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2 Samuel Chapter 4

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 12/22/2010 11:35:09 AM


while i was iditating yestersay Rastafari told me to read Second Samuel Chapter 4, it goes like this...

And when Sauls son heard that Abner had died in Hebron, he lost heart, and all Israel was troubled. now Sauls son had two men who were captains of troops. The name of one was Baanah and the name of the other Rechab, the sons of Rimmon the Beerothite, of the children of Benjamin. (For Beeroth also was part of Benjamin, because the Beerothites fled to Gittaim and have been sojourners there until this day.)

now i'm interested in this because i'm from the tribe of Benjamin, and i would like to know where is it they sojourn to, to this day!

anyone know?

give thanks & praises

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Haile Selassie I