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Warning about contaminated ganja.

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Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 1/21/2011 5:15:06 PM

Blessed love to one and all.

Iman feel it is I duty to warn the Idren here of something I have been encountering far too often recently. Iman spent the last of I money on some herb today only to find that it was contaminated with adulterants. This is also known in Britain as gritweed and since ignorance of it is what allows it to be passed off as good herb, Iman will give the I's the signs that the ganja is not right. Those Idren living in the UK should be ever watchful for these signs with the herb since the problem really is country wide. Iman have encountered it in ganja bought in Bath, Cambridge, Birmingham and London and there are many more reports of it from all over the UK and I would not be surprised if is a problem in other nations also. The police raids that shut down the British ganja farms supplying the pure herb have been causing pressure on the underground market and those unscrupulous gangsters bringing herb into the country from the Netherlands as well as some equally wicked British based growing gangs have hatched onto a scheme to maximise their profits. During the final stages of growth when the herb is just starting to bud up, the herb will be sprayed repeatedly with Industrial Etchant Spray, which is used to frost glass and the reflective strips down the middle of roads. This spray is a mix of fine silica abrasives, propellant and aerosols and the bud grows around it, adding to the weight by almost 200% in the final product which of course allows these people to sell less weed at a higher price, almost tripling their profits. Iman shouldn't have to say that inhaling this mix is not good in any way. The illegality of ganja prevents official studies being done, but unofficial studies done by concerned smokers have gone some way to pointing out the major health risks of smoking this contaminated ganja.
Signs I and I should look out for are as follows:

-When burned, the spliff will not draw properly and the ash from the end will be hard and black rather than soft and grey or white as it should be. When crumbled and rubbed between the fingers or on a surface, this black ash may leave a black, oily residue. This is most likely the residue of the propellant and aerosols in the herb. It should also be noted that this method of identifying the ganja works best if the I smokes Ital with no tobacco. If the I mixes the herb with tobacco, then the spliff may burn fine and the I might never know. This also works if the bud is burned with a lighter though so burning a small amount on a plate will give the same test. In addition, when burned, the bud will hold it's shape unnaturally well in the flame as well as showing the signs mentioned earlier. Obviously testing the herb first before rolling it is more ideal than noticing the signs while smoking the spliff.

-If the I does smoke some before realising, the I might feel a dusty or tingly feeling in the back of the throat as well as a gritty feeling when the tounge is run over the teeth. Depending on how much was smoked, this might be followed by a chesty cough and mouth ulcers. The throat can be easily calmed with some honey stirred into some hot water if the I is unfortunate enough to smoke some.

-When looking at the bud closely, the I might notice what looks like crystals that can form on some kinds of ganja. A telltale sign that something is not right however is that these crystals may shine and cover the stems and leaves as well as the small orange trachiomes that grow out of the bud. The natually forming THC crystals that are visible on some kinds of ganja should ONLY cover the main body of the bud. Small hairs are normal on the stems and smaller leaves and can be mistaken for a dusting of crystals so it is perhaps better to look closely at the trachiomes.

-Although Iman personally have never encountered it with contaminated ganja before, I have heard that lightly wetting a finger and pressing it lightly onto the bud before licking it may reveal a gritty sensation. This has not worked on any of the contaminated herb that I have come across however and is likely more applicable to the kind of contamination with larger sand particles that should be much easier to spot anyway.

-When smelled, the herb may not smell particularly strong even though it may look like some kind of skunk which usually has a quite pungent smell. The I might also smell something off with the herb when burned or even before burning.

If the I finds that the herb the I has is contaminated it is important to not smoke it. Just throw it away. Burn it in a fire even since a couple of bags of ganja isn't something I and I want falling out of the rubbish when it gets collected. Tell the person the I bought the herb from of the problem also. Chances are they were ignorant of the fact as much as the I was since the problem is way up at the top end of the supply chain. Warn them and any other smokers to watch out for the signs and reject it wherever it is found.

Blessed love and guidance in these troubling times.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/21/2011 6:04:18 PM

I have heard about this before, although I have never encountered it personally.

Its good that the I brought this up because that chemical stuff would be horrible for your lungs.

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 1/21/2011 8:43:57 PM

Yes I. Unfortunately I didn't realise with this batch until I had smoked half a small spliff and I throat is now quite uncomfortable and I chest is feeling slightly tight.

Still I found a lesson in this. Before when I smoked herb I was careful to check whatever I bought since I knew this contaminated herb was around, but since Iman moved to a new area I got a bit happy-go-lucky thinking from the few bits of herb that I have found down here that the gritweed was not prevelant. Iman mistake obviously...

Blessed love.

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