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Dreadlocks The Mau-Mau Uprising and Burning Spear

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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 2/4/2012 1:19:10 AM

I learned tongiht about how the first reason Rastafri began to wear dreads in Jamaica was because Ras's seen the pictures and videos of Mou-Mou freedom fighter in Kenya fighting oppression and colonization wearing dreadlocks. The first president of Kenya was a Freedom Fighter, His name is Jomo Kenyatta, the famous Burning Spear.
I learned tonight , well was reminded how gruesome and disturbing war is and fighting is hell on earth.. Opression and colonzation is a evil dark force that must be removed by Jah light, ignorance is on both side, true Knowledge wisdom and overstanding for the oppressed and the oppresor is needed.... Speak the Truth Enough RastafrI, show it continually, and the people will walk that way eventually. Jah Guide

INI must now the history, its our story and our Childrens storys, so INI never can forget these things lest they happen again, for Jah is giving INI Children a New Earth, Teach The Youth, The Meek will inherit the earth, Teach The Youth, remember all these things, remember Moses and The exodus, remember all the history of war, oppression, colonization, the evils mankind has inficted upon itself INI, but now it is time to be free, to rise abouve to realize, lets not take those roads anymore , we know whre they lead and we dont want to go there no more, its time for a new way a new day, weve been troding on the same bridge for much to long....Repent Mankind Repent

Doing the samethings over and over it not going create different results, its time to make shifts in words thoughts and actions, plant new seeds, be the change you want to see, let not sinful nature rule you no longer but let our Jah Nature of grace free us. RastafarI

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Haile Selassie I