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federal reserve

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Messenger: RASKISHO Sent: 10/13/2010 10:03:15 AM

rasta nah work foh babylon ,but if you work for babylon or even if you dont work for them ,but have your own buisness why do we have to pay federal tax i came across some info saying you or i dont have to

Messenger: Dubside Sent: 10/17/2010 10:19:16 PM

Ises onto JAH, Ras TafarI.
I still remeber how I felt when a pastor red about Jesus reply to the disciples who were sent by Pharisees to entangle him in his talk.
Pastor didn't overstand that Jesus knew the guys were not asking for the sake of learning., he knew they were sent.
So, the answer he gave was addressed to the pharisees who sent the guys to ask him.
I know Jesus knew His time to sit on David throne has come and Pharisees knew it so well that the Man is a King who were prophecied that shall rise from a root of King David to overthrow their goverment by which they pretend to be so holly and godly while they've set it after robbing and killing.
No one should pay tax to such government!
I consider that even Caesar himself is among things that are god's.
So, Jesus ment even caesar should consider HIM as a fulfillment of a revelation about the downfall of his government which he construct by looting and shooting!
So they knew people should not pay tax to their caesar's government which they've set by doing crime to the people they tax!
I mean how could one get his liberty while himself strengthern the oppressors by paying tax to them!?
So Jesus wanted pharisees to know that He knows Himself is a King and to overstand that "things" which are to be given to JAH is including people who caesar has rob and subjected them in to ungodly!
I surgest that no one should pay tax to the caesar's government which took I n I into slavery and wanted to slavish I n I forever by changig I n I identity.
So, even babylon knows that I n I should not pay tax to her queendom!
It's up to I n I to stand for what I n I know.
I n I should pay tax to JAH kingdom, where King Haile Selassie I reign.
I know it is I n I who must rise and set I n I kingdom.
Without that, I'll always feel like I'm paying to the devil to suck more blood.
No matter how preachers and pastors are trying to blind I n I as they've been blinded by her on this issue.


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 10/18/2010 8:19:46 AM

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Haile Selassie I