of comprehending these facts, nor are whites unwilling, but they are educated in the same brainwashed fashion as blacks and others. To believe a white baby or a black baby are born with a different level of spiritual capabilities would deny that all peoples are created in the image of God. I have studied in depth the experience of forced African immigrants throughout the Americas but there is always more to learn. Sometimes it seems easy to simplify everything, and perhaps it should be, but it is not I know this in my heart the world is not black and white it is vividly colorful and we should appreciate this.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 10/15/2009 10:51:29 AM

I watched a video on the boule talking about how the boule actively worked against Marcus Garvey.

There are a number of black fraternities at the college I go to, some of them are probably boule.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 10/15/2009 11:22:30 AM

The Black Fraternities at Appalachian State University are all of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

They include:

Alpha Phi Alpha- Pi Nu Chapter (founded December 4, 1906 at Cornell University)

Kappa Alpha Psi-Mu Epsilon Chapter (founded January 5, 1911 at Indiana University at Bloomington)

Omega Psi Phi- Psi Mu chapter (founded November 17, 1911 at Howard University)

Phi Beta Sigma- Alpha Alpha Rho chapter (founded January 9, 1914 Howard University)

I don't know if all them are boule, but some of them probably are. The above article mentioned Alpha Phi Alpha as boule.

They all have logos, with like knights and stuff on them.

One of the white fraternities, Delta Tau Delta, has the all seeing eye on its logo. I think its sort of creepy, I have heard that the all seeing eye is a symbol of lucifer.

Messenger: Warrior Dove Sent: 11/16/2012 6:53:01 PM

Ras Sistren Khamyl,

I read your article: IZ YT Human? or Mutant! I gotta say that it is some serious Babylon Badmind propaganda! Very racist! Truly FALSE! Lies are not going to fix the atrocities commited in the past. Your "Yacob Tribe" is FAKE! Where did you come up with this?!

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