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Haile Selassie I provides for I and I, never worry

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/24/2011 10:46:06 PM

I wanted to refer to this Reasoning in the topic, One Reward, in relation to what I said here:

That is what so many don't Iverstand. The Joy of Sighting I and I Father is Great. Too know that nothing that comes in our path can stop I and I, because I and I Rudder is the Strongest and most Wisely Guided Rudder that ever was or will be. Haile Selassie I is I and I driver as Burning Spear say. I don't worry about much, because no matter what comes in I path, I know that Selassie I will guide I through it and will provide for I. I and I must Learn to Know this and have Faith in this, and it will be so. Selassie I will guide I and I towards Righteousness and Selassie I will guide I and I through any obstacle and provide I and I with all that I and I need.

I thought that I must have written about it before, but when I did a search, I couldn't find it. It was in 2001, I empress was going off to school in the US, I and I live in Canada. She had a three year course that she was taking there. Before she left, the rent at our apartment kept on rising, and there was no way I would be able to afford it with just my salary. So we put in our notice that we would be leaving the apartment. That evening, we were going to a pub to meet some friends of I empress. I and I decided to eat dinner at the pub, so came there early so that we would finish eating before her friends arrived. She was speaking to I about being worried about finding another apartment that I could afford on one salary, and would still be good enough for the two of I and I two live in when she came forward during the summers and holidays. I just smiled and asked her why she was worrying when she has witnessed over the years she has been with I, all the greatness RasTafarI has done for I. And I showed her that she has seen that Selassie I has always provided for I, and no matter how things looked in the past, Selassie always showed a way. She felt a little better after I Reasoned with her.

When her friends came, we were not going to mention anything about looking for a new apartment, since we just gave our notice that morning; but one of her friends asked I how our apartment was, and I felt a vibe that I should mention about giving the notice. After I said that, she showed I that she was moving into a new place because she was pregnant with her second child, and the apartment they were in was too small for that. So we made plans to see the apartment two days later.

The next day, I empress and I looked at a few apartments and they were either too expensive or too crappy. Then on the next day we saw the friend's apartment. It was the perfect size and was cheaper than we were expecting to pay for an apartment that size.

I empress still sometimes worries about things, and I always remind her what she has seen.

I and I must always remind ourselves of the Greatness of Selassie I, and what He has done for I and I, so that I and I never forget. Otherwise, we will continue in the Cycle of Foolishness , I reasoned about before.

Read Psalms 78, and also bring into remembrance what Selassie I has done for the I. Never take Selassie I for granted.

Messenger: Ras_X Sent: 4/25/2011 12:19:23 AM

Bless up Haile I. I agree with the I that I and I need to strengthen faith in His Majesty, but too many people are not overstanding that "a people" must inite. People keep talking this and talking that and even using His Majesty to justify there opinions. His Majesty was for His Almighty first and His people equally first. If I and I call upon the golden rule which His Majesty Himself has spoken of in one of His speeches. Not to mention all the other speeches and even better to end any arguement against "the active inification of His people" the title of His Majesty's autobiography is "My life and Ethiopia's Progress". So Called Black People "Know Thyself". If I and I do not have faith in "OUR" Almighty I don't fault the I but to know Ras Tafari is to know the Living Almighty. Intinue to study I and I Istory and His Majesty He is the light of this world. Ras Tafari children Inite.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 4/27/2011 9:32:17 PM

Yes I,

Only Selassie I can Guide I through this armageddon.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/28/2013 9:26:51 PM

Faith in the Creator is important in these times and in all times. Haile Selassie is I and I Rudder, and it is through Faith that I and I Learn to Listen and believe the things that Haile Selassie I shows I and I from day to day.

Worry is a useless and self defeating emotion. If there is a problem, dwelling in worry won't solve it, action will. Worry not only will not solve it, but will work against action against the problem, because worry is spiritually, mentally and physically debilitating, and can lead to depression which is even more debilitating.

Use thoughts and actions to solve problems, and if they can't be solved, then Learn to work around it or live with it. And throughout all these events, keep Faith and Trust in the Most High Haile Selassie I. Know that Haile Selassie I will always do Right, it is only ourselves that bring ourselves in wrong by refusing the Guidance of I and I Rudder.

Live Right and correct your wrong, Trust and have Faith in God, and Haile Selassie I will provide all things.

Messenger: HIM_Sun Sent: 6/2/2013 2:55:52 PM

In September 1948 His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I gave instructions to the people that Ethiopians should wear cultural dress so that the coming generations would follow this as an example.

"His Imperial Majesty, Emperor of Ethiopia believes that there is nothing better for the development of a country's progress and development except education."

I and I need not worry, but do the work of the Most High

Ites to all

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