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The Existential Disciple of Life

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Messenger: esaelle Sent: 7/19/2011 12:02:39 AM

Greeting me brethren and sistrens,
As an existential individual being I believe not. What is the point of oneís belief if one knows not; you either no something or you donít, what do you believe in? Were you created or do you simply exist? Do you really know GOD; is this belief, your own experience or just borrowed knowledge?

For thousands of years man has believed in all kindsí of theological theories and hypothesis about god and the universe. Many people believe that the universe was created, but this seems rather strange. If it was created then surely there would have been evidence of a documented witness. Notwithstanding, if god created the universe then the question inevitably arises, who created god? Now surely one can see the potential infinite regression thatís bound to accure in such a question, is it not simple logic? As far as my conscious awareness abounds I see neither creator nor creation. A creation means full stop, if you call it a creation then you reduce it to a thing; there is no life in a thing, only death. There is only existence which has been here always from the very beginning of time. In fact there is no beginning to it; it has always been here. It simply is, itís as simple as that. Sure one can argue against it but one must ask oneís self is the argument authentic i.e. Has it arisen out of your very being; your intelligence. Or is it just another belief system made up of borrowed knowledge, do you actually know?

If one is truly awake and consciously aware of oneís own being, one would realise one is born as a tabula rasa, a clean slate; you come into this world naked. Without mind, ego, personality, greed, envy, jealousy, tradition, convention, ideologies, religion and BELIEF - you didnít even have a name. You came in with nothing but an intelligent individuality which is fundamentally intrinsic to your being. You had nothing but a will to survive. Unfortunately society had a different plan Ė the individual has now become a personality which is more or less what you are today. Stamp like cattle you are thrust into society to serve your worth, you become one of many sheep in the crowd, the mob or collective, you are no more the individual but a personality, which you cling to as if itís the very life blood that runs through your veins. But one must always remember the personality is always in reference to the other, it is a social phenomenon. For instance, if you were in this world on your own, who would be there to tell you are black or white? Who would be there to tell you that you are a kind, generous and loving person? Who would be there to tell you that you are talented or beautiful? There would need to be a contrast which could only arise out of the other; a personality would be an impossibility without the other. You wouldnít know it, just like you wouldnít know night without the contrasting day or up without the down or the valleys without the peaks. Your personality is not yours but given to you by societies, always remember.

Simple psychology will tell you that man has been yearning for a god like figure to solve all the ills of society and the world over from time memorial. This has arisen simply because man seems to have forgotten that he is not separate from the reality outside of himself and to overcome this problem he has poured his whole heart into religious ideologies in the form of a belief system. It doesnít really matter what belief system it is, there are literally thousand to choose from. But these are just simply toys, they have no real substance they cannot stand alone Ė they are not substantial like water. You drop your belief you can still live, you drop water youíre a dead man period. If you are deep in spiritual sleep you will simply find another belief to cling to. Iím most certainly sure that when you were innocent children your parent were continually pouring their old wine into your new skins, along with the priests and pastors with their doctrine of traditional conventions (old wine). If you go back in history throughout the ages, you will notice that whenever an enlightened one comes with a little light the followers always error by clinging to the lamp, and forget about the light which shines. This happened with Jesus, thus we are inundated with believers who seem to be enthralled with a posthumous life of theosophical egoism.

You are not separate, you are just a part of an orgasmic whole of which the part cannot be more than the whole, if you think in term of the part the ego, you become a small minded narrow mind, if you take in the gestalt of the whole you will realise that you are just a drop in an oceanic pool consciousness. You are it, you are existence and existence is you. There is no need for neither outside creator nor inside mediator; existence is whole and complete unto itself.

It is so mediocre to be hypothesizing of god when one knows not of oneís self. The notion of god pales into insignificance when one realises the vastness of one own being let alone that of the cosmos. The fervent seeking of god; putting aside such childish endeavours is its natural corollary.

As long as man move along the horizontal plane, man will always be a slave; in some form of slavery whether spiritual mental or physical. Nobody is going to save or liberate you but yourself. Nobody will be coming back to save anybody Ė existence never repeats itself, there is not a single blade of grass the same nor a grain of sand the same shape. There is only one reality - the here and now. No passed, this is simply your memory and no future this is not yet; no heaven no hell. Drop the mind and all its junk will follow, then an only then can one feel the ecstasy of life. Because life is a flux an ongoing processes just like you. There is no end to you, you were never born and you will never die. Only the mind ego and its skin bag encounter death, all you need do is encounter the reality. One needs to move along the vertical so your consciousness rises to the higher planes so that your roots penetrate deep into existence just like the roots of a tree which are always proportionate to its branches; existence always maintains the balance. As an existential disciple, you must know; it is just so.

Death along with god is two of the biggest lies ever to have been told mankind, in the bible it says ďAnd god created man in his own image.Ē This is simple bullshit. Man created god in his image, god is anthropocentric, an ideal centred on man himself. Man is so narrow mind; he thinks that he is the centre of the universe. His god is just a projection of his mind nothing more.
Man grows old but never seems to grow up, he his very immature, in my experience god is nothing put a problem a fiction that was given to us by the priesthood. And until mankind take responsibility for himself we will always find ourselves within the hierarchy of the ruling elite. Being under any form of dictatorship whether religious or political reduces you to a puppet a social muppet or a sheeple, a psychological sociological slave.

Know yourself and know that religiousness is your authentic being.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/19/2011 11:04:51 AM

Give I the Teachings of His Majesty, I don't want no devil philosophy.

Messenger: esaelle Sent: 7/19/2011 3:21:48 PM

Brethren, there is no devil within me as there is no god within me; these are just two aspects of the same thing. I am not mind and you will be surprised to know neither are you. Furthermore what Iím sharing with you has nothing to do with philosophy. Think about it bredrin, just for a moment; philosophizing is when you think about things. Hence if you donít know then what is there to think about? And if you know then there is no need to think about it, you simply know. What I know come from the very core of my being, it is my experience. When you look at the sun you donít think about it, you see it! This is why you have eyes; so you can see.

Donít misunderstand me; Iím not against religion per se, just pseudo type religions that are passed down from generation to generation. Indeed your master Jesus was against tradition Ė it is symbolic to the parable of old wine in new wine skins.

All philosophies, ideologies convention, tradition are part of this world, did not your master say ďI am not part of this world Ė I am in it but not of itĒ. It does not matter whether you are Christian, catholic, Muslim, Hindu Mahameden or a Buddhist monk. They are all part of this world, these are all mind construct; they are not detrimental to your being or anybody elseís for that matter. You will be surprised to know that Jesus wasnít even Christian, Christianity came some three hundred years after the death of Christ, he was born a Jew live a Jew and died a jaw. The Hebrew word is messiah; Christ is the Greek word for messiah.

I deal with the factualityís, if itís not in the reality; the here and now then there will be no potency.

The devil is just another anthropocentric ideal of man; naturally he has to be there because god is here in the minds of the people. Existence is dualistic; meaning everything that comes into existence has to have its polar opposite. You donít need to be physicists to work it out either. Night precedes the day, death precedes life; there can be no up without the down. There is black and white, hot and cold; you are made up of particles which have two poles, the positive and negative; these are just two extremes of the same energy. Just as with fire you give it fuel and it will stay alight. It is so with your belief, fuel it with thought and it will become stronger. Jesus said; ďlook under the rock and you will find me thereĒ. He is referring to the whole, Iím part of it this whole and so are you. The same molecules that make you up can be found in the trees, the bird and the bees; the very ground you walk upon Ė it is all there. You donít need to believe me; it is not that you should believe in me or anybody else for that matter. It is your responsibility to find truth for yourself; you werenít born as a crowd but an individual. Nobody can give it to you, it cannot come in the form of philosophical ideologies; this amounts to mere second hand knowledge. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to go against the grain but one must pursue the quintessential elixir before one can find rest

Existence is manifold you are part of a multi faceted whole which has expressed itself in many various forms, hence existence is manifold. Take a jigsaw puzzle for instance, if all the pieces had a conscious mind; how ridiculous would it be for one tiny part of the whole puzzle to stand aloof and declare ďI am the whole pictureĒ itís the same thing what each and every one of us do when we take on pseudo religion. It is not yours, it can never be a part of you; when its time for you to drop the skin bag all your clutter will go with it. All your philosophies, ideologies and religions are not yours. Your faith, amounts to nothing more than conditioned knowledge.

Be an existential disciple of existence. This is all there is, ever was an ever will be Ė no god, no devil, no heaven, no hell - just life.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/22/2011 12:10:54 AM

In a world of imbalance, if there is good, there must be evil, but this is not so in a world of balance, nothing can shift balance at all. I and I need to get our Irits away from imbalance, so that I and I can see good with no evil. This is impossible for the impossible, but I and I are more than possible, I and I is. I and I must always remember who I and I are. RasTafarI is I and I Light, RasTafarI Is I and I Example, there is none Higher, none Greater. Haile Selassie I the mightiest One of all, and all who will Live, will Live as One. So it has been said, so it has been, so it will be, so it is.

imbalance pass

I and I have been given the choice to trod with Jah, or not to trod with Jah. Jah made I and I to have knowledge so that we can make changes within us and outside of us. So we have the power to build or destroy. If I and I are trodding with Jah, then we will build what should be built and destroy what should be destroyed. Sometimes certain things need to be destroyed. For example, the food we eat is destroyed by our teeth and enzymes, and then rebuilt to fuel and repair our body. Jah will keep I and I in the right balance if we Live by the example of Jah. If we are trodding against Jah, then we will live with imbalance and not do our part in this Creation, but we will be working against Life.

As I have said, we have been given the ability to build and destroy. These abilities are not evil, but are there to promote Life. What is evil is when building and destroying get out of balance and work against Life, so things are built that shouldn't be built and things are destroyed that shouldn't be destroyed. Jah doesn't want I and I to only do good because we have no choice. Jah is developing a Perfect Creation that will choose righteousness, not because they were programmed to choose righteousness, but because they have risen up within themself and have chosen good over evil.

Jah knows all things and is not programmed by anyone, but can see and choose what Jah wants, and Jah always chooses to promote Life. Ye are Gods and all of ye are children of the Most High, but ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. When I and I Live by the example of Jah, then I and I will be a Creation that Lives in the image of Jah, and are not programmed by anyone, but can see and choose what I and I want, and I and I will always choose to promote Life.

So evil comes only from one place, from within ourself, it is our choice to make.

Choose Jah,

James 1
12 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.
13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:
14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.
16 Do not err, my beloved brethren.
17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Root of Evil

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/22/2011 12:22:26 AM

esaelle, you said,
Many people believe that the universe was created, but this seems rather strange. If it was created then surely there would have been evidence of a documented witness.

What do you mean a documented witness? In all the ways I am thinking you might mean it, I don't see any reason why you think that there "surely there would have been evidence of a documented witness", or that there would surely be a witness at all. Why would the Creator have need of a witness?

you said,
Notwithstanding, if god created the universe then the question inevitably arises, who created god? Now surely one can see the potential infinite regression thatís bound to accure in such a question, is it not simple logic?

There is potential infinite regression, unless it is Iverstood that God always is and always has been. You are tangling your mind with philisophical wonderings. There is no reason why, "God always is and always has been" isn't true. Just because your mind can't Iverstand this, doesn't make it impossible.

you said,
As far as my conscious awareness abounds I see neither creator nor creation. A creation means full stop, if you call it a creation then you reduce it to a thing; there is no life in a thing, only death. There is only existence which has been here always from the very beginning of time. In fact there is no beginning to it; it has always been here. It simply is, itís as simple as that. Sure one can argue against it but one must ask oneís self is the argument authentic i.e. Has it arisen out of your very being; your intelligence. Or is it just another belief system made up of borrowed knowledge, do you actually know?

Do you actually know that what you are saying is true? As I said above, just because you can't Iverstand a thing, doesn't mean it is not so.

Messenger: esaelle Sent: 7/22/2011 7:35:07 PM

You are absolutely right, the world is at an imbalance simply because man has created the imbalance; he is lost. Existence is a dualistic diametrical self regulating whole. So from an existential point of view it is a different matter, existence always maintains the balance for the simple reason it is not in the hands of man. Now a world govern by man is bound to be the opposite. When you start talking about ideologies you immediately separate yourself from the reality, the isness and suchness of existence. Existence doesnít care about ideology no more than it care about morality. Unfortunately this is the way the world works; most of its inhabitants are in deep sleep itís in such a dire strait. Man continually tries to impose his own ideas onto that which has already established itself. You have created a distance between yourself and existence, you have coloured it with your own idiosyncrasies, ideologies and theories which amount to nothing but a theosophical cults Rastafarianism is no different.

The imbalance is created in the mind, but YOU are balanced; as you are existential. You are part of the eternal, but the mind is not. When you go on assuming that you are the mind you put yourself in an imbalance. And of cause this will reflect on the whole. Anything you take from the outside can never be yours; this includes your belief systems, ideologies and faiths. You have wasted so much time polishing you faith and moulding your belief system through acquired knowledge that it has almost become like skin to the bone. When you pass through to the other side you are going to have to leave the body and mind behind, so what to say about its content?
And when I refer to a documented witness, Iím simply referring to that which has stood the test of time. And not something that has withered away into realms mythology Ė something that can be proven today by scientific means, objectively and categorically. Not just brought about by frivolous superficiality or subjective means. You say why would god need a witness? BECAUSE A CREATION IS A NOUN, it is a thing; there are no things existential only verbs. NOUNS ARE DEAD, existence is life. The process of degeneration and regeneration implies life; an ongoing flux NOT A CREATION. And naturally if god has your strings in his and hand you will have to dance to his tune, but cut them away and you are free to make intelligent inquiry

There is nothing philosophical about what Iím saying. You either know something or you donít, and if you donít then naturally you will fall into philosophy. If you have not experienced it, touched it or tasted it; then naturally you will have to philosophize about it. And I know I have eyes and so do you. I cannot see god but you seem to have projected something onto your screen which fits with your belief. Existence is and always will be, not your fictitious ideals, Selassie I is not god.

And if selassie is the highest almighty, then how come heís on route to dust? If god was a reality, wouldnít it have been a fundamental fact? Intrinsic to my being and everybody else, just like the air you breathe. If you donít breath you will die, now if I take away your belief; it is not such a problem. You may become a little psychologically disturb, since you have built your foundation on shaky ground; but ordinarily it will not be a problem. In ones slumber, one will simply fall into another hole.

Your belief systems are just substituted fictions that replace the reality of your aloneness. This is why those that manage to keep their inquisition intact move from one sect to another, from one religion to another; from one ideology to another until eventual the truth hits them like a bolt of lightning, itís akin to the journey back home, your centre of being.

But belief keep you stuck on the periphery, you talk about a perfect creation; there could never be one. In order for that perfect world you talk about you would have to be dead. Until mans intelligence increases - not knowledge Ė we will never have the capacity to transcend the reality of dualism. Dualism will always be in existence, man needs to learn the art of transcendence; moving beyond mind. Using the mind as a servant, a tool to help us rise above the fickleness of mind itself; instead of being enslaved by it. Who is your master? I for one have the courage and intelligence to strive for my own mastery, without the aid of a dead man to certify it.

As a whole intelligence is making slow progress, a few thousand years ago they were still practicing burnt offerings, man and man loses their crop so the children had to pay. Incidentally, I have read that his majesty delved into the dark side of sacrifice too.
Jesus himself wasnít very educated neither, he may have been enlightened; but to claim that he was the only begotten son of god is simply foolishness. This type of theosophilism would not be tolerated in this day and age, you would be sectioned.

Ark1 you fall short simply because you are in denial, you have not really understood anything which has been said. You know not of truth for the simply reason you are not vulnerable to it, you have closed yourself off like the nucleus within the atom.
You are not very much aware of yourself and the world around you, you have eyes but it seems that you have never really used them. You seem to be content with your irreligious doctrine and conditioned knowledge which seems to have clouded your vision. Once you start to deny any part of your being, you become irreligious; there is only authentic religion and its route is from within to without. Just like a flower, it unfolds from the unknown to the known. What you donít understand is that there are some things that man cannot know. The unknowable is that which man will never come to know, you are talking about something which you will never know. If you havenít the strength to detach yourself from the word god, then change it to godliness. I see godliness, simply because this implies a process not a projection of the mind Ė so therefore there is godliness in everything that is existential. You are a process you are not the mind you so inadvertently proclaim yourself to be.

Our eyes are perfectly fine, but man is cunning; he has invented extensions for the eyes so he can see further in the hope of a glimpse of the unknowable. He is not content with the moment, so he has to start looking under the microscopes. He has gone from the atom to the nucleus, to the protons and neutrons. Then from there they have moved onto to quarks which leads him to believe he has found the fundamental building blocks of matter.

Somebody should inform the physicists, the information revealed will always be proportionate to the capacity of the mind and/or technology that conceives it.


Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 7/22/2011 8:54:14 PM

I am wondering why you came too this place to say these things. It is clear that you aren't RastafarI, and it seems to I that you have no interest in RastafarI, so why come here? Just to post these things and start an argument?

Messenger: esaelle Sent: 7/23/2011 7:12:37 AM


There is no particular reason why Iíve come to this site, as much as thereís no particular reason why I do anything in my life; other than the joy to be. I simply love the truth, breaking down the delusions of those that fill their lives with lies; that too becomes joyous. And for your information I was a member of the twelve tribes of Israel, for a long time; but it never stuck. Even from that early age I knew something wasnít quite right, like Jesus said; he was in the world but wasnít a part of it. And so was the suchness with me and the twelve tribes of Israel, I was in it but not a part of it; I was a witness. Even from those times I felt a sense of freedom that surpassed anything that came from any doctrine. What came from Rastafarianism just didnít fit, Jesus must have felt the same way; he came with something new, his dopey disciples gave you the church.

It is a beggarís belief to believe in what you believe; nothing that isnít already so can live up to your expectations. Belief and disbelief are two sides of the same coin. People may think Iím atheist but what is an atheist? I neither believe nor disbelieve in god. And the theist, there is no god so who are they?
Nazarite, there is only one consciousness, one centre; we all emanate from the same point of awareness. When you drop a pebble in a pool of water you see one centre which emanates concentrically. You and I are concentric to the centre of existence, but we are not central.

We are all brothers and sisters, what is the need for all this rubbish that divides us into separation? But you are not open to these insights because your life is governed by your head, you are not susceptible to intuitiveness and because you have failed to make yourself vulnerable your only defence is rationale. The world in which we live is unintuitive and illogical; it cannot be explained away by logic or doctrine.


Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/23/2011 10:49:09 AM

What came from Rastafarianism just didnít fit,

You never were RasTafarI and you will never be RasTafarI.

Stop coming to this site with your anti-God ramblings.

I and I are RasTafarI and I and I will Praise the Most High God Selassie I ForIvermore.

You can NEVER convince I and I of anything else.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/23/2011 10:54:09 AM

esaelle , for a person that speaks about knowing and not believing, you sure seem to deal with a lot of belief without knowing.

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Haile Selassie I