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Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/14/2010 11:54:42 AM

Yes I Fire Jahnhoi.

I and I must leave much behind to forward in I and I trod.

Iman personally have left much and there is still much Iman know I must leave behind in time.

Iman sight it through a metaphor. When I and I start to leave babylon and trod Rastafari path towards Zion gates, I and I take much with I and I that I and I do not need. I and I struggle forward under the weight of this extra baggage until I and I reach certain points in the path and realise that I and I can shed that baggage and leave it behind and trod forward with a lighter load. Blessed is the man that sheds the whole load and trods forward with no baggage from babylon.

Blessed love and guidance.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 11/14/2010 12:09:29 PM

Iman's opinion on sports is that exercise for physical fitness is of course beneficial for physical well-being, and sports/exercise can build physical and mental discipline.

But the modern day professional sports are pretty much distractions for the masses (kind of like the gladiators of ancient Rome); in america a lot people are more concerned with the NFL or NBA than anything else. There are even "fantasy football leagues" to keep people in fantasy.

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/14/2010 12:18:13 PM

Yes I.

It is the same in England. Many care about their football team above all else. Men even kill eachother over it sometimes. I and I can't go down in that foolishness that create such division amoung the people.


Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 11/14/2010 1:50:22 PM


I took time to re-evaluate myself and i see Jah has decreased my love to play football and watch t.v. As a youth from the age of 5-20, i watched tv and played soccer religiously, even wanting to play professionally. So i will listen to the I advice on seeking more in wisdom and knowledge and overstanding in Jah!

To Fikre Jahnhoi, Nazarite and Ark I... yesterday a newly ordained tewahedo priest called I. He used to be a deacon in Ethiopia as a youth, he's now a college proffessor at the University of Cincinnati and also a priest, ''Abuna Atnatiyos'' also known as Habtu. And he was talking about he wants to teach me Ge'ez and attend bible study with his people. I see this as coming from Jah because from who else could it be? So as i see it, i might as well stay in America and learn the priesthood/monkhood and still have money to buy food and other things so i dont starve. If i go to the monastary in Ethiopia i will be faint with the lack of meals, ganja and coffee. Does the I know if they have an abundant of food(tsome ayinet meaning vegge dishes) at the monastary because i just called my cousin in Addis and he says they dont eat that much! I get $550.00 from the government so if i stay here i won't need to work, yet still i will have an abundance of food because i get food stamps, i can buy couple ounces of good herb and have coffe to wake i up. Also the picture of Haile Selassie i pray to also had the face of my father and i see this as Jah telling me, he is one with my Dad and my dad always advise me to learn the priesthood/monkhood here in the states. I even heard in the spirit he says abuna Atnatiyos cant be priest forever, basically telling me i must take up after him

Ark I... if zion shall spread throughout the entire world why are InI such in a rush to go to Ethiopia. I was just at the Ethiopia church last week for Medhane Alem celebrations and it amazed I to see how many bishops and monks and priests dwell in America, its alot! So if they coming to america, why am i trying to go to Ethiopia?

I appreciate the reasoning and fire because its only for my betterment and edification.


Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/14/2010 5:29:26 PM

Blessed Young Lion.

If the I looks into the matter deeper perhaps the I will realise why the priests and monks eat so simple. The I them live simple with good reason and if the I choses that path in the I's life then the I will learn to do the same. If the I can live off macaroni, oatmeal and peanut butter as the I said in the Ital cooking Reasoning, then the I can live on what the monks eat. As the I said in that Reasoning even:

"Fasting like this really killed some of the temptations i had"

Meditate on that.

And Iman can't help but realise the I is still talking as if the I cannot forward without ganja. The I already knows what Iman have advised the I and if the I doesn't want to consider it then that is the I's decision, but Iman will state again that it is beneficial for I and I to learn to forward without ganja. By all means, don't burn it out completely. I and I see the benefits of the holy herb and it is a blessing that can help I and I reach the heights but, if I and I rely on ganja completely to reach the heights, then can I and I truly say that I and I can reach the heights? Or is it just the ganja?
And what if the I cannot get ganja? The I has already mentioned on here that the I has been on probation for something. What if babylon locked the I up and the I couldn't get herb? How would the I hold a good meditation then when it is hardest yet most important?
The I can sight this Reasoning?

And why is the I so keen to avoid working? Marcus said a man has to work for his wage and that is what I and I live by. Because I and I are living in babylon, I and I might not like all the work available to I and I but I and I must work to support I and Iselves none the less, not rely on babylon to give I and I money to live by. Iman personally am struggling at the moment to find work to support Iself through I time at university and I struggled before this also to the point that Iman had to take jobseekers allowance from babylon and though it might be testing, Iman know I must forward still and not sit and do nothing. That's a babylonian stereotype of Rastafari people right there. That I and I sit and do nothing and smoke ganja all day. The kind of thing I and I see on those ridiculous ashtrays, tshirts and lighters they market with the cartoon Rastaman on them with the big spliff, the big smile and the big hat...

Fire burn that.

Blessed love.

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 11/14/2010 6:15:55 PM


so i was reading words of christ and he was talking about the sower and the seeds, and the one who recieved seed by thorns where the cares of this life and deceitfullness of riches choke the word. By me staying in babylon, and recieving money and worried about food and drink, is it not fitting to the one recieving seed by thorns? Maybe i won't grow? But my Ras elder said someone could be a rich monk and that there is no problem in having money? And also christ talked about he who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake shall save it! So if i stay here in babylon and commit to priesthood is that losing my life, and if i go to ethiopia to enter priesthood is nt that losing my life also, or if i stay here and recieve government money and work a little is that saving my life, or me moving to ethiopia is that saving my life? I just dont have eyes to see which one is saving my life and which one is actually losing it for christ. But words can't explain the love i have for ethiopia...ZION IS THE ONLY REASON I LIVE! I THINK ABOUT ETHIOPIA EVERYDAY! IF I FORGET THE NEW JERUSALEM ,LET MY RIGHT HAND FORGET ITS SKILL! REAL TALK!

peace & love

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/14/2010 6:56:11 PM

The Ras is right in saying that it is not wrong to have money. I and I need money to live in babylon but I and I must be careful if I and I find I and Iselves with an abundance of money. Iman personally have always told Iself that if I came into lots of money for whatever reason, Iman would do good with what I find Iself with and share it with those in need. Iman mean this as I say it now. But if Iman did become a rich man, would I live up to that? Iman cannot say for sure, because Iman have not been tempted like that before. Money is a corrupting thing. In babylon, money is power and power corrupts. Not even I and I are immune to that. I and I might be better equipped to resist the temptations and corruptions that come with money but the temptation is still there. It is possible to have money and remain humble and rightious but to be perfectly honest, Iman would not want the temptation there.

Sure, Iman could use some money. Without a job, Iman have only just enough to buy food at the moment and I need to buy a few books for I university work. But do I want a load of money? No. Iman want enough to live by and set a little aside for a rainy day.

And will I trod in life to try and maximise the money Iman gain? No. I am a Ras. Iman don't trod for wealth, Iman trod towards rightiousness.

As for what Christ was talking about when He talked about losing the I's life, consider what Fire Jahnoi and others were saying earlier in this Reasoning about leaving certain things behind.
To trod Rastafari, I and I leave behind many things that defined I and I before I and I sight Rastafari.
If the I asked any of I friends who have known I for a long time and asked them if I am the same man I am now at age 19 that I was at age 16, they would tell the I that Iman at age 16 is gone. For the most part, the life Iman was living then is gone and lost, and yet Iman have found life in Rastafari and He is I saviour.

So if the I goes into the Priesthood in Ithiopia, yes, the I will lose the life the I is living in America but the I will find new life. Just as if the I forwards into the priesthood in America, the I will lose the life the I is living at the YMCA and gain a new life in the Priesthood. But the decision belongs to the I. Forward where the I feels strongest and forward in rightiousness and the I will find life and be saved.

Blessed love.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/14/2010 10:28:31 PM

Well said Nazarite I.

Yes I Fikre Jahnhoi. When people live in apartment building they are told to make sure to close the door if somebody they don't recognize from the building is near, so people can't enter unless somebody they know from the building lets them in. And there is some sense to that approach, but when I lived in apartments, I could never do that because it went against I nature to treat somebody like that.

I have had things like that happen to I before, and it is funny when you can see fear in the person's face as they're closing the door. And what is even funnier is that they likely let many people get through the door, as long as they don't look like RasTafarI or some other form they fear; but many of those they have let in because of their faulty visual judgement deal with wickedness and are so much more of a threat to them than I am.

I have lived in a big city for a long time and have learned to for the most part ignore such behaviour, because I have nothing to do with those people, they are not part of I Trodition.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 11/15/2010 3:59:43 AM

lol, sometimes mi go to di same place, and when mi go in or go out, i might meet one of the people who live there who had previously closed the door on i, and i mek it a point to stop and hold the door...and its funny to i, cos then they feel forced to say thank you, and they will say it, but wid a grudgeful voice lol

yes i, a funny world this, the more good yuh are the more dem hate yuh...its like dem feel fi seh why cant yuh be more like us, why yuh not dirty like us

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/17/2010 1:19:10 PM

Perhaps that is something I and I should link to this Reasoning on vanity. Vanity in the sense of concentrating on looks is at the heart of a lot of the tribulations I and I Rastafari people go through in babylon.

I am thinking about this because of what happened to I last night when a bus driver pretended to be out of service so that he didn't have to let Iman and I friend on the bus. Since I friend looks relatively 'normal', Iman think it was probably because of Iman that he decided it was good to leave I and I standing in the cold for half an hour until the next bus. I don't grudge the man for it but it is because of his vanity that he decided that Iman with I tam and I beard wasn't the kind of man he wanted on his bus. And it is because of vanity also that the residents of that apartment building try to close the door on Fikre Jahnoi. It is the visiual preconceptions they have of men being clean shaven with short groomed hair, and perhaps sometimes a subconcious fear of African people instilled by babylon in Fikre Jahnoi's case, that causes them to reject I and I and treat I and I different.
It brings home to I why I and I must leave behind vanity in I and I life and forward with open eyes.

Blessed love.

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