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Bad words

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Messenger: gideon Sent: 10/9/2004 9:36:00 AM

My point is that there was no good reason for you to say:
"I am not into the argueing thing.I was just posting my opinion.Is there any other way to reason, you post something then i post something."
In the context of our conversation at the time it was a useless and foolish statement. Clearly we know that we are reasoning here, and reasoning involves exchanging opinions, and we know that arguing is a word to signify this process.
Therefore what you said was mindless.
That is the point I was trying to make from the start.

It is clear to me that you dislike the word argue because of negative connotations that some people have when they use the word. However I have shown that I did not mean it that way. Therefore there is no reason for you to object as you did to my use of the word arguing.

After Ark made his comments that I should accept people's traditions I made another point, which is that it is wrong for people to dislike words, but people should focus on the meaning that the speaker has in mind and not other meanings that other people may have used the same word to mean.
When I made the statement that you were arguing strong against me and should argue just as strong for me later on I was not making a wrong statement. I was just saying that I appreciate your fortitude in standing up for your beliefs and that I encourage you to apply this fortitude without partiality and support everything that you believe to be right with equal vigor. THAT is all I was saying and you should not have tried to correct me as you did, because what I was saying was a good thing. I was enjoining you to justice, as all men should enjoin their fellow man to justice.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 10/9/2004 10:14:29 AM

Do you.Pick out evey word that you think I meant one way and post something about it. Mindless what does that mean? Does that mean that I do not have a mind or is that to be taken in another way,(I am not thinking in the American way of writting words.)Let the pot boil keep pickin little shit out and changing it to your likeing, Im sure one day the world will be made in your image! (now thats being sarcastic) I can post anything I want in any way that I want, if you dont like it or dont want to read it, dont want to open your mind and hear something new then dont, I wouldnt care either way. The reason that I am responding to you is because this is a public forum and there are more people then just YOU that are paying attention to the things that are going on. I will let your educated opnipotent(sp) persona take you were you want to go. Arguing in a civil way or a condasending way still to me is useless. I did not come here to make any one person think or act like me. I do give my opinion in the course of reasoning. Many words does not make a man but his conviction in the thing that he is doing makes the man. You can take hold of the english language and go wherever you want with it!

Fire upon them. Let the fire burn. Let those who want to drink of livin water live.

One Love

Messenger: gideon Sent: 10/9/2004 10:55:42 AM

Exactly. Same to you.

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