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Poem by Ras "T"

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Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/9/2011 12:01:24 AM

Here's a poem I found written by Ras "T" in the book "The Rastafarians" by Leonard E. Barrett, Sr.

Rasta is love Rasta is ends
Rasta is hope Rasta is water
Rasta is vision Rasta is geometry
Rasta is good. Rasta is round.

Rasta is beauty Rasta is here
Rasta is a river Rasta is heaven
Rasta is spirit Rasta is Universe
Rasta is. Rasta is beginning.

Rasta is I Rasta is bread
Rasta is light Rasta is magic
Rasta is joy Rasta is a child
Rasta is night Rasta is blood.

Rasta is coming Rasta is curve
Rasta is divine Rasta is humor
Rasta is inside Rasta is water
Rasta is cuss. Rasta is Africa.

Rasta is.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:03:41 AM

Here are some more poems I found in the book

A Rhyme for the Times

The following poem appeared in the Daily Gleaner of August, 1960, in a column written by Thomas Wright under the caption, “Candidly Yours” and summed up the feelings of the public to the findings and recommendations of the research team of the University College of the West Indies, on the possible repatriation of the Rastafarians to Ethiopia at government’s expense:

Three cheers for the U.C.W.I.
For asking Mr. Manley why He does not send the Ras Tafari On an African Safari

While we are out to save the nation By such pat repatriation Why not get our Marxists pushed off To the land of Mr. Krushchev?

Why not send us all back home? Send all Catholics to Rome Ship our Scots back to their heather English back to rainy weather

Send our breadfruit back to Fiji Welshman back to Llanfair P.G. Why twist the tail of Judah’s lion When all our Jews go to Zion?

Mangoes, Indians should not stay Send them all back to Bombay Finns to Finland, Swedes to Sweden Grantley Adams back to Eden!

Send the Irish to Tralee Germans back to Germany Economists home to L.S.E. For spiritual homeland bound are we.

Send every single person back To Syria, China, Cayman Brac And should we population lack Go out and find some Arawak

So, free of speech and free from fright Peace comes at last to Mona Heights When Lewis, Augier and Smith Have not a soul to argue with!

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:14:31 AM

The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed

Worship idols, worship Buddah
Worship Romans fail
But we claim the Lion of Judah
Because he hath prevailed

You read not of his speeches
You hear not of his tales
But true inspiration teaches
Judah’s Lion hath prevailed

A smoking flax shall he not quench
But bring forth judgment unto truth
He lay himself on David’s bench
And call upon the youth

Through the schemes of evil nations
His words we seldom hail
But who can conquer revelation
When the Lion hath prevailed?

His love for man is widely spread
Can we forever fail?
To know for us his blood was shed
But now he has prevailed

But lack we may of more to know
Still we are satisfied
Because we now have seen the glow
Of Haile Selassie I

We care not who denounce HIM
We care not who agree
But now we have accepted HIM
The vine of David’s tree

How could the seven seals be broken
To depart us from travails
Now that Zion’s King has spoken
We know he has prevailed

-Author unknown

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:21:02 AM

Repatriation an Unfinished Business

Repatriation not migration
Set the people free
It is known to every nation
Each vine to his fig tree

Repatriation not migration
A difference you will see
One stands for all the people’s freedom
The other not for me

Repatriation not migration
Then shall captives free
From savage and oppressive rule
To justice and equality

Repatriation not migration
Then shall captives free
From savage and oppressive rule
To justice and equality

Repatriation not migration
It is for us to see
Three hundred years of hard oppression
Was read in history

Repatriation not migration
Our homes we long to see
Now comes the end of tribulations
As told in prophecy

Repatriation not migration
Our homes we long to see
Now comes the end of tribulations
As told in prophecy

Repatriation not migration
United we must stand
To claim our promised portion
With true determination

Repatriation not migration
All aliens now must flee
We know the truth of revelation
What is to be must be.

Repatriation: Yes
Immigration: No!

-Author unknown

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:25:32 AM

1961 Turn Upside Down Remains 1961

1961 turn upside down remains 1961
This proves Marcus Garvey was not wrong
Of the black man’s redemption he spoke
From underneath colonial yoke.

1961 turn upside down remains 1961
Let us strike oppression down
No more shall we be pushed around
Underneath colonial crown.

1961 turn upside down remains 1961
United we must stand
And pray for God to guide us on
To that Promised Land


Never let the new flag fall
For we love it the best of all
We are out on the march for Africa
The flag we raise is the Red, Gold, and Green.
Join our ranks to fight the foe
Raise a standard for the race!
Selassie is a leader bold
Never let the new flag fall.



Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:33:12 AM

Reformation Truth

There’s a mighty reformation
Sweeping o’er the land
God is gathering His people
By his mighty Hand
For the cloudy days descended
And morning sun now shines
Yes! The reformation truth must stand.

It’s the Ethiopian story
The mighty Church now takes its stand
Spreading righteousness forever In its truth we all must stand.

Zion walls again are building
As in the days of old
All the clashing of opinion
And its strife will cease
For we all will be united
As the saints are joined in one
And the will of God in all be done.

Surely Negus has come back
To take his people home
He shall rule in righteousness
As His word go forth
We shall stand in one opinion
To defend this Holy Church
For the reformation truth must stand.

Emperor Haile Selassie I
Who sits on David’s throne
He’s King of Kings and Lord of Lords
He comes to Claim his own


Thou mighty King of Kings, Thou Tree of Life
Thou Father of the free
Thou Elohim Jehovah Jah
We stand secure in thee.

Stand up with might ye Rasses all
In righteousness arrayed
Put on your Robe and face the foe
With courage and with right.

Archangel Gabriel gave the sound
Ethiopia must be free
Arabia Desert Ranger said
They all shall bow their knee

As Babylon lift up his eyes
To spoil the Saints of God
Selassie stand up on his feet
To give them their reward

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:37:21 AM

Rule Ethiopia

Rule on ! O gallant Ethiopia, rule!
Millions of foes around thee press;
But, ere the ruthless fiends find their tools
Will reach that wished-for-spot, that blissful, hallowed rest!

Rule on! For thou alone must lift
The weight from off the shoulders of thy sons, who drift-
The rafters that thy daughters clung to, in their plight-
Must be abandoned for the sacred ark of Right!

Rule on in triumph, tho’ the foe
Oppress us, as we onward go
Singing the song, “Ethiopia Rules the Waves.”
We’ve vowed that Ethiopia no more shall be slaves.

And whilst thou rulest, let they children, far and wide
Thro’ the medium of our MARCUS be gathered to thy side;
For the tri-colors that shall win us back the land we love so well
Must be the RED, the BLACK, the GREEN, our loyal hearts to swell.

Three ringing cheers for Garvey-God bless Jamaica’s son
Hurrah for Ethiopia, whose joys are but begun!
Ten thousand joybells peal aloud the song NEW NEGROES sing
Ring out the old, ring in the New, and ring, ring, ring.

-Iris Lucille Patterson

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:42:24 AM

The following poem written by Ras Gill Tucker is in Jamaican dialect and is a satire on the Jamaican political system of what the author calls “the hide-and-seek political games played on the Jamaican masses by the politicians.” The various metaphors used in the poem represent various politicians, and they are so called by the masses, “Dem Call Dem” may be translated, “They Call Them.” This poem is edited for the non-Jamaican reader.

Dem Call Dem

Dem call dem political bull frog
Dem call dem shadow and brine
Dem call dem teethless lovers
Dem call dem white skin in black mask
Dem call dem lion in monkey clothes
Dem call dem footstep without foot
Dem call dem promise and empty promise
Dem call demselves what others no call dem
Dem call demselves what others no call dem
Dem call dem paper tigers
Dem call dem bonehead dunces in the Queens court
Dem call dem soft-face idlers hiding behind big desks
Dem call demselves the people’s saviours
Dem ride upon dem back and ride upon dem head
Dem call demselves God-fooling and God-fearing
Yet-dem die without vision
Dem die without us-
Dem ‘trive ‘pon we children hunger
Dem get drunk ‘pon we homeless and our fondest hope
Dem call demselves democratic dying in lies
Dem gwan living and dying in a wi nakedness
Dem white God wi’ bless dem for dem works
And dem empty words and empty promise spread before wi empty table
Dem call dem

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/11/2011 12:49:30 AM


O terrible sin abortion! It is the worst of all
Eight letters spell the deadly sin, so is downfall
The wickedness of murderess destroy the yet unborn
They never gave the seed a chance to see creation’s Morn.

There are many who defend such acts based on economy
Heartless creatures-if they had been aborted-they’d be non-entities
It is said man should multiply, he should replenish the earth.
Yet in the eyes of wicked men, the unborn is of no worth.

It is given to man to use all things, yet life is God’s control
If God had aborted First Man, there wouldn’t be a living soul
Some shades of people take hormones, they try to live forever
Yet for the other shades of men, destruction is their endeavor

The earth create with broad expanse that men should be prolific
But the crude acts of the seeming wise, prove men’s minds are sick
When the enemies are at thy gates, thine offsprings are arrows in thy bows
With thy large united house, the enemies are laid low

Some people love their people, they control food not birth
From the born to the yet unborn each has a place on earth
So it is for all to shun such acts that man may live his days
Dread repercussion shall be their lot for persistence in evil ways.

-By permission Sam Brown

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