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Tell the children the truth?

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Messenger: Matthew Sent: 8/27/2011 4:04:21 PM


Having two young children I have been meditating on the amount of untruths and half truths we tell our children in order too protect their innocence, Death, birth, illness, family breakups,War ect. How do you really explain these things too the inquisitive mind of a 3 year old? I worry if I come straight up with things I will ruin the magical time and innocents of childhood but then if I don't how will she ever have trust in me and the things I tell her as she gets older?

also things such as, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy,various fairy tales and nursery rhymes, I have reasoned with my wombman regarding these things, how I don't want my children too put faith in these lies and things I believe too be a brainwashing tool for Babylon, she doesn't agree believing them to be innocent and magical!!

do the bredren and sistren of this forum raise their children under the same livity as themselves? in regards too ital diet, cutting hair, praising Rastafari or do the Is believe the children should be raised too make their own choice and form own opinions?

Messenger: rastajedi Sent: 8/28/2011 4:23:21 PM

Greetings in His Name, Brother. I think the Amish have it right on this one: at the age of 16 thier children go and live amongst 'the english' and then decide for themselves which lifestyle they choose. Bring the child up in the Word and his ways will be true to Jah, but the final path will be the child's choice and we must leave them to it. As far as hair goes, I would let the child decide what they want in this matter, for many are returned who only feel comfortable with hair in locks and to cut them from these is cruel and works against our cause for these returned Nazarites are mighty spiritual warriors and their locks enable their latent abilities. However if a child should not want to endure the ridicule of the ignorant (children can be very cruel)then they should be allowed to be shorn of their blessing. Most will return to it and they should not be made to feel shame for their choice; all experience teaches, even negative ones, perhaps even moreso the negative ones. May Jah Protect and Guide

oh and Santa Claus and fairy tales are ok for babies but when the child has intellect enough to enquire as to the veracity, the Truth always wins. Not all fiction is sinful, but alot of it IS; just gotta discern, like everything else.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 8/31/2011 1:44:56 AM

Makes perfect sence to I Ras Jedi,
so is it when children start asking questions that they develop a conscious mind? and at what point do they/we loose innocence and be held accountable for our words, thoughts and actions in the eyes of His Majesty?

Jah Rastafari Protects and guides all of his children, Yes I,
peace and love

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