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Messenger: esaelle Sent: 7/20/2011 9:22:32 AM

A Flower in Bloom

A rose bush needs no doctrine, it grows perfectly well; it blooms and produces a wonderful flower full with the fragrance of existence. It is no problem for the flower to share this fragrance; it comes in abundance. Existence gives in abundance, but the flowersí generosity is simply out of gratitude towards the sun the rain and fertile ground.

Indeed, doctrine is the reason why there is so much chaos in this world. It is not Babylon where the problem lies; itís the people in Babylon. The continuation of old ideals being imposed upon up and coming generations is the real problem. We continue to cut the roots of the children before they even have chance to ground themselves in existence. The first seven years of a child life are detrimental to the rest of his life, it is simple psychology. In fact psychologist have already said what you have become in the first seven years will be the sum total of your life. If the child is not grounded within himself, there is bound to be a psychological imbalance. It is just like the house built on sand; it is bound to fall sooner or later, a little wind Ė rain eventually it will be washed away like the sands of the sea shore. It is no wonder the children are muddle, they continually being told what is right what is wrong; your morality is not real. Existence is essentially amoral; it is not concerned with right or right. Man is concerned with moral codes of conduct; these codes of conduct have come from the early priest hood and filtered through to society via the political hierarchy. Donít get me wrong, Iím not condoning bad behaviour; man needs to be more responsible in himself in order for the children to see the light, so they donít have to stumble in the dark. The children need to learn to live spontaneously, not from doctrine, religious conventions and traditions. They need to learn how to reflect the reality, and not the fiction. Your consciousness is like a mirror, you simply reflect all that there is to reflect. Just as a mirror would if you stood in front of it yourself, the mirror would reflect you; if you move away from the mirror it doesnít reflect you. It doesnít hold your image, once you move away it becomes a clean slate once again. This axiom is fundamentally significant, since man is the opposite; because of mind and ego he identifies with everything. He hordes everything in memory, of course this draws him out of the moment; and of life itself. Life can only exist in the moment; there is no other reality bar this moment. One must learn how to respond to the moment in the moment this is what respons-ability means, it is simply having the ability to respond to the moment; responsibility is not a duty as the society would have you believe.

Let the children be, otherwise you will give them wrong impressions. Naturally these impression will lead them towards a conscience not consciousness, the two are diametrically opposed to one another. Since one is given to you by the society, the other arises from you being. It is your intelligence which is a fundamental birthright of your being.

Teach the children the truth, if you are to teach them anything. No ideologies, conventions and traditions, these are all poisons. There are enough politics in the world as it stands Ė politics is the most ugliest phenomenon. It is a disease and it puts so many live at dis-ease. This is your moral code formulated by the charlatans, the moralistic puritans. Truth arises from within, it cannot come from the outside; hence your truth cannot be your childrenís truth. Your truth is your truth, it is your discipline; it cannot be anybody else. If you give it to somebody else itís bound to fit them like a garment two sizes too big.

Let the children grow so that their fragrance can be a benediction for generations after them, otherwise the downward spiral will continue. People will always be stumbling in the dark if they are being lead by people who are also in the dark.


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 7/20/2011 1:25:34 PM


A child is going to mold itself after their parents in the first 7 years regardless of whether One lets them be or not. I would rather instill those qualities which I have gleaned from society that I admire than to hold back and just let children "be". I mean what does that really even mean? As for it fitting the child as a size too big, perhaps, but it is the process of growth, especially in such a social world. I give big respect to my own parents for pointing me in the directions they did, I like who I am, and I hope to do the same for the youth.

Your philosophy (and it is a philosophy, despite the fact that you suggest we should do away with'em) may hold water in a utopian world, but this currently is not that. Chaos and order are just two points on a circle (I think you'll agree), now where the youths will end up between those points in important, and guidance is key.

I your other post you did not make mention of the "Guru", you would not have come to such conclusions without One. Also your reasoning is imbedded with Bhuddist and Cabbalistic philosophy, despite your effort to separate yourself from such things. These philosophies are important to we they are tools like the rest, as we trod through samsara.

I would look forward to more reasoning...


Messenger: esaelle Sent: 7/21/2011 5:45:59 PM

You are absolutely right, of cause a child will mould according to their parents. Whether there is an input or not, this is the reason why the emphasis is placed on responsibility; it is detriment to your spiritual growth and that of the childís. The reason being is that your very being is transitory in essence; it is bound to be so. Existence is transitory, even plant life seems to be responding to our stupidities and they are vegetables.

Mankind is at the pinnacle of consciousness. Up until now it has been an unconscious effort on the part of nature and in terms of evolutionary progress. Now it is up to man to move from the horizontal plane which incidentally is where the animals move, and start climbing the vertical plane. What we do as elders, naturally the children will pick up. If you smoke in front of the child, the probability is that sooner or later they will start smoking too; or at the very least pretend to itís a natural corollary. You seem to have misunderstood me, Iím not saying itís wrong to have input in the childís life; boundaries have to be set. A society has rules and regulations for the simple reason man seems to be in a deep sleep. But having to live by rules and regulation is not conscious awareness, it is simply licentiousness; again man not being responsible for his own being.

And there is nothing qualitative about society, for a start there is no society only individuals. Anything you decide to instil will be poison, because essential it will just be another ideal. And Iím not saying leave them alone totally, steer them in the right direction; which can be done simple by sharing your experiences with them. Not your doctrines, prejudices and ideals. For instance, if you want to make them aware of god donít impose upon them one fiction, give them the whole theological shebang that includes all religions, sub-religions; cults and followings so they can decide for themselves. If they are psychologically and spiritual grounded; their intelligence will be sharp enough for them to know that all theology of god is simply nonsense. Sure they are bound to fall; this is good as itís the only way to learn authentically.

To hold back is simply having the courage to allow life to flow; we donít allow our children the space to flower because of fear, what goes on in your head as nothing to do with the child. Essentially they are fearless, they are born fearless; but you are fearful. Your fears, anxieties your angst and prejudicesí that you project onto the children, will inevitably become their suppression. If you give them love, they will have space to grow. Each child is born as a seed, with an unknown potentiality to be; but no sooner than they are born we start to cut the very roots of their individuality. The state system fills you up with so much rubbish, pushing and forcing the individual to identify with all kinds idiosyncrasiesí as a form of security, to the point where he thinks itís his destiny. Before you know it you have millions upon millions of social creatures Ė and this is a stigma that ought not to be so, we are not social creatureís despite what psychologists are saying, but most are running around as such in the never ending cycle of birth and death; totally oblivious to the benediction of life.

We carry all this societal nonsense to the point of losing the individual and become a thousand and one, the whole idea is to get rid of your parents, aunts and uncles; brothers and sisters church leaders. Your political influences Ė kill them! Kill them all! I mean in mind of cause. Otherwise you will never become anew. Donít you see the point? Most of us carry around so much weight that life becomes drudgery, we are carrying around an unnecessary burden; we need to drop the load so our consciousness can ascend to the vertical planes of existence Ė we need to be light. Indeed this is what Jesus meant when he talked about the new. Until we drop all rubbish that includes that which our parents have given us, we will stay stagnant. Everything that you have taken from everybody else will only serve as a barrier to your own spiritual growth. It is better to be innocent than be full of borrowed knowledge. In the state of innocence you become open to lifeís fragrances. Knowledge makes you like a house that has all its windows and doors shut. And itís not always the case of just opening all windows and doors; you need to clear it out in order for the light to enter. Otherwise what Iím saying may not reach, the vehicle will reach but I will be left behind. The words I speak will have to pass through all your filters; ideologies, prejudices and borrowed knowledge. Drop the junk then the light can penetrate your being and sooner or later your cup will overflow. So much so you will be in abundance with love peace and serenity. Although your parents had good intentions they cannot be fitting for you.

These are just attributes, hallmarks of the crowd, the mob mentality which needs to be put aside; so the process of individuation can manifest. Nine month in the womb of your mother was not spent with the crowd, you were relatively alone; you will be relatively alone during your death and in-between these two you are relatively alone, Aloneness is the one aspect of your being.

And yes I have taken from many gurusí philosophersí teachersí. I have passed through many religionsí Christianity and Mohammedanism, Jainism, Buddhism; Hindu and Catholicism. Iíve read up on Gautama Buddha and Chuang Tzu, Lao Tzu and Bodhidharma; Ma Tzu, through to the early twentieth century philosopher such as Soren Kierkegaard and Jean Paul Sartre; Marcel, Jasper and Martin Heidegger, Fredrich Nietzsche. Psychologists - Sigmund Fraud, alder; Pavlov, Carl Young and many more. I am assimilating as much as I can, simply because I enjoy it; but to say that what Iím sharing with you is philosophy is lacking understanding on your part. How do you associate philosophy with experience? What I have taken tallyís with my own experiences. I donít know god, I have never seen him and I have enough intelligence to know that ďhimĒ is a mere projection of my mind Ė there are no nouns in existence, there are only verbs; existence is a dynamic process a fluxating dance between the two poles. There is no and has never been any tangible evidence of the existence of god it is all mythical. God is a mere anthropocentric view of man. When I regress back into my adolescence, I know all too well that I became accustomed to painting pictures on everything I thought I knew; itís just unconscious behaviour. We donít know we know nothing other than that which we see with our own eyes an experience with our own being. And to be honest Iím not telling you anything you donít already know, you just donít remember. This is one of the fundamental problems with the personality, it clouds you; it crowds you itís not innately and intrinsically authentic. You have forgotten who you really are. When we start to cling to the mind and all its rubbish we identifying and objectifying everything, all these things exist on your periphery; they are not part of your centre. The authentic individual resides at your centre. And remember; the truth is always new mind is always old. Mind can never be in the moment; mind and the present never meet or coexist together. Mindís either in the past which is naturally dead, and if not in the past itís anticipating a future. One must remember what comes out of the moment will be your future, if you are continually hanging around the past; you will simply drag up old rubbish Ė this will be your lot. And if you sit pondering a future tense you will become a stinking stagnant pool of filth it is significantly so. When water stop its river like flow it eventual becomes a stinking stagnant pool of filth and so will you. This is why we have to deal with the same stupidities day in day out, year after year; millennia after millennia it is no coincidence that history keeps on repeating itself, not just African history put civil history on a global scale; it seems to be full of nothing but violence and all kinds of ugly stupidities. People seem to be too concern with non-essentials -trivia.

And again you are probably right in assuming my indifference, because once you start to express yourself through the eyes of no - mind, you will naturally come across as separate when looking from another perspective via the prism of mind. One thing goes in, many things come out. No Ė mind is no Ė mind, your being is essentially one; one thing goes in one thing come out. So itís not a case of me trying to separate myself from philosophy Ė itís just a natural corollary of no - mind. From mind comes dead philosophy, dead words just like in your scriptures Ė in mind is death. Beyond mind is life; life eternal.


Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/21/2011 10:54:35 PM

God is not "anthropocentric".

RasTafarI made Man in His Image, not the other way around.

Haile Selassie I is the Almighty GOD.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/21/2011 11:27:55 PM

I and I are not a Rose Bush. When you look at animals, they teach their young many things and even make rules for them to follow; and still, I and I are not the animals either.

I and I do need to react and be spontaneous as you say. Learning that part of our selves is important, because RasTafarI Irits guides I and I all the time if I and I listen. The Teachings of our ancestors are very important to help I and I Iverstand and Hear that Voice, to help I and I advancement. The main problem is people refuse to remove wrong things taught by I and I ancestors, so they continue in the same foolishness.

Some times people just jump too far from a thing because of something disagreeable within it. If you jump too far from fire, you will freeze to death. Learn balance in Life, the doctrines you are speaking against are affecting you as well, causing you to focus on one thing, and neglect the balance One truly needs to Rise.

I and I are supposed to advance, not as an individual, but as One. I and I are One, and Living so will bring forth abundance of Life. I Life is not just when this flesh was born until this flesh joins the ground. I Life is the same as I ancestors Life, and I Children's Life is the same as I Life. I and I were given many generations to advance in every generation, so I and I always Itinue to Rise. That is our Life. And what comes from that Realization, also comes the Realization that all other people are the same One Life. And when the time is Right, I and I will Rise all as One.

Your kind of thinking works against the Rising of Heights. It causes generation after generation to go through the same foolishness and never reach the Heights that I and I are supposed to reach.

If a man trods for 80 years to Iverstand something, and when Ones and Ones come and ask the person to explain what he found, he tells them, "go and walk for 80 years and you will find the answer".

That 80 year old heathen would have lived and died in vanity and uselessness. And if the Ones and Ones that looked to him carry on in the same foolishness, then their lives will also be vanity and uselessness and none of them will trod much higher than the old man, if they even manage to trod just as high.

Generations and generations will pass and people might become a little Higher in old age, but never much Higher than the generation before, and maybe even lower.

That kind of thinking is why so many centuries after Yeshua come, most in the world are still very far from Selassie I.

That 80 year old man should have Taught the Ones and Ones what he had Learned, so they can start their trod with that WiseMind and Heights, and use their 80 years to Trod Higher. And then they can teach the next generation of Ones and Ones what they Learned from the 80 year old man, and what they Learned on top of what the old man showed them. And then the next generations of Ones and Ones will Learn what the previous generation of Ones and Ones Learned, and they will have the opportunity to Learn even more and Rise even Higher.

I will tell the I about how I will raise I Sons. I will Teach them every thing I know in due time and season, according to their Iverstanding (And how to Learn things for theirself, and how to filter what they are taught by others to remove the disagreeable are some of the things I will Teach). And while they Learn what I teach them and also after they Learn it, they will Trod and Learn much more and Rise much Higher than I. If they become my age and are not much Higher than I, then I have failed as a Father. But this will not happen because I will not allow Iself to fail.

I have seen so many people with the kind of attitude that if they went through this or that to gain some Knowledge and Iverstanding, then everyone else should go through the same.

It is true that there are some Heights that can only be gained through a person going through this and that to Iverstand. But many things can be Reasoned about to sharpen an Iron and they will Iverstand, without spending time that has already been spent by another Iron. And some things may still need to be experienced, but when an Iron sharpeth another Iron first, the experience of the next Iron won't contain the same wasted time that the first Iron went through, because the first Iron would show where the obstacles are, and show where the pathways are.

It is true that One can pass on wrong information to another. That is why every One needs to look deeper into what is told to them by others, and make sure that it is something they can accept, or if it is something they should reject. It is still possible that both people are fooled, even if the One looks into it deeper.

If somebody comes to I hungry and close to death, and I give them food that they are allergic to, they could get a rash or even die. Even if they tell I they are allergic to something, I might give them something they never had before and they didn't know they were allergic to, then the same consequence. Does that mean I shouldn't feed them?

I am not a man who would put poison in another's food if they came to I. I intention is to give them the best food I can, but there is always a possibility that I accidentally give them food that could harm them.

If I don't feed them, they will surely die from hunger. If I feed them, there is the possibility they will come to harm, but there is a much higher possibility that they will come to health.

In Itinuance of I reasoning about the 80 year old man. If he gives people the wrong information, they have wasted the time it took for the man to tell them, instead of possibly spending 80 years to come to the same wrong information.

And if the One is diligent, then they will look deeper and verify that the information is correct. It is still possible that they could live and die, never realizing the error, but at least they have another 80 years to search it out.

And if the information is good, or at least if part of the information is good. Then the One will gain from the 80 years the old man spent searching, and if the 80 year old man Learned from others before him, they could also gain 80 years from each of the people that taught that old man. And if the old man was taught by many Ones, and his Teachers were also taught by many other Ones, than they could gain many millenium of Heights. Even if the Heights were only Sighted and passed through in only a few centuries. The more people a One learns from, and the more people the Teacher has learned from, the more centuries of experience will be gained.

And after a One Learns these Heights, they can now Rise even higher and also remove the things that they find to be disagreeable. Preparing the Heights to pass on to the next generation.

The thing I am speaking of gives the possibility of such Greatness and such Heights. And if people also use their own brain and look deeper to filter out what is Learned, so they can Teach something better, then each generation will Itinue to become Greater and Rise Higher.

When it comes to technology. People are always Learning from many Ones that came before them. Each person that comes doesn't start from the beginning, and perform all the experiments and research that was performed in all history, they Learn from the people who have already done those things. And they look into it deeper to Learn more than what was seen before, and to correct mistakes that have been passed on.

Look at how Selassie I spoke about keeping in balance material and Iritual progress. Selassie I Teachings are Iniversal and have such Richness in Teachings. So why wouldn't I and I deal with our Irits in a manner where each generation can Learn from the generation before? Learning from what others have learned, and looking deeper to correct what needs to be corrected, and Rising Higher so that I and I can pass on even more greatness to the next Ones.

Also, Selassie I show I and I

It is both the duty and responsibility of the world's fortunate few to help fulfil the legitimate aspirations of the unfortunate many. As man's faculty attains higher level of development and sophistication, so do his wants in life. As generations come and go, those assuming responsibility for the period do not cease to try and improve on the past in order to meet newly arising demands. In this respect, it is quite evident that to march with the time members of the coming generation should build on what their forefathers have bequeathed to them.

It is because the present generation is cherishing and keeping intact what it has received from the past that it has succeeded in attaining its present stage of development, by making the necessary changes and improvements called for by conditions now existing. This would require great foresight and the-work accomplished as far as regards to this task of great responsibility is no small matter. It has been fulfilled as a result of God's blessing and His Divine guidance.

It is both the responsibility of the governor as well as elders to create harmony among the people in initiating them to discuss their common problems and work towards the problems and the betterment of their standard of living.

It is the duty of teachers to direct the thought and outlook as well as mould the character of their students. For this reason, the responsibility of teachers in training student-teachers aimed at the future progress and development of our country and the proper upbringing of students, could hardly be underestimated.

In the age in which we are living especially when different philosophies of life are competing against another, the responsibility of teachers has been even more exacting. Those who will be serving the people in future should follow this same path in endeavouring to develop their country and maintain her freedom. This is one of the main responsibilities of teachers.

In this age when man, through his knowledge of science, has created dangerous weapons to destroy himself the responsibility of the great powers for the maintenance of world peace is well known to everyone. We believe that the exchange of visits by statesmen to talk over matters on which their points of view will greatly help remove the misunderstandings and mistrust prevailing among States.

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