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Crazy Baldheads

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 11/5/2010 12:38:59 PM


I give thanks for Jah setting i free again. I had a chance to smoke some herb with an african friend and we were listening to the Rastaman Vibration album. On which the song crazy baldheads was on. And my friend asked do you know who he's talking about. I said i suppose the slave masters, KKK, skinheads. He thought Bob was talkin about anybody. But as i review the lyrics he says, ''build your penetentiary, we build ur schools, brainwahs education to make us the fools, hatred is ur reward for our love, telling us of your God above''. So thats to say the evil slave masters doing cruelty to the blacks but yet trying to tell them about there God above. and also, ''you look at me with a scorn, then u eat up all my corn''. Just like the slaves making food, the slave master racists eat up but yet show no love! Now i know we are not suppose to hate whites but how can anyone forget the atrocities done to blacks by the whites. Who di I suppose these crazy baldheads are?

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/5/2010 1:50:34 PM

Bob was talking about babylon when he sang that song. Those vampirical politricksters who live off the backs of others.
The clue is in the lines the I quoted about penetentiaries, schools and brainwash education.

As for what the I is saying about the artocoties commited by Europeans, Bob has more wisdom to share on that...

"There should be no war between black and white! But until white people listen to black people with open ears, there must be - well - suspicion."

In this time I and I see many Europeans still living in some kind of slavemaster mentality, especially those who hold the power in the European and American governments. They still treat the world as theirs, their methods have just changed since the times of physical slavery and colonialism. It has become less overt as time has progressed but babylonian systems are still in place.
At the same time though, I and I see conciousness spreading in Europe and America. Europeans like Iman and Ark I have started to wake up and sight what is going on in the world. I and I start to listen to the voice of the downpressed and realise that the wool has been pulled over I and I eyes too to conceal or trivialise these atrocities that are still being commited.
As for whether anyone should forget about those atrocities, the answer is obvious. Never forget them. Not if you're a European, an African, Chinese, Indian or Native American. If I and I forget history it is bound to repeat itself.
It is important though that I and I as Rastafari people do not hold grudges against one another. As Bob said, once Europeans start to listen to Africans with open ears, then it is time for healing to begin and that is what I and I must trod towards in Inity.

Blessed love.

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Haile Selassie I