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Rise As One

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/11/2013 12:08:58 AM

I and I are supposed to advance, not as an individual, but as One. I and I are One, and Living this way will bring forth abundance of Life. I Life is not just when this flesh was born until this flesh joins the ground. I Life is the same as I ancestors Life, and I Children's Life is the same as I Life. I and I were given many generations to advance in every generation, so I and I always Itinue to Rise. That is our Life. And what comes from that Realization, also comes the Realization that all other people are the same One Life. And when the time is Right, I and I will Rise all as One.

Some people don`t want to teach others what they have learned in life, but feel that they should have to go through the same experiences and tribulation to get that knowledge. That kind of thinking works against the Rising of Heights. It causes generation after generation to go through the same foolishness and never reach the Heights that I and I are supposed to reach.

If a man trods for 80 years to Iverstand something, and when Ones and Ones come and ask the person to explain what he found, he tells them, "go and walk for 80 years and you will find the answer".

That 80 year old man would have lived and died in vanity and uselessness. And if the Ones and Ones that looked to him carry on in the same foolishness, then their lives will also be vanity and uselessness and none of them will trod much higher than the old man, if they even manage to trod just as high.

Generations and generations will pass and people might become a little Higher in old age, but never much Higher than the generation before, and maybe even lower.

That kind of thinking is why so many centuries after Yeshua come, most in the world are still very far from Selassie I.

That 80 year old man should have Taught the Ones and Ones what he had Learned, so they can start their trod with that WiseMind and Heights, and use their 80 years to Trod Higher. And then they can teach the next generation of Ones and Ones what they Learned from the 80 year old man, and what they Learned on top of what the old man showed them. And then the next generations of Ones and Ones will Learn what the previous generation of Ones and Ones Learned, and they will have the opportunity to Learn even more and Rise even Higher.

I Teach I children so they Learn from I experiences. I will Teach them everything I know in due time and season, according to their Iverstanding. I will also Teach them how to Learn things for theirself, and how to filter what they are taught by others to remove the disagreeable. And while they Learn what I Teach and also after they Learn it, they will Trod and Learn much more and Rise much Higher than I. If they become my age and are not much Higher than I, then I have failed as a Father. But this will not happen because I will not allow Iself to fail.

I have seen so many people with the kind of attitude that if they went through this or that to gain some Knowledge and Iverstanding, then everyone else should go through the same.

It is true that there are some Heights that can only be gained through a person going through this and that to Iverstand. But many things can be Reasoned about so that Iron sharpeth Iron. The Iron will be able to Learn and Iverstand without spending time that has already been spent by the other Iron. And some things may still need to be experienced, but when an Iron sharpeth another Iron first, the experience of the next Iron won't contain the same wasted time that the first Iron went through, because the first Iron would show where the obstacles are, and show where the pathways are.

It is true that One can pass on wrong information to another. That is why every One needs to look deeper into what is told to them by others, and make sure that it is something they can accept or if it is something they should reject. Even if the One looks into it deeper, it is still possible that both people are fooled, but that is part of growth, and if people Itinue to gain Knowledge and Iverstanding, they will release themselves from their deceptions.

In Itinuance of I reasoning about the 80 year old man. If he gives people the wrong information, they have wasted the time it took for the man to tell them, instead of possibly spending 80 years to come to the same wrong information.

And if the One is diligent, then they will look deeper and verify that the information is correct, and if they find that it is not, then they will know that they should not waste 80 years going in that same direction. It is still possible that they could live and die, never realizing the error, but at least they have another 80 years to search it out.

And if the information is good, or at least if part of the information is good. Then the One will gain from the 80 years the old man spent searching, and if the 80 year old man Learned from others before him, they could also gain 80 years from each of the people that taught that old man. And if the old man was taught by many Ones, and his Teachers were also taught by many other Ones, than they could gain many millenium of Heights. Even if the Heights were only Sighted and passed through in only a few centuries. The more people a One learns from, and the more people the Teacher has learned from, the more centuries of experience will be gained.

And after a One Learns these Heights, they can now Rise even higher and also remove the things that they find to be disagreeable. Preparing the Heights to pass on to the next generation.

The thing I am speaking of gives the possibility of such Greatness and such Heights. And if people also use their own brain and look deeper to filter out what is Learned so that they can Teach something better, then each generation will Itinue to become Greater and Rise Higher.

When it comes to technology. People are always Learning from many Ones that came before them. Each person that comes doesn't start from the beginning, and perform all the experiments and research that was performed in all history, they Learn from the people who have already done those things. And they look into it deeper to Learn more than what was seen before, and to correct mistakes that have been passed on. Look at how Selassie I spoke about keeping in balance material and Iritual progress. Selassie I Teachings are Iniversal and have such Richness. So why wouldn't I and I deal with our Irits in a manner where each generation can Learn from the generation before? Learning from what others have learned, and looking deeper to correct what needs to be corrected, and Rising Higher so that I and I can pass on even more greatness to the next Ones.

Selassie I show I and I

It is both the duty and responsibility of the world's fortunate few to help fulfil the legitimate aspirations of the unfortunate many. As man's faculty attains higher level of development and sophistication, so do his wants in life. As generations come and go, those assuming responsibility for the period do not cease to try and improve on the past in order to meet newly arising demands. In this respect, it is quite evident that to march with the time members of the coming generation should build on what their forefathers have bequeathed to them.

It is because the present generation is cherishing and keeping intact what it has received from the past that it has succeeded in attaining its present stage of development, by making the necessary changes and improvements called for by conditions now existing. This would require great foresight and the-work accomplished as far as regards to this task of great responsibility is no small matter. It has been fulfilled as a result of God's blessing and His Divine guidance.

It is both the responsibility of the governor as well as elders to create harmony among the people in initiating them to discuss their common problems and work towards the problems and the betterment of their standard of living.

It is the duty of teachers to direct the thought and outlook as well as mould the character of their students. For this reason, the responsibility of teachers in training student-teachers aimed at the future progress and development of our country and the proper upbringing of students, could hardly be underestimated.

In the age in which we are living especially when different philosophies of life are competing against another, the responsibility of teachers has been even more exacting. Those who will be serving the people in future should follow this same path in endeavouring to develop their country and maintain her freedom. This is one of the main responsibilities of teachers.

In this age when man, through his knowledge of science, has created dangerous weapons to destroy himself the responsibility of the great powers for the maintenance of world peace is well known to everyone. We believe that the exchange of visits by statesmen to talk over matters on which their points of view will greatly help remove the misunderstandings and mistrust prevailing among States.

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 4/11/2013 2:04:41 PM

Yes I broda, inity is power. Blessed word, sound n power.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 4/11/2013 5:02:39 PM

Yes I
This relates to the Is other reasoning about oral tradition being the root so much wisdom has been lost.

Blessed love

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 4/13/2013 2:09:34 PM

"Our unity being our formidable weapon of defense, it should be kept more strengthened than our other forces of defense."

"There are many things which you can learn not only from books and instructors, but from the life experience itself. There are definitely many things which you can learn from people. If you are guided by this principle, you will be surprised how pleasant life can be."

~Jah Rastafari Haile Selassie

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/15/2013 10:56:08 PM

Blessed Love.

Haile Selassie I is Almighty and Teaches I and I so much

If you are open-minded and ready to learn, there are many things which you can learn not only from books and instructors but from the very life experience itself. There are definitely many things which you can learn from the people. If you are guided by this principle, you will be surprised how pleasant life can be even under trying conditions.

Just wanted to show a few more words from that quote of Haile Selasse.

Messenger: Ras Hemp Sent: 4/16/2013 4:25:48 AM

Yes i Haile I Selassie I is the almighty and we can learn ALOT from HIM. We can also learn from Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The teachings of King Emanuel are also important. When we practice their teachings and experiences in life we will reach higher ites.
Blessed love Ras Hemp

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/20/2014 12:31:36 AM

Bringing this forward for something else to Reason about.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/20/2014 4:35:05 AM

Thank Jah we get something else to reason about, I appreciate the effort (and can see the reason).

'Each one teach one'

a proverb by which we must take heed.

But there ARE certain circumstances which cannot be explained or shared with words and teachings. Teaching and words can only resonate to a certain extend but the EXPERIENCE is a higher form of living. Slavery is one example. The inner feeling and spirit of an enslaved people, post slavery among neocolonialism and institutional racism.... I do believe unless ones EXPERIENCEs this first hand, the mindset of a people with a lost identity, this is something FELT and not necessarily transcribed. Another example would be ones who have lost a relative, or lost a mother. When consoling these people ones may say "I know how you feel" - but unless you too have lost a loved relative, this will often offend.

So yes each one teach one, there is no point gaining knowledge with no intention to share. However I would say to experience something first hand does allow for a higher form of overstanding. Ones can teach about Ratafari all day, but the LIVITY is what makes one a RastafarI.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/20/2014 4:52:52 AM

So if one was to trod 'for 80 years' as a Rasta. And ones asked him what he had learned and he replies, go and Trod the Trod for yourself...... this isn't necessarily wrong. Infact I think that would be better than anything he could have showed them or said to them.
Three learning modalities: Visual, Audio, and Kinetic (something which is felt).

Maybe the best outcome would be if he was able to do all three. Tell us what he learned, show us what he learned, and advise us to live the Trod to gain full overstanding.

Hail up the elder.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/20/2014 8:03:55 PM

Yes I, it is True that some things must be experienced, I made reference to that in the first post. Some of RasTafarI Way can be Learned from others, but the Most important parts need to be Lived.

It just seems that for so long many people go through the same experiences to get to the same level, where if the parts that can be taught were taught, I and I would have Risen Higher and Higher each generation. And often when the parts that can be taught are taught, it helps the progress of the other parts of the Trod which must be experienced.

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