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Repartriation as Actuality

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Messenger: Mzizi Sent: 4/10/2010 12:51:12 AM

Four wings of heartical love to the I dem...Let Love reign in HIM Imple from light to light and strength to Igher strength. InI come to share, care and bring forward HIM word-sound on this Itiful sabbath as regards repartriation forward unto Alkebulan not just as a mental but also as a physical manifestation.
"By what means can mans achievements in this world be best remembered?. Many people believe that this could be done by the erection of physical and material structures; others believe that their works are in themselves lasting monuments. We, for Our part think that mans CANtributions which live to influece the life and progress of posterity, are the most permanent monuments that can ever be erected."
In this time where InI groundation heights are still known as the "forgotten continent", it is of crucial importance to Idetate on bringing this into actuality and not reality as this is no Tell-lie-Vision thing. InI always question how it could be a "forgotten continent" unless a one lives by them out of sight out of mind mentality. Ones and ones overs that Rastafari is an organic thing meaning it a str8 living thing coming full circle carbon based so InI have to chaff out that kind of mental vibration.InI R in this world but not of it same way, the seen is a manifestation of the unseen and through caring for the tangible by focusing on betterment the Irits R lifted same way through the intangible.
With this in mind InI cannot tarry in rome but Free up the mind, Imple and Irits trodding forward unto InI father`s house as 1.InI chant Try-Inity through holding the I Trinity.
Four wings of Heartical L.O.V.E to the Earth and the Earth that still.
Give Thanks and Ises unto H.I.M

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/10/2010 10:14:02 PM

Blessed Love. Give thanks for forwarding the message.

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Haile Selassie I