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Rome/Selassie I

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Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 11/22/2004 4:26:51 AM

"We believe in the reunification of the churches, which is why we were so happy to meet Pope Paul VI during our voyage to Italy. We were greatly taken with him, we judged him a man of superior capacity, especially as regards his intention to work towards church unity. He received us with great friendliness."

I don't understand why His Majesty would try to unify the abomination of the earth with the rest of the churches. I would appreciate a reasoning.

Ras Zion I

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 11/22/2004 4:34:43 AM

What meaning do you feel from that quote and the way His Majesty moved in that situation?

I sight it as, love your enemy... This is how InI must trod, in royalty and humility, not speaking down about anyone but keeping things upfull.

sees and knows

Messenger: RasEli Sent: 11/22/2004 11:21:08 AM

InI dont look at Pope as righteous,he being part of the deceiving of the mass's.

Ras ElI

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 11/22/2004 11:43:32 AM

Greetings Iyah

Yeshuah went in the houses of pagans and sinners and ate and drank with them.

HIM met the devil... the devil is weak... and for shure AFRAID... that is why he received HIM with great friendliness! hahaha!

You see, HIM said that certainly with a sence of sarcasm... because it is clear, that the vatikan and no pope EVER will work for the unification of the churches... because that would mean the loss of power for the vatikan, they would have to share it. But officially the vatikan is and was shure FOR the unification.
HIM showed through his speeches and teachings that world peace will only happen when the religions come together in peace... that is why HIM was for the unification of mankind on the basis of religion... this is just logical.

And it is also clear why HIM judge the Beast as man of higher capacity!

Fyah pon rome still!

Messenger: gideon Sent: 11/22/2004 12:49:15 PM

Just because someone is limited in their scope doesn't mean you should look down on them. The pope does the best he can according to the knowledge that he possesses.
Although church unification would take power from the pope I do think he would still suupport it because he knows it is right. He is not able to see the truth about Africa and he is caught up in babylon thinking, but that don't make him a bad person.
I don't think Selassie uses sarcasm when he talks. That would be inappropriate for a leader making a public address. He is simply saying that he appreciates that pope, and in particular he appreciates his efforts in that area of church unification.
Remember everything has to happen in its own time. You can't just jump straight to the fullness of Zion glory. It is a gradual process that is ongoing. The pope is not evil, just limited - as we all are.

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 11/22/2004 1:27:05 PM

No gideon I'm afriad your wrong. The Pope and the Vatican are evil and will be fuel for the fire in all good time. Fire pon Rome! The only unification that interests the Vatican is a one world order. The Vatican has played a big hand in the development of a NWO, being in very close ties with the Brotherhood of the Serpent, Masonry.... Revelations tells us about this seven headed beast.

Ras Zion I

Messenger: gideon Sent: 11/22/2004 7:35:39 PM

I also say fire pun rome, of course. That is the Nyah Binghi judgement and it is perfect. But I don't see it in the literal sense of the actual people there at Vatican and so on.
For me, the rome that must burn is the teaching that men are slaves, and also the false teaching that the outside is how you tell what is on the inside.
So in the sense of the actual structure of Rome and the Catholic teaching of religion as a slavery thing, that false tradition has to burn up in the fire. The reason why this is so is that as man conquers and overcomes ignorance by putting faith in Jah-rastafari, the false tradition will naturally burn away from existence. As we know when you learn the truth you forget the false things you had in mind before.
But in the sense of condemning a person and saying they are evil, I will never be part of that. I don't question the faith of another person, because that is God's realm. That's why even though I can't appreciate that man's outlook on creation it is fundamental that I accept him as a person with the right to life and happiness. And I do value every person as a brother and son of Jah. I advise you to stay away from recriminations and condemnations of others. Nyah binghi is the order, true, but pointing fingers is another matter altogether. Seen?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/22/2004 11:55:45 PM

Selassie I show I and I,

This is only fitting and proper, for the church, as a symbol of peace, must follow the path of peace in all parts of the world. For world peace can only be made abiding by the grace of God, through the prayers of the Holy Fathers. The truth of this cardinal fact is evident to all mankind.

Jah comes with Peace, Truth and Right, Love and Light. Jah would prefer that all wicked men, no matter how wicked, would turn from their wicked ways and go unto Jah. This was written in the Old Testament and New Testament, nothing has changed. And I have posted this next word sound many times, it is important for I and I to Iverstand what Selassie I says,

RasTafarI say,

To be neutral is to be impartial, impartial to judge actions and policies objectively, as we see them either contributing to or detracting from the resolution of the world's problems, the preservation of peace and the improvement of the general level of man's living conditions. Thus, we may find ourselves now opposing, now supporting. now voting with, now voting against, first the East, next the West. It is the worth of the policies themselves, and not their source or sponsor, which determines the position of one who is truly neutral.

This, We maintain, is the essence of non-alignment. Those who would righteously denounce one side on every major problem or issue while reserving nothing but praise for the other cannot claim to be non-aligned, nor can those whose policies are shaped for them elsewhere and who wait patiently to be instructed whether they are to be for or against be called uncommitted.

Belgrade Conference

RasTafarI recognized and acknowledged the good things that came from the vatican. Jah brings forth judgement, but also encourages righteousness.

Does the I remember when Christ said,

John 15
22 If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.
23 He that hateth me hateth my Father also.
24 If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.

So Jah RasTafarI spoke against wickedness and spoke for righteousness. If the vatican or anybody else doesn't live by the standard that Haile Selassie I set, then they will have no cloak to cover their sin.

Hear what Selassie I speak of Inity

Opening Address to the W.C.C.

At World Evangelical Congress - Berlin

Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches

Reply to Chief Sudanese Negotiators

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 11/23/2004 1:45:03 AM

Give thanks Ark-I and Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I... InI must surrender to His Majesty's law. The highest heights are in His Majesty's words.

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 11/23/2004 9:13:47 AM

Let the good times roll. MO FIRE

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Haile Selassie I