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Why "world of jah" must be Bun Out

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Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 5/20/2010 10:17:45 AM

The false sense of belonging I'm talking about is an entire identity that people have created and call "Rastafari" but is nothing of the sort. It is mostly poverty conscious, underachieving people with authority complexes. They hound and ride on the back of His Majesty's Servants and His Name. Together they form a congregation and have actually convinced themselfs that their "movement" is a genuine expression of the Lion of Judah. But they inwardly resent the clarity His Majesty represents because it leaves no room for their moral relativism and follower nature. There are equally those who instead of rejecting it simply distort that clarity to agree with what they already thought as if they had received a revelation. You cite the verse about letting the bad seeds grow without realizing that Now is the Harvest and it is I and I who are burning the field. The time has passed by those with an aversion to CONFRONTATION. I'm not seeking advice on how to proceed, advocating paths of action, or seeking participants. I'm just spreading awareness of a falsity that goes on in His Majesties name. Those who speak against and impeed the spread of that awareness do so because they know it only brings closer the day when their own falsity will be exposed.

Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 5/20/2010 10:30:18 AM

And most truly with the spread of that awareness alone the "world of jah" is ALREADY BURNED.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 10:31:53 AM

If this is the harvest, then make sure that you are clean, or you will be burned with the tares.

Yeshua already showed I and I the standard to which I and I must Live. Perfect as I and I Father is Perfect.

If you actually think you are currently living by that standard, then I hope you get over your illusion before the Fire comes to your part of the field.

Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 5/20/2010 12:00:23 PM

"Illusions", Same thing they said then. This time it wont be so.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 5/20/2010 12:15:23 PM

I and I have better things to do than waste I and I time with your distraction.

couldnt have said it betta brethren, i already feel foolish trying to reason wid someone who come tell i keep your friends close and your enemies closer, next min dem a talk bout babylon conception and dem still suckle pon babylon teat
lol, and still dem think mi a go feel a way cah dem sey dem cyaan recognize i, hahah. a my joy dat

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 1:52:14 PM

warrior, here are two songs I thought about a while ago when I saw your behaviour. I didn't bother posting it before because I knew it would just piss you off, but now, I don't really care if you get pissed off.

In case you are one of those suing types. Before I post this next one, I just wanted to make it clear that I would not waste I time beating you down or tell others to do so. But that kind of thing is usually inevitable for Mr. Talkative, because he will eventually chatter pon the wrong person.

Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 5/20/2010 2:04:30 PM

To think some outer circle wolf bishop a go "piss me off" LOL :). But that is about on the level you think on isn't it, "Who's gonna get pissed off." If "unnus" time was so precious you wouldn't have any to tell me about it. Big up YouTube soldier.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 2:11:24 PM


Thanks for the laugh.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 2:31:51 PM

Youtube soldier? In the eight years of having this website, I have posted a youtube video 15 times, and I am a youtube soldier?

And the pissing off thing. If you weren't speaking out of your ass, and instead would look for yourself, you would see that I am not afraid to piss people off. I have even pissed off a few people enough that they have uttered death threats against I. The only thing that causes I to sometimes wait before pissing a person off is this:

[11] A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.

Presumptious heathen.

But I guess that is your thing isn't it, making any accusation that comes in your head?

Oh, and in case you missed it last time, if you decide to spread some su su about I and I, make sure to include this link so people can see the full story, instead of just your su su part of it.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 2:39:46 PM

And why don't you let I and I know the name you used on world of jah, so I and I can investigate your accusations since you think I and I should investigate.

I wonder what comment you will use to back your way out of this one.

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Haile Selassie I