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Searching for Jah

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Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/14/2012 11:47:26 AM

Wanted to bring this reasoning forward, I am going through some major trials and tribulations at the moment and just wanted to record them here as future reminder of past obstacles in this trod.

At this time I am upholding my morals, principles, and livity. I am in constant thought with I Majesty, am reading divine words daily, eating no flesh, growing I beard and locks and abstaining from other Babylonian pastimes.

Is it right to feel as if I Jah and Majesty is testing I?

I babymother has major issues with I Livity, it feels to I as if she is embarresed of I . The real me she can not take. Sad thing is I thought she would be the one person who would overstand I thought we went deeper. She had been I strength. I thought if I livity was strong enough it would also raise her and draw us closer, infact it has had the opposite effect and we have lost common ground , first we become mentally seperated and now physically so, I as a man, A RastaMan am in the position of begging friends and family for a place to stay at night, I make sure i see my children daily but still I miss them, my heart is aching for them. I woman I love and Raspect as she is the mother of I pickneys , but we are aiming in differant directions and have lost all overstanding. Financial issues are also a problem at the moment. I was made redundant recently and not being able to provide for Iself and I children in the way a Man must is hard for I soul to stand

Well Im not feeling sorry for I self, others have and continue to go through far worse, but it is difficult. I know Jah helps those who help themselves so maybe this is the first step

Blessed love

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Haile Selassie I