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Not peace but a sword

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 3/23/2011 9:50:36 AM


Christ said he came not to bring peace but a sword, he came to divide families and a man foes will be those of his own household, my father keeps trying to control my life, tries to pull me away from the ites of Rastafari, tries to put me on babylon medication, but anyways i seen so many families divided, so would it be useless to try n go back to my fathers city and unite, when Christ said he didnt come to unite but divide. My mom said i can do whatever i want, go back to Zion if i desire, she left my dad, but my dad is always tryna put a leash on me, we honestly would like to be free...

One Love

Messenger: black imanuel dawta Sent: 3/23/2011 10:52:53 AM

Blessed love

If the I is 21 and above then the I should exercise his human rights. freedom of movement, freedom to associate with whoever, freedom to practise thy beliefs in any way shape or form. an Ite posted the Declaration of Human Rights Charter on one reasoning though I forgot which one. the I can read and KNOW what Article is what. no one is to be kept in servitude of another. the I is in charge of thy temple. no man has rights to put anything in thy temple against thy will. each man walking upon this earth is equal- no man has rights over the other. its better to be self reliant than to depend on parents.I mother hasn't reached a strange far I can tolerate her behaviour in certain situations but if she starts being too much, I know how to handle her. word sounds power. she WILL be humble real quick.main thing on I Iditation is to leave her gates so what Im doing right now is a step towards that direction. I will visit her from I own yard.
I hope the little I have said is much though I think most Rastas experience something from parents at some point.

Heart of love

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 3/23/2011 4:42:33 PM

seen, i hear Zion calling

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 3/23/2011 8:39:35 PM

Yes I think most Rastafari youth face some sort of issues with their parents. Thankfully I own issues with I parents have been mostly through misoverstanding rather than outright opposition and now I am out on I own, most things have resolved themselves.
As it has been said, the I is free to make the I's own path. I and I should always respect I and I parents but if they stand in the way of Righteousness then I and I must leave their ways behind.
Forward where the I feels the I must go. If that is Ithiopia, then forward to Ithiopia.

Blessed love.

Messenger: raskiowa Sent: 3/24/2011 11:43:34 AM

Young lion, bredren

Our mission in this world, truly, is to spread love, righteousness, and peace through reasoning and overstanding. InI must go about each day seeking truth. InI must go about each and everyday trying to improve the world by taking the minds of the people away from babylon. when you see the light you realize it, it just feels better. you experience feelings you never would recieve as one of babylons numerous puppets. wouldnt the I agree?

like so many of our bredren fighting peacefuly on the behalf of creator i have found that i have changed many lives through leading by example and showing true paths of life which lead to creator and better exsistences. RasTafai is a better exsistence. a true exsitence, wouldnt the I agree?

I take it from your name, the way you speak, and the fact you live with your dad that youre a youth as well? i have had only 20 blessed years on Jahs beautiful creation of ourEarth and yet i have found that many of the ones older than I are extremely ignorant. so much so that they continually persectue and hold InI down. Even our own parents. Yet in my own case, i managed to guide my very loving mother and now she is 100% on my side. she allows I to burn freely, iditate freely, and express iself freely. she beiieves i am on a righteous path and realizes the fire wihich burns inside. my father on the other hand seems always wrapped up in the herbs. he will never overstand or accept. judge judge, worry worry, judge. all it is. while he continually eats terrible food and does not take care of himself.

So the point is that some people will always be of babylong. whether they accept it consciously to be ignorant of truth, or they just know no other way, etc. whatever the reason is, some just dont seem to have reason! and yet some will try hard to overstand and accept. learning about themselves and life on the way to this acceptance. our parent raise us into babylon and as soon as ini reject, they see it as ini rejecting their love. cuz they do have love, just not aimed or guided correctly. Again the point is that if reasoning does not help your situation with your father, then the I should move foward. Life is the continual growth of your mind, body and soul. which is all 1. I AND I. so whoever prohibits your growth is a vehicle of babylon and thus should be ignored and discredited. InI have no need of babylon other than getting our fires really burning!! throught experiences (negatibe and positive) InI grow. thats life. and if your grow always positively, than thats how ini reach those igher ites!!!! yes man, ini must seek and live truth no matter what. its the only way to live. the only way to connect with jah. and the only way to reach zion. however you may find and apply this truth is on your own terms. dont let babylon get into your head, and NEVER BELEIVE THEM!! NEVER FOLLOW THEM!! make your own path of righteouness and you will never fail.

I hope this post helped just a bit. i know some of the feelings you may have. All of us conflict with our parent. my thoughts and love are with you bredren. stay strong with CREATOR!! the scripture. herb. and reggae. positive. truth. love. raspect. balance. unity. iditate with imon. go inside yourself.

hope this helped.


Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 3/24/2011 3:29:46 PM

greetings raskiowa,

No i dont live with my dad, he wants me to move to his city but i think i will not, i'm growing everyday with my father Rastafari, and he gave me visions and dreams telling me i will be going to the monestary in northern Ethiopia shortly. Having a wife, bussiness, farm can pull u away from the Most Hish and either i've been a eunech from my mothers womb or i've made myself a eunech for the Kingdom of heavens sake, but i've been to Ethiopia and now in America and theres a big difference. Ethiopia is life, like a journey, easy, nature, roots, i dont see how people can raise children in babylon, to confusing. All chosen of Israel are anointed by fire, so keep the fire blazing Oh Jah!

I think we should live up in the hills in Zion

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