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I'm Hurting Inside

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/1/2010 7:34:39 PM

i've been hurting inside ever since i came back from Ethiopia in 2007, i've been tasered, beat up, humiliated, and theres just no happiness in babylon. My question is moving back to Ethiopia the answer for me? I've been praying to Jah, and it says come out of her my children lest you share in her sins.

My dad told me thier is economical issues, political issues, and social issue in Ethiopia, and he advises me not to go there, i see every day airplanes flying and i keep thinking i got to go back to Zion.

In a dream several months ago, Ziggy Marley told me plainly, why dont you go back to Zion, i brushed him off and said , ''i have music to do'', because when i was locked up i asked Jah to show me what i'm supposed to be, he showed me on stage with locks, doing reggae music. Also a friend in a vision said he saw me in jamaica singing reggae music with long lock.

any advice from a Rastafarian?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/5/2010 11:58:17 PM

Wherever the I goes, the I might come across difficulties, so go where the I thinks the I should be, if the I wants to live in Ethiopia, then find out what the I must do to survive there, don't go blindly.

Messenger: black imanuel dawta Sent: 4/6/2010 9:48:23 AM

blessed heart of love!

no offence but nowhere have I read where Jah say reggae is the kings music...king of the world-yes. king of Zion-no.
first repartriation is the spiritual one,dear.
if thy livety is heartical then I don't see how Jah can blow you away because of babylon. if you are righteous then HE can even blow the unrighteous away saving you inna HIS bosom.HIM say these times, each one pays according to HIM own works.inna the ible read.forgot where exactly you can find doesn't suffer for anyone else's sins.seen? each one accordingly.
conquer inna da mind/spirit first.
mans like bob marley and peter tosh were jokes caw dem sang about Africa this Africa that when them never come stay inna Africa. too busy making money mixing Rastafari and reggae.

Jah bless our Negus, Negus light and keep ITHIOPIA free!
free from cape to cairo. black from cape to cairo. blessed from cape to cairo.find salvation from cape to cairo.


Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/8/2010 7:38:43 PM

Bob marley was the Light of The Trinity, how can u say he was jokes. Yes he wanted to live in africa but unfortunately he died before then. I see Jah blessing me in babylon because even my enemies are not around to bother me, and get jealous, but anyways time will tell where i go. I have a girl i'm talking to so i might stay here because i might marry her.


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