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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 10/15/2010 2:40:48 PM

Jah is mysterious and mystical. He has given me this mystical things where people react to the way i'm feeling and thinking. Example, i was in the resource room, and thinking about ethiopia, this woman said i dont want to work here no more i want to go!(since we are one). Another thing is i put love in my heart and tried to spiritual send it throughout the room, this girl said ''love is in the air'', and just today i was not thinking good about something, and this lady comes out and says, ''thats fu** up''! Jah has surrounded me with this great fire around me i guess thats why bob marley said, no water can put out this fire''. And in a dream i saw haile selassie and i felt a good feeling in my inside and just became unconxiuos and fell to the ground. Another thing when satin was fighting me hard last week, i saw Jah spirit and it was moving like a whirlwind with his face there, and he was comforting me. And again Jah had this rastafarian come to my ethiopian church and he was wearing the same thing as me instead mine was a black color and his white, and he was telling me ''keep the spirit''. What mystical or mysterious things Jah send ur way

Rastafari guide and protect!

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 10/21/2010 5:46:15 AM

what is it with the wind? its funny I had a vision dat included HIM and the wind. I don wan say a lot about it but I was being attacked by forces and then Jah gave I a msg dt I can run to nuff places to seek help whether it be here or there but one ting, Ill NEVER get help from those places better than the way Haile Selassie would help me if only I summon HIM. as I was barricaded indoors by someone who went mystical(obeah though) to harm I, I managed to force I way outside and as I stood by the door I shouted HAILE SELASSIE! I shouted again and right then in front of I there were three fast whirlwinds NEXT TO EACH OTHER that were flowing in different directions and then I felt a calm like 'cant *&$% throw obeah pon I'!
(name witheld; the one who barricaded I inside)

also, real life Ixperience dis one. it was aroun 8pm and I was bored of watchin tv and decided to go to I room to read. for lack of wisdom I picked up a magazine, lay on my bed and read. I was lost in the articles when a whirlwind dt apparently came from outside passed through from one side of the house to the other. as I heard the gust, it came into room and in less than a second had cast the magazine on the floor, suddenly I was on my feet(I got off the bed in lightning speed), bible in hand, open and I was reading scriptures! you wont believe I cried and prayed like 'oh Jah Rastafari! how can prophecy reveal Ye to be the Almighty yet they doubt?' that's a crazy moment I reflect on occasionally. a lot of mystical things did happen to I in I young life when it come to RastafarI but Ill stop here... undesirables also visit this site.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/21/2010 9:49:24 AM

Yes I RootsTafarI, I know what the I is saying, there are several mystics that have happened in I Life that I would never put up for the public to read. Only ones close to I hear those stories.

Here are a couple of stories I Reasoned before. The first one especially has similarities to the story the I Reasoned.

This is about an experience I had that showed I that there is no reason to fear duppies at all because Jah is much stronger. And all who realize this will never have reason to fear again.

In 1997, a bredren of mine was staying with a man and woman who claimed to be Rasta. He sold herb for them and they let him stay there but they didn't really feed him much, his meals were often just sliced bread. The people that he was staying with were friendly, but I feel their friendliness was just deception. They also spoke several times about using obeah against people. I eventually told him to leave there and forward to my house for a while until he is able to trod forward on his own, so he left and came forward to stay with I.

I went to the people's house soon after to get some herb and when I entered through the door I felt very strong duppies within the room, I never felt so much concentrated evil spirits before. The man and woman were there and there was also a third man, another who calls himself a Rasta but is not. The third man was wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of a wolf on it. The man and woman asked I about the bredren that was staying with I. I didn't reveal that he was living at I house but I feel that they knew.

When I left their house I felt the duppies following I and they continued to get stronger. I walked faster and felt fear because the duppy spirits continued to get stronger. One thing I would like to note is that I didn't have any herb that day or when I was at the people's place so that had nothing to do with it. I continued to walk until I got to the subway.

The duppies kept on getting stronger and more intense as the time passed and I continued to feel more fear. I transferred from the subway on to another subway line.

I sat down in the train on the right side, facing the same direction the train was going. I was not too far from the front of the subway car I was in. I saw a woman who looked like a witch sitting a closer to the front of the train and on the left side. I also saw another man at the front end of the train that was so pale he looked like the walking dead, he was dressed in a black suit and black hat.

The duppies continued to get stronger and it seemed like more and more duppies were surrounding I, it felt like thousands of duppies, I felt frightened and nervous, I was pushing myself up in I seat.

Then directly from the left I felt a strong pure Spirit that rushed by as One. This Spirit just washed away all the duppies as it passed by and I felt great joy and happiness in Iself. I automatically turned my head to the left, towards the direction the Spirit came from and I smiled without even trying to smile, it just came over I. There was a woman to the left of I, she was a black woman with a colourful African style gown and turban covering her head. Her right hand was covering her face from the nose under because she was resting her chin on it with her elbow on her thigh. I saw her cheek rise so I knew she smiled at I as well.

I turned I head facing forward and felt so confident in Jah and knew that no wickedness could have power over I.

I didn't look at the black woman again until she rose up to leave the train. First her back was towards I and then when she stood at the subway door her left hand was covering the left side of her face because she was holding on to the pole near the train doors, so I never managed to see her whole face.

After this many duppy spirits kept on coming around I house. I felt it and the bredren staying with I felt it also.

A short time afterwards the RastafarI bredren that was staying with I brought two First Nations bredren to I house. Then after this one of the First Nations bredren came forward and brought another First Nations man with him. Soon after only the First Nations man who came the second time would forward to I house, the other two didn't forward again. I reasoned with the First Nations bredren for many months afterwards and learned a lot from him.

One day, a few weeks after the incident on the subway, he was sitting directly in front of I at I place and a spirit came over him and he started to get angry with I. He just looked at I with anger and the vibes were unsettling. I rose up and walked over to a chair at a table near by. I continued to look at him and he continued to look at I with anger.

I didn't know why he was angry so I just sat looking at him. All of a sudden I realized the problem so I freed I spirit to rise. As I rose I felt the bredren rising with I. Our spirits were moving together as One.

I rose up from the chair, walked over and sat right in front of him again and our spirits Itinued to rise. I felt a vibe to close I eyes so I did and his eyes closed at the same time. The bredren and I began communicating with our spirits, without using our mouth. In the spirit I asked him to join I in battling the duppies that were surrounding I house, so we battled them together and sent some away and destroyed others.

All through our journey we were linked. At times I would get a vibe to open I eyes and his eyes would open at the exact same time, and then when I closed I eyes, his eyes would also close. After we finished I explained to him that I realized that he was angry because I didn't rise I spirit, and I told him that I felt I spirit rise as One with him. He explained that the connection was a result of our spirits rising at the exact same time.

He said to I that some people were not happy about what we just did. I asked him who.

He said that it was three black people that were standing at the top of the escalators at a mall in the city. I knew that the people were the two men and woman I reasoned about at the beginning of this reasoning because I always went up those escalators when I came to see them.

He also told I that I shouldn't ask others to help conquering duppies because the burden and strain is too great. He looked drained as he was telling I this.

One spirit of Jah conquers all duppies. This is the strength and power of Jah. Have faith in Jah and fear no evil.

Duppy Conqueror

Here is another one

In the spring of 1998, I went to a park in Toronto, if anyone knows Toronto, the park is called Queen's Park. It was a park close to where I live and it had older trees in it, so that is why I prefered it.

I had I bible, ganja and drum with I. I started reading from the bible, and felt I spirit rise higher. I then picked up the drum and chanted for a little while. After a few minutes, I started reading the bible again. I felt a vibes that rain was going to start, so I covered I drum with I jacket. The rain started soon after.

I Itinued reading the bible and chanting. After a little while, I felt that it was going to rain hard. I looked around I, and since it was spring, the only trees that had leaves for shelter were a couple of pine trees. I went under one of the trees and started reading from Proverbs 2. As I was reading the rain became very strong and the wind was also strong, and the rain fell harder and faster the more I read, and thunder and lightning was crashing.

I Itinued and read through Proverbs 3 and 4. The rain kept of becoming more fierce and the thunder and lightning Itinued. The wind was coming from behind I and blowing to the front of I. I had a bag on each of my shoulders, and the wind was blowing the bags, so that they were flapping in front of I. The wind was blowing the rain forward and spinning the rain like two small tornados spinning in towards the other. Not with a cone shape, but spinning evenly, and with a slight angle towards the ground in between the two.

After I finished reading, I chanted Jah, and a strong burst of lightning crashed, and then chanted RasTafarI, and the thunder rumbled. I chanted again Jah, and the lightning crashed, and RasTafarI, and the thunder rumbled. I chanted Jah a third time, and the lightning was so bright, all I saw in front of I eyes was light, and nothing else. I then chanted RasTafarI, and the thunder was so strong, it shook and vibrated my chest.

I Itinued to stand under the tree, and I was soaked by then. I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, so I was getting cold. I waited for a few minutes for the rain to calm down, but it didn't. After waiting a little longer, I called on Jah, and asked Jah to make the rain slow down so that I could get some shelter. I heard Jah say, "Just walk". The rain was still pouring hard but I listened and started to walk. And as the last branch of the tree passed my head, the rain slowed down to a light sprinkle in less then second.

I Itinued to walk and I gave thanks and praises to Jah for showing I an example of the great power of Jah. I walked to the cafe at Hart House in the University of Toronto, and had some tea to warm Iself up.


Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 10/28/2010 5:25:20 AM

it put a smile on I face after reading that, Ark I. blessedness fill I. I smile when I think about dem who call demself Rasta but dont proclaim the Divinity of the I AM Black Supreme. dem will NEVA have mystic blessing fall upon dem. Jah knows. I visions and dreams hav been less coz Ive been slackin but still ther, nonetheless coz of HIM grace... I need to keep the trod perfect coz its so beautiful experiencing these things! when I share I own Ixperience and when I hear/read of others' it mek I fuzzy inside. give thanks and praise to the Earth's Rightful Ruler!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/28/2010 3:03:11 PM

Yes I. I will never leave RasTafarI or lose I Faith in Selassie I. I felt that way before I experienced the mystics, but now that I have experienced the mystics of RasTafarI, I would have to be an idiot to forget and lose I Faith, and if I did, I know Jah would beat I for showing HIM such disrespect.

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 10/29/2010 2:35:48 PM


I think whenever u smoke the herb and meditate on Rastafari, its always a mystical thing going on. I man got a chance to smoke some herb, and i was caught up into the heavens, several times. Its amazing what powers a Haile Selassie picture has, there is a great force that comes out of it! I sat in my room with the lights off dark, and Haile Selassie spirit just shot out of his picture and close to me, then i heard my self say ''holy ises'' in my head and i was caught up by the spirit, and did my prayers and i could feel a great force entering my soul! Rastafari is amzing and always faithful, i accepted i must suffer on earth but Jahs grace is suffecient for me. I love Johnhoy because he has just been so good to me, also i saw jesus christ and mary apart of Haile Selassie. I give thanks for the good vibes from midnite song lion and the lamb, thats not the exact title but they sing about how Haile Selassie is the lion and lamb, and also Selassie I said i need not be in a hurry to go to Ethiopia, he is with me wherever i am! JAH RASTAFARI! theres opportunities here in west and we must help abbssyinia with our money and education...

One Love!

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 10/30/2010 4:21:31 PM

Messenger: IDread Sent: 10/31/2010 8:06:21 AM

Yes I!

I and I have had some mystical experiences I don't mind sharing.

The first one Iman ever experience was before I truly embraced Rastafari but was trodding towards the realisation of Jah. It was taking up a big part of I thinking at the time and as I was walking to my bus to get home one day, a flower bed in a park caught I notice out of the corner of I eye because of the red and gold colours of the flowers with the green of the stems. As I turned I head towards it I saw that between I and the flower bed was a rainbow cast on the spray from a sprinkler watering the bed. After I saw this I was overcome by a mystical vibration that I couldn't explain at the time. I stopped in I steps and and could not stop staring at this sight before I eyes until the rainbow disappeared and I felt a peace within Iself that was greater than anything I had experienced before.

The second one I remember happened as I was sitting at home on I computer. Iman was in a bad state at that time in I mind due to the stresses of some parts of I life at the time. As I sat there, wicked thoughts started to form in I head and Jah forgive I but I did not have the will to burn them out. But just as the wicked thoughts were about to overcome I a bolt of lightning struck the ground outside I window, so loud and bright that I jumped to I feet in fright and all wickedness was blasted from I mind to be replaced by fear of the Most High. Although there had been a storm going on, until that moment it had sounded distant, with the thunder coming a long time after the flashes. After that strike, I heard no more thunder nor saw no lightning.

The third happened when Iman was trodding in Jamaica as a volunteer teaching assistant in May of this year. I was living up in the hills of St. Elizabeth in Accompong with the Maroons, working in the basic school there. As I was walking back to the house where I was staying from the school one day, the rain started to fall heavyily. Far too heavily to keep walking in so I went under the shelter of a building with a veranda and murals of Bob Marley, Nanny and Cudjoe that served as a shop and small bar. Sitting on a bench under the veranda was an ancient Rastaman with his locks in a tam named George who motioned for I to sit next to him. We spoke for a while about the history of the Maroons and how he used to be a carpenter and help build the homes of the people in the village, just as many of the young men in the village still help build and repair the homes of those who need it. After a while we stopped speaking and just sat watching and listening to the rain when a mystical vibration took hold of I and I felt truly at peace with the world and many things were revealed to I through I thoughts.
Iman saw many other mystical things up there. From the clouds flashing with lightning in the distance over the mountains to the mist that covers the valleys sometimes in the evenings. Not to mention the good herb grown up there that put I in a much more Irie meditation than any herb that Iman ever smoke in England.

Blessed love and guidence.

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 11/2/2010 1:59:01 AM

yes I. InI have heard a lot said about the picture of the I Majesty and have also sighted that I Self! I jus love HIM's piercing eyes! they show judgement yet they show love. who feels it knows it! :-)

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