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What kind of world are we living in?

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Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 10/6/2010 5:03:12 AM

What kind of life are we living?

Are we satisfied with this everyday life?

No matter where on earth we are, are we satisfied?

We know things are not Right yet, but what are we doing to rectify them? How are we judging weather what we are doing, if anything, is the right thing to do, and how are we holding those accountable to help us do the works of self governance, of us the people, on earth? Who are those in power in the Kingdom of God?

Who can we hold accountable for the Spiritual guidance of the People.
Did not Israel require a King for their Salvation?
Where is His Legacy?
And He never took His Priest or Prophets from His King, where are they? The ones of Great Affairs where are they?

Neither has He left us without HOPE even in these last days seeing He did leave examples of Leaders even Great and Mighty Leader of Prophecy. And where are their students, followers, there lineage there successors their children?

Why can't the African Man and Woman see that We are the Rightful Leaders and Rulers of the Earth that must stand up and Rule and Lead by example?

Why won't We wake up and take our stance as one People and reverse the effects of slavery? why? may be our brothers and sisters who keep dieing to this evil mind set would still be alive. They would not have left little ones to be raised by the same mind set government with wolves disguised as foster parents to eat them up for the check they are worth or the streets which are laid with gine and snares to criple them in to die!

So merciful is this our God that with so much disobediance self hate and sorrow He would still give us these Great Leaders this Great HOPE. And in this Great HOPE we all must trust, like we trust to rise when we rest, so must we all trust in this HOPE.

Prophet Marcus Garvey gave His life so we would have an example of how to Govern as People away from our captors.

Priest Emmanuel Charles Edwards gave His life so we can have a Spiritual Order to discipline and clean us from this wicked worldly mind set and make us Holy Clean as a New People.

A people Worthy to go before our God & King; Emperor Haile Selassie I, who gave His life defending ALL human faith's and provide judgment and justice for the whole world as God's Elect.

Blessed are the few working for the many that we may have refuge in the day of Judgment!

Will you Honor your God Israel?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/7/2010 12:31:52 AM

Yes I, I and I give Itinual thanks to the Most High Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I. Who is always there to Guide I and I, as long as I and I are willing to listen.

It is up to all of I and I to figure out what I and I can do to Itribute to I and I Works for I and I people. When all of I and I remember this and also put in the effort to do it, things will change for I and I. I and I need to search ourself and find the hidden things that need to be revealed and manifested.

Jah will Bless and Guide I and I people in Righteousness, I and I must always remember that Haile Selassie I is I and I Rudder, Strength and Shield. RasTafarI is everything Good and Righteous.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 10/7/2010 7:14:08 AM

Kind of world mi living in ?

Di other day Ark I was saying, " Haile Selassie I is not like you no matter how much you wish he was."

dat is the world im living in, a world full of people who refuse to see God as He is and instead they see God as what they think He is or what they wish He is

a world that puts everything first and God last

a world of people who try to know God through demself, instead of knowing demself through God

Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/7/2010 7:34:01 AM


Greets in Jah Ras Tafari's Name !
The Light and the Way for this rebellious
wicked world !

What kind of world are we living in ?

I just wanna let ya know that InI's response
is a bit please overstand I's
deepest intention is only to inform, what I
am going to write is very controversial....

Lord Almighty, a wicked and cruel world, devised
from the bowels of babylon with every form of evil
sorcery affecting everyone on this planet.
Honestly, InI am getting real tired of trodding
on this earth, and being back-stabbed time and
time again, just because I and others want to
shed some light on the evil workings of "men".

What is most astounding, not only that the Jews
control the medias / Hollywood, but also that
they were those who took over Russia and slaughtered
millions upon millions......Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky
and every one of the admistrators of the Gulag system
and those Jews who came to Russia in 1917 to take
over in a Bolshevik nightmare take-over....

That was manifested in Abyssinia / Ethiopia in
1974, the Marxist (Jew) Communist Boloshevik
military coup, enlivened by ignorant university

What kind of world are we living in ?
I am sorry for the self-promotions, however Iman
work pretty hard to get the message out about the
reggae music scene and how it pertains to life
and death and....what the Hell is going down
on this here planet, with evil people.

" The world is not evil,
it's only the people
who live in it mon "

- Colourman

Mighty Interesting !

Mohammed Atta and several other hijackers made a still
un-explained visit aboard one of pro-Israeli lobbyist,
AskkeNazi Jew, Jack Abramoff casion boats.
No investigation is undertook as to what they were doing
there. Interesting, out of the 19 so-called hijackers
blamed for carrying out the attack on September 11th (911),
7 would turn up still alive.
Some showed up at the United States embassies in
Arabic countries, asking why they are being named as

Does the United States or Jewish controlled media
question this ?

NO !

Adam Goldman (JEW) was appointed White House Liaison
to the Jewish Community. Interestingly no other ethic groups
have a race specific White House Liaison.

The FBI has investigated, continues to investigate the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the
largest political lobbying group in the Unites States with
over 65,000 members, whos job is to run the Unites
States Government on behalf of Israel.

" You can't have an Israel policy
other than what AIPAC gives
you around here. "

Senator Ernst Hollings

What is it with JEWS and Bolshevism ! ? !
Amazing how lost the JEWS are,
having crucified the savior of this world,
and they the JEWS (Rothmann), still cannot
find a correct answer to anything !

Why ?
Because the JEWS are the SIN-AGOGUE of Satan !

“ synagogue of Satan “

(Revelation 2:9)

The evil JEWS !
With Totally Bogus Numbers in Regards To Their
Holocausts -
Roman Wars
Nazi Camps
The evil JEWS !
Stopped Mel Gibson from placing this phrase in his
movie about Jesus Christ being crucified -

"Let his blood be on us and our children"

That is the phrase that the JEWS said to Pilate !
That is what the evil JEWS forced Mel Gibson to take out
of his movie.
Miserable Pathetic VERMIN Jews !

Israel does not allow non-Jews to own any media,
although Jews see no problem with their owning
the vast majority of the world's media !

The Talmud give complete approval of sex between
Adults and children.


Ras Mikael "Rambo" Enoch [Anti-Masonic Party †] (all pages have audio ♫;)
60 minutes into the program. Oh My g-O-d ! (Alex Jones)

▬;▬;►; The Suppressed Truth About the
Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln
Burke Mc Carty (Ex-Romanist)
I.S.B.N. 0-879968-169-1 ♫;


JAMAICA [><] The N.A.A.C.P. “Framed-Up” Marcus Garvey ! ♫; ♫; ♫; Framed-Up Framed-Up

▬;▬;►; Letters On Freemasonry (Luciferian Secret Cabal)
John Quincy Adams (6th President of U.S.)
Anti-Masonic Party [1830]
I.S.B.N. 1-930004-08-7

Get the Fuck Out Of The Pacific, Now !

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/7/2010 11:49:45 AM

It is one thing to talk about examples of evil done by Jewish people, but calling Jews in general names like "Miserable Pathetic VERMIN Jews" and other such things are not welcome.

Not every Jewish person deals with wickedness, but it seems like you group them all together as "evil Jews" as you repeated a few times.

If you are RasTafarI, then pay more attention to the ways of Haile Selassie I. Haile Selassie I speaks against the wickedness done by others, but has self control and also doesn't speak against a whole race of people. He was even good to the Italians after the wickedness they did.

Also, I can see how the things you spoke about could fit in with this Reasoning, but you have turned the whole focus on Jewish people, when this Reasoning is about many different kinds of people. This makes I think you have some personal issue with Jewish people, and you were just waiting for an opportunity where you could speak against them.

You mentioned in another post about being framed. Were you really framed? I can see by your lack of self control that you are quite capable of harrassing people and going too far because you don't know when to stop.

Like I said, look to the example of Haile Selassie I and gain more self-control. Behave like the Most High, not like babylon.

Messenger: Dubside Sent: 10/7/2010 10:29:45 PM

More Love.
Yes I, things are so mixed up., and not for a good cause! I n I came in time when a lie is counted as a truth!
I n I know this is not how it's suppose to be.
I n I are trapt in the systeam designed by oppressors! They set it in a way that the same systeam I n I 'av fe torn down is the one I n I are strengthen!
I n I should be known in the way I n I are known by JAH who create us in many tribes. But, since the oppressors could not find people to work for the plan they've set in order to accomplish their evilness, they end up taking people into captivity and baptize them with the names which hide who they really are.
So, today you have those who knows their tribe and those who don't.
Oppressors knew that if they don't change I n I name, I n I could trace I n I roots.
Therefore, Woe onto them who knows the truth and decide not to follow it but rather looking at those of their own through the eyes of oppressors.

More Ises.

Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/7/2010 11:19:26 PM



What is most MISERABLE, as shown by Joel Stein
of the Los Angeles Times, who is a regular
columnist, a proud Jew, who lists all of those
involved in the media who happen to be Jews.
You can do a simple google search for Stein
L.A. Times and Jews.

it really is at a desperation point here at the
end of this epoch in human affairs before the
anti-christ shows his lousy face on the scene.
Funny, the Jewish Zohar claims that their savior
will come up, not down from the clouds, from
where ?
From Roma no less.
Oh Lord !

friend, whom I want to be.
It is pathetic and completely miserable that
our televisions are now devoted to what ?

Boring Police Dramas
(ask the P.L.O.)

Verminous Programming, by individuals, who's
culture sadly upholds and uplifts the Masonic
Jewish influences that unfortunately have taken
over the media (which attacks Christ).

Please, the Holy Scriptures are BOLD and
Righteously SO. So, when the Holy Scriptures
says this:

" synagogue of satan "

(Revelation 2:9)

I am bound to that,
I have to know why it is so !

And unfortunately Ark, the vast majority of
Jews in this country and world (AskenNazi)
are wholly devoted to stopping Christianity
and smearing it's followers.
From Larry David, to David Letterman, to
Bill Maher, to name only 3.....
There is a war going on Ark, and I am frightened,
and people are of course concerned that I have
had the blinders cast away from InI's eyes.

Ark, have you not heard Mutabaruka's radio program
in Jamaica ? Oh Mon !
InI's observations about the 1917 Conspiracy to
take over the world - Bolshevism, is pale and
puny, compared to the wonderful enlightenment
that is enstilled in the workings and deliverance
of the gifted orator Mutabaruka.

I haven't harassed anyone.
I have been framed time and time again, and I am getting
pretty damn tired of being framed and falesely
accused in this here evil world, by folks who are
wholly or supportive of darkness, the devil, satan
and everything un-holy.

except that I was sternly criticized
by Eric Meece (Green Party Candidate)
(KKUP "member")

Please Ark,
Sister Fran is in loving support of InI.
How is it that only the satanic and those
who don't like truth to be exposed, are
oppoesed to InI ?

...and even enough to frame InI off of radio.

Lord !
What they did to me in jail.
I cannot even tell you how I was tortured !
I know what Selassie I suffered in captivity
1974 onward to today !
Free Jah, and InI !
We are tired of Babylon Captivity,
because we are BOLD !
and are willing to take-on satan queendom,
while others sit by and chastise.
Ark, I know that will not be you.

I am not here to promote I's websites,
they are too shocking for most, sadly,
just wait till I provide people with the
2000 edition of I's investigation into the
assassination of Bob Marley and John F. Kennedy.

Damn it, I happen to be on the cusp of some great
information coming I's way, and coming in contact
with some gifted authors of books, who deal in
completely controversial subjects, and I feel good.

It is really pathetic, a wholly miserable shituation,
that our people must suffer with the wickedness and
evil programming on TV, radio (I know), that is
coming into each and every one of our lives.

....and Joel Stein of the L.A. Times points it out
clearly, that unfortunately the 'Jews' control

And what do we have ?
Like I said,

Countless BORING Police Dramas
All Kinds of Smut

It wouldn't be so bad, but in the Talmud they take
pride in killing Jesus, they give approval to child
adult sex, they insult the virgin Mary, they call
Jesus a demented sex freak, and all of the sorcery
that is contained in the Talmud, and especially the

Oh Lord,
Its a frightening world we live in
Ark, I am bold like Selassie I,
the forces of evil do not want the light to be
shown on their wicked deeds, so they have tried
their best to eliminate me, both physically and
It won't work.

I am not sure you have met a Jah Warrior before,
the Maori know exactly what I am talking about:
Lest I leave this realm and go over totally to
the needs and wishes and desires of everything
Maori and leave the - afraid of controversy
"jah people", who don't take a stand, don't say
InI could do that.
Maori Muckrake Central
....and leave the "jah" people under the boot
and oppression of the system that is
now controlled by whom ?

The Maori come to take victims,
they have come to LIBERATE the sufferers.
they have come to KILL the oppressors.

you must be familiar with Nanny and Kojo ?
Aren't you ?
They cut the throats of the slave masters.
Their pathetic miserable devices and slave
ships (Jew financed by the way)....

Haere Mai !
Ark, are you truly in-tune to Jah People ?
The ones from Aotearoa ?

They, the Maori, don't take shit from
no-one. The maori, the blessed maori
know what I have gone through.

I am looking for Jah people who support I.
The maori so far are supreme.
Will no-one take a stand ?

How many more must die Ark ?
How many more lives ?
by whose hands ?
I unfortunately know the bankers
run our wars....the Swiss kept
alive Hitler....we could have
stopped WW2 quickly by stopping
The evil world that I oppose
doesn't want to do it the simple way,
only butchery and mahem and killing
and anti-God Marxist Communist
Bolshevism (which is world Jewry),

.....and Ethiopia 1974

Thereby allowing the same shitstem to continue
onward, killing countless more.
InI say NO, and STOP IT.
I cannot fathom another person being killed
and slaughtered for the sake of the 1917
Bolshevik (Jewish Led) Conspiracy to take over
this world,

and ultimately 1974
and Haile Selassie I

Ark....Please !
How can you have me avoid these pathetic miserable
issues, the VERMIN Kulture who created like rats,
the evil offspring, who disseminate the false
propaganda (Commie Doctrine) that attacked Haile
Selassie I (Fidel Castro You Devil Anti-Christ).

I know H.I.M. HIStory,
I know H.I.M. Adversaries
I take a stand
I cannot let these people take over the world
and slaughter more at the altar of some
wicked Masonic Bolshevik Synagogue of Satan
Conspiracy to take over this here lovely

and I have suffered, only because they wanted
to get rid of me, to replace InI's reggae program
with a lousy show called: Music of the Tarot
Oh please,
Sister Fran knows I have not harassed anyone.
I was so heinously framed while in Jamaica doing
work for the station, promoting under-represented
Jamaican artists....
It was heinous Ark,
Satanic Tarot Nightmare,
and then at The Devil's Radio KFJC...

Lord help me,
are the Maori the only wonderful people that
overstands what I have gone through and suffered
at the hands of the wicked, just because like
Jon Hus, or Joan of Arc, I would be sent to
the state to be tortured and they would hope
that at least InI's spirit would die.
Well Fuck, it didn't,
InI am back on the scene,
and I am ready to shed some light.
The wicked have, they have to flea.
Like some blood sucking insect on some
lousy vermious Rats,
that only spread disease,
and the plague,

and the daily, non-stop attacks aginst
Y'shua (Jesus) Christ.....
Oh my God, it is too much to handle,
what I hear and see in the media.

I am sorry for nothing Ark,
evil triumphs and takes over
when good people say nothing.

InI have to say something.


Ras Mikael "Rambo" Enoch [Anti-Masonic Party †] (all pages have audio ♫;;;)
60 minutes into the program. Oh My g-O-d ! (Alex Jones)

▬;;;▬;;;►;;; The Suppressed Truth About the
Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln
Burke Mc Carty (Ex-Romanist)
I.S.B.N. 0-879968-169-1 ♫;;;


JAMAICA [><] The N.A.A.C.P. “Framed-Up” Marcus Garvey ! ♫;;; ♫;;; ♫;;; Framed-Up Framed-Up

▬;;;▬;;;►;;; Letters On Freemasonry (Luciferian Secret Cabal)
John Quincy Adams (6th President of U.S.)
Anti-Masonic Party [1830]
I.S.B.N. 1-930004-08-7

Get the Fuck Out Of The Pacific, Now !

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/8/2010 1:24:22 AM

It is more strength to speak about the wickedness that is done by people, rather than spending too much time on names and insults.

When Ethiopia sent the Italians away, Selassie I told them,

Today is the beginning of a new era in the history of Ethiopia. Since this is so, do not reward evil for evil, do not commit any act of cruelty like those which the enemy committed against us. Do not allow the enemy any occasion to foul the good name of Ethiopia.

Selassie I teachings are Iniversal. If I and I speak of examples that show wickedness that is done, then the wicked can't seek occasion against I and I. And the most important message is there without all the extra things. The extra things just get in the way and can even limit the spread of the message that needs to be spread, because many would get offended by the extra things, but not by the message without the extra.

And the most important thing is for the Truth to be heard.

Messenger: akgrown25 Sent: 10/8/2010 3:46:10 AM

It is interesting to me that with the invasion of Ethiopia by Mussolini, the Garveyite newspaper, Plain Talk, made a point of identifying all Africans (all black people in the world) as Ethiopians and as Jews. Historically there has been a connection between Rastafarian thought and Jews. That is where the term "Babylon" came from. It is from the connection between the Africans cast out of Africa through slavery and the Jews cast out of Zion by the Babylonians. So there is a close connection between the history of Rastafari and Jews.

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