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Example of Jah

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/16/2004 2:17:31 AM

When the Spirit moves the Flesh, and Jah moves the Spirit, then there is complete Oneness between the Flesh, Spirit and Jah. But when the spirit is not being moved by Jah, then the spirit is not One. It is our choice to be One or separate from Jah. That is the Knowledge of Good and evil that we desired to know, so Jah gave it to us, but as Jah warned us, from that point on we would surely die. Because once separation from Jah is chosen, then death follows.

Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but Jah will always be. So when I and I Spirit is with Jah, then I and I will always be. All of Creation is One Creation, created by One word, but the Word can also cause Creation to be no more, but the Creator always remains. The Spirit can be One without the flesh, but the flesh can't exist without the Spirit.

Life is the cycle of the world, even the dead plants and animals feed the insects, animals and also the plants through the soil. So Creation as One is continually Living, but things have become imbalanced. I and I have been given the knowledge of Good and evil, and Jah created I and I to Live in his image. The image of Jah is Good. Jah doesn't wish to see death. When an animal kills another to eat the flesh, Life Itinues in balance. When a plant is harvested to provide food, and the plant is harvested properly so that it can Itinue to grow, then Life Itinues in balance. But when humans or animals kill for purposes other then food, there is death and imbalance. No other killing is balanced, if the killing is for defense or protection, then the balance has already been disrupted. When the Life of Creation is in balance there is no need for defense or protection because you will not be harmed.

Jah didn't create Creation to die, but Jah created it to Live. I and I were given dominion over the earth, to promote Life and also teach and set an example for the animals to follow. But we quickly chose evil and separation and brought forth death. Jah created everything to move in harmony, everything in Creation has its place. And we were the Ones that were given a very important, influential and powerful place in this Creation. We were supposed to uphold the harmony of Creation and increase Life. But we didn't trod according to our place.

Since Jah has no limits and Iverstands all, Jah knows about Life and death, and Building and Destroying. But Jah chooses Life, because Jah knows that Life is good. Jah has created I and I in Jah image and if I and I are going to Live in the image of Jah, I and I must know how to choose Life and harmony, not just be blindly directed through Life and harmony. Jah is not blind but chooses all that Jah creates, so if I and I are Living in Jah image, I and I can't be blind, but must also choose Life.

People have not performed their role in Creation, so we have made things very imbalanced. We have shown a wicked example to the animals, and some of them also deal with wickedness. We have destroyed so much Life because of our greed, that there is too much unnatural death. I say unnatural because Natural death always brings forth Life, but the earth has decreased in Life because of our ways. We have disrupted Creation and all of Creation is suffering because of this, including ourselves.

Jah has given I and I a great responsibility, and we can't excuse our wickedness by saying that this is our nature, or that things happen because that is how it was meant to be. We were meant to Live in the image of Jah, this is I and I nature, and I and I were given dominion to make sure that everything is balanced towards Life. Things are not happening because they are meant to be, they are happening because we are not doing what we were meant to do. Jah knew that Humans would do these things, but that is not what Jah meant for us. The only Ones that will remain in the Book of Life are the Ones who are Living how Jah meant for I and I to Live.

The example of Jah is the example for I and I

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: lholy Sent: 8/21/2009 10:21:55 AM

Thanks for your message brethen..I am feel with the

Messenger: IIESI Sent: 8/22/2009 1:01:14 PM

One Love,

word power & sound

It is true, that each of us is supposed to follow Jah the way HIM provides. Let us praise JAH and give thanks for the amazing gift of Life. And remember: what is a soul without a body?
Therefor we have to take care of our body, which is our only true posession...

Selassie I Guidance & pure Livity

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/22/2009 3:19:15 PM

Haile Selassie I should always be first, before any thought of our body. Heaven and Earth will pass away, but Jah will always Stand. The body is no longer a body without the Irits, it just returns to dust, but the Irits are the Irits with or without the body. Although the I is telling the truth that I and I should take care of our body, that is part of I and I responsibility and dominion.

Messenger: IIESI Sent: 8/23/2009 9:01:40 AM

Yes I

True! Thats why I&I no worry abut a thing. In the End all Irits will retourn to JAH in Selassie I holy oneness.

Jah bless and thanks for sharing your given thoughts.

Irie Livity
Follow JAHways always
One Love & Guidance

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Haile Selassie I