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She wanted to see I herbs

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Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 5/16/2013 4:15:37 PM

Iman give thanks and praise my king for the light,love,wisemind and inspiration the I has shown I.I trully apprecilove the I's words for they have given I the strength to carry on.ONE LOVE

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 5/16/2013 4:15:39 PM

Iman give thanks and praise my king for the light,love,wisemind and inspiration the I has shown I.I trully apprecilove the I's words for they have given I the strength to carry on.ONE LOVE

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 6/13/2013 9:00:11 PM

Not to resurrect this topic, but I've come across some knowledge recently that might be of help to the I in this situation Zion Mountain, and anyOne else who finds themselves in a situation where longing for a partner is there in I and I, but it is not helpful to have the sexual energy at the forefront.

This is a technique taught to I by the Hare Krishnas, who practice complete celibacy as far as I know, which isn't I and I order, but until such time as an Empress or Kingman can manifest in I and I lives, this yogic technique can be used by I and I to redirect the sexual energy towards the heights and rise it up the 7 seals in I and I temple. Certainly I've found it useful while I wait to see what Jah ordains for I in that direction.

The technique is simple; when lust or just a longing for tenderness that doesn't suit the situation arises exhale all the breath from the lungs so that they are as empty as possible, then contract the diaphragm upwards and hold it for as long as possible. The I will feel the energy rising up the I's spine and it is a very powerful feeling that will straighten the spine and is caused by the rise of electro-magnetic energy in the I's body up away from the root and base seals that are associated with sexuality up through the rest of the seals towards the first eye. Practice it and hold for as long as possible each time and it will become easier and the energy will rise higher.

I pray this is helpful for all Ones and Ones in a lonely relationship situation, and that the Most High will guide each and every one of I and I into the arms of a King or Queen who will love and support I and I to the highest heights.

Blessed love

Messenger: HIM_Sun Sent: 6/15/2013 1:45:59 PM

Jah is love

Messenger: Sister Sent: 6/15/2013 3:56:06 PM

This is taken from philosophy on the yoga sutra...

...The yogic view of a relationship is not to consume another person like an object but to recognize divinity in one's partner......the husband is not to be seen as the physical form, but as immortal consciousness../the wife is not to be looked at as the body, but to be recognised as the immortal consciousness. Partnership is used in yoga to recognise the inherent divinity in the other. This does exclude casual sex. The problem here is that usually one of the partners (often the female) looks for more than just sex. This partner will be hurt when being abandoned. Casual sex in this case is a form of violence.... Sexual intercourse is in many scriptures described as karma mudra, the seal of karma. It seals a strong karmic bond between partners, even if we have become so desentized that we cant feel that anymore. This karmic bond is formed through a connection of the subtle bodies of the two partners. In popular language we call this connection "heartstrings". It can be felt even long after two partners have separated. When this connection is formed we have a certain karmic duty toward the other, especially in nurturing and supporting them emotionally and making them feel loved....... Sexual energy is seen as capital that can lift us into the divine dominion if used properly. Sexual restraint is thought to increase intelligence and memory function....The ability to transform and use is the key. If sexual energy is simply suppressed and bottled up it can turn to hatred and become very dangerous. Some political leaders have known about this and used their knowledge to further their aims. That is how the Nazis managed to unleash a terrible force, as Wilhelm Reich explains in his book The Mass Psychology in Fascism. The mere suppression of sexuality does not lead anywhere if ones does not know what to do with the energy.

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 6/16/2013 7:17:50 PM

Give thanks for bringing that knowledge forwards Sister, that's a seal up for plenty that has been happening and revealing in I Livity through different Reasonings and experiences.

Blessed love

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 6/17/2013 7:08:40 AM

I and I give thanks for the wisemind from the ones and ones.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 6/19/2013 6:25:04 PM

Yes I Greetings Jah Children. Iman back with dat issue again,at first I thought I would solve the matter alone,but it got too heavy for I to carry,so I decided to share with the elders dem who have got the wisemind and experience. Just the other day,the little Princess came to I house,her aunty told I they wanted to go to look for a pair of shoes for a relative's wedding.The princess only stayed a little while and took her little cousin(her aunty's baby)with her and went out.I Irit was never stable from dat moment,I was actually sensing something wrong was happening.I followed her and remained at the gate and watch her walk along the road.With a blink of an eye,I couldn't see her in that road.I then told Iself dat maybe I was just too curious.I then returned inside.After a while she also came back and went out the second time with her aunty this time.They then returned in the evening around 7p.m and she(the princess)said she was to take a leave and go back home.I took I jacket and got ready to accompany her but she said I didnt have to bother as she had kept some people waiting outside.I kept insisting and started to walk to the gate.There were two young men standing at the gate and I passed them not knowing anything.I then waited for her by the road only to find dat those two guys were the ones she kept waiting.I walked away from them as if I didnt know anything and turned to a friend's place.I was then told by her aunty dat her old boyfriend had come back after a while,I was heartically saddened for true,I couldn't sleep,eat or drink well because I was disappointed and double-crossed.Two or three days later she came back to the house,she was cheerful dat day dat she disturbed I from writing I notes.I didnt show any sign of disappointment,we could only talk and laugh and I was waiting for the right time and space to raise dat issue.She then later went to her home and I called her on her phone.I told her dat it wasnt an Ila thing to do to double-cross I.She started to laugh and she said dat she told at first dat she had a boyfriend but I told her to make up her mind eventhough her decision wouldnt favour I.I even told her dat her games would lead her to nothing but self destruction.We spent some days without communication only to meet and talk for a few minutes when she came to I home and then I left for work.Dat same day,I called her on her phone and told her how much I missed her and when I would see her again and she told I dat I ddnt have to because,"I'm not your girlfriend."I humbly replied,"ok,I have heard you."So my bredrins and sistrins,I am heartbroken,of all those efforts I put,I came out with nothing.Why is it dat the more one try to show love the more you are rewarded with pain and stress.I tried to be patient but the burden is getting heavier.Is this the road one have to walk to find true love???I prayed to Jah but things are happening the contrary.I don't really know whether to be patient and remain a fool before her or just move on.But wouldnt be moving on be a lack of faith?as I have asked Haile Selassie I to bless I with this princess,so wouldn't it seem to have lost hope in Selassie I???Or are this things which are happening a sign from Jah dat I got no place in her heart??? TOTALLY CONFUSED!!!

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 6/19/2013 8:13:16 PM

Idren, that's sounding all too familar. I'll share I thoughts and experience with the I, but I'd like to hear what the I's Elders advised the I as well Idren, unless the I meant I and I, in which case that's fine, but go Reason with the Elders at the tabernacle where the I keeps Binghi as well.

Honestly Idren, it sounds like the I was rushing still. Not to say that the I has done anything inherently wrong, but when I advised the I to be patient and keep the I's love on a brotherly level for now, I meant longer than a few weeks. It is a different situation between the wombman I love and I, because she is a RastafarI Sister and because I and I can Reason openly about these things I probably haven't been led on to the level that maybe the I has, but I am still waiting as patiently as possible to see what will develop between I and I, and it's been months and months now with no clear end in sight. I was holding a Reasoning with the Sister the other day, and she pointed out to I that any true bonding relationship (man and wife) must be established by both partners from a conscious spiritual level first before it becomes a physical (sexual) relationship. The Sister related it to the 7 seals/chakras in I and Iselves that must align in this order for that relationship to flourish between anyone:

the 1st is the union of the crown chakra, I understand (one mind)

2nd is the union of the third eye, I see, (one vision)

the 3rd is union of the speech, I speak (one voice)

4th is the union of the heart, I love (one love)

5th is union of the solar plexus, I do (one mission)

the 6th is the union of the base chakra, I feel (one body, soul bond)

the 7th is the union of the root chakra, the I AM (one being)

I am not saying at all that the I cannot establish this kind of relationship with this young Sister in time, but overstand that since the I has asked the Most High for that to forward, the I will have to purify and perfect the Iself to HIS standards if that is ever to happen. He won't make it easy (nothing worth doing ever is), but the tests along the way, this broken heart included, are only intended to purify the I's intentions, teach the I necessary lessons and build the I up stronger as a Man. Obviously the Sister is not looking to establish that Crown Head connection with the I at this time, but that isn't to say that it won't happen in the future, so if the I truly does love this Sister to those levels, love and support her in whatever righteous ways the I can unconditionally as a brother and friend.
So what if she loves a next man right now? Does that mean she doesn't have love in her heart for the I? Not at all. Does that mean the I should dash away the love the I holds for her? Fire burn that selfish ego folly! If anything, the I should just not watch the next man and let him be what he will be to her with respect for the position she is in. I can sight that the I did this to an extent already in asking her to clarify, even if it was not in the I's favour, but obviously the I was not prepared in the Iself for the outcome the I received.

Rejection hurts, and loneliness is a terrible burden to bear, but the I is hardly alone in it Idren. Real-eyes that spite and grudgefullness have no place in the I, no matter how much they assault the I's mind. If the I is really determined to have any kind of relationship with this Sister, the I must maintain that unconditional love through everything (within sense) and work to uplift and build her as a woman without regard for the Iself, because it's not like if she did come to the I as a wife, everything would immediately become perfect and blissful. That would just be the start of a whole next journey with its own tribulations, tests and lessons. In the meantime, make the effort to see the I's loneliness, not in isolation, but as an expression of the longing of all Men to cherish and nurture a Woman and return to the source of their creation to bring new life forward for generations to come.

I know the I likes a bit flowetry still, so I'll share two things I wrote out of the exact same place as the I is in now. The second is actually a 'sequel' to the first, written after much hard learning and reflection on the state I was in when I wrote the first:

Sometimes I feel sad when everything's fine
Like I'm hollowed out and can't speak, just whine
I'm not sick, I don't catch disease or eat swine
But I feel off balance, like I'm down and drinking wine
Yet I don't drink, or even eat from the vine
So I take some time to speak and listen to the divine
And pray; Iyah Most High send Iman a sign
Help I bring my heart, mind and spirit into line
Direct this loving force that is rising up I spine
That I can't redirect, neglect or confine
It lets I know that I body is a shrine
And that its looking for another to entwine
If it's just One then let I wait without decline
For that love way higher than wine and dine
Whatever happens, let I always rise and shine
Selassie's soldier still, and I never will resign

Jah guide I through the long nights of pining
Keep I lips from cursing and whining
Let I eyes be ever shining
Give thanks I'm not stuck declining
Still not into girls thats winding
Just a good wife, that's what I'm finding
A bond thats really sacred and binding
To bring new life with I and I combining
And while I wait I'm still refining
I true self I Am not confining
Strictly Righteousness I'm defining
A true and just world I'm designing
Seeing every cloud with silver lining
Through the first eye I'm still divining
And on strictly Ital food I'm dining
Haile I's soldier and still not resigning

More health and strength.

Blessed heart of love

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 6/20/2013 6:16:21 AM

Yes I Actually I was also refering to the I when I mentioned about the elders since the I has shown I guidance from the start.I have reasoned with one elder who is the Ilect of Priesthood where I trod binghi and the man also told I about patience as him say its not an easy road.Actually,we were reasoning about how the man started to trod Nyahbinghi,how the man met him empress and how she started troding Nyahbinghi also and I could listen and sight dat its a hard road to travel but worth the fight.Now regarding to I intentions towards the sister,only Jah knows Idren,of course I havent been perfect but I neva wanted to use her of which I could have but fire burn lust,I only needed to grow with her physically and spiritually but it seems as vain.So,I don't know where and how to carry on,bredrin.I sometimes think of leaving her alone and just let it be,but during the process,I couldnt just let her go just like dat.ONLY JAH YE KNOW

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