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Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 12/25/2004 10:00:09 AM

I dont know how many of thee I's actually celebrate this holiday, but Merry Christmas anyway. I hope all of you have good Holiday, and happy new year!

Happy b-day Jesus!!!!!

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/25/2004 11:57:59 AM

I hope that all the I's have many days of work in the upfull frame of mind.Love to all the childern in this time and the nexted.

peace in the mid, centeral, northen, southern, western and east.

One love

JAh Ras to the people

Messenger: Ras John Sent: 12/27/2004 12:48:16 PM

InI celebrate the 25th as a holiday with I non-Rasta family, and InI fast until 6 January. On Ithiopia Christmas I go to Nyabinghi and have a feast and celebration at home with I friends and family.

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Haile Selassie I