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Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/10/2011 6:36:07 PM

What does it mean when you get a head ache after smoking MJ. and how long is supposed to last?

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 5/10/2011 6:59:38 PM

Not likely that the Ganja is causing it.

Perhaps the I is dehydrated. Try sitting in a cool dark room with some cold water and holding a meditation. That should send it away.

Blessed love.

Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/10/2011 8:32:03 PM

Yeah Why do I feel an intense pressure on the sides of my face? and on my neck. I am also having hallucintations where im talking to a world somewhere hout here, where they just keep calling me things. Am I under the governments mind control? what can I make of this?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/10/2011 9:11:04 PM

"Am I under the governments mind control? what can I make of this?"

Sounds like it is more likely that you have a mental illness.

Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/11/2011 5:08:55 AM

I understand, never thought this could happen to me, I thought I was always perfetc...

Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/11/2011 5:12:04 AM

I want to say I am normal when im outside or with a few friends but then I come indoors where there are lots of people, and im fine at first then,, very gradually it gets to the point where im a tiny bit uncomfortable then then after maybe an hour or less i start getting more panicky like as if through all this time ive been around lots of people, im picking up on something, like their energy or something, and its makeing me like this, I can feel its something strange.
Thank you :)

Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/11/2011 5:23:07 AM

I feel like im a sponge and I take too much energy from peopel

Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/11/2011 5:25:18 AM

How can She help me with this?


Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/11/2011 5:36:55 AM

if im getting high i want to do it after (xx name my friend) terms

Why did the inside of my body say that when I went to put a song on in itunes of a name of a band my friend showed me but i had it, this is stupid but i think someone tricking me or how am i experiencing this. please help me.

Thank you

Messenger: Joeamana Sent: 5/11/2011 5:48:48 AM

Sorry I meant to say choosing a song on my itunes not "getting high" lol

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