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What lead you to H.I.M.

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Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/7/2010 9:00:47 AM

Reggae did it,
pure and simple,
InI cannot remember the tune,
or what year, it was like 1978,
where the struggle of others
(blessed and maltreated melanin man)
grew into my whole being, encompassing
my spirit in a wonderful way....
for I now find Marcus Garvey as my Hero,
Jah Ras Tafari as My Jah (God),
and Rastafari consciousness as the key
to opening the eyes of the heathens
into saving those same,
for their eternal reward,
that Jah gives to each.
Jah is Great !

InI am from North California.
Been here all I's life, except for some
journeys to the South Pacific and the
enlightened Melanin Melenesian peoples
that Iman find so dear....
For I have love for all of Jah's people.
My God, the black birders took slaves in
Papua Niugini and the Solomons and other
places in Melanesia...

InI know one thing and that is this,
and that is that they have not proved to
InI that the so-called bones of H.I.M
are thus.

Bogus Bones !
The last time we saw Haile Selassie,
other than the Holy Cross visits,
was him taken out of the Palace in
a lousy waffen VW.
(middle to end of the page, especially)

" Love Jah And Live "

- Bunny Wailer
wrote that on
his album cover
that he signed
for InI
Oh yeah,
I am alive (Live) and kicking !
Kicking The Romans Right Back At Dem !

Ras Mikael Enoch

Messenger: akgrown25 Sent: 10/8/2010 5:20:21 PM

Thank you for sharing Ras Mikael Enoch. You said something that is making me think a lot. You mentioned that reggae pointed you in the direction of H.I.M. This is not the first time that I have heard someone say that it was the message in the music that lead them to Jah. The reason this is making me think is that we have the words of H.I.M. documented and we have the message spreading through the music, but Rastafari has always been about people coming to see Jah by their own path, so the teachings of many of the Rasta elders have not been written down. You can reason in person or even on forums such as this, but it has been difficult for me to find documentation of the words of Rasta Elders and their thoughts on Rastafari.

If we look at it this way, you could argue that the music has become one of the main vessels for carrying the message out to the globe, if not the main vessel. Building upon the documented words of Selassie I, the Bible, the Holy Piby, and other printed sources, reggae has taken on the role of a codification of Rasta thought and belief.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/9/2010 7:48:48 AM

Blessings !

Honestly, I was without true guidance in I's life, until I found
reggae and found a purposely neglected and avoided individual
from Abyssinia - the vibrant and energetic Tafari, the Ras
before the world.

I really dig history, and was rather upset that the Roman
campaign in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) is scant and not remembered,
because producers of war programs are unfortunately devoted
to so many war fronts and campaigns everywhere.
I appreciate the makers of the World At War series from
England, where the director states that he just didn't
have the allowance to include the Roman campaign to
obliterate Axum from the memory of the human race,
and of course to find and kill Haile Selassie I.
I have a good collection of war videos, and especially
the Eritrean (Morroccan Muslim Mercinaries / Romans)
campaign against Holy Axum Christianity, and glorious
pre-Talmud "jewish" Falasha.....who suffer today under
horrid conditions in "israel" because they don't
overstand the new satanic Talmud and its sorcery
and child-adult sex permission, etc.

I was at St. Francis High School radio KSFH in 1977/78
onward....theologically inspired and aware but under
the cloud of Catholic confusion, keeping InI under
the boot of mis-information and Roman propaganda.
If I had been a Rastafarian, bold in convictions, then,
I could have been a real terror, a real threat, a
harassing soul who is voicing his Jah given right to
voice his InI did on KFJC and KKUP FM.

I knew about Bob Marley back then but really was not
into playing reggae much.....I really liked and played
a lot of 1925-1935 era 'sweet bands' music, different
from swing....the kind of music you would hear on the
little rascals movies, or other cute music of that
era. Classic vinyl (Brunswick especially) are hallmarks
in I's acetate and vinyl collection.
Anyways, I then really got in to Eddy Grant and was
happy with the promotions of his 'Electric Avenue'
song.....then came the Boy George tune, which was enticing
and alluring, because it had some good reggae ridims,
however it was sadly just a transvestite anal bottom
something that is unseemly beyond all measure.

Working with Jah in I's spirit, Iman journeyed to
the South Pacific, Polynesia, Melanesia in Feb. 1985,
and was drawn to the reggae songs from the band named
Herbs from Aotearoa...Iman's pacific vibes, peace vibes
as pacific means peace, are here:

Knowing radio broadcasting for years at KSFH FM
78-81, I was interested in promoting reggae music
with a more aggressive vibrant roots ridim presentation
than the average show that was being presented.
I joined KFJC in 1985, just after I had returned frum
(John Frum / inside joke), I's first journed to the south
which is really the north, pacific.
I mean really.
Jah world has been turned upside-down by Comebullus
and the other discoverers of the world....
Iman think that Antartica is on top !, thank you very much.
I really enjoyed presenting the under-represented
reggae artists that others were not playing, either
because they didn't want to or could not afford to
give enough time or monies to make a good radio
program that touches many, if possible...
So, the outlay is not wrong, when presenting the

Wow, I have come in contact with some gloriously
wonderful human beings, namely Rastafarians and others
in I's life, especially notably from Jamdown, the real
Rastafarians who have called InI friends, who have taken
I to their private wooded retreat in Jamaica west of
Mo'Bay, a wonderful rootical wooded chapel for the
faith....totally natural. I was in amazement.
Honestly, I would not like to mention the idren and
sistren in Jamaica who are real close to InI, cause
sometimes Iman say things that are a bit controversial
and just a bit over the top to salvation.....
I don't want anyone caught up into I's observations
which are intended to root out and up root Babylon.
Which can be a messy business sometimes.
I worked at a animal shelter, I know dog crap when I
see it, and damn it when I see satanic shit, I am gonna
call it satanic shit, and if it happens to be attached
to a "faith" that is oppressing the Falasha in "israel",
amongst other inumerable crimes against Jesus and Jah,
then Iman just haffi say sometin.

I just wanna say that some of these artists are definately
some of InI's closest and dearest people I know and I love
them so much, and sadly, I really got so sad the day that
Jr. Delgado passed away.....

Colourman, Sky High and the Mau Mau, Little John, Jr. Delgado
Geego Tafari, Queen Ifrica, Tony Tuff, Barry G, Sugar Minott
Chris Wayne, King Caleb (Rasta Generation Band), Englishman
Peter Metro, Robert Ffrench, Ashanti Waugh, Mighty Diamonds
...just some of the artists whom I played and really like
a lot as great spirits in this world. As Jah Almighty
does, I also love them all, and nothing makes I more
happy than to see a struggling sufferer in Jamdung,
as I have been there and seen it all, to make it out
and be somebody, something in life.

Maybe given a chance,
when nobody else would.
It can hurt in just trying to do something for someone.
I have fun with that.

Nobody did that for InI when I was suffering after the
KKUP FM coup, in jail, framed, and damn it I wanna be
there for somebody.
Making some impact in somebody's life, a Jamaican life.
Can I help somebody out of that Hell Hole ?
Can I ?

Thanks for allowing InI to share,
and this great rootical Jah centered, H.I.M. enlightened
website, so far seperate from the wild heathens on the
general internet....

Jah Loves You

Ras Mikael Enoch

Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/9/2010 8:12:38 AM

Just one more thing -

Total, and I said total humility before Jah, allows one like
InI to realize that Africa needs no more white saviours on the
scene (I am white), either in movies, music, media, or
whatever. I too am tired of the classic propaganda efforts
to enstill good feelings about "african saviors", from
bogus story-lines about totally bogus whites that never existed.
Babylon is Bogus.
Now, who runs that ?

I then, as now, want to present the gifted, the eloquent BLACK
VICTORY vibes of Jamaica. I am sure that I will succeed somehow,
someway, in some minor tiny way....always in the background,
some background noise on the radio.....Me
With Black Itiopians in spirit, always on my mind,
those blessed at the helm of leadership and righteous reign.

I have come to be a follower,
not a leader....

Ras Mikael Enoch

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