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Messenger: Jah Reign Sent: 5/27/2010 3:53:59 PM

"time will tell" Berhane Selassie


as the I know, that Scripture is clearly saying that InI know wether the prophet is from Jah or not according to his or hers prophecy, Jah prophecy allways fullfils.

This is a prophecy from an Ethiopian.

In the Name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Sprit

Welcome to our Lord, Savior Jesus Christ Resurrection holyday in peace and heath.
I extend my greetings to family of God Childrenís of St. Mary living around the world; lovers f Jesus.
I send this message and word of hope in the name of God, for its from my God, my Father and mother St. Mary.
I begin my message with what God has done for me, your brother, lower than all, but mother of God has taken me out of sin, adjusted my weakness, and lying and help me to eat word of God and give the word of hope to people, thus thanks are to Tsadkane Mariam Amen! At the time and hour end, I thank my Holy Father, God who for give my sin and help me through Yerer Lideta, and Beta and St. Michael. At this great Monastery I thank God, holy mother who let me know my country, church and people word of promise /message/ and help me to forward it to people who deserve it, I extend my greetings to my mother who realize wish of my heart.
1. She has helped me to send the nation and his Excellency Prime Minister Melese Zenawe by EMS Post Office on December 12, 2008.
2. As per order of God to give message to Church and Patriarch Abnne Palos. Case I have made copy to Mr. Meles Zenawe and give by hand on February 27, 2009 also copy to concerned bishops in their Diocese by post, Church Superiors and Administrators, I have physically also appeared before them and handed over a letter but church does not hear me, since the church has closed door, thus has no enter no entry, the church has left her way not to allow God see her by virtue of his forgiveness and open her by his kindness but God Armyís Says I do not see your works but your Love on January 2010 after mother of God takes me to Debre Asebot Selate Grdam, I receive Forgiveness and Kindness from God of Abraham, Holy Trinity, thanks are to God, to Jesus Christ who do not count my sin and destroyed my transgression. Amen!
3. On February 2010 holy mother return brie final message and sign for the people shall be preached by brother Deacon _________ that all abroad shall come to inland and on March 12, 2010 I pass the massage and the sign by my own voice.
I say to God, that I am useless salve I have done what I can, say enough to me, give me rest, accept one by abundance of your kindness, but he stress my soul for he takes me out of wrong wan and lead me by St. Michael for God is my light. God say to me there are people who have hope give it for them. God forced me that this message shall be known by those abroad, thus I send to those having hope, God help me to perform his will and Jesus Christ help those accepting the will of God. Beloved Fathers, Mothers, brothers and sisters receiving this message God have passed through 9 years (nine years) of lesson, advice and reprimanding and at a higher price God has taken my soul from suffering and stress and given me this word of promise, I know what I have passed through but it might feel simple to those hearing. Please, please seek God harder for its written those who hope in him will not be ashamed. Say yes to him for he is rest to your soul, its not new thing I say on to you its word of God written on Fekare Eyesus, Dersane Urael, and Mystery of Jesus Christ. It is not mine, he has given me the time and the hour only, its word our fore father wait for and hope but it was realized in our time based on Godís willingness and permission

Message and Sign of God
Lovers of God living abroad you are ordered to come back to your country, before the door is closed so as not to waste away abroad for the time is short, it is not our time we come back in 2010, or 2011, let us not be negligent, let us use the time given for us.

Sign best owed up on me (sign Given to me)
1. If we witness the darkness of the sky starting from January 6, 2010 the sign is visible for us, who are inland. If shows the closeness of the time.
2. The sign seen in Ethiopia on February 23, 2010 a Rainbow around the sun, dark ness inside it and light at the center sun let me acquaint you what holy mother let me know in brief, the rain bow is lifting of Testament, higher fathers can interpret it, the darkness inside is patience and determination and the light at the center is example of positive and good day.
3. The rainbow seen away from the sun is testament given to those, who hear the word, believe and come to inland, and promise is made to them that nothing will get to them wrong, will not be harmed. In 2012 the two sunís will come out Ethiopia will be land of peace, Happiness and abundance, she will tell the whole world that God is God, the slaves of Holy mother will witness that she is hope to all people, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Religion will shine in all the world, come! Let as return to our religion and our country, for the day of truth is coming.
Holy mother bring us to the light era in peace and wellness.

God Bless, Protect Ethiopia, Amen.

My Address: Mulugeta Mandefro /Keflemariam/ Kirkos
Sub City Kebele 13/14 House No. 111 e.mail: A.A, Ethiopia

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 5/27/2010 11:18:24 PM

I don't think the world will end in 2012. I have heard all kinds of theories on what will happen, there could be something significant about that year, but I don't think it will be the Final Judgement.

Messenger: Danel Sent: 7/1/2010 7:02:42 PM

This world will never pass away, or be destroyed. Once again this is due to the white man misleading God's children.

2012 will bring an end to the rule of the white man over the people of the sunbelt. The world is not going to explode into tiny little peices. However his system will fall. The white man thinks of himself as God. He feels just because his reign is over, that the entire world must fall with him. Not a chance!

When we were made slaves, the sun did not stop from shinning, nor did the moon stop reflecting light, nor did the earth stop spinning. Days came and went. 2010 marks a new era in mankind, not the total destruction of this planet.

2012 will be our independece year, not 1776.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 7/2/2010 4:14:58 AM

I have to agree with you here, thats true.

I can almost take you seriously here, but, mi cyaan help it
your "God vs the white man" view of the world just cracks me up
its funny but sad at the same time,
if you ask me, yuh a give the "white man" too much credit lol

truth mixed with lies is never a good thing

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Haile Selassie I