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Ganga causing schizophrenia

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Messenger: bredren aaron Sent: 3/3/2011 7:37:15 PM

Recent studies have linked the use of marijuana with the onset of psychosis. In one study involving more than 20,000 subjects, researchers claim to have found conclusive evidence that smoking cannabis is linked to an earlier age of onset for psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, by up to 2.7 years.

Another, much smaller study of adolescents found that cannabis use almost doubled the risk of later psychotic symptoms.

More Babylon lies and propaganda! The people they used just cyant handle reaching igher ites.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/3/2011 9:25:34 PM

What happens is that people who already have psychosis brewing within them have a hard time dealing with the heights that Ganja brings, so instead of using the energy from the herb to Rise themselves, they use the energy to shift themselves into their psychosis.

They should do a study where people with psychosis or who are likely to get psychosis use Ganja to bring theirself into balance. They just need somebody to teach them how to use it Right.

In other cases, people are using the herb to help control their psychosis, I know some people who were dealing with psychosis and herb helped them control it. So it those cases, the herb use is because of psychosis, not the other way around.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/3/2011 9:37:04 PM

I just looked around to see if people were speaking about using marijuana to help psychosis. Here are some websites. One of the links says that it is the cannibinols that help, but the THC makes it worse. They are wrong in that, all the properties of herb are good and should be used together, they are in balance.

One thing I was told before is that cured herb has a higher concentration of cannibinols, because the curing process converts THC to connibinols.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/4/2011 7:22:11 AM

yes babylon, wi know, its not your dirty confuse world dats causing psychosis, its the healing herbs

wha was di hiphop tune dat say, "we dont believe yuh, yuh need more people"

dash a fyah pon babylon

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/4/2011 8:25:50 AM

Yes I, that's the real cause.

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 3/4/2011 1:47:09 PM

I remember reading plenty of articles from here in the UK about this subject. Plenty of people talking about the herb causing psychosis and how this and that youth went mad because of it and did something stupid. Every time, I always ask what else was going on in that youths life. I remember there was one case where a boy commited suicide after being diagnosed with psychosis and all the doctors and psychiatrists and even the boys parents were saying that it was the herb that caused it. When I looked into it though, there was plenty being mentioned in these articals about it that could have led to this. The boy was a heavy drinker. He was chronically unemployed. His girlfriend had recently left him. His parents were having marital troubles and were arguing at home a lot. Not to mention that he had just been diagnosed with psychosis and was on a whole heap of prescription medication. All of that and yet all I hear is that 'cannabis made this boy kill himself!'

Same thing happens with all ganja related news. George Micheal crashes his car and the headlines are 'Star crashes car under the influence of weed!' Then in the article it mentions that the man was high on all sorts of prescription pills as well yet they still come out blaming the herb.

Nothing but propoganda.

Blessed love.

Messenger: bredren aaron Sent: 3/4/2011 8:57:11 PM

And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yeilding seed after his kind, and the tree was yeilding fruit,whose seed was in itself,after his kind: and JAH saw that it was good.


Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 3/7/2011 3:34:39 PM

''The tree of Life'', and the leaves on the tree were for the healing of the nations! I man am in the belly of the beast, looking like Bob Marley withe the sword and tryna kill the dragon on the ''Confrontation'' album, with a traditional ethiopian cross shirt. I'm always under watch by the system to not smoke, and i take my chances, i find it i rise much faster when i smoke herb, because herb gives InI, the Overstanding...

One Love

Messenger: empress.suzan Sent: 4/2/2011 12:33:53 PM

Psychosis has both a physical and a spiritual component. I&I know the Spiritual and Physical go hand-in-hand.

On the physical side, it is a stress-induced syndrome made worse by poor diet. The adrenal glands become depleted and have trouble producing the natural steroid hormones that regulate the bodyís stress response and immune response. The sufferer has poor nerves. Too much stress can cause him to trip off easily, get delusional or have a nervous breakdown. His resistance to other illness is not too good. A man of weak nerves is very susceptible to mood swings and functions best in a peaceful, Irie environment where there is no danger, oppression or unfair advantage. So the best treatment for psychosis is to live in the wilderness, in ZION!

In the wilderness now, eating Ital foods and using herbs, the victim of psychosis will see physical improvement. Herbs used for psychosis include: ginkgo, ginseng, bois bande, sea moss and other seaweeds, leafy green vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables, all fruits, stinging nettle, molasses, watercress, Jamaican sarsaparilla, gotu kola, bee pollen, royal jelly, green tea, cayenne (bird pepper), beans, nuts, seeds and ground provision. When clean foods and herbs make up a personís diet they will see improvement in the health of their nerves and brain.

On the spiritual side, psychosis is a result of something twisted that happened spiritually, perhaps when the suffera was young. Most likely it resulted from some corruption of the Babylon system, one way or another. Sometimes it can be the result of an evil work done by oneís elders. There is so much evil out there for a young person to be influenced by, itís only because of Grace that I&I donít all end up insane. People suffering from psychosis are very sensitive to wickedness; they canít handle it at all because it has the effect of raising the demons in them. Who could possibly be ok with that? Some will try the herb as a cure from the demons. The problem is that the physical structure is very weak with regard to the nerves, so the demons tend to get stronger, preying on the mentally unstable nervous state of the victim, controlling his confused and weakened mind and driving him even further away from self knowledge.

Spiritual recovery then, depends to a great extent on physical recovery, while physical recovery cannot be possible unless a spiritual breakthrough is made, removing demons that try to keep the suffera in a state of submission. On a spiritual level, on-going purification is required, even as the flesh is continually purified with clean food and herbs. The suffera will need to remove himself from negative environments as much as possible, and pray I-tinually. Thatís how to mange the illness.

Ganja does act on the nerves. This is how it calms a stressed mind, soothes an angered heart, and strengthens a fearful soul. The nerves must be fortified in order to face tribulation, to steel oneself against the unmerciful ones, and ultimately, to be able to function on the Day of Decision. Strong nerves are a must in order to use the Herb that is for the Healing of the Nations. Anyone with weak nerves should use Ganja only in small amounts.

I&I know Nyahbinghi was a leader of African Healing Culture. She rallied the freedom fighters against British and German colonialism; she was a feared spiritual warrior and bush fighter. But her true calling was African Healing.

Blessed Love!
Empress Suzan ( )

Messenger: rastaman421 Sent: 4/11/2011 11:01:18 AM

His Imperial Majesty Himself told I&I "As it was in di beginning, so it shall be in di end." Ganja was on Earth in the beginning, therefore, it shall be in the end. Burn out di Scwagg, blaze up di fire. Struggling bredren of Babylon shall be liberated after decades of oppression, Babylon shall fall.

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