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Messenger: RasMoses Sent: 5/10/2011 9:23:00 PM

Greetings and love,
I man was just wondering what the Rastafari brethren and sistren on this site think about I and I moving to Ghana, Africa. Many brethren from over the internet invite I and I to live there and blaze herbs and things like that, but I and I also realize the color of I skin and I am concious of slavery and know that Ghana was an ideal land for slaveowners during the slave trade to hijack Africans. But I and I also know that I feel as if this is a good decision and it is part of Jah's plan. I and I don't want to look like one of those people that just go there for the ganja, I man really want to go there and be a part of the culture, learn a language, and also because I have met some really great Rastafari people down there over the Internet. Looking forward to any opinions.

Messenger: rastaman421 Sent: 5/17/2011 6:22:33 AM

Blessed. I man want to reason with the I if that would be ok. I n I am at school right now and decided to see if you had posted anything. Irie I! Seems like it. I think that if HIM put the idea of moving to Africa, and you feel strong about it, than what do you have to lose??? I n I wish I was in Your position Ras, but Jah has tings for I to do here for now. Go to Africa, regardless of skin color. Babylon downpressed us for decades upon decades and look at us now. Stronger then iver. Let I know. Bless up. Raspect.

Messenger: RasMoses Sent: 5/18/2011 3:07:35 PM

Yes I,
You are correct that when Jah tell you something is vital to listen, but their obstacles in the way of that. The colour of I skin is not the only one, seen? Financial, Cultural, mostly financial, I suppose. And when makes the I state that we have been downpressed for centuries, we are not black-skinned, we did not undergo slavery, our "culture" and language remains the same. Just tell I what the I means and then I may overstand.

Also, you see, Ghana is not for I own personal benefit. After reasoning with brethren from there, they explained to I that the youths were forced to cut their hair, eat unhealthily, and many other things of Babylonian nature while attending the school there. The Rastafari people down there have been begging and pleading for a Ras school for quite some time. So, once I man can attain an occupation of some kind (and maintain it), then I and I shall work to build a school for the Rasta Youth, where their livity is always in check-Ital food, no specific "hair" code, History classes on HIM, African culture, and such. That is just an aspiration that Jah is calling I to do.

In an earlier post, "Questions for whites who want to live in Africa", I believe, it stated that if I have people to back I up, which I do. In light of that, when the post discussed the "ifs" of a mass repatriation to Africa, if the victims of the Diaspora, would want I out of the country. Instead of worrying about it, I must help them repatriate to Africa.

I am under no illusion that I man am "repatriating" anywhere.
I also know that in order to find happiness, you must it within yourself.
A place on Earth cannot give you happiness.
I simply wish to escape the shitstem here in the US and seek a greater culture, one of depth and purpose.
The culture that was lost, and the culture that I wish to help rebuild,sight?

I've reasoned with many brethren on this, none of them told I not to go, especially the ones in Ghana are wanting I to go.
Rastafari from Trinidad and such also.
But Selassie I and what HIM say is most significant.
So I and I pray to HIM and ask for the financial support and courage to go to Africa.

When Jah call, I must answer.

Ras Moses

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 5/19/2011 7:57:44 AM

In terms of issues facing the I on this task, aside from the others the I has noted, I know from I and I past Reasonings that the I has some charges for ganja posession and has been incarcerated before. Has the I considered what affect that will have? Iman personally have just a reprimand on I record for ganja possession and that alone has prevented I from getting work permits abroad. If the I intended to stay for some time in Ghana and work, the I would require a visa or a work permit and often they require criminal record checks and such things.
If that will be an issue, check to see how long the I's charges stay on record, because otherwise they will use that to keep the I out.

Blessed love and forward with the I's works if that is the calling Jah gave the I.

Messenger: roots I david Sent: 5/19/2011 10:11:14 AM

I hope the I figures out what to do. If the I wants to go to Ghana and thinks its the right thing ti do, I man support the I. I and I pray for the I and as research has shown, It is very strict. And I man think, that the I wuld be much better off waiting. Make plans, just don't decide just yet. If you leave I here in Babylon, dem rudebois I used to call family will surely bring me back into mental slavery and you, Ras Moses is the only Rasta that I trust on a personal level and the only Rasta that I know I can run to when I have problems. If the I leaves to go to Ghana, I and I know dat I man will not be safe to the manipulation of Babylon. I and I overstand that I man cannot rely upon you forever, but just until I and I am strong enough to face Babylon on I own.
Bless up. Raspect Rasta.

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