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participate in their system

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/7/2004 10:52:20 PM

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Messenger: the rock Sent: 10/8/2004 8:20:47 AM

I give thanks for that word.Him said a lot of things in regards to polotic.From what you posted,all they way to up the one interview that him said in some ways the changes of the west are good and in other ways these changes are harmful to the people.(something alone those line).Each one will have to judge that themself.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/8/2004 8:49:21 AM

Hail all in the Most Honourable Name Of His Majesty Emperor Selassie the First.

Well InI know the father has given us free will so i will not say weather ones should vote or not. But speaking for I self i say King Selassie is my One and Only Ruler. November 2 1930 is the day that the Father show I that None is worthy to rule over InI ever again. As the ancient rastaman used to say "Man Free". There is nothing that Bush or any other vampire can do for I again.We done know the right from wrong already. It is for InI to feed the hungry,cloth the naked and provide shelter for those in our communities.

" Tell me them a voter, Harlot wine dem a sip ",
Sizzla Kalonji

Does this make sense to anyone else????

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/8/2004 9:37:35 AM

I am not American, so I wouldn't be voting anyway. But if I was, I wouldn't vote for either of them, because I am not interested in choosing the bad with the good. I only want the good.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: gideon Sent: 10/8/2004 9:39:34 AM

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Messenger: gideon Sent: 10/8/2004 9:56:38 AM

Take the bad with the good. Our purpose ultimately is only good, but sometimes it is expeditious to take some bad with the good.
That is why most of us work in the system. Our labor is going toward a bad use, because we are working for greedy people who misuse the money the get from our labor. But we need to survive and buy material things, so we take the bad with the good.
Always, our goals are to do good. But sometimes our goals of doing good require us to support some bad things along the way, just for a short while. In the end we will get rid of all bad, but not immediately. For now we have to be happy with the fact that we can MOVE in a positive direction.
However, I agree that voting in this election would be futile.

Let me get to the point. There must be something that we can all agree on that would be a good action. For example I am thinking that the US should implement a non-participant vote. This means that if you're an American you can vote non-participant to show that you do not support any of the candidates that were available to choose from. For example I have heard that they do this in Russia, and I am sure they do it in other places too.
I want to start a petition for people to sign if they agree that US should introduce such a vote.
My point is that you don't have to like the federal govt. And you don't have to like Kerry or Bush, and you don't evenhave to be an American, but you can still do something good in the world by signing a petition to show that you support the inclusion of this new type of vote in the US elections. I will have two categories - one for US citizens and one for everyone else in the world, to show how th eworld feels about US actions.
This is one good way that we can all participate and use their system for good.
I am working on a website where people can start petitions and encourage others to sign their petition. If you have something against the system then turn it into a petition. If you know that something they are doing is wrong then start a petition to ask them to stop. This is the power of the people to unite, and Bush and others cannot stand against the will of the people.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 10/8/2004 11:37:19 AM

Good idea,lets see if it works.

people look to yourself and do your works.INI.


Messenger: gideon Sent: 10/9/2004 9:46:22 AM

I am glad you agree it is a good idea. However it is not enough to agree. When the site is up I hope that you will sign the petition and that you will encourage others to do the same. Also, you should start up petitions of your own, because you are a man who has a lot to say and good ideas. And you know about Babylon and Selassie, which makes you very wise. In fact all people on this and other rasta sites are very important to this kind of operation.
If you do that much, you will be participating in their system and you will be doing a good thing, as you should agree since you say that it is a GOOD idea. This is one of the kinds of participation I am talking about.
Do others think it is a good idea? What about you Ark? Will you create a link to my proposed website when it is in operation? I believe it would be a good act for anyone who has any opinion about anything relating to doing good in the world that they should start a petition and encourage others to sign it, and think about it.
This is a big site, though, and hard to write so it will take some time. I will be sure to announce on this site when it is ready, because I would like to encourage all people who support good and use the internet, especially forums, to advertise the site by word of mouth and post petitions, sign petitions and encourage others to do the same.
It is said that there are six degrees of separation between all people in the world. In just a few weeks everyone who uses the internet can know about the site and be interested in it if we can convince people it is a good idea.

By the way, I have been expressing this idea very badly by calling it participation in their system. It would be much better to call it "using the system". Maybe my thinking on the issue has cleared up by us talking about it. That's how it goes right? Iron sharpens iron.
Blessed. Thanks. Peace.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 10/9/2004 10:21:34 AM

yes.let me do my works as i see that JAH say so.And i will let you do your.

Good or BAD,I am not hear to judge.But a Good work need know one to judge, it just is.


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Haile Selassie I