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America must work for Jonhoy

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 8/29/2011 4:07:29 AM


Jah has been speaking and saying to read kebra negast and he told me about division on earth, here it is..

20. Concerning the Division of the Earth

From the middle of JERUSALEM, and from the north thereof to the south-east is the portion of the Emperor of RÔM; and from the middle of JERUSALEM from the north thereof to the south and to WESTERN INDIA is the portion of the Emperor of ETHIOPIA. For both of them are of the seed of SHEM, the son of NOAH, the seed of ABRAHAM, the seed of DAVID, the children of SOLOMON. For God gave the seed of SHEM glory because of the blessing of their father NOAH. The Emperor of RÔM is the son of SOLOMON, and the Emperor of ETHIOPIA is the firstborn and eldest son of SOLOMON.

This first off is showing that we are one, no matter if u from rome or ethiopia, it says here both are seed of shem emperor of rome, and it seems true Menelik I firstborn son of Solomon, Emperor of Ethiopia. Also says how from middle of jerusalem then forwarding to western india is the portion of the emperor of Ethiopia. Like now much of that area and like Afghanistan and Iraq being in America hands and much of that area is in america hands, its like fulfilling prophecies, cuz remeber jonhoy did say ethiopia was going to be good friends with america for quite a bit of time starting from 1950. dont quote me but Johnhoy said 99 years they will be friends in an interview, and that interview was around the middle of 1900's.

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Haile Selassie I