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Boboshanti and/including Nyahbinghi

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Messenger: black imanuel dawta Sent: 4/6/2010 12:12:28 PM

blessed heart of love to all

can the Ites tell I what Nyahbinghi is all about.

this side,to me,Binghi bredrens and sisdren seem to be confused.
I received the light of Imanuel,thankfully,and never really heard what binghi was all about.
they say Bobo is a religion caw HIM say its a set of rules and regulations aiding one to spirituality.they say they are the spiritual rases.which I find to be a joke.
they say we keep sabbath,pray 6am,6pm and noon,say its a bunch of rituals and that we need to 'relax'. I find THEM to be the religion caw what we do is a way of life LIKE HIM DID say.we know to praise Jah and keep sabbath.we overstand Jah (trinity-Marcus Imanuel Selassie). Imanuel is all about spiritual ites and overstanding.
Binghi is the religion.when all the ites gather,they say take off your turbans or leave.rules-religion.only ones who fist-don't over why fisting and where from. we bow and bless like Dada African culture,bow when greeting.some even kneel down to give respect. from what I over this side about Binghi is that its all about reggae,patwa and bob marley.Nyahbinghi is the gathering.Daniel One ises, hyms and choruses.then ones make it like its an order.who are they trying to be like,I ask myself? Bobo follow Christ teaching.HE keep nazarite vow,we do.keep sabbath,we take vine,we don't.robe and turban way,we bless.since binghis burn Imanuel saying He's not Christ (because of their misoverstanding) I suggest to them,cut your locks and dress like Selassie and be like HIM,they don't want.who are they copying? Selassie didn't have locks or cover HIM hair.
Selassie is short.the foundation of Rastafari.Nyahbinghi. King Imanuel I is tall,heights of Rastafari.can't know the Fada without knowing the dont know the son,cant call oneself Rastafari.there's only one order.we read Ible and prove that fact.we see the mans works and know who is the prophet,priest and king,fullfilment of the Ible.why are ones stubborn to overstand? they dont move forward for years,still burning Imanuel and Marcus.
To cut the long story short,I want to over what Nyahbinghi is all about and where are their works-I only heard they 'have' The Abbysians (whatever that is).I guess Im worried about ones caw I love all my bredrens and sisdrens that I dont enjoy seeing them bumping walls inna da dark.
I don't mean to offend anyone.Its how I talk,I guess.
keep strong all

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/6/2010 3:22:46 PM

This Binghi against Bobo, and Bobo against Binghi thing is foolishness, on both ends of the argument.

There are differences between Binghi and Bobo, but the similarities are so much more important and significant than the differences. One of the similarities is that both are Iritual Mystical RasTafarI and that is the most important similarity and should be used to Inite I and I. The Iritual Mystical part of I and I is I and I link to the Most High Haile Selassie I and is what makes I and I RasTafarI.

When I and I realize that I and I are supposed to be fighting together, not against One another, I and I will be able to do so much more. How is it possible that babylon is more united than I and I? why do we continue to use the words I and I when we behave this way? It is a shame that I and I are putting so much effort against One another, criticizing each other over insignificant foolishness.

Babylon is laughing at us, they have succeeded in their divide and conquer strategy.

Black Imanuel Dawta, instead of being a partaker in this division, teach I and I Brothers and Sisters to Inite.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 4/6/2010 4:47:03 PM

I find humanity to be so pathetic, nothing but a pestilence pon the face of Jah earh

Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 4/7/2010 8:10:54 AM

Long time people use the pretense that their asking a question about Rastafari to make some cutting remark/s not deserving response. Many haffi come few.

Messenger: Sister Ifua Sent: 4/8/2010 5:10:04 AM

"can the Ites tell I what Nyahbinghi is all about."

First of all Nyahbinghi is fighting downpression. Remember Queen Nyavingi of Uganda. Nyahbinghi fights with the help of the Almighty through lightening, thunder, brimstone and fire. Earthquake and whirlwind. That's why InI call for it at the Binghi.
Nyahbinghi praises the Almighty seen in Haile Selassie. As the Boboman does.
I personally have never seen a Binghiman fighting a Bobo for his views and I have never heard "take off your turban or leave". My experience is that the Boboman is respected at Binghis with his turban on. Therefore I can say Nyahbinghi is flexible if the Issembly sees that the person wears the headcovering for true spiritual reasons.
I don't have any negative experiences about this topic.

Please don't force division amongst InI. By this only Babylon will get the victory.


Sister Ifua

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 4/8/2010 8:43:13 AM

Long time people use the pretense that their asking a question about Rastafari to make some cutting remark/s not deserving response. Many haffi come few.


Messenger: black imanuel dawta Sent: 4/13/2010 3:41:25 AM

I wasn't asking for sillyness from the ites. was asking what binghi is all about. some use the classic line of 'its one ting binghi and bobo'. so why don't we do the same ting? at the end of the day,the law of Christ/Moses is the law which is superior so I keep asking ites which law they are using which is more supreme than that.ones fail to over the first ting in Rastafari which is the Trinity. when one gets that wrong then vanity is all they find later. half truth and half confusion, and still feel like backing that up with more confusion.
ones can fool themselves all they want in confusion but there's only one truth and one way that Christ teach.
wanted to over what light one has on the other side but all is in vain. Like I say,some tings that don't make sense seem to make sense to some ites.
if one looks closely and isn't stubborn to over,they'll see that bobo lives the fullness of the law. simply. Im not trying to 'recruit' ones into boboshanti like I've heard foolish ones say before during reasoning.
Nyahbinghi fights what downpression when the conquering lion has already prevailed? are ones still lambs unto the slaughter that they feel like they still need to be 'warriors'. at least if I know who exactly you are fighting, not just 'we are fighting'. long way to go inna this salvation time. what a ting!
what's the point in teaching ones who are stubborn to over?

Bobo: "how is Selassie a prophet priest AND King?"
Binghi: "he's the power of the trinity"
Bobo: "what trinity, though?"
Binghi: father son and spirit
Bobo: but doesn't the son keep the nazarite vow?
Binghi: Haile Selassie had locks when He was young
Bobo: but Christ wasn't a young boy when he was crucified. He never cut his locks. Selassie didn't have locks and He shed blood. Christ is holy and never shed blood
Binghi: that was a different time. first Haile Selassie kept the vow and when He come as a conquering lion, He cut his locks
Bobo: what different time
Binghi: remember He was crucified
Bobo: the father who sit upon the throne was crucified?
Binghi: he was Christ first
Bobo: ???
Binghi: then He was the conquerer
Bobo: ah... so Haile Selassie did shed blood-
Binghi: why do you doubt that Christ is Haile Selassie
Bobo: its not a matter of doubt. its a matter of you not overstanding the trinity
Binghi:what is your overstanding
Bobo: works of man show fulfillment of prophecy. black PROPHET is Marcus, black KING is Haile Selassie, black PRIEST is Dada Imanuel
Binghi: Imanuel is that Jamaican right?
Bobo: man is African
Binghi: he's just another rasta who came out of the blue pretending he's Christ right?
Bobo: pretending-no. Christ-yes
Binghi: he's just like Congo Wattu though,right?
Bobo: Wattu is that binghi, right?
Binghi: Marcus is just another man in a suit
Bobo: Haile Selassie wore a suit. (???)
Binghi: I read *&^%$@#%&*^$# and it says #%^*(&%#%&*
Bobo: the problem is that you read things written by other rastas, you read biographies and you miss the overstanding
Binghi: bobos are the ones who don't over
Bobo: ah...where?
Binghi: you do things that we don't know where from
Bobo: like what
Binghi: bowing down 20 million times a day etc
Bobo: why don't you ask and I'll tell you why, though. Christ Imanuel teach us the order. same one of Moses. we bow down 3 times a day facing the east. read Daniel, before he was thrown in the den of lions he bowed down 3 times a day facing Jerusalem, David knows the order. read Psalm 55 v 17. morning, noon and evening He praised. we keep sabbath cause that is the order even given unto Moses. same Imanuel bring back the order. and also-
Binghi: -anyway. its bobo tings, that. we are binghi warriors. Nyahbinghi is the queen who etc etc etc etc
Bobo: well, Boboshanti means black priests. read exodus. Jah did tell Moses that the Israelites shall be 'set apart as a holy nation' and that 'they shall be a kingdom of priests'. aren't you an Israelite though?
Binghi: Imanuel confused you 'guys'. now you are saying you are an Israelite. aren't you bobo?
Bobo: an Israelite is an African... just like Marcus and Imanuel...
Binghi: you 'guys' can sit in the temple while we are in the front fighting for you
Bobo: fighting for...
Binghi: binghi warriors. Selassie I Jah Rastafari !!!
Bobo: ???

No progress

redeeming a stubborn binghi this side is like teaching a two year old how to overstand physics. some over and a termed 'super kids', some laugh out loud and forget what you just said.
not trying to bring anyone down, just showing ones the extremeness of the situation
Imanuel will redeem those who He will redeem

King Imanuel I the 7th Adoni I God Jah Rastafari
worthy fouder leader of the Higher School of Zion- Jerusalem schoolroom

Rightful ruler of earth sky and sea

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/13/2010 9:58:37 AM

you said,
I wasn't asking for sillyness from the ites. was asking what binghi is all about.

No, your post wasn't about asking what Binghi is about. Your post was about insulting Nyahbinghi.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 4/13/2010 10:56:18 PM

Black Imanuel Daughter,

There is a video in this reasoning which shows Bobo and Nyahbinghi RasTafarI working as One in Inity instead of bickering and becoming weaker.

E.A.B.I.C. Church of True Divine Salvation

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/13/2010 11:00:09 PM

Your first post in this topic was full of division and destruction, and that is the only place that kind of thinking will lead to. You are vex over experiences with people who behave like yourself, who criticize Bobo just as you criticize Nyahbinghi. And sometimes the both of you are criticizing each other for the same thing. For example the thing you said about rules, which are actually Ways of Trodding, not rules, both of you are criticizing each other about Ways. The only ways we should be criticizing each other about and more importantly should be criticizing our own selves about, are ways of wickedness, which includes ways of division. As I said before, divide and conquer, that is how babylon defeats its enemies, by convincing them to have division amongst themselves. But babylon doesn't realize that it will never conquer Selassie I, because division will be on the left and the right, but it will never come within.

Return to Oneness and defeat babylon, don't defeat yourself. I recognize I own things I have said in the past that are of division, I have never thought or spoke division between Nyahbinghi and Bobo, but between others who I realize I should not divide I self from, and I Blaze I own self for those things, because they do not belong to I and I, I and I Trod is different. As I reasoned before, I and I need to Love Fire and Blaze ourself for our own wickedness, Fire is Good. Otherwise, we will never Live by the Example of God.

There was one thing in particular that you said in that post that was worse than any other thing you have said, I held I tongue and instead showed you the Oneness that Selassie I Teaches, to see if any part of you could see, but whether or not any part of you did see it, your fruits, meaning your words were still of the rotten division. So it is time to stop holding I tongue. You said,

I suggest to them,cut your locks and dress like Selassie and be like HIM,they don't want.who are they copying? Selassie didn't have locks or cover HIM hair.
Selassie is short.the foundation of Rastafari.Nyahbinghi. King Imanuel I is tall,heights of Rastafari.

Fire Burn that. Selassie I is more than just a foundation, Selassie I is every Heights, Selassie I is the Highest of High, and Selassie I is even so much more than you can imagine, Fire Burn your disrespect to God Almighty I Haile Selassie I.

The only way Emmanuel is God is if Emmanuel is One with Selassie I, with no division. So don't come and speak for Emmanuel until you know Emmanuel, because Emmanuel is not divided, Emmanuel is One. The Trinity isn't three heads of a council, standing beside eachother, because that is not One. To be One with Selassie I, a man or woman must go to Selassie I, and join with Selassie I. They must live by the direction of Selassie I, through the Spirit of Selassie I. One Irits, One Voice, One People, One God. Don't bring the division mentality of men to God, God is One.

You asked,
some use the classic line of 'its one ting binghi and bobo'. so why don't we do the same ting?

So why don't you follow your own words, as you said,
I suggest to them,cut your locks and dress like Selassie and be like HIM,they don't want.who are they copying? Selassie didn't have locks or cover HIM hair.

If you ever come to a point where you Iverstand Oneness, you will see how vast One is, the trees do what they are supposed to do, and God's Children do what they are supposed to do, and different children have different roles in Creation, there are many common things to all of Selassie I Children, and the common things of Righteousness are the most important things. The Bobo do what they are supposed to do, the Nyahbinghi do what they are supposed to do, and other RasTafarI do what they are supposed to do, but at the same time most don't do every single thing they are supposed to do all the time, but the Trod is still in the Right direction. And then there are some who say they are Bobo, or say they are Nyahbinghi, but are not at all Trodding as they are supposed to, but are of a different Trod. Expand the people you Reason with, find those who are One and stick with them, and the I will Learn Oneness, instead of division. And the the I can Teach others Oneness.



People Blind to Oneness

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