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they are not First in line to Heaven with the Fast

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Messenger: Rasta soul Sent: 10/22/2004 1:02:03 AM

Hi All!!

Greetings and Ises to Jah RastafarI, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

I am a muslim who knows Jah is Lord, in my Heart.

Everyone in my communtiy so haughty and selfpride as they feel their fast will only save them and sharply condemn InI for not fasting too.
InI know that Jah only seek one thing:

Live clean, let your works be seen...

One Love,


Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 10/22/2004 9:47:13 AM

YES I!!!


Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 10/23/2004 3:15:01 AM

Hail Rasta Soul

The I reminds me so deeply of my dear sistren. It's amazing how Islam is very grounded in the ancient Ites, and (especially the Nation of Islam) relates so closely to Rasta - in devotion to the Most High and discipline. From organizing and centralizing, to watching what enters the temple and staying modest in physical representation.

What Islam does not reveal is the divinity in Man. Taking heed to the teachments of the bible and His Majesty's words and manifesting that Ites within self. This is Rasta.

These religious dogmas that are taken on as ritual and often unknown as to why.. fasting, church on Sunday, pass-over, Christmas... list goes on.. sprung from goodness and went bad due to the followers. They are no more saving than politricks. InI must give thanks for His Majesty Haile Sellassie I coming forward in this dispensation of time to sound for InI to rally round his Throne. Give thanks for truth!

Blessed Love and more guidance
The I is a precious gift unto His Majesty

Messenger: TaeJah Sent: 10/27/2004 1:22:15 PM

Bless Up

Messenger: Ulli I Sent: 10/29/2004 4:37:42 PM

"Since nobody can interfere in the realm of God we should tolerate and live side by side with those of other faith. In the mystic traditions of the different religions we have a remarkable unity of spirit. Whatever religion they might profess, they are spiritual kinsmen. While the different religions in their historic forms bind uns to limited groups and militate against the development of loyality to the world community, the mystics have already stood for the fellowship of humanity in harmony with the spirit of the mystics of ages gone by."

"No one should question the faith of others, for no human being can judge of the ways of God"

-words of His Majesty Haile Selassie I the first
blessed Love

Messenger: Websista Sent: 11/3/2004 1:21:47 AM

ok I had to resign in as forget password everytime. Ark I !I am Nesta sista aka Rasta soul and now:

Anyway,am being harassed even harder for not fasting over here.
InI just want my peace of mind.
Wish there were some Rasta's over here to reason wit.

Happy SelassieI Coronation Day!!1

One Heart,


Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 11/3/2004 2:55:43 AM

Where the I at sistren?

Messenger: Websista Sent: 11/3/2004 1:52:00 PM

InI an Idren inna Vancouver BC Canada. InI ex wolfras turn pi*p- sick - disgustin- him na allow around here!!
Me raise Idren myself over 12 years now.
At times, it was so difficult, muslims helped yes but they na respect InI Rastasoul. Seen!

InI just fedup with dis here cold ghost land but what me cyan do--everyting cost a dunzai and me striving hard with work and school.

Jah love,


Messenger: Websista Sent: 11/3/2004 1:59:55 PM

ok me know not only de muslims gonna scent the Heavens. Seen!!

Me seen appearance of His Imperial Ijesty right on Ochi busy street around the time of HIS 100th Bday in July1992!!
Me turn to friend and say, "Look!! I see Selassie I"!!!!
But, JAH vanish afore Ricardo could sight Him!!

Yes I!! HIM wear khalaki jacket festooned with military decorations!!
He was gazing directly at InI!!! The late afternoon sun was near to go down behind the buildings, so it reflected off of Him somehow- it was surreal- but still, the image is burned sharply into InI memory.

Stand firm, let your Works Be Seen!! Or you gonna feed worm.-Tosh

Jah Live.


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Haile Selassie I