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The Calling of His Number

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: rastajedi Sent: 7/6/2011 12:28:46 AM

His Majesty's greetings my Brothers and Sisters.
It is with it is with terrible joy that I come before you to announce that Father has finally declared open war in a battle that our enemy has been waging illegally for some time now. The wisdom and repentance of Nineveh shall not be our lot, so let us gird ourselves for battle, for we are the stronger.
The time has come for His Chosen to fulfill sacred prophecy of St John of Patmos and Seal yourselves with His Holy Name in Ge'ez. I am only speaking to 1 in 55,000+ people (current world population divided by 144,000) and I appeal to all tongues and tribes for 12,000 will heed the call from each tribe of humanity worldwide. The current "interpretations" of the chapters dealing with gathering contain some intentional and insidious misinformation, specifically that Jah Army will contain only those men who have never known women; virgins. This is not the case. Was not our Father married to Empress Mennen and Fathered children? Who are we to set ourselves above His example of virtue? What He wants is virtue in His Army; virtue is maintained in a sanctified marriage observant of Levitical Laws of cleanliness. So long as one is not defiled by lust after the time of consecration, you may stand in His number, but woe to ye who would defile this consecration. Far better that you remain unsealed than face the fate of those who fail their post. I have spent too much time on the beast today, i will write more when I am able. allow me to close this communique by imporing all who read this not to run out to their corner tattoo shop and slap a tattoo on your forehead in haste to serve; we shall be known by our marks in the last days, remain under the radar for now. May HIM Protect and Guide, Ras Jahson Daniel Selassie I, 000372 His Imperial Majesty's Provisional Army

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Haile Selassie I